8 thoughts on “Ahoy There!

  1. Hullo AlcAnon…

    Great wee experiment you have going here,

    How long you thinking of keeping it alive ?

  2. Not sure. I can run the server for a year for free. I have some friends I may host some other stuff for. I know a lot of people paying £10 a month or more for hosting who should really be on a free site for all the traffic they generate.

    Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated.

  3. Got you’re post on Craig’s

    OH to be a moderator, was so sorry to hear Jon giving up

    Are you thinking of edging towards Sky Sciences on this site… Spectacular fireball over the west isles on Monday night

  4. I might put up a space section yes. We’ll see. Lots of fireballs these days.

    I am worried about what will happen to Craig’s blog going forward. It’s a pity Craig can’t devote more time himself but he does have a book to finish.

  5. Got you’re post about Latin Actually being useful Lol,
    I do Love Latin have been gathering up wee phrases over the years, and got really good with the Numbers Malarky numerals …

    Keep up the good work, Cura ut Valeas

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