8 thoughts on “Maybe Logic – The Lives And Ideas Of Robert Anton Wilson

  1. Very interesting Dude indeed, Alcanon, watched first twenty mins or so. Catch up with the rest sometime soon… Cheers

    Re Moderating over at Craig’s That would be a welcome idea indeed, although i’m sure the Samurai Style rather than G. Khan would be more effective, but who knows,

    Have a peaceful weekend Alcanon

  2. Someone lent me a copy of “The Illuminatus Trilogy” (Wilson/Shea) in about 1979 and I’ve been a fan ever since. I’ve got the DVD edition of “Maybe Logic” which has a lot more than the Youtube version on a second disc.

    The more sane part of me says that moderating Craig’s blog (in the highly unlikely case Craig wanted/allowed me to!) would eventually take its toll. I continue to think an attached forum with threaded topics would help. Goodness knows what the average occasional visitor to the blog thinks of it all but I’m absolutely sure it isn’t positive. But any change is up to Craig and his available resources.

    Hope the rest of the weekend is peaceful for you as well.

    PS: I’ve updated the front page http://squonk.tk 🙂

  3. Amazing how that new foto takes you to youtube choon….

    where you a genesis fan first n foremost, and therefore not follow Peter when he left..

    my fav is Ripples i..Thanks again

    Re Craig’s Know what you mean… Don’t bring upon yourself .. – ALONE – but i was thinking about your post…and wondering if a wee group could be put in place, you, Ben, Jives …and maybe some others. i feel macky is right that it was all allowed to go on for too long… Anyway.. my point is that in a seperate blog/ such as this one… a sane collective vote upon and moderate the nonsense..

    And then again..when the wee Shits are off for the weekend… we have civilty, like your points tonight /last night… The time travel night..

    i’ve had another secret theory re Craigs, and that being a deliberate people, or more exact – posters Study..somthing about recent Threads… .

  4. Brian,

    Glad you enjoyed the little Genesis “easter-egg” 🙂 I like both the Gabriel era stuff and much (but not all) of the Collins era. Trick of the Tail is one of my favourites from either period. I do have a few Gabriel solo albums as well.

  5. Sorry I haven’t visited sooner. Nice look overall.

    Now would you please get us some decent shots of ISON?

  6. Ben,

    Well at least we’ve got Bruce Gary. There are some more upcoming Ison observations booked on Hubble and the team promised better images to come from Hubble on the recent webcast (where they all seemed drunk or on laughing gas for some reason). I’m waiting but certainly not holding my breath.

    Btw, you should be able to comment in future without being pre-moderated. The fist comment from a new poster requires moderation by default and I’ve left that setting on.

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