Buddy the 4 week old Jack Russell

A few days ago a neighbour and friend of mine called and asked me if I knew anything about puppies. As he normally calls to ask me sort out his laptop (and he wasn’t asking about Puppy Linux!) I was a bit surprised. However there are two dog breeders in my family (now mainly retired) so I happily offered to help out.

To cut a long story short the pup had lost his mum at three weeks old and was being nurse-fed puppy substitute milk. A few days ago at 4 weeks old the vet advised to try offering him some solid puppy food in addition to the milk. Over the last 48 hours or so he has transformed from a poorly little thing that could barely stand into a running, bouncing, yelping, tail-wagging, chewing machine as his first teeth sprout.

Examined by the vet again yesterday they were delighted by his progress and all going well they won’t see him again for another two weeks when it is vaccination time.

Here he is sizing up a little toy giraffe. A few seconds later he pounced and was on top of the giraffe 🙂

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  1. Jack Russels are extremely bright and excellent pets. I love dogs with a passion.
    Our first companions can teach us a lot about unconditional love.

    I’ve had a Queensland Heeler for nearly 15 years. He is quite intelligent, but his sister made him look stupid. She was scary smart and our 1/4 acre back yard wasn’t sufficient for her. She kept getting out and finally got hit by a car. She was a Blue.

    Buster is a Red (one in six is red) and has some issues. He has a mass on his liver, but is fine after 2 years after discovery. Don’t buy crap food. Most kibble has corn as the first ingredient. Also, like people they like variety in their diet.

    We’ve got about 2 acres for him to sniff and protect now and he loves going with us on our camping ventures. It’s almost like having a child who never grows up, though. Not that we’re waiting for him to pass on. They’ve been known to live to 25 in human years. But it is a hassle sometimes, as dogs aren’t welcome everywhere. We missed the Strawberry Festival in Yosemite and numerous other events, but we’ll make up for it in other ways. Cheers.

  2. I grew up with dogs (and cats, budgies assorted other pets…) but don’t currently have one myself. But the number of dogs with close family members is dropping rapidly as they get older. Another friend keeps telling me that it only a matter of time before I end up with one of my own so I should just give in now 🙂 One day perhaps.

    I’ve read up as much as I can on Jack Russell specific advice to pass on. Due to their intelligence and assertiveness they are apparently incredibly good at making pets of their owners and establishing themselves as pack-leader. Which might be cute at first but a problem if they are uncontrollable at a year old. Jack Russell’s between 6 and 18 months old apparently frequently end up at animal shelters in the UK because their owners missed the importance of a lot of exercise and especially being firm about behaviour as well as loving the Jack Russell puppy. Conversely if you have patience and do get the balance right you are almost guaranteed to have a well behaved, loving and loyal adult Jack Russell. I’m fairly confident his owner should get the balance right.


  3. Yeah. People don’t understand, for the greater part, that training is essential for dogs. They want to know what you want, but the communication is lacking without instruction. Just remember, your freedom is limited with a dog. Sue says she doesn’t want to get another right away after Buster goes. I may go with a hybrid wolf next time as a neighbor has a Grey that is absolutely incredible, but I sure love the Dingo half-breeds 🙂

  4. Already I’ve seen this puppy do things that have astonished me in a 4 (and a half) week old puppy. He is trying to develop a habit of running under the couch and chewing things. And apart from all the other reasons he is just far too young to be out of sight under/behind furniture. Now he clearly has worked out he isn’t supposed to be there and has developed a habit of apparently falling asleep on the carpet near the couch. At first his owner fell for it until I pointed out he wasn’t in a typical sleeping position. He was in a classic Jack Russell crouched down on all fours low against the ground, tail flat back behind him but very alert position. The instant he thought we weren’t watching even for a second he was back under the couch. I reckon he held perfectly motionless for well over a minute maybe two before launching off like he was on a spring!

  5. I used to get Buster up several times every night to go pee as a puppy and praise-praise-praise him when he went in the right place. He would rather die than do his business in the house. I just wish I had also taught him to poop in one location, cuz he leaves his droppings everywhere (except inside, of course). He’s a cattle/sheep dog and his genetic memory is strong. He was difficult to socialize outside his Pack, and was prone to attack anything else. He still does an ankle-bite on strangers who get between us and he. I believe he would die defending the Pack (us). When my youngest boy was a toddler, he was sitting on the shore of the Dog Beach playing in the sand. I was a short distance away, waist-deep in the Pacific, and a trio of dogs were being playful with each other, running and barking and then started toward the boy. They were just wanting to play but Buster was watching and placed himself between Bryce and the other dogs. They kinda shrugged and moved on.

  6. I probably should add that the last couple of times he conned his way under the couch he came back out tail wagging looking pleased with himself almost immediately without any need for us to go after him. Then he trotted off to his own basket/bed, and was soon asleep for real.

  7. Ben,

    Buddy already seems about 50-75% indoor toilet trained. He hasn’t been outside yet. With encouragement he is figuring out to go over to the absorbent disposable puppy mat in the corner. However a couple of times yesterday he went there on his own when it was time but stood at the edge with front paws and head over the mat. So far so good. Back paws etc over carpet. Not so good 🙂 You still have to praise him for doing the right thing but while gently also moving him into the middle of the mat while telling him how what a clever boy he was. And last time I saw him go for the mat on his own he ran right to the middle instead of half-on half-off.

  8. a wee Jack Russel

    My ( otherwise intelligent ) Daughter and her Partner recently bought a JR… cute wee thing, i had thought she was a wee bit strict with the training malarky, but it seems to be a right clever wee thing, it’s called Cassie – after the constellation Cassiopeia.

    The Daughter already had two cats and a monkey, and Cassie gets on well with the Monkey, and one of the cats, the other cat gives cassie a slap Lol… as for the Monkey, well that’s my grand daughter, since about 3 years old expert at scampering up smallish trees, and dangling like a chimp by one hand, many a scare she gave me, but she knows the golden rule ” Strong gwip Gwanda ”

    Well done with the helping out AA…..And hullo Ben

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