Craig Murray’s Blog Reverts to 2009

What on earth is going on?


Craig’s Blog has reverted to 2009.

All posts since May 2009 have vanished. Is there anything special about the page currently displayed?

Suggestions welcome.


Clark has been in contact with Craig (see comments below) and whatever has happened to the blog has NOT been authorised by Craig. Clark is now attempting to contact expathos hosting by email. FURTHER UPDATE: Richard at expathos has explained the situation in a comment here and will get the problem addressed on Monday. Monday: Craig’s blog is back up to date. Thanks Richard Kastelein.

Meanwhile there’s a very recent interview with Craig, originally linked by Mary, which you can find in the comments as well.

339 thoughts on “Craig Murray’s Blog Reverts to 2009

  1. What a farce. The Grillo sisters are acquitted and are now being besieged by the media for their story. So big bucks for them.

    The British taxpayer is left with the very large bill to prosecute them. Saatchi did not want the case but Lawson stuck out for it according to reports. I think she is damaged but the PR types say not. She is after all a fave of Agent Cameron’s and will be on Oprah soon.

    Saatchi apparently confiscated the Grillos’ designer clothes purchased using his credit cards. Little good will they do him.

    The same court was used to sentence the young British Muslims who protested against the Israeli attack on Gaza in 2008/9- Cast Lead – and who were kettled in Kensington High St. Some went to prison. Others were fined and given orders.

  2. Re: MJ at 2:18pm

    Yes I think I’ll create a page of basic posting rules for the blog. I’m also thinking of a few other things. Maybe even allow a few select users to make their own top level posts should they feel a new topic warrants it.

  3. That all sounds interesting Squonk.

    This guy has just sold out to Murdoch for $25m.

    ‘Storyful empowers news organisations to discover, validate and deliver actionable news content from the real time web – quickly, intuitively & with confidence.’

    So are journalists and reporters now redundant?

    How does he verify the authenticity of online video?

    Mr Little set up the company in 2010. He had previously been a presenter on Irish TV network RTE. Storyful’s business is in verifying online video authenticity, and also licenses usage rights to broadcasters for popular viral video.

  4. Squonk, did James8379 go quiet, or did his subsequent comments also fail moderation?

    Utter trivia, but it made me grin; my e-mail provider’s home page shows ranking for various searches made on their site. Most popular for over a week now, ranked above “curved iPhone” and “Megan Fox”, is “Uninstall Windows 8.1”.

  5. Hasn’t tried to comment again so far Clark.

    A couple of people in my family are running Windows 8 or 8.1. With the help of Classic Shell I’ve made it pretty much look and behave like they expect Windows to operate.

  6. Hmm, WordPress seems to have the new comment link page numbers mixed up. I’ll add this post to see if it convinces it we are on page 4 now for this thread and not page 3. EDIT: That seemed to do it. Possibly got screwed up when I was testing user ability to edit posts and deleted some test edits which might have messed up something.

  7. James: Just FYI, Clark will be completely sincere in his reaching out to you for discussion. He’s about the most good-hearted person I’ve come across online.

  8. Strange… nothing at all happened with my last two messages, they just completely disappeared.


    Edit note: ok, they’ve just all shown up 🙂

  9. Squonk: It might have been because I’d disabled cookies, and deleted all those present (which I do from time to time). Thanks for re-approving, in any case.

    Btw – you were going to suggest why some of these spambots are advertising products on sites which can’t even be bought, and your thoughts on why they exist – I’d still be interested to hear them. Could they be defunct marketing scams still doing the rounds? But some of the sites look so odd, it is unlikely they were ever functional. My wife was wondering about some sites the other day, where they are so, well, “crap”, that one might wonder why they were ever brought into existence.

    Of course, any half decent conspiracy theorist like myself could really go to down with possible motives, but I hoped you might have a more informed opinion.

    In the meantime, thanks for allowing our little group to have somewhere to hang out.

  10. Good to see Dragon Features here… Mary i Knew that was going on… great to see you came back big time…. Anyhoo.. time to take a page from ben on this one Finito..i think / hope

  11. A lot on the corporate media today about commemorations for the 25th anniversary of the air crash at Lockerbie. The loss of 270 lives was indeed shocking. Services are being held at Lockerbie and at Westminster Abbey today.

    The BBC World Service had one of the bereaved relatives speaking last night on the loss of his brother Tom. He holds Iran and Syria responsible for the bomb which exploded on board, as well as Gaddafi. Hate in his heart.

    Bert Ammerman, Brother Of Pan Am Flight 103 Victim, Finds Relief In Gadhafi’s Death

    There is nothing in the media about the loss of these 299 souls on a downed Iranian airliner including 66 children nor any commemorations of its 25th anniversary apart from this piece.

    The July 1988 Shooting Down of Iran Air Flight 655
    Twenty-five Years Ago, July 3, 1988

    Also with hate in his heart is the former Bishop of Rochester speaking from Pakistan on Radio 4 Today. He was engaging in propaganda for the war on terror and seems to ignore the killing by drone of innocent civilians and children in North Waziristan by USUKNato over a long period. Rather he should be bringing people together. 1hr 20mins in

  12. glenn,

    I could speculate until the cows come home on some of the spam engines – and maybe I will at some time. .. Got an idea for a future post. Watch this space 🙂

  13. And a Merry Christmas to you as well. Btw, in case you are wondering you weren’t singled out for moderation. All comments from first-time contributors are automatically queued for moderation mainly in case spam gets through the filters.

    Everyone is welcome here as long as disagreements stay civil. I really don’t want to use my big Ban Hammer 🙂


  14. No, Squonk, I didn’t think I was being singled out.
    BTW, glad to see that the rather ill-informed (not to say mendacious) talk about me of a week or so ago has now ceased!
    Jon was quite right to freeze comments on CM, the situation was rapidly getting out of hand; I purposely held off from posting for several days but to no avail, there were several people around who seemed determined to destroy the blog. Happily, those wreckers – with one exception – have not yet managed to find your blog and long may this happy state of affairs continue. Keep up the good work!

  15. AA; No ball-pein? I used that metaphor to emphasize it’s specialized use.

    Of course you would also need an anvil for proper placement of the object most needing hammering.

  16. Ben,

    About the only thing I can manage to do successfully with real physical hammers is to hit my fingers 🙂 So I tend to leave it to the experts. Or the amateurs – in fact anyone other than me. I can also make one hell of a mess with a saw.

    I just grabbed the public domain image from Wikipedia for my non-physical hammer.

  17. Ben,

    Maybe I could make everyone a mod. Then the blog could become auto-cleaning – as if people got into an argument they could battle to see who could delete the other’s posts the fastest.

  18. ” as if people got into an argument they could battle to see who could delete the other’s posts the fastest.”

    Zuckerberg would need a licensing fee, because that sounds like FB.

  19. Good to see some of the regulars here. You know who you are…season’s belated greetings.
    Clark – you said “I think we should trawl old threads at Craig’s and try to work out what Habbabkuk really believes in. I remember that he was highly critical about east European Roma travellers migrating across Europe, for instance. And he hates Israeli’s, and distrusts Jews on principle. Yet still he needed rid of Mary’s informed criticism of Israel and her ongoing exposure of the Israeli Lobby. Very interesting.”

    I think that’s a good idea and appeals to my analytical tendency. Though, offhand, I don’t think there’s a consistent worldview there; more thrawn contrarianism. Either someone Craig has annoyed personally, or – my preferred theory – someone who has noticed that lazy journalists occasionally leech a story from the blog, and wishes to reduce its credibility/readability. FCO?

  20. ‘Never To Leave My Heart’ – A poignant poem at Christmas 2013

    Perhaps you shouldn’t read this, it would only just confuse you. After all it is written by a confused rabbit hearted girl.

    Looking back I remember how it seemed I could posses something that I could not have, well only with “special permission”. And the cards foretold how I gave peace from within.

    I realised the beauty of your misunderstood soul, I could not help but hug my pillow… every time your name appeared in my text book. -Missing you-

    desperate to look into your gentle eyes…

    I can recall how determined I was to keep us bound in our embrace never to let go of the man I used to call a monster.

    But I know that once the time comes to leave this realm…and enter the one you now call home, my sense of
    humanity will never cease it’s thumping on my window and screeching in my ear, “is this the daughter of our saviour
    Craig Murray!!? Now a **** for the very man who put the dick in dictator”
    (but those who know my father well how many of them can’t state his personal life is pure)

    It’s a difficult picture for the canvas in my mind to conjure how such a gentle, loving man could indeed be the enemy I have been taught to mistrust. His beautiful,captivating words never leave my heart I would give him the world if he had asked…but I’m sure our perspectives of the perfect universe are entirely different, what I’d have to offer would surely not be enough to satisfy him.

    After all how could one forget the world he now possesses

    And now it seems a I am the monster….
    How could I treat such a beautiful soul in such a manner
    If he DOES decide to have me hanged then it’s no less than I deserve. (Though I don’t believe it, that you would do such a thing)

    Emily Murray

  21. Hi Mark. Good to see you made it here and Merry Christmas.

    Also, as the observant may have noticed Page Comment Numbers are now displayed for easier page navigation (on pages with more than 100 comments such as this one). As I’ve been editing the running theme some may have seen strange behaviour. Try refreshing the page and if something still seems broken let me know.

  22. Mark; So good to hear from you.

    AA: Danged if you aren’t the counter-point to Craig’s hands-off approach to blogging. You are totally onto precise control, not that it’s a bad thing. 🙂

  23. Ben,

    I blame Clark as he asked if I could turn it on 🙂

    Should have been simple – and in fact was once I worked out that the plugins I tried were broken with recent WordPress because WordPress had added hidden pagination functionality to the base product, if you magically know how to activate it in the theme source code. So i edited a plugin until I got it to work then transplanted the bit of the plugin I needed to work the way I wanted with the latent native support.

    But yes, I like computers to do what I want them to do not what they want to do. That’s a near impossible battle to win with Windows though which is why I avoid Windows as much as possible!

  24. Squonk, nice comment-page-number buttons. This blog all seems to work well for me. I have Javascript blocked and I’ve added the security exception for the site’s certificate.

    Edit; I had to enable Javascript from squonk and amazonaws to edit this. Edit edit: yep, has to be both.

  25. Mark … great to see you found Squank/ Alcanon’s Place..

    Nice words, maybe a few pictures in there , Cheers.

    and Stay Merry

  26. Clark,

    Yes Javascript, style sheets, images etc all load from It’s all handled automatically by the W3 plugin which keeps the local copies of these files synchronised with Amazon S3 static web storage. In fact for a totally static website, the entire site can be hosted on Amazon S3. I couldn’t handle anywhere near the almost 10,000 hits per minute that I benchmark at now, if these files were still served from my little Squonk server.

  27. mark golding, where did Emily’s poem come from?

    It seems a troubled poem. I saw Emily at last year’s festival, but I don’t remember seeing her this year. I hope she’s OK.

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