Harry Fear – Who Will Save Israel From Itself?

I will never forget Harry Fear’s live webcasts from Gaza during “Operation Pillar of Cloud”. Came across this new talk just uploaded to YouTube.


Harry Fear speaks about Israel’s November 2012 operation on Gaza at the 27 December Initiative in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The last segment of Harry’s talk was not recorded. It quoted late Palestinian psychiatrist Dr. Eyad el-Sarraj, who once questioned, “who will save Israel from itself?”.

Video record by Mathias Kortegaard. The conference, curated by Ebbe Bertelsen and the 27 December Initiative, also included Dr. Mads Gilbert.

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  1. Agent Cameron is apparently going ‘all out’ for fracking.

    ‘All out’ just like his attack on Libya and his intended attack on Syria perhaps.

    Protests and arrests at Barton Moss already where IGas are drilling.


    The usual names and faces. Deloitte, Shell, BP. Exploiters of the earth’s resources.

    We are the largest independent producer of oil and gas onshore in Britain.
    In the East Midlands and the Weald Basin in southern England, we have interests in 26 UK onshore licences and are the appointed operator in 24 of these 26 licence areas.
    We currently produce 3,000 barrels of oil per day from these fields with considerable potential to grow this into the future.
    In the North West, we are the owner and operator of nine onshore licences and one offshore licence.
    We continue to add to our portfolio by acquisition and remain focussed onshore in the UK which may include participation in future licensing rounds.’

    F R A C K …….. O F F!

  2. The other interests of the founder of IGas and its CEO Andrew Austin


    Director Overview
    Andrew Austin holds 12 current appointment, has resigned from 3 companies and held appointments at 3 dissolved companies. Andrew began his first appointment at the age of 27 and their longest current appointment spans 12 years and 6 months at AUSTIN AND AUSTIN LIMITED.

    The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Andrew holds a current appointment equals £20,355,191, with a combined assets value of £291,583,023 and liabilities of £281,186,757. Roles associated with Andrew Austin within the recorded businesses include: Director, Company Secretary

  3. Nevermind,

    Congratulations…. Nothing like wee Grandchildren to keep us merrily on our toes 🙂


    Cheers for the Link Re 9/11…Aint some these 9/11 videos Long… but very absorbing indeed… Here is a great body of work from award-winning film-maker Massimo Mazzucco – @


    Some, Well Most of, an RT Interview with Michel Chossudovsky….

    RT: Western leaders are undertaking a last-ditch attempt to pressure the Syrian National Council into participating in the forthcoming talks in Geneva. Do you think they will succeed?

    Michel Chossudovsky: I think the fundamental issue is to address the nature of the conflict. The Syrian National Council is virtually a defunct organization. They have been meeting in Spain with other opposition groups but in effect we have to ask a question:

    ‘Is this a civil war between opposing factions within Syrian society or is it in fact a war of aggression?’

    The Western leaders are becoming very aware of the consequences of what’ll happen, aren’t they? It’s interesting to hear that many are suspecting now Assad might be the lesser of all evils. And yet at today’s Friends of Syria meeting a very different message came from the French Foreign Minister. He said that Assad’s regime is fueling terrorism. What’s your take on that?

    MC: These are cynical statements. The Western military alliance has been recruiting mujaheddin right from the outset and it’s confirmed by numerous reliable sources, including Israeli Intelligence. These jihadist forces are operatives of the Western military alliance and there is continuity in CIA support right from the heyday of the Afghan-Soviet war. For the West to say that Assad is allied with the terrorists is a red herring. They are still intent upon destabilizing Syria as a nation state and in fact, […] with the situation in Iraq and Syria, what they want to do now is to redraw the map of the Middle East.

    RT: But it is contradicted by the fact that the West is holding the conference in Geneva, it wants peace in Syria.

    MC: Yes, but this peace conference scheduled for next week in Montreux is an exercise in shadow fake diplomacy. Ultimately, a decision won’t be taken there, it will be taken behind closed doors between John Kerry and Sergey Lavrov.

    But very important, Sergey Lavrov made the statement back in November that the Geneva-2 peace talks should focus on counterterrorism. That raises an issue –because they’ll be sitting at the table together—and then the question is: ‘Who is behind the terrorists?’

    There will be a number of countries there, I suspect Saudi Arabia might be present at those meetings in Montreux. But who are the sponsors of the terrorists, who is feeding them the weapons? Just a few months ago, Senator John McCain had a photo shaking hands with leaders of the terrorist organizations inside Syria. We must understand that the western military alliance also has blood on their hands. It’s not simply an issue of identifying terrorists, we have to identify the people who are behind them.

    RT: With these interesting signals that are coming from western leaders and western spokespeople, what do you make of Assad’s future? Many say that he has support within Syria…

    MC: I think Assad has support within Syria because the Syrian people realize that this is a war of aggression with mercenaries coming in and that these mercenaries are coordinated by [Western] special forces. They understand that. And when you [look at] the massacre that took place recently in Adra, well, the civilian population understood who came to the rescue were the Syrian Armed forces against these terrorists. I think it’s shocking to say the least that the massacre in Adra was covered by some, for example, by Russian media, but it was not covered by the Western media.

    As i say this is almost the whole interview…But the link to the Source is @ –


    P.S…aint it great to see Graig back… amazing how so many familiar dudes popped up immediately , Some of Squonk’s Quiet Lurkers i wonder.

  4. Thanks Brian, its still the size of a courgette…. and good to see others come back and join in the melee. Today’s nauseating coverage by the bbc makes it obvious that this island is a vasall of Israel, a mouthpiece for zionist expansionism.

    Ending a week of dying with a final farewell has excelled and browned the BBC tongues. Tommorrow we will hear of his long and rumbling journey to hell, I’m sure we can get another week of bile out of the usual ‘middle east war envoy.’

  5. Mary January 14, 2014 at 2:15 pm
    “Charlie cannot be very well endowed with brain cells. He should have checked to see where the CCTV cameras were located!”

    Probably more to do with being confident that “our side” control access to all CCTV.

    As Pinter never said as he sort of did: It never was recorded. Even while it was being recorded it wasn’t being recorded.

  6. Mary

    Thanks for the post from Information clearing house, and Professor Francis A. Boyle… Over at Craig’s

    In January of 2012, Craig posted about the theft of Scottish waters = Oil fields –


    More on this from yesterday’s Guardian –

    Dude, where’s my North Sea oil money?

    “So where did our billions go? Hawksworth writes: “The logical answer is that the oil money enabled non-oil taxes to be kept lower.” In other words: tax cuts. When the North Sea was providing maximum income, Thatcher’s chancellor, Nigel Lawson slashed income and other direct taxes, especially for the rich. The top rate of tax came down from 60p in the pound to just 40p by 1988. He also reduced the basic rate of income tax; but the poor wouldn’t have seen much of those pounds in their pockets, as, thanks to the Tories, they were paying more VAT.

    If Scotland had held on to the revenues from North Sea oil, the question today would not be how it would manage solo, but how London would fare without its bankrollers over Hadrian’s Wall. Oljeeventyr is how Norwegians refer to their recent history: the oil fairy tale. It conveys the magic of how in just a few decades, they have been transformed from being the poor Nordic neighbour to being the richest. We have no equivalent term for our North Sea experience, but let me suggest one: a scandal. ”

    Aditya Chakrabortty @


  7. Back in the 1980s, Thatcher burnt off most of the UK north sea gas 20/25 years worth into the atmosphere in order to give tax cuts to get re-elected, the money was there to store it. Norway did store their gas and are now selling it to the UK and making a lot of money.

    I am old enough to remember three people going into number 10 to BEG Thatcher NOT to burn off all that north sea gas (picture of them going into number 10 was in one of the newpapers at the time). They told her it would soon be needed. It was three days later she came out off number 10 and was asked….”Why are you going to burn off all that gas” she replied…”I have agonised over this but feel it is the best thing to do”…I will remember that until my dying day.

    All to give tax cuts to get re-elected. She could not have given those tax cuts and stored the gas.

    It should also be pointed out that it was NOT in the interest of some of Thatchers friends for the UK to have that gas (Nuclear industry and others). Who are the others?…The Iraq War was not just about oil, someone has all the maps to where the great uranium fields are in Iraq, they have had them since the times when Winston Churchill was PM…How many people know that?. Some experts predict that uranium may run out in the next 20/30 years.

  8. This is on another blog.

    “Not the first time “The Conservative Party” has sold us all down the (privatised) river…

    What a mess our railway/transport system is in, it was all planned to be like this…

    Back in the 1920s the railway system of the UK was ready and able to take on the mantel of distribution of goods/passengers to all parts of the UK, and it would have worked very well, all the plans were in place. Most members of Parliament were all for it, then something happened…The road haulage industry that was just beginning to come into being (it was a very small concern then), didn`t think this was a good idea,the motor manufacturers didn`t think it was a good idea, the oil companies didn`t think it was a good idea. So to cut a long story short and a lot of very thick brown paper envelopes later, MPs didn`t think it was a good idea. All that went on is now documented history, a documentary/play about what went on was showing on the TV about twenty or so years ago. We have suffered to this day and how. Everytime you see a lorry on the motorway think of this post.

    The sheer criminality of successive UK governments has brought about the state of our transport system. We are about to find out the full extent of the true cost when the oil price goes through the roof. We are TOTALLY UNPREPARED.

    The Conservative Party are Politically, Morally, Terminally Diseased.”

    “a free market economy is a destructive myth.”


  9. The bankers still run free, even those employed by us the UK taxpayers.
    RBS bonuses: Labour urges chancellor to enforce EU limit

    The other night I heard a World Service programme on the continuing crimes and escape from justice of JP Morgan. B.Liar receives £3m pa from JP Morgan for his consultancy services.

  10. The BBC helpfully give us this information.

    Private firms ‘win 70% of NHS contracts’
    Dominic Hughes
    Health correspondent, BBC News

    All the while, they are running attacking pieces on the NHS. They have a large team of ‘health’ correspondents and editors.

    As the song says, ‘you won’t know what you’ve lost until it’s gone’, or words to that effect.

  11. It looks like Chalie and his red haired flame have shot themselves in the foot and are prosecuted due to their own mistakes, so it seems. What if these CCTV pictures were ‘not available’? or subjudice? would these two mongers get off their charge?

    just speculating….

  12. The contamination is spreading.

    Contaminated Japanese rivers unleash ‘perennial supply’ of radiation into Pacific Ocean

    January 16, 2014

    (NaturalNews) A study published in the Elsevier journal Anthropocene late last year has revealed that many of the rivers, streams and other waterways located throughout coastal Japan have inadvertently become delivery systems for transporting radioactive waste directly from the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility into the Pacific Ocean.

    Researchers from both France and Japan discovered this after conducting a thorough sediment and soil erosion analysis, which revealed the presence of cesium-137, cesium-134 and even radioactive silver in the runoff from coastal rivers. A total of 2,200 soil samples were collected as part of the study, which was originally designed to look at the normal biogeochemical cycles and dispersion of contaminants via rivers and waterways.

    Since it is already known that rivers play a functional role in cleansing the natural environment of toxins, a team of scientists from the Laboratory for Climate Sciences and the Environment in France and the Center for Research in Isotopes and Environmental Dynamics in Japan decided to look at how this process works with respect to radiation distribution.


  13. “Does the lingering aftermath of the crisis pose any danger to people living on the West Coast of North America? ”

    “The documentary concludes that it does not. “The radiation will slowly sink, before harmlessly decaying over decades as Pacific currents turn most of the groundwater toward Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean,” says Professor Aoyama Michio, a scientist at the Meteorological Institute of Japan. But, he adds, operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) must remove all the Strontium-90 from contaminated water or it will cause a “big problem” for the whole Pacific.”


  14. ‘But, he adds, operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) must remove all the Strontium-90 from contaminated water or it will cause a “big problem” for the whole Pacific.”’

    What is the Japanese for ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’? Unbelievable.


    Craig’s blog has been back in operation for 3 days but just look at the latest. Also unbelievable but predictable.

  15. It’s highly discouraging to find only Infowars, GLP and eenews drawing attention to this.


    It’s like a lone voice crying out in the Wilderness, a crazy man who lives nearly naked, on locusts and honey. You don’t know whether to laugh or cry. As HST used to say, “The Banshee screams for Buffalo meat” and he screams for me. I am past the worry stage. I bought 10 P100’s because trapping the microns in one’s lungs is a no-no. but I have yet to wear one. Call me cautious but fatalistic.

  16. Yeah, ‘Vibes’ baby……

    “A review and update of a controversial 20-year-old theory of consciousness published in Physics of Life Reviews claims that consciousness derives from deeper level, finer scale activities inside brain neurons. The recent discovery of quantum vibrations in “microtubules” inside brain neurons corroborates this theory, according to review authors Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose. They suggest that EEG rhythms (brain waves) also derive from deeper level microtubule vibrations, and that from a practical standpoint, treating brain microtubule vibrations could benefit a host of mental, neurological, and cognitive conditions

    Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2014-01-discovery-quantum-vibrations-microtubules-corroborates.html#jCp

  17. Back to the subject of the privacy of our medical records.

    NHS patient data to be made available for sale to drug and insurance companies
    Privacy experts warn there will be no way for public to work out who has their medical records or how they are using it
    Randeep Ramesh, social affairs editor
    Guardian, Sunday 19 January 2014

    NHS branding
    If an application is approved then firms will have to pay to extract NHS patient information, which will be scrubbed of some personal identifiers Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA

    Drug and insurance companies will from later this year be able to buy information on patients including mental health conditions and diseases such as cancer, as well as smoking and drinking habits, once a single English database of medical data has been created.

    Harvested from GP and hospital records, medical data covering the entire population will be uploaded to the repository controlled by a new arms-length NHS information centre, starting in March. Never before has the entire medical history of the nation been digitalised and stored in one place.

    Advocates say that sharing data will make medical advances easier and ultimately save lives because it will allow researchers to investigate drug side effects or the performance of hospital surgical units by tracking the impact on patients.

    But privacy experts warn there will be no way for the public to work out who has their medical records or to what use their data will be put. The extracted information will contain NHS numbers, date of birth, postcode, ethnicity and gender.

    Once live, organisations such as university research departments – but also insurers and drug companies – will be able apply to the new Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) to gain access to the database, called care.data.


  18. Ben, thanks for the phys.org link.

    “The recent discovery of quantum vibrations in “microtubules” inside brain neurons corroborates this theory, according to review authors Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose.”

    Quantum coherence within microtubules was proposed in The Quantum Self by Danah Zohar in 1990:


  19. Thanks Brian. Will check tomorrow. I have been painting a ceiling today and need my bed.

    PS Have just seen that another LD, Mike Hancock, has been suspended. Clegg had better get his act together. What is the matter with these men?

    MP Mike Hancock has been suspended by the Lib Dems after a report into claims of sexual misconduct towards a female constituent was leaked.

  20. As for the war criminal Blair smiling his way through Sharons funeral ceremony as if it was a barmizvah event.

    Why try and arrest him at all?, after all he is a proponent of summary justice and has heaped it upon many innocent others in Iraq and elsewhere from a distance, never putting his own puny body at risk.

    Should those who have the chance take it there and then? Can summary justice be justified if ordinary, socalled justful means are long winded, exhausting, expensive and ultimately lead to absolution and forgiveness for his crimes against humanity?

  21. Yes Nevermind…i think that it’s certain he is untouchable ( by the establishment )

    Monbiot has however, said London Bar man Twiggy Garcia, will get a reward for his attempt at citizen’s arrest of Blair…How Slimey is the wee cretin, saying to Garcia ” shouldn’t you be more concerned about Syria” he certainly gives not one Fk about Syria – being a leading criminal, warmongering mouth piece for another war in Syria….
    And as Matt Carr rightly points out – ” never in the field of human history has one man earned so much from deaths of so many!” Link on Cars good piece @

    ‘The Chilcot Inquiry Sinks into the Sand’


    Of course, Cameron is also a War Criminal….after the evils of Libya, and now Syria…Both of Blair, and Cameron, along with usa, and France, have been making Bonfires with international Laws.

  22. Is this the Thread for this Video Guys….

    And forgive me whilst i Curse n Swear n throw things around… so Angry at these Effin Cowards… Bstrds… anyhoo..before it gets silenced –


  23. He was probably very afraid of being killed when making that report which I saw but he seems to have lost some of his fire compared to his live reporting during that Pillar of Fire obscenity. A good young man anyway.

    Harry Fear @harryfear · 17m
    #Gaza BREAKING: 187 killed and 1390 injured in #OperationDefensiveEdge.

    Absoiutely dreadful killing and wounding. As I said on Craig, some of those wounded will wish they were dead knowing what pain and suffering they will have to endure.

  24. Hi Squonk Land…Hope everyone is well.

    Looks Like a Scorcher brewing for today…

    But my heart is Sick and Sad…After the image of one of the teeny murdered children was doing some of the Alternative media sites last night…Broken wee body lying face down in the sand… 4 children from the same family murdered by Navy shells, whilst playing football on the beach… Heartbreaking…on and on it goes… Evil Bastards…

    Here is Harry on Abby’s show…. A couple of warriors out there.


  25. Multiple reports that Hamas have captured an Israeli soldier.

  26. Claims on Twitter that an Israeli F-16 hit hit by SAM missile over Gaza.

    Meanwhile most international airlines cancel all flights to Israel following the US lead. Officially due to Gaza rockets landing near airport but suggestions on twitter and elsewhere it is also related to alleged F-16 incident.

    I wonder how this will develop.

  27. I once posted to Abby, ( Martin ) that i thought she carried an air, and look just a wee bit too glamorous for what she was putting out to us…Serious shit… Heart breaking, .and tear jerking stuff… to my shame my most sexist moment….why cant a glamorous woman tell us truths….I’m wearing my asshole cap…. and Sorry to Abby… And any other Ladies…

    We at Sqounk, and over at Craig’s..Absorb a lot of evils going on around the Globe…

    Abby is well paid to do the same… most likely, exposed to more than us in many fronts … cos wee as individuals can’t be privy, and aware of many thing’s, all at once, like a large news outlet can be… Slowly but surely perhaps ..as we pick things up and inform each other…

    Stay Strong Mrs Martin ..and thanks for this piece – On Gaza


  28. I’d like to say you’re right, AA. It looks like a lot of those tweets are ‘shared’ even if that’s not the nomenclature for tweeters.

    People here are more fixated on how we can send children back to Guatemala so they can be exploited by the cartels. You see? All politics are local.

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