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  1. Any idea how that affects continuity for UK supplies. How many other countries also mainly rely on Russian gas?

  2. The UK doesn’t use much Russian gas directly but as multiple pipelines connect us to the rest of Europe, gas flows out of the UK as long as the price is higher at the other end. At peak demand in the UK the wholesale gas price in the UK rises to a point where flows come in from Europe – some of that gas will originally have come from Russia.

    The UK has multiple LNG import terminals and as long as tankers continue to deliver in the quantities needed, the UK can send the surplus imported gas back out to mainland Europe.

    In the event of a complete cut off of Russian gas to Europe via all sources, it doesn’t seem possible to me to make up the difference mainly from increased LNG imports “reverse-flowed” back to countries such as Germany. It then becomes a question of how long the storage lasts. The UK has very little storage capacity compared to France and Germany.

  3. This isn’t very good timing though although the quantity of gas is still relatively small.


    Britain to import Russian gas under 2012 deal as tensions mount

    (Reuters) – Britain will begin this year to import gas from Russia under a formal contract for the first time, just as European calls to loosen Moscow’s grip on energy supply mount because of the crisis over Ukraine.

    The country’s biggest utility Centrica signed a deal in 2012 with Russian state-controlled Gazprom to import 2.4 billion cubic metres of gas over a period of three years, and the supplies will begin flowing in October.

    Russia is Europe’s biggest supplier of gas, providing around a third of the continent’s needs, and some of this has previously reached Britain from continental European storage sites.

    The exports largely go to central and southeastern Europe rather than to Britain, which still has significant domestic reserves and gets most of its imports from Norwegian pipelines or liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipments from further afield.

  4. “My expectation is there will not be many women, children or old people among the dead, but also there will not be many non-Ukrainian nationals. I expect these will prove to have been local Russian young men.”

    Craig turns conspiracy theorist rather than admit his anti-Russian bias made hm spout propagandistic crap yet again;


  5. And in addition to the International Space Station, Russia are also to stop supplying Russian rocket engines to the US for launch vehicles and plan to close US GPS satellite ground stations on Russian territory.

  6. So Dreoilin and AA, up to now retaliation consists of:

    1) Measures to ensure Russia gets paid for its gas


    2) International space station communications
    3) Rocket engines

    Anything else? Keep them coming. I really hope this latest attempt to overthrow an elected government backfires big style in USAtan’s face.

  7. “Anything else?”

    Yup. Russia and China have just agreed a new energy supply deal under which invoices will be settled in roubles. The dollar’s days as the global reserve currency are numbered. This is the most significant sanction of all.

  8. Was going to post the Pilger article but Mary beat me to it. That piece deserves to be sent to everyone you can think of.

    A referendum in Kosovo, and now the “duly elected” junta in Kiev ! Psychobama is really losing it.

  9. Macky

    Great site that, and excellent article….Cheers

    ” You can sit in an office tower in Manhattan or London or Paris, or a retail store in Boise, Idaho, or Berlin or Madrid, but that doesn’t mean you can wash your hands of the bloodshed and look the other way. What is being committed in your name is what we call crimes against humanity. And it’s going to get worse. And this is just Ukraine.”

    RE the new Pilger piece… the bbc are fkn evil –

    The BBC’s Moscow correspondent Daniel Sandford is dismissive (naturally) of John Pilger’s insightful analysis on Ukraine:

    ‘I am not sure when John Pilger was last in Russia or Ukraine but I recommend that he comes and has a look’

    That’s it; the standard cop-out: you’ve not been here so you don’t know what you’re talking about. No reasoned rebuttal, no argument. Just blanket dismissal. Another one to add to an already thick file.



    The Odessa Massacre was a Carefully Staged Covert Intelligence Operation

    Odessa Provocateurs: Censored News

    more @


    The End of the world party has something LESS of a Pretend ring to it.

  10. PS I know Ethiopia was not our colony in the 60s but you get the drift.

    I bet the children had religion stuffed down their throats too.

    Who do they think they are? Put on earth for a higher purpose than the rest of we mere mortals? The very arrogance.

    PS From his Twitter
    Daniel Sandford @BBCDanielS · May 10
    Even the Jacobs coffee machine in Simferopol airport has defected. Only takes Roubles.

    Tough shit Sandford.

  11. MJ, thanks for that. The most recent article I can find is this one from yesterday. It does not say they have actually implemented it yet, but seems imminent. Iran too looks like it would join in this deal. How wonderful if the dollar can be ditched in favour of a more stable currency! However the Yanks would just go to war anyway to try and steal what does not belong to them. I wonder who will replace the western banking moguls?

  12. NATO exercises. You’d think they had had enough exercises in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia and elsewhere. Pilger is almost certainly right that they want this war. What else can they do with a dead dollar. Steal is the only option left for them.

    Are there any of the ten commandments they have not broken?

  13. Tonight’s NATO military exercises appear to include B2 bombers, E-6 (Looking Glass) aircraft and probably nuclear ballistic submarines.

    I think they are trying to send a message to someone…

    You can listen to it all on HF 11175 USB for B2 (Fowl11/12) <=>E6 (Skymaster)
    8992 USB for rest of traffic. Use a websdr or your own radio if lucky.


    All on show tonight.

    EDIT: Just heard

    USAF: “NORMANDY standing by for traffic on 11175″

    Well there’s no hint of war in that exercise call sign is there….

  14. Between them, these two sentences have it all, startling satire, grim irony, insane inverse reality ! ;

    “We are ready to talk to all those who pursue legitimate political goals, who are prepared to advance them by legal means and who have no blood on their hands,” Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov and Acting Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said in a joint statement.

    Mr. Turchynov said that Kiev would continue its “anti-terrorist operation” to suppress the rebellion in the east.


  15. “It does not say they have actually implemented it yet”

    The deal is done, it will be formally signed when Putin visits China next week.

    “How wonderful if the dollar can be ditched in favour of a more stable currency!”

    Yes, one backed by gold. That’s one reason why the BRICS have been frantically buying up gold for the last few years.

  16. MJ

    the BRICS have been frantically buying up gold for the last few years.

    Whilst others just steal Gold..i am reminded of Ukrain’s Gold for example –

    According to Iskra News:

    At 2 a.m. this morning [March 7] an unmarked transport plane was on the runway at Borispol Airport (right) [east of Kiev]. According to airport staff, before the plane came to the airport, four trucks and two Volkswagen minibuses arrived, all the truck license plates missing.

    Сегодня ночью из Fifteen people in black uniforms, masks, and body armor stepped out, some armed with machine guns. They loaded the plane with more than 40 heavy boxes.

    After that a mysterious man arrived and entered the plane.

    All loading was done in a hurry.

    The plane took off on an emergency basis.

    Those who saw this mysterious special operation immediately notified the airport officials, who told the callers not to meddle in other people’s affairs.

    Later a returned call from a senior official of the former Ministry of Revenue reported that tonight, on the orders of one of the new leaders of Ukraine, the United States had taken custody of all the gold reserves in Ukraine.”


    And Now in Ukraine…

    The “battle” for the House of Trade Unions lasted several hours – during which time some of the militants pretended to mount a resistance by tossing Molotov cocktails from the roof, while others methodically butchered, strangled, and incinerated their victims. In order to ensure that the fire could not be extinguished, water was completely shut off to the building.

    After “Ha’ola” was complete, the Right Sector murderers fled the building through the side and rear exits and left town. The police then entered the structure. The number that became the official death toll – 46 – included only the dead on the upper floors of the building. The majority of the victims, who were in the basement, were not counted. The exact number of dead is unlikely to ever be known, but most sources claim that between 120 and 130 were killed.

    The truth cannot be concealed

    The junta has privatized the police and the security service, but forgot about the prosecutor’s office. And now the acting attorney general, Oleh Makhnitsky has stated:

    “This action [in Odessa] was not prepared at some internal level, it was a well-planned and coordinated action in which some authorities’ representatives have taken part.”

    It is unlikely that he will be permitted to name those who are truly responsible for the tragedy. But the junta in Kiev will not be able to completely conceal the truth about what happened in Odessa.

    This tragedy should be thoroughly investigated and those culpable should be brought to the international trial for committed crimes against humanity. Nuremberg-2 is waiting for Turchinov & Co.


  17. More details emerging iro the Odessa Massacre ;

    This first link mentions that “so far 126 bodies were found in the basement of the Customs House that did not suffer from the fire. Outside the building another 200 Odessa residents remain missing” !!


    The Vineyard Saker has details of leaked phone calls;


  18. Solve this question you astronomers.

    11 x 11 = 4
    22 x 22 = 16
    33 x 33 = ?

    Most people are going for 36 or 81.

    My answer is the lateral answer of a poet, and the age of consent, which was 21 when I was young (they told me).

  19. Lilia Shetshova’s ill-informed article. It sounds like some of the … let’s be kind and call them detractors … on Craig’s blog.


    My comment which is waiting moderation is:

    “Putin’s invasion of Ukraine made it clear that he has stopped pretending.” Have I missed something? When did Putin invade Ukraine? I could not read any further than that statement because as a journalist I am looking for facts, not propaganda from a NATO mouthpiece.

  20. Here are two interesting articles, one from a western source, yesterday’s NYT, speculating that Putin might be in favour of the Ukrainian front-runner and chocolate oligarch Petro Poroshenko.


    The second, also from a western source, takes an altogether different view and says that Putin is closing down all the factories owned by Poroshenko. There’s not much to smile about but this made me smile.


  21. Pepe on Ukraine and the Petrodollar.


    “More BRICS cooperation meant to bypass the dollar is reflected in the “Gas-o-yuan,” as in natural gas bought and paid for in Chinese currency. Gazprom is even considering marketing bonds in yuan as part of the financial planning for its expansion. Yuan-backed bonds are already trading in Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and most recently Frankfurt.

    Nothing could be more sensible for the new Pipelineistan deal than to have it settled in yuan. Beijing would pay Gazprom in that currency (convertible into rubles); Gazprom would accumulate the yuan; and Russia would then buy myriad made-in-China goods and services in yuan convertible into rubles.”

    It is truly amazing how few pick up on this subject as a major shift in World Affairs.

  22. Just quibbling over price. It’s in both their interests to eventually sign. BTW only NYT and Reuters touting the ‘fail’.

  23. http://thebricspost.com/putin-xi-hold-talks-in-shanghai/#.U3uGYSgcWFJ

    “Putin said in Shanghai that “significant progress” had been made in the decade-long $400 billion gas supply agreement talks between Russia and China.

    “I am glad to be informed that the two sides have made significant progress in the price negotiation of the east-route of the natural gas project,” Putin said during official talks with Xi.

    Russia wants to reach a deal with China at an early date, he added. Over the past years, talks have stalled over price.

    Meanwhile, head of Russia’s state gas company Gazprom Alexei Miller said in a statement said talks are still ongoing.

    “Talks are ongoing without interruption, both sides are looking for compromise. The contract could be signed on the basis of mutual benefit,” Miller said.”

  24. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-27506545

    Briton detained in Ukraine – FCO
    Breaking news
    A British national has been detained in Ukraine, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

    Graham Phillips is a journalist working for Russian TV station Russia Today.

    It is understood he was detained in Mariupol, eastern Ukraine, on Tuesday and was taken to Kiev overnight by the Ukrainian National Guard.

  25. https://twitter.com/GrahamWP_UK

    GrahamWPhillips @GrahamWP_UK · 11m
    1/3 I’ve just recently been released after being detained by Ukrainian authorities at #Mariupol yesterday. Was then transferred to …

    2/3 Zaporozhye where I stayed the night, under armed guard. Removed by armed guard today, questioned thoroughly on my work for @RT_com

    3/3 All my work in order, no charges, no deportation, no one laid a hand on me in anger, Ukrainian authorities treated me fairly. All ok.

    GrahamWPhillips @GrahamWP_UK · 2m
    I understand my @lifenews_ru colleagues Oleg and Marat are being held in Kiev, and ok. I am strongly asking for their immediate release.

    GrahamWPhillips @GrahamWP_UK · 1m
    And final, thank you to @SimonSmithFCO at the British Embassy, for assistance. Ukr authorities not v happy i work for RT, but do accept it.

  26. Thanks for that good news AlcAnon

    ‘GrahamWPhillips @GrahamWP_UK · 1m
    And final, thank you to @SimonSmithFCO at the British Embassy, for assistance. Ukr authorities not v happy i work for RT, but do accept it.’

    The mention of the FCO official’s name brought this song back to mind. Anyone remember it or even heard of it?

    Alan Price Set – Simon Smith & his amazing dancing bear 1967

  27. Ben, thanks for the Volodymyr Ishchenko interview which I read last night on Craig’s blog. A very knowledgeable overview from the sociologist. While it will usher in the oligarchs I feel things could be a whole lot worse. Poroshenko, who I believe was part of the Yarushenko (another oligarch) clique, has got to keep Russia happy because he is Willie Wonka to them as well as the west. I do not think he is likely to take Ukraine into NATO and he is definitely not the choice of the Yanks. I’ve blogged my views on him and Nigel Farage’s success in Europe.


  28. The far right is on the march everywhere in Europe — except in Eastern Ukraine, where the cry of “Nazis Out” is common among the popular uprising (sorry, separatists). It’s funny how the truth gets turned on its head.

    Glad to see Svoboda and Right Sector getting thumped, electorally speaking.

    Does that mean they’ll lose their key cabinet posts?

    Read the Observer yesterday: Someone should tell that fuckwit David Mitchell that the only Nazis in Government in Europe are in Kiev, and “we” help put them there.

  29. “Glad to see Svoboda and Right Sector getting thumped, electorally speaking.”

    Me too.

    “Does that mean they’ll lose their key cabinet posts?”

    Hopefully. Poroshenko has to be seen to be supporting the electorate.

  30. Maybe a political solution CAN be found. So what, I ask myself, will the US (Academi and associated brownshirts) now do in Eastern Ukraine to provoke Russia. Perhaps another Odessa is on the cards.
    The US is desperate for Russia to invade. Then, our obliging media can paint them as aggressors. If that happens, I think Syria will see an uptick as well, closely followed by Japan v China in the East China Sea. The US knows the day of de-dollarisation is coming, so it needs to work quickly.

  31. If a political situation is not found in the Ukraine, Mike, we are looking to a whole lot of trouble world wide and a mass of potential targets the US has deliberately spread around the globe. The middle east will be ablaze at the same time and an attack at Iran and Syria still on the agenda.

    China and japan are rasping at each other, the Phillipines China and Vietnam are at daggers over some oil rights in the south china sea. Japan never had any credit with Korea, and I can see North Korea kicking off if Putin starts lobbing back the ordenance, after being provoked too long by the Maidan certified Academi scum.

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