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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. “Fred, you really seem not to understand.”

    I think the IPCC understands well enough and what you are saying is not what they are saying.

  2. Clark I’m afraid extinction was popular on the planet long before humans gummed up the works. Millions of species fell to selective survival before our entrance.

    The Earth has survived the Yucatan asteroid strike without a hint of human contamination and it will shake us off like we were a head cold when it feels we’ve overstayed our welcome.

  3. Remember when first woman NASA Astronaut CHrista McCallough was killed in the Challenger disaster in the beginning of 1986, a plot to kill off a nuclear war by destroying the Soviet land-based ICBMs in a surprise attack triggered by the assassination of Swedish PM Olof Palme, but still went ahead,and was prevented from going nuclear by Moscow adopting the necessary counter measures, thanks to American spying, starting with that of Rick Ames.

    Guess Fred does know about that near miss.

  4. Her last name is spelled McAuliffe as I recall, and didn’t get time to change the mistake.

  5. B: “Clark I’m afraid extinction was popular on the planet long before humans gummed up the works. Millions of species fell to selective survival before our entrance.

    Ben, try not to be so freaking stupid, eh? Goddamn, this simplistic BS off know-nothings who think they’re being clever pisses me off.

    WE are currently the cause of the 6th extinction. It’s happening vastly faster than all the others, save for suspected massive meteor strikes. I suppose you’d know all about that. That is if you’d bothered reading a few books on the subject, which of course you have not.

    Sounds like you’re one of these simpleton “Well, duh… it’s cyclic!” sort of deniers. Our governments must be _so_ grateful that there is an abundant source of people like you – overwhelming in numbers, in fact – too stupid, and too lazy to bother even doing the least research, and incapable of independent thought.

  6. Fred

    There is nothing in that ecologist article that shows XR are anti-capitalist. It is an opinion piece that simply posits adoption of tactics popular with anti-capitalists is proof of anti-capitalist politics. This is a fallacy. The author doesn’t have even a basic grasp of leftist theory (making a claim for Marx that is hilariously wrong). It’s transparent nonsense.

  7. I think the description I’ve seen that best describes them was “Religion for middle class atheists” Phil.

  8. OK. Why then keep insisting they are anti-capitalist commies? They’re really not. It’s very upsetting to us anti-capitalist commies.

  9. I know they aren’t anti-capitalist commies to an anti-capitalist commie Phil but to your average middle of the road centrist they are.

  10. Glennuk: Thanks for sharing your viewpoint but you should always consider the context before you get too excited.

    Humans are adding carbon and exacerbating any normal cycle but your rhetoric prevents a consensus on practical solutions. You have not convinced a plurality of citizens of the danger but the other side has been effective at telling people what they want to nothing changes.

    Visionaries are burdened with their own insights but doubly so when they fail to communicate their warnings to those of poorer eyesight.

    But my point on extinction stands. It is rank temerity for humans to believe only they can save the Earth. The Earth shall survive.

  11. Ben: I’m surprised to hear civility from you, in fact that was the last thing I expected. So kudos to you for wrong-footing me there. I’ll treat you as if you were not a belligerent correspondent if you can manage to do the same from this point.

    We’re not just exacerbating a natural cycle. We’re undoing a balance that has kept the Earth habitable for its millions of species, but at such a rapid rate that – on an archeological scale – it looks like a staggeringly fast extinction. We are the cause of it, over just a few generations.

    The “normal cycle” is irrelevant. We have added as much carbon since Al Gore’s first book on the problem was published (“Earth in the balance”, around 1991 from memory) as we have since the industrial revolution. The amount we add per year, measured in the tens of gigatons, is still increasing.

    It’s not likely that the Earth will survive as anything but a rock going around the sun – in the same was Mars and Venus “survives”. The Earth (Gaia if you will) is too old to start all over again, and the sun is getting hotter – a lot hotter than it was when life started here.

    It’s not about us coming along to “save the Earth” – we need to reverse our active and willful destruction of its capability to support life.

  12. Here’s a thought: Politeness is the enemy of equality and being obstreperous challenges the mores that sustain injustice.

    Across cultures and throughout history it is observable that the insistence of civility is directly correlated to material and social inequality. i.e. the greater the inequalities the greater the insistence on “civil” discourse. In egalitarian societies the word “please”, and the like, is rarely heard.

  13. I and my spouse, who epitomizes the female resistance to ‘not nice’ argue this point all the time. She says kindness is always preferable even if a ‘white lie’ must be told to keep people happy. I say a lie is a lie if it deceives or enables.

    I say its cruel to be kind..we go on and on…. πŸ™‚

  14. I can be polite and pretend your halitosis is refreshing or I can be kind and tell you the truth about why others avoid talking with you.

  15. Fred, October 18, 5:38 pm:

    “I think the IPCC understands well enough and what you are saying is not what they are saying”

    Link please. The delay is perfectly standard climate science, and the reason for “temperature overshoot” as described in the 2018 IPCC Report.

    I can only assume that you haven’t understood the 2018 report. About four fifths of its 1.5 centigrade scenarios require active removal of CO2 from the atmosphere, eg. BECCS – Bio Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage. The engineers are telling us that such technologies are failing to scale up sufficiently.

  16. Phil, so far as I know, XR actions against the Tube do not originate from XR central. There was one such action in April. It was discussed at a site meeting, and most participants were opposed, but a particular Affinity Group went ahead anyway. Central’s rapid apology suggests that the Canning Town action was a similar sort of thing.

  17. Clark

    The WHO are predicting 250 thousand extra deaths between 2030 and 2050 because of climate change.

    ER prophesy 6 billion.

    The WHO estimate is based on science.

    If you claim the science is wrong then you undermine it, you can’t expect climate deniers yo have faith in science if you have no faith in it yourself.

  18. Get ready for food riots everywhere like are happening in Chile. Basic food prices are too high, and luxury food ;like wines uses too much water.

  19. “250 thousand extra deaths between 2030 and 2050…”

    Precisely, and the temperature curve we’re currently following doesn’t even level out until 2300, and that’s if it levels out without triggering a tipping point. Try looking at some of the more pessimistic scenarios. Do you regard as acceptable say a 5% chance of run-away heating and global ecosystem disaster? What about 1%? Would you use an airline advertising that 99% of their flights land safely?

  20. US has gone from opposing Turkish nationalists like Ecivic under Clinton to being led by the nose by Erdogan, now a rabid one, under Trump. Amazing what covert warfare can achieve!

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