The General Discussion Thread

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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. Thing are so bad these days with Trump that Bill Clinton’s lies are a relief to deal with.

    He says that the country is better off since he didn’t resign after his impeachment and removal from office failed since he protected the Constitution, though he stoked up Osama by attacking those iinnocent sites in the Sudan to help prevent it, carried out a most misguided war with Serbia without consulting Congress, angered Turkey and China by its conduct, helped overthrow Turkish nationalists by his reprisals, especially by the Pentagon-made quake at Izmit, and so lost uncontrol of the US military that its Navy sank the Russian sub Kursk despite his orders for which he gave Putin 10 billion dollars. in compensation.

    Bubba was really some bargain.

  2. Forgot the worst thing that Bill Clinton did was reviving the Cold War with Russia by allowing Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary to join NATO in 1999, taking it right up to Russia’s frontier despite assurances to the contrary.

  3. Phil, don’t you get it? I don’t want this animosity. Go find a consenting partner; I’m not one. You are placing me in an irresolvable personal conflict.

  4. Phil, why did you abandon our structural discussions of Marxism and anarchism? I found those potentially constructive. You asked me to engage and I did; I suggested an additional subtopic, education, which you didn’t pursue, and I asked various questions which you did not answer.

    From my point of view, it looks like Marxism was merely a vector you chose to gain an angle onto a subject personal to me. Please prove me wrong by getting off the subject of people I’m personally involved with.

  5. Sad day for all decent Americans, the day that Robert Kennedy was assassinated by a CIA Manchurian plot in which Thane Cesar, a private security guard, killed him while programmed Sirhan Sirhan was firing wildly into the air in an anti-Israeli rant. Cesar lied about not owning the .22 caliber pistol and Sirhan apparently didn’t hit anyone while firing away as a mad Muslim. No one was ever convicted of being in the plot, even the famous woman in thee polka-dot dress seen running from the hotel after the assassination shouting’: “We shot him.”

    It was a development of the MLK one.

    The assassination made anyones done by the KGB look like amateur work.

  6. Should have said no one but Sirhan was ever convicted of the plot. For one of its leaders, see my article on Veterans Today about William King Harvey.

  7. Ben

    I’m a winter Warrior.. That’s why i thought I could Take on our winter this year.. Had a struggle on tha score Stuborn.. as Fk.

    Stay Well And Peace

  8. It was just sex years ago that FBI agent Steve ivens who was disgruntled about how matters were being conducted at Burbank’s Bob Hope International Airport and being set up as a Russian assassin of the POTUS like LHO pf JFK, and Obama was deliberately taken there as part of his re-election campaign, causing Ivens to get involved in his security, and see him go on the run when he realized that he was the alleged threat.

    After someone representing him visited the Russian Counsel from San Francisco in LA, a manhunt was mounted for his capture east of the city for about six weeks, and his body was found within a short distance from where he attended church by two hikers, obviously dropped by the people who had killed him but was ruled a suicide,

    The result was so shocking the British film director Tony Scott, who had made so many films for American propaganda, like Top Gun, killed himself in dramatic fashion by jumping off LA’s famous bridge at the spur of a moment, and without any known explanation.

    America is a most conspiratorial place which thrives on fake news.

  9. Just amazed at how superficial so-called experts can be in asking questions about important matter and answering them.

    Like a successful outcome of the Singapore meeting can be resolved if they agree on conditions of denuclearization when it is quite clear that they don’t agree on what it entails.

    Or that Chinese-American relations are rapidly deteriorating because of their differences over the South Sea Islands, Taiwan, and trade when there are also ones regarding North Korea, Iran, and covert warfare.

    Or that LBJ was behind the JFK assassination just because he was a vile person.

    And how can anyone in their right mind think that the presence of Dennis Rodman at the Singapore meeting could do anything about North Korea-American relations because Dennis and Kim both love basketball big time.

    Sounds more like basket cases to me.

  10. Another example of not asking the right question is all these experts, like Brokaw, Mathews, and Mika Bzrezinski, going on about what we allegedly lost by Bobby Kennedy being murdered when they should have asked what we got by his assassination et al. by America’s covert government, led by DCI Richard Helms, Executive Action director Bill Harvey, assassin Thane Cesar, and the lady hypnotist in the polka-dot dress.

  11. And then who you question about something matters, like white racism towards blacks in America which seems to be never questioned.

    I am certainly mostly a Caucasian but other ones speak to me about them as if I am a fellow racist, like the white deputy sheriff in Wake County, N. C, when, as a reporter, I asked him about a police shooting a person the previous night about which he said there wasn’t one. When I explained what I had heard about the homicide, He said, ‘Oh, that N—–, you mean, over on Elm Street.” While it was years ago, I am sure that far too many security people , think this way still today.

    Or a common occurrence which is witnessed by a white person who gratuiosly introduces discussing it this way, “Don’t get me wrong about black people, as I have nothing against them, but hasn’t Johnny Jones been riding his motorcycle too much in that back lot.”

    And then there are people who move out of a nice area without any spoken reason when it has a reputation that it is frequented by black people passing through.

    White people who overstate black transgressions when it comes to crimes which are often greater than need be by fixed plea bargains by people who cannot afford proper representation.

    The Guardian should have an article about this side of racism in America which I believe is more pervasive..

  12. Don’t understand all this fuss over Kostya being Putin’s conduit for Hillary’s criminal emails when he would have simply sent them by diplomatic pouch if he really had them

    Looks like a dead end to me.

  13. Arrogance and a habit of not being held accountable elicits carelessness, Trow.

    Nixon is the Model..for us

  14. Nixon was certainly the model for arrogance and carelessness in gaining the White House and staying there for awhile, as The Plumbers, led by Harvey, had covertly arranged the assassinations of the ‘sixties. and the incapacitation of Governor Wallace for the office, but don’t see how it applies to Trump who has hardly made a false step with his arrogance. He has Mueller going after pawns to throw under the bus.

  15. Trow..

    Are you familiar with Marcy Wheeler at EMPTYWHEEL?

    Very objective and analytical.

    I think she might interest you.

  16. It’s not that Shrump! is overtly undermining democracy, but if it gets in the way of his plans it’s no problem. He’s more like Kaiser Wilhelm than Hitler in his buffoonery but that doesn’t mean he can’t do irreparable damage as a loose battery of 12 pounders and really don’t get how no one here sees that.

  17. Bombastic and impetuous, he sometimes made tactless pronouncements on sensitive topics without consulting his ministers, culminating in a disastrous Daily Telegraph interview in 1908 that cost him most of his influence.[1] His leading generals, Paul von Hindenburg and Erich Ludendorff, dictated policy during the First World War with little regard for the civilian government. An ineffective war-time leader, he lost the support of the army, abdicated in November 1918, and fled to exile in the Netherlands.

  18. Clark
    “I found those potentially constructive”

    LOL. Potentially constructive eh? At least that’s a step up from your last assessment which was “disappointing”.

    Here’s a Michael Roberts video in which in half an hour he runs through the failures of mainstream economics (4:00), Marxs theories on crisis (14:00), the TFRP (17:00) and the 2008 crisis (22:00). All times approx. I have pretty much tried to discuss all this but obviously Roberts is better at it. If you are not still be too busy to look at linked resources this is an informative half hour.

  19. Ben, I think that it is ludicrous comparison, matching the last legitimate Kaiser with our crackpot imposter POTUS sometime before Craig died years ago before Trump showed at least his fascist colors. I bet if you could ask Craig today about what he said a generation ago about our El Duce, he would be embarrassed. He just made a death bed prediction about future possibilities which happen to be quite wrong.

  20. Obviously you and I have different definitions of ‘legitimate ‘.

    Please define ludicrous as well Trow.

  21. Just shows that you weren’t serious when you made your dare.

    Something is legitimate, a philosophical, political and moral term when it is beyond legal, like having support and approval.

    Ludicrous means silly, superficial, and untrue.

    Now answer, respond to, my answer.

  22. “Something is legitimate, a philosophical, political and moral term when it is beyond legal, like having support and approval.”

    Sorry but that is vague. I will hazard a guess that you think Kaiser had support from the Military, but Trump does not?

    That’s the best I can do with what you’re giving me

  23. You should avoid guessing about what i think, as I think that the Kaiser was the symbolic leader of Imperial Germany with 60% of the German people, the industrial leadership, the military elite and the philosophical community, headed by Nietzsche’s Will to Power, supporting the experimental character of both private and public life. To blame him for WWi is to scapegoat him. You don’t look at the dark side of German Genius.

  24. Sorry I don’t meet your high standards of coherency and clarity of thought, Trow.

  25. I think you not only don’t supply links, but you don’t read those supplied during discussion. If you’re smart and don’t wish to pull all your facts out your arse, you should bone up starting with Marcy Wheeler. Try your bullshit in comments , sit back and enjoy the rejection.

  26. I don’t provide links usually, only to pieces I have written which critics write off even if they have provided extensive notes because I find work on controversial matters most inadequate like that link you provided about Marcy Wheeler on Scooter Libby which was most inadequate in dealing with his work for Nixon, Reagan and Cheney.

    Think Trump pardoned him to keep Cheney on side over the Rich pardon and any impeachment of the latest imposter.

    You should consult the book entitled German Genius for facts, and not my ass.

    And I avoid personal insults even with people who deserve them.

  27. Link on Scooter?

    I left her name so as not to restrict you to one subject. Libby was what 15 years ago?

  28. Challenge yourself to dispute Marcy on her facts with regard to current events.

  29. I would love to be in the room as Shrump! is socially execrable and values admiration from others to a pathological degree, and Canadians have delicate stomachs so vomit could be on the menu.

  30. I’m sure it would be quite different from when the Austrian-Hungarian Emperor Charles and his wife travelled to Germany for the first time to meet Kaiser Wilhelm II and his wife in April 1917 for discussions over their peace plan under most sumptuous conditions.

    Think usurperTrump will rant about more war, and have his G7 hosts call out for a Big Mac rather than having anything civilized.

  31. I certainly am not normalizing living with Trump as I knew what the gutless Americans would do with this looney usurper if he conspired his way to become POTUS.

    Just look at how he reacted to Hurricane Maria hitting Puerto Rico. It was designed by the Pentagon to knock the hell out of Cuba after Hurricane Irma failed do the job, and, of course, Trump’s FEMA was not prepared to do anything constructive when it knocked the hell out of the American island instead.

    Weather modification is an act of war which cannot be made to hit the right target with great accuracy, though we permit most unbalanced people on the planet to try.

  32. Let’s face it , the Anglo-American world doesn’t know shit from shinola when it comes to anything serious.

    Like it isn’t Obama who is responsible for Putin’s takeove of the Crimea when Washington has been trying at least since the 1980s to breakup Russia.

    Or thai Trump will know within a minute of meeting Kim Jong-un whether North Korea is wlling to surrender over the fix-up that Washington has manufactured about it being a dangerous nucllear threat or not.

  33. I am just amazed at how stupid people can be in discussing suicide, especially that of Anthony Bourdain, talkiing about physical, behaborial and employment possible causes of it when the poor guys last words were all symptoms of its cause.

    The guy thought that he had run out of stories and insights that he cprovide, so he killed himself during the darkest hours of night.

    One can always provide new ideas about their lives, not just be an old fart who should STFU, and always wait until morning before you rashly pull the plug. as i have learned during my 88 years.

  34. Can anything be more pathetic than the Anglo=American media making out that something positive will come out of the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un over the stalemate on the Korean peninsula for over a half cenbtury when both sides hate one another more than ever: the US having gone to the greatest lengths to make out that North Korea is a nuclear threat under its current leader that it must be ended, and it having even joined in the process about nuclear tes to keep itself alive while Trump reacts in similar fashion!

    They both only move around by taking special steps that they won’t be assassinated, and seek out places for any meeting where it is unlikely to happen. Remain ambiguous about what has to occur for any peace settlement to occur, and bolster up their allies in case it doesn’t.

    Kim will force Trump to walk out of the meeting over his CIV denuclearization demands even faster than he did at the G7 one.

  35. So is Isabel Oakeshott’s article in the Daily Beast saying that she has emails from Moscow to the Russian Embassy in London which had a back channel to Trump which informed him, like Brexit, that he had manipulated the Americans into electing him POTUS?

  36. So bastard Trump has snookered his foreign, especially the G7, and domestic opponents, particularly the Democrat leaders, into supporting his pre-emptive attacks on North Korea for being an alleged nuclear threat to the American homeland.

    Looks like Bourdain saw what was coming, and got out in time.

  37. It’s hard to imagine a more confused meeting than that between Trump and Kim where we don’t really know who the important players are, what weapons of mass destruction North Korea has, who has been engaging in various ‘false flag’ operations, like making out that quakes are really nuclear tests even when they are conducted by Washington, how many nukes North Korea really has, if any, and how could it agree to immediately hand them over if it has none? Then there are the problems of human rights, regional difficulties, and fears.

    It sounds like an in-house get-together in a large insane asylum.

  38. Returning a laptop after couple weeks and want to remove personal files but apparently it doesn’t want to remove windows 10 and reinstall. Just screw em and reformat?

  39. Chose reset option that remove personal files and reinstall windows automatically, but twice it said could not be completed.

  40. Don’t you love the western media making out that isolated Kim is taking advantage of his trip to Singapore even at night, provided his own bodyguards are protecting him from the Yank assassins, and Kim’s underlings are really taking advantage in and out of their hotel when Singapore is paying the bills despite North Korean doctrine that it observe self-sufficiency.

    Must we always get capitalist propaganda wherever it is possible!

  41. The media is no better on the home front, not asking questions about why Air Force Captain William Hughes was so depressed with his job that he deserted 35 years ago?

    That was in 1983 when the Reagan Administration was carrying out NATO’s ABLE ARCHER exercise to provoke a deadly confrontation or the capitulation of the USSR which was nearly paranoid about, and Hughes was so involved in helping manage that he departed. There is a similar deserter, named Hemler as I recall, rotting away in Sweden.

    Instead of being prosecuted and shipped off to prison for five years, the Pentagon should have apologized to Hughes for the ordeal it put him through years ago.

    The media is little more than the mouthpiece of our police states.

  42. Hughes was obviously involved in the NATO exercise, as the Air Force suspected later that he was involved in the Space Shuttle Challengrer which crashed when it was hurriedly putting up a National Reconnaissance Office lacrosse satellite to shoot down any Soviet ICBM launched in response to the shooting of Swedish PM Olof Palme to trigger more NATO dirty work against Moscow, the Anchor Express exercise of Navy Secretary John Lehman, Jr.

    If American citizens knew 10% of the dirty work the US government conducted, they might finally move against it.

  43. Since Washington has gone out of its way to make it look like poor North Korea is a threat to American security, why is Kim Jong-un going to give up to the covert process when he has already won a good bit, not seeing to its surrender to its apparent victors, occupied by them, and committed to destroy its alleged means to ever make a comeback?

    I am looking for the photo-op where Kim is standing over prostrate Trump with one foot on his fat belly.

  44. Yes Ben just reformat but you’ll need a full format not a quick one if you want to wipe the disk before returning it.

  45. Glad that war in Korea has been postponed at least for the time being.

    Wish the joint statement included the end of the state of war between them, including no more covert operations by the USA in the North to provoke its renewal, and Kim promising to never use them for his own purposes by denying any role in them, and by denouncing them immediately as continuing American acts of war which the international community should investigate and determine the source of. Also it should have contained the return of all persons and memorabilia, like the USS Pueblo, to their proper owners.

    As it is, the conflict can be resumed at the touch of a button, like Washington ordering a pre-emptive attack on the North over some ‘false flag’ operation.

  46. So why has North Korea provided photos of the destruction of its alleged only nuclear test site, so what if the USA carries out making a quake elsewhere, it can claim it is lying, resulting in a pre-emptive strike on it and other places where quakes and other tests have occurred.

    Looks like it is in the works with no one talking about an agreement to end the war by all sides, and the USA showing its alleged peaceful intentions by canceling joint military exercises which Kim so wants.

  47. So, has Trump finally let the cat out of the bag by declaring that North Korea, without doing anything regarding denuclearization, is “no longer a nuclear threat”?

    Have US authorities been going along with warmonger John Bolton by lying about its development of nuclear weapons all along?

    Has Donald finally broken with the liars? Time will tell, as he often says.

  48. Did CNO John Richardson lose it when Air Force One with Trump aboard on his way to Singapore over US Navy facilities in Puget Sound, especially around Whidbey Island? Richardson has been firing up his sailors for months about North Korea being an unprecedented nuclear threat, and did they just snap when the POTUS went over their heads to deal unprecedentedly with it.

    People on the island report such a missile being fired, and a photo of it happening.

    Wouldn’t be the first time that a CNO had taken matters into their own hands over an alleged disloyal President. In fact,a film was made about it, called Six Days in May.

  49. So who was Trump referring to when he said a lot of guys had done bad things in North Korea in defending North’ Korea’s Kim Jong-un?

    I suggest putting Presidents GW Bush and Barack Obama on trial and all the leading Cabinet appointments who served under them like the SoDs, the SoSs, NSA Directors and DCIs: the service and joint military chiefs; the Directors of the National Reconnaissance Office, etc.

    It would look like the Nurnemburg Trials all over again.

  50. Does seem pig-headed for Trump’s opponents not thinking for themselves what he must know by declaring that North Korea is not a nuclear threat to the USA mainland – i.e., Kim’s denuclearization of the country was achieved by his sending what little he had possibly in this regard to China, and the rest had been manufactured by HAARP’s rays and NRO”s laser satellites which resulted in millions of its people there being murdered by weather modification and earthquakes.

    Consequently, complete accounting how many nukes it had can quickly and cheaply be established, and observers allowed in by the regime can easily verify it, resulting in it having little capability to revive any nuclear threat.

    It should take a lot of time and effort, though. to establish in the States which officials were responsible for making out that North Korea was doing this, and claiming the regime was deliberately doing this against its own people. Their trials would recall those of other Nazis after WWII.

  51. If anyone wonders why General Michael Hayden has gone over the top with Trump, comparing his treatment of immigrants to Hitler;s treatment of Jews at Auschwitz. It looks like Hayden is worried about holding the can for all the covert government’s attacks on North Korea, especially the quakes, starting on October 9, 2006 wen he was DCI.

    Remember Robert Gates, another DCI, complimented former Las Alamos technical director Danny Stillman for adapting new scientific developments “to solve unmanageable problems…” back of dust jacket to Reed and Stillman, The Nuclear Express) .

    Here Gates is referring to manufacturing quakes to look like alleged nuclear tests in North Korea.

    It’s only going to get worse.

  52. Zephyr, looks even more likely with the revelation that crazy Ronnie ordered a search for the remains of the Titanic in the hope of finding TWO lost American subs.

    Weren’t they the USS Puffer and NR-1 or was another manned sub lost too?

    Hope the Pentagon reports this so the relatives of the crewmen most belatedly learn that they were killed in a mission to blame Sweden for cow-towing to Soviet intruders?

  53. See that The Telegraph is spreading Pentagon lies, claiming that the search for the Titanic was really a cover to find the remains of the USS Threasher and the US Scorpion which had been found long ago. The latter sub nine months after it sank, and the former in the Pacific by a submersible at a great depth.

    Raad the Sontag and Drew book, Chapter Two and Five.

    Guess the Pentagon thinks we can’t read too.

  54. The other sunk sub was the USS Batfish with 99 sailors aboard.

    It had an exact similar history of the USS Puffer: a great history of surveillance missions, going missing for many years without explanation, and then reappeared in the 1990s as a third Batfish sub.

    Does anyone know of any British subs missing during 1982-3?

    Just cannot believe how brain dead people become while the US government keeps killing and engaging in cover ups without any believable accounting.

  55. It’s going to warm up next week but the US Navy NAVGEM model has gone bananas I think. Next Wednesday afternoon

    Click image for large version.

  56. Thanks, guys, got me thinking about the Union of Concerned Scientists call-in where I can ask their know-it-all experts what I want to know about North Korea’s nukes, ones that can hit the US mainland.

    I cannot find out where it is to be held, so I can express my complaints in person about such long established claims, though I am urged to sign a letter to Trump about not putting politics before science when it comes to dealing with the rogue state.

    Of course, I think it is the only place where Trump has put science before politics. My position has been that the Yanks have long been the rogues in this regard, making out that North Korea was conducting nuclear tests by the use of American fiber laser satellites to make quakes which looked like them when it was trying to meet their demands for denuclearization.

    Find out that I can ask questions during the call-in next Wednesday if I have an iCloud account for my emails, though it had no problem with my gmail one in getting its propagabda. Why does one need to have an iCloud account?

    Anyway, I won’t be getting one nor will I be making a donation to UCS.

  57. off to Banockburn in the Morning.. where Scotland won Independence on the Battle field… it’s the ‘ All Under One Banner ‘ March / rally, Big numbers expected , with good weather due

    Wee bit of NLC tweeking..Monday night’s show was the best in years. They are back for the World Cup

    The teeny terrors are biting Wild just now..

    I got chased from Garden by the Beasties
    then watched the wee Bats in Amazing Flight
    I hope they eat all the fearsome midges

    Squonk Cheers, But those temps for next Week are Shocking.. get to a Loch.. Keep Kool.

  58. Hello folks. I’m at home for a bit between Eden and DTRH festivals, with car maintenance and documentation to do before heading to Scotland again. ‘Busy’ doesn’t cover it at present; I don’t have time to catch up on this thread just yet.

    Phil, the video you linked is on my to-watch list.

    Best wishes to all.

  59. Has anyone got any idea why my insignificant person has been edited out/banned off Craigs blog?

    I have been trying to post more than once on the last and recent subject, of Craigs rejuvenated repudiation, after more than 10 years, finally. I contacted him personally but he’s probably busy.

    I was not aware of having p…ed anyone off???

  60. Nevermind, what happened after you clicked the “Post Comment” button?

    If your comment simply didn’t appear when you posted it, it’s a spam filter false positive. If it did appear with a message “Your comment is awaiting moderation”, your comment probably included a word in the premod list. If your comment initially appeared without any message but later disappeared, either someone deleted it, or the site had to be restored from a backup made before your comment was posted.

  61. Nevermind,

    I’ve checked and the word “Doggerland” you’ve added to your normal handle (ie “Nevermind Duke of Doggerland”) is on the comment auto-blacklist. If you post as just “Nevermind” it should go through.

  62. Clark, i have written loads of articles about the set up of Olof Palme for assassination after the Swedish NOTWART operation in 1982, and many more about the USA using space and undersea weapons to cause quakes which are claimed to be nuclear tests in North Korea and to modify weather, and they have appeared on all kinds of sites over the last decade, none of which are mine.

  63. Oh, the Comment Blacklist. I didn’t mention that because I assumed – hoped – that none of the mods would be priggish enough to actually use it. They should know better; the Blacklist is for use only as the last resort.

  64. Isn’t it a bit prudish to be putting Nevermind on a blacklist just because he enjoys dogging?

  65. I’d assumed the boring answer that it is because he lives near what was Doggerland and if it was still there he could walk to and from his native Germany via Doggerland.

  66. Seems more against the abuse of the site by imposters and sock puppets to me.

    With the world plagued by all kinds of problems, I would think posters would be more concerned about them, like the US warmongers ramping up trouble about North Korea still trying to make nukes.

  67. Thanks for the explanation, squonk, well I never, we are now in the roams of pre judging what some dumbo might perceive or not perceive, what his grey matter makes of a term he might have never heard of, or does not know of.
    I pity them, for they do not know history. Not sure whether I want to give up my fictitious Dukedom for such piffle…..

    Doggerland is sunken, but it is still part of our geological/tribal and spiritual history. If that is the reason, rest assured I do not yearn or commit to nightly excursions to local lay-bys or woods.
    As much as I detest linking the EDP, their arts reporters at least got the gist right. This is a play designed and played by amateurs and locals, supported by the arts council, it was magic.

    The chalk reef below dogger land/bank is also a favourite position for the future alternative energy hub in the north sea, creating a network of alternative energy suppliers and connecting it to the international grid/market.

    Anybody, too easy to get excited, mistake Doggerland with dogging, then I apologise to readers for their oversexed imagination at Craig’s blog, must be getting too hot somewhere.

  68. It must have been something else, Clark, just tried a name change but the moderation robots won’t have it.

    It was great to have helped Craig along the way, much fun was had much work was done. I’m glad that the Government is now rowing backwards with regards to torture and extraordinary rendition.
    Please thank him for all he’s done on my behalf, and enjoy the DTRH.

    back to Doggerland, the herrings are calling.

  69. Nevermind,

    You changed your name back but then posted comments with the word Doggerland in them so still tripped the filter. I can assure you that Craig had nothing to do with adding Doggerland to the filter.

    Anyway I’ve restored the comments.

  70. Nevermind

    I’ve discovered Craig actually replied to you but he sent the reply to the webserver instead of you – something he often does no matter how many times I remind him! 🙂

    Here’s what he said (with your name changed to nevermind). Craig will think you got his reply
    Re: non appearance of 4 posts today, some in response to others. – via Contact Form
    Date Wed 22:14

    Hi (nevermind) that’s very strange, no reason I can see.

    Are you in mourning over Germany’s performance today?


  71. Nevermind, I hope you’re still coming to Doune the Rabbit Hole this year! I’ll miss you if you don’t (even though I’m generally too busy to see much of you), and besides, last year was an utter wash-out whereas this year is looking very promising; it would be a shame to quit on a low note.

  72. Clark.. Are you in Scotland Now.. Jeez Don’t over do it in this Heat..We Scots find it hard…PHWeee….

    This Airlessnes Really Kills me.

    Nevermind I do Owe You..I will Put up a tent fur you n Steph.

  73. Brian, I was at the DTRH site a couple of weeks ago, helping to lay trackway for the festival. The site has recovered from last year’s mud bath.

  74. Clark

    I shall see yoy there..I Know you heard me breathing.. as we Walked… And That’s called CARING..Thank You

  75. Brian, it’ll be good to see you again.

    Trowbridge, you should come along, take a holiday from thinking about covert politics; I find that politics sucks me in does my head in unless I take regular breaks.

  76. Cannot come now, but hope you guys have a good time down the rabbit hole.

    Even if I came, I would not be taking leave of the political world as it is always up to something, like showing that labour, like the American Democrats, were coopted to get behind the incompetent Republicans hit list in spades over the 9/11 cockup, deal with US government gross propaganda about North Korea ramping up its nuke program by making up gross lies about aerial photos there, or going along with the Reagan administration’s crap about the loss of two US subs during Sweden’s NOTWART exercise.

  77. Thanks Trowbridge; shame you can’t make it.

    Trowbridge, I’m not suggesting you give up; just that you put it on a back burner, give yourself a break, diversify for a while. I often find that new insights have developed while I’ve been concentrating on other things for a bit.

  78. Sorry, but I can’t pull pints this year nor can I cause insurrection by dispensing free English wiski. My right hand has not recovered well from the blood poisoning , I have excruciating joint pains, typing is difficult.

    Thanks Squonk for checking the stats and I’m cut up about the form nosedive of the German team of school boys in Russia, what an uncoordinated lot they represented, nowt to do with football. They did not deserve to be there. Brazil looks smart and up for redeeming themselves.

    The moderation does not like slogans or titles, apparently, how petty is that, especially since the Duke of Doggerland is a made up title?? whatever turns you on I suppose.

  79. Nevermind, sorry to learn of your joint pains. If they haven’t offered you tickets, text me from Flander’s Rest and I’ll try to smuggle you onto site!

    I think I’ll give up trying to work out what the moderators think they’re doing. It reminds me of a London Underground engineer I chat to occasionally. He tried to order some parts one day and found that decency controls had been enforced on the works Internet connection. He could no longer order stop cocks, grease nipples, skirts, gaiters or anything described as male or female parts.

  80. hahaha thanks for the laugh Clark, that is hilarious….gaitors?…a female part? whatdayaknow.
    Love to be there but I would not want to be an ‘illegal immigrant’, drink all the beer and be looked at sheepishly by Stuart, whilst holding a dooby.

  81. He was rather mystified why he was blocked from ordering antennae, wondering if the porn filtering had been outsourced to extraterrestrial insectoids, until he realised that aerials include instructions for erection.

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