The General Discussion Thread

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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. great news Clark, but I should be starting a dig on the 9th., very likely with my left hand….;)

  2. See that the debris that the UK left in the Caribbean is really heating up with the Windlash crisis boiling up in the homeland over immigration there, ex-pats going back to Jamaica to be murdered, rich Yanks touring the Bahamas in style being blown up, and the British Council censoring an area art display.

    May is really stirring the area up.

    Glad my February visit to Eleuthera went off without a problem, but we were very nice, supportive, and friendly to the natives still suffering from London’s withdrawal.

  3. Looks like Hawaii is finished as the USA’s strategic center in the Pacific.

  4. Squonk, that’s amazing. The sheer volume of lava, the immense area, like a major estuary. The lines of orange delineating the edges of the flow with the darker centre area between them, revealing the roiling along the margins. The waves rolling onto the coast, but turning to puffs of steam like clouds instead of rolling back again. And the tiny scale of a man against the enormous, viscous flow, all seen through the heat haze from vents. It must be amazing to witness for real.

    Trowbridge, as the eruption is going at present I think Hawaii will be OK. This is how Hawaii got to be where it is in the first place, after all.

  5. It has already gotten worse. Wish I could be so confident as you about any thing.

    Squonk should show the 100 photos in The Ezpress of the new eruptions, lava flows and thunderstorms.

  6. Ignatius report Thursday maps out an imminent deal with Russia and Israel that sounds like what was described to me within hours of the election. This deal appears to be the culmination of an effort that those involved in the Russian attack worked to implement within hours after the election.

    The other reason I’m disclosing this now is to put a human face to the danger in which the House Republicans are putting other people who, like me, provided information about the Russian attack on the US to the government.

    Several times since I first considered sharing information with the FBI, I’ve asked my attorney to contact the FBI to tell them of what I perceived to be a real threat that arose from sharing that information. One of those times, I let law enforcement officers enter my house without a warrant, without me being present.

    My risk isn’t going to go away — indeed, going public like this will surely exacerbate it. That’s to be expected, given the players involved.

    But I’m a public figure. If something happens to me — if someone releases stolen information about me or knocks me off tomorrow — everyone will now know why and who likely did it. That affords me a small bit of protection. There are undoubtedly numerous other witnesses who have taken similar risks to share information with the government who aren’t public figures. The Republicans’ ceaseless effort to find out more details about people who’ve shared information with the government puts those people in serious jeopardy.

    I’m speaking out because they can’t — and shouldn’t have to.

    It infuriates me to observe (and cover) a months-long charade by the House GOP to demand more and more details about those who have shared information with the government, at least some of whom were only trying to prevent real damage to innocent people, all in an attempt to discredit the Mueller investigation. As someone who has worked to rein in dragnets for over a decade, I’m all the more disgusted to see so many lifelong cheerleaders of surveillance pretend to care now.

    I only came to be convinced slowly about Russia’s role in the attack and I have been skeptical of the Steele dossier from the day it was published. That said, I obviously do not like Donald Trump — though I’m no Hillary fan, either. But my decision to share information with the FBI had nothing to do with my dislike for Donald Trump. It had to do with the serious damage that someone else I believed to be involved in the Russian attack — someone I had been friendly with — was doing to innocent people, almost all of those people totally uninvolved in American politics.

  7. Ben, that seems like a good article from a clear, reasonable and knowledgeable writer. Thanks for finding a good entry point into this matter, which to me was looking like an impenetrable tangle; frustratingly, I won’t have enough time to explore from there until after the festival.

  8. Sounds like Marcy Wheeler is playing David Ignatius, the establishment conspiracy theorist, like Peter Dale Scott, who connects all the dots in every case somehow, back to him.

  9. Can’t make it this year, Clark. The weather should be the complete opposite from last year and I suspect the sales of Thistle cross cider will rocket!

  10. Clark asked me to say he’s arrived at site.

    Hopefully I’ll manage through for a bit myself at some point.

  11. So why does North Korea want to keep its nukes and nuclear capabilities secret when SoS Mike Pompeo visits?

    Is it because it has none?

  12. Really amazing how the Mossad treats dead agents. Just look at how it handled spy Eli Cohan and shooter of the al-hillis et al.

    Cohen is treated like a hero of the 1967 war with Syria, though he was caught, and publicly executed as a Mossad spy three years before the war happened. The agency went to considerable trouble to recover his watch which PM Bibi heralded.

    Hershkowitz was written off after the fiasco in the French Alps as a crazy person who allegedly committed suicide after he was hunted down by the security services for murdering his questioning supervisor, and dismissed as a foreign visitor who was mistakenly admitted into the program from the outset.

    Hershkowitz has been victimized by the Mossad in the worst way.

  13. Hi Guys..

    I got the same message from Clark to say he has arrived at the Festival site.

    And as JOML says it’s been the Opposite weather to last year.. the grounds will be good and Firm, been a wee bit too hot though, with record breaking Temps..

    Hopefully Clark will be treated to some Noctilucent Cloud displays.. as we have seen some good displays this year.. It’s still too light for Starry skies though.. it doesnt really get dark.. Jupiter will still blaze away in the south

    Well, off to watch the Brazil game.. Argentina were Rubbish, but well done France

    Take care All..

  14. Pompeo is demanding that North Korea give up its nukes for it to obtain the normalization of relations with the US as Vietnam has done.

    The only problem is that Kim’s regime does not have the dozens of nukes that Pompeo is claiming,

  15. Site’s coming along nicely, the big marquees are up, festoons, water pipes and taps are in, and it’s all being decorated.

  16. Isn’t Trump now exploiting Angela Merkel’s past as a Stasi and KGB spy known as ANITA by claiming that Germany is a captive of Russia, despite all the trouble and expense former Chancellor Helmut Kohl went to to hide the fact for gaining national unity, and all the energy her country needs now to prosper?

    The POTUS has made a career of exploiting the West’s dirty linen to promote himself.

  17. Looks like Putin will now be indicted by paranoid America for meddling in the US presidential election to allegedly no effect when Trump should be impeached, and removed from office for openly encouraging it during the campaign.

  18. Well.. Got Back from the Festival Very Early Morning Cos I fucked up my Campimg/ sleeping arrangement… It was Great to Meet up with Clark, Nevermind, Squonk.. Craig. It was A HUGE event .. From my sources it was the best so far..

    Thank you Sqounk.. That Laptop never left your side..tucked under the arm.. Great to see you Diving in the Techno Music Tent on Saturday Night.

    I thought I would miss the Word Cup.. But No..Me Nevermind and Craig Enjoyed a Brilliant game

    No one Noticd The wee bit of Rain..

    It’s awlays a Joy to see so many infants on shoulders at the End…Never Seen So Many. so Late at night at Doune

    There was Great Art Too –

  19. Now Trump has backpedalled on North Korea denuclearizing, saying that it will take a long time, and the bulk of it will only be completed by 2020 when he completes his term in office. And Russia will help in the process, probably taking care of disposing of its alleged nukes.

  20. Hello, Clark pointed me in the direction of this thread a while ago.

    Was lovely to be at Doune, this year was the best in my memory. Already looking forward for next year. 😉

  21. Now the USA has made out that CIA spy Maria Butina is another Anna Chapman. Hope that it stops here, and there are no resulting murders, mock trials and spy exchanges because of the betrayals.

  22. I have to say thank you All that made Doune Happen.. But Special thanks to my Friends from Craigs Blog

    Clark.. Squonk.. Nevermind.. Craig…

    I have Been Really beat up with Scotlands heat wave.. It was Hard for me at Doune this year.

    Anyhoo Peace all

  23. Hello Tuna, and many thanks for your excellent festival work. Many thanks too to Hanni and the catering team, who looked after us crew throughout the whole event; set-up, the festival proper, and take-down.

    Hello Brian, good to see you, however briefly, and thanks for your compliments! Yes, I thought the whole team put together an excellent festival this year.

    Hiya Nevermind; I’m delighted that you could make it after all.

    The last of us left the site at about ten o’clock last night. Everything was clean and tidy, just one hired trailer to return because we missed the hire company’s closing time.

    If you’re ever at a festival with the Really Good Chips trailer, buy some chips, which will indeed be really good, but get them t put some music on and start singing. You’ll be amazed; I was!

    PS: both this and my previous comment were made on borrowed devices (my thanks to their owners); I still won’t be on-line properly until I get home, which I expect will be in a few days time.

  24. How about the strategic implications of hydrovolcanic explosions off Hawaii which caused a tour boat to be hit, injuring 23 passengers, and causing it to be cancelled?

    What is feeding the expanding eruptions?

  25. There are a whole load of planets to be seen at present. Left from just left of the sunset is Venus, then Jupiter, the Moon close (this evening) to Saturn, and leftmost, Mars. Venus sets pretty soon after the Sun whereas Mars rises a little bit later, I think. I’ve seen them all this evening, . For a few nights I’d noticed the object between Jupiter and Mars but didn’t know it was Saturn until I looked it up just now. I also saw two passes of the ISS again.

  26. See that BBC World has admitted that Kim has played a weak hand well in his negotiations with the USA without really stating why, only that it is not a military threat to its neighbors.

    Could it really be that it is not a threat to the USA because it has no effective ICBMs to hand over in any denuclearization process?

  27. Last night I remembered to check the time when I first saw Mars. 11:25 BST, but I was driving and didn’t see it at first because of the hills. I guess it’s currently rising at about eleven.

  28. Clark..
    It’s been a Great Moon Dance with the planets..Mars Turn tonight… I think the Unfortunate thing about High Summer..Is how Low the moon Sails..From Where I am.

    Stay Kool..If You can..

  29. So Four Eyes, especially Australia’s Pine Gap and without New Zealand, is helping Trump to bomb Iran very soon, and since Iran has nukes, it could be quite a show unless they know where they all are.

    Could easily result in a major war in which the USA suffers severe surprises! You all might only have to look out some window.

    The world is only ruled by fools.

  30. Been clear skies for yonks but this evening clouds everywhere. No blood moon mars conjunction visible here tonight. I blame the CIA/globalists/May.

  31. You can pooh-pooh threats till the cows come home, Phil, but it would change what is developing around Iran thanks to NSA, GCHQ and the crazy Aussies.

  32. Just amazing how the world reacts to conspiracy theories, like supporting James “Mad Dog” Mattis’s denial that there is a plan to bomb Iran, and Facebook’s suspension of Alex Jones for declaring that Robert Mueller is a pedophile he wants to assassinate, though conspiracy acts still occur, like the killing of Dr. Mark Hausknecht the other day in Houston.

  33. Phil

    Same here, we had aseveral days of cloudless sky..then when the Blood moon was was Heavy Heay Muggy Cloud..thunder..Monsoon rains.

    I was wrong when I told Clark a few days ago..that the NLC season was all but over..Cos there was some here tonight..Bit late for NLC. so I thought to myself, Ok, give it another wee while then it will be a bit Darker..when I checked out again..Guess What.Frigging Cloud cover.

    It was good to see Ben poping up at Craig’s.. cos shit is hitting the fan with wild fires over there.. and in other places..Poor Planet is Screaming.

    Be well all.

  34. Brian

    We had weeks of clear skies and then 5pm Friday clouds. Saturday morning, clear again (hasn’t lasted). Annoying.

    I’ve just been to Portugal mountains where they had the fires last year. Very sobering.

    What’s NLC?

  35. Hope the authorities are not overlooking John Hinckley, Jr. as the assassin of Dr,. Mark Hausknecht as he appears as the likely killer – .i.e. a process schizophrenic whose free life was closing down because the doctors and security officials involved were being forced to assess his security risks to society in early December, and he was prohibited to visit anyone hurt by his attempted assassination of President Reagan.

    Hinckley had shot the POTUS because he could not get to Vice President G.H.W. Bush who had made him into a Manchurian Candidate killer, and now apparently settled for shooting the cardiologist who treated Pappy Bush after he had assured the legacy of his family by assuring that his son became President after the Florida election fiasco in 20000-1.

    People suffering from violent schizophrenia should never be released from custody but those involved here are unlikely to admit their mistakes.

  36. Home again.

    Phil, yes, very annoying. The same happened where I was staying, just east of Edinburgh. NLC is noctilucent clouds.

    Point your telescope at Saturn. Tuna has a small telescope which we set up and tried out ready for the eclipse we never saw. I couldn’t get it to focus Mars or Saturn (I think the eyepiece is too powerful for the ‘scope), but Saturn looked distinctly elliptical, so I think its rings are ‘open’ ie. inclined with respect to Earth, making them easy to see.

  37. And look at Venus too, in the hour or so after sunset before it follows the Sun beneath the horizon. Yesterday evening a friend’s binoculars proved good enough to show the current crescent phase of Venus; it should be very clear through the telescope.

  38. Next time you space enthusiasts fly to Houston, make sure the plane goes to the George Bush International Airport there. it has a four-star rating!

  39. While in flght you might seethe fallout from the eruption of Moana Loa, the largest volcano in Hawaii which is predicted to blow anytime now.

  40. Sounds like the Houston Police are setting up Joseph James Pappas as the fall guy for the Dr. Mark Hausknecht murder.

    He is made to sound like John Hinckley, Jr., a schizophrenic who has a 20-year grievance for the death of his mother while undergoing surgury with the doctor, and most belatedly bent on revenge..

    The police tried to capture him at 4 a.m. in the hope apparently that he would be killed in some shoot out or commit suicide. We are warned that he is armed, and dangerous

    End of story of the Agency’s dirtiest doings it seems when it finally catches up with him..

  41. Glad you got home safe n sound Clark

    Yeh a pitty we had such a short time..I kinda felt daft with them bags.. I thought it would be fewrer of you nestled like last year.. Also that it it was your eating time.. Ach well.

    Very Surprised at the great NLC showing from Shetland, and other areas Tonight..

    my daughter is in the Shetlands to see her Mum.. She was also with us at DTRH last year..

    Phil, Sorry I just assumed you would Know what NLC were.

    Eyes to the Skies Dudes.

    Trow..Hope you are well ..Peace from Scotland to ye.

  42. Hey Brian, thank you very much for bringing those treats; they were very popular, disappeared like, er, hot cakes.

  43. And peace to you, Brian, from this assorted madhouse which seems hell bent on destroying itself through climate change, targarted killings, and all kinds of war.

  44. Now the Houston police have seen to the convenient demise of Joseph James Pappas, the alleged assassin of Dr. Mark Hausknecht.

  45. See that DCI Gina Haspel tried unsuccessfully to have Venezuela’s Maduro. killed.

    The Agency has been pushing Trump since before she was confined to allow it to use drones in special areas like Afghanistan and leading communist countries in the Americas for regime change. Castro’s followers and Daniel Ortega better keep looking upwards if they don’t want to join Che Gueavara soon.

    Nice to know that one pays taxes for such international gangsters .

  46. So even the dumbest on the planet knows now that Trump was looking for dirt on Hillary. especially that she is a lesbian who seeks oral sex with underage female druggies, from the Russians while he has chanting to supporters “to lock her up” as soon as he became POYUS!

    And why does the site keep posters emails while erasing the names?

  47. Thanks SquonK for allowing me to use your platform since I have never had one of my own despite what others claim. I have used ones like Veterans Today, Wikispooks,,, flying cuttlefish picayune, Craig Murray, The Local in Sweden, and even one called the Trowbridge Ford blog and many others like Info Wars of Alex Jones which have posted stuff of mine from elsewhere.

    The whole dispute about Jones is absurd intended to end the whole problem. There are good and bad conspiracy theories circulating all the time. and his about Newtown, 9’11.and Mueller are apparently absurd.

    As far as II know, none of mine have proven false.

    Thanks again.

  48. The world is so bad that one wastes one’s time reading the news.

    I have resorted to looking at the images about me on google.

    Of course, people go to great lengths to make out that I am gay, even drawing a sketch on me as a lover of men. I hate most of the bastards. I would now be a chaired professor at Columbia if i had been.

    See a new obituary of my father. though, in the NYT which was not given pride of place on my birthday in 1986, the day he died. It was given to the Polish Nazi General Erich Koch. the leader of the Holocaust in the Far East.

    The obit about Dad made it sound like he was a time server in the Grasshoppers when he was its originator. Luckily, my brother-in-law made up for the omission later.

    The NYT only cow-tows to the leaders of America;’s covert state.

    See that there is a;so nice photo of poor Suzanne Jovin, whose murder was covered up while the covert government was trying to ramp up its war against Afghanistan.

    Must get her parents to give me permission to see her senior thesis at Yale so I can spill again the beans on the wretched state.

  49. Trowbridge, I wish I could think of something to do to help – both you, and humanity as a whole.

    You touched a nerve. My dad didn’t get the recognition I think he deserved. I wish I had known him better.

    There seems to be something dismal about the period of history that we’re living through. Great things are happening in many ways, yet somehow none of it seems to satisfy or inspire me. It’s as if wonderful advances are being made faster than ever, but even so fail to add up to anything remotely capable of addressing the even greater challenges that humanity faces. And all the while, powerful individuals and groups squander vast effort and what little time we have left in petty rivalries, forever sabotaging each other in a pointless and self-destructive game of tit-for-tat.

  50. Thanks very much for your most insightful response, Clark. It’s the best post I’ve seen in too long a time.

    And to that poster who posted that crappy obit that the NYT printed hastily about my Dad, making him look a US Army time-serving pilot who got more recognition than he deserved since he long opposed the mindless Vietnam War. I had never seen it.

    There was no mention of his being the highest ranking general to oppose it, even getting doused with red paint in dangerous Dallas while doing so, his career being apparently being ended when he stood up to the commander of the 43rd division when he failed to show any social skills when dealing with his troops during the panic days of the Korean War, his still being awarded the French Legion d’Honneur by doing so when dealing with their troops as part of NATO in France itself, and crazy Ronnie giving him another Order of Merit most belatedly for services rendered while retired.

    It’s gotten me so angry about how the Washington swamp treated him that I [plan to write a proper biography once i move to more appropriate facilities for such an endeavor.

    Thanks again. I look forward to meeting you when i finally come to Scotland to do justice to poor Willie McRae too.

  51. Trowbridge, be sure to give plenty of notice when you’re going to Scotland, because I live in the south-east of England so I’ll need some time to make arrangements. It would be good to meet up.

  52. Thanks Clark. When I come I will deplane in London. and go down to Brighton to check the police files on Patrick Magee;s bombing of the hotel, and to finally meet Edward Chanter of who took my work seriously on the Anglo-American assassination of Olof Palme so it could finish off the USSR . Suspect the police thought McRae and the SNLA were behind it, resulting in revenge murder by the FRU of poor Willie since Mcgee was only captured later.

    Then to check on Maggie’s Papers at Kew to see what they say about it all, and then to Glasgow, and then the murder site.

    Won’t be soon, as I have a handful here in New Haven, but i am eager to do some more serious research and meet some of you..

  53. Of course, there will also be a problem with getting the Home Office to issue a visa to probe such a domestic murder!

    I will apply well in advance.

  54. Hiya Clark..

    Howz Things

    Sqounk Why dose it not Surprise you have That P.G in old Video

    Trow ..Maybe we can all meet up

    Peace All

  55. I’m here 🙂

    Brian I think it was not long after I got my first Betamax. I also still have the opening evening of Channel 4 from November 1982 on Betamax and that original VCR actually still worked when last plugged in about a decade ago.

  56. Hey Brian

    Saw your comment a bit late so replying here
    All is well on this side of things but the heat has us grousing.

    Hope your airways are clear as your silence on that seems good news


  57. Hi Ben,

    The unusually warm and dry summer in Scotland seems to have been replaced with more normal conditions. Long range forecasts still suggest the possibility of a return to warm and dry though.

  58. Thank You Ben..A Samurai Dose not Show Weakness.. But walking with a soul with Ears can’s been bad for me.. I was Fucked before I went to Doune… Anyhoo..I have been watching the Fires..Over there ..And the West Ocean.. Shit hitting the Fan.. Protect My Apples

    Stay Kool Too.

  59. Hello all! Good to see you.

    Well whadayono? You couldn’t all have been hiding in the cupboards ‘cos Squonk hasn’t installed the Cupboards for WordPress plugin so far as I know.

    Brian, thanks for bringing sweeties for the volunteers despite poor health. Sorry, I was probably so busy that I didn’t think to enquire.

    Ben, yes, the heat has been scary. The grass on my lawn turned black, and disintegrated. I’ve never seen that before.

    Squonk, you should transcribe your Betamax recordings into digital files before the tapes demagnetise any further.

  60. sweeties

    Clark.. I have not heard that in decades

    Wonderful you know these wee words

  61. I did it! I saw all four planets that are up , and the Moon, all in the sky at the same time, just before 21:00.

    Mars – Saturn – Moon – Jupiter – Venus

  62. Love it Clark

    Oxters are Under your hairy Armpits Lol

    Great Sightings of Worlds Too Well Done Kido

    it has been cloudy here..same for the persides ..Strangely Late N L C this year.. and Very early Aroura..Mnn

  63. Brian, I know ‘oxters’ only from reading The Business by Iain Banks, but ‘sweeties’ is a word I remember from childhood.

    I’d been wondering for a while whether I’d see all four planets up together; on previous evenings Venus had set before Mars had been high enough to see.

  64. See the Defense Department is evacuating Pearl Harbor because of the approaching hurricane.

    Wonder if the Chinese have taken a page from it on how to modify weather over the Pacific. making Hawaii of little value militarily.

  65. So Mark David Chapman, John Lennon’s assassin, was denied a parol for the 10th time for that 1980 shooting a few days ago.

    Why not when John Hinckley, Jr. who almost killed Reagan et al was given freedom a few years ago?

    Think we will find out when Hinckley is sent back to prison in December for apparently killing that cardiologist, Pappy Bush’s doctor, in Houston while on release.

  66. I did not like his politics but John McCain is an old school politico who served with honor. His political foes were not an inexcusable band of American enemies, but Patriots with another view. I’m not into Nationalism, but there is a valid sense of pride in participating in the proces of evolution. We have many good people in this world and they are beginning to become conscious of that responsibility requiring their participation..body, mind and spirit to fully develop their individual gifts and sharing that enthusiasm toward some cooperation to accomplish lofty goals.

    First, we need to take out the trash.

  67. Thanks, Bem, McCain looks good compared to the trash. He certainly got better after his Annapolis days with crumbs like North, Poindexter, Webb and McFarlane. The North Viietamese certainly did McCain a favor by shooting him down without killing him. Compared to today’s leaders he looks like a political hero too.

  68. SOMETHINGS are Uplifting –

    Hibakujumoku (survivor tree).

    So I’m Out there Doing My thing at Faslane Evil Base in a few weeks.. Fucking things are on MY River.

    Listeningwater ain’t best Pleased
    cos she keeps telling me you cant tell them…” aw fur oor safty ” Blank Stare …Ehh

    But Peace To Squonkiods

  69. Brian, thank you very much for that link. I see that one of the proposed planting sites is Kentucky Quaker Meetinghouse. Quakers always keep lovely gardens, and hold remembrance gatherings on Hiroshima Day and Nagasaki Day. I wonder if there’s a sapling in London, and if one could be planted in Chelmsford; Chelmsford was an important Cold War industrial town with the headquarters and factories of Marconi radar.

    I attended my local Quaker meeting on Sunday, and yesterday I visited one of the Friends who was a history teacher. He likes walking holidays and had recently got back from Cumbria, and in his living room I noticed the Ordnance Survey map that covers Sellafield, so I picked it up to have a look at the Windscale site. He said I’d have to look for Sellafield because the government had changed the name after “the leak” in 1957, which made me snort and spill my tea. “Leak?! They pushed the reactors so hard that they set one on fire, and putting it out nearly blew it up! They have had lots of leaks too but the ’57 fire was way beyond a leak. It’s one of the biggest nuclear disasters in history!”

    So at my suggestion, we sat down and watched this BBC documentary:

    Windscale; Britain’s Biggest Nuclear Disaster

    People make valid complaints about Wikipedia, but I still find it very informative. Looking up the US atomic bombings of Japan, I found that the British government had to approve them under the Quebec Agreement:

    “The Quebec Agreement stipulated that the US and UK would pool their resources to develop nuclear weapons, and that neither country would use them against the other, or against other countries without mutual consent, or pass information about them to other countries. It also gave the President of the United States a veto over post-war British commercial or industrial uses of nuclear energy.”

  70. Cheers for the Links Clark

    That’s wild about Sellafield …way worse than we were told then.. Typical

    “The Quebec Agreement Rings a Bell… A permanent passenger in my car is a book called ‘ The Truth About Trident ‘ One picks the pages when women shop…

    on a nother Note..I May need Funding to put a BIG sculpture of Sadako Sasaki on the clyde coast Shame the Subs that pass

    Stay Well Bro

  71. Guys

    I thought I saw An Intruder… Someone Breached Craig for about Two Seconds

    Take care

  72. Brian;

    “I thought I saw An Intruder”

    Please tell me what you saw. At Craig’s blog? Please tell me the sequence of events as you remember it, ie.; which page you were on and how long you’d been there; what happened ie. what you saw and whether you’d just clicked anything, and what you did when you saw it.

    It’s probably all OK, but details matter and it’s best to be careful. Thanks.

    I think the statue is a fine idea. Maybe do it as performance art a few times, which would draw attention, and could raise interest and money for a permanent figure.

  73. Can you believe that Trump got away with another 9/11 screwup without anyone but me noticing.

    When Hurricane Irma did not damage communist Cuba as planned, Hurricane Maria was increased by US lasers to do so, but it hit Puerto Rico, not Cuba, instead killing nearly 3,000 resident – what the doiusch-bag POTUS is still claiming was a great government success.

    Just shows that official weather modification is still risky, like Hurricane Katrina, and no sane person should resort to it in combination.

  74. Hi Clark

    I was on page 4 of the ‘ Facebook Censorship, Mad Ben Nimmo and the Atlantic Council ‘

    A bunch of us were talking about Alex Salmond. and I was Re reading abot 2; 15 am, ish… I felt bad about stomping over a Sharp Ears Post..with my initial comment.

    It was very fleeting only about two seconds so not enough time to focus .. Think…Actually.. It was A Guy Kinda on a sun couch thing Looking at the camera

    I’m cerain it Happened though

    Thank you for Liking my Idea… Love the Performance Art Idea.. Love it..I was looking for a poster to take to Faslane Protest in a few weeks time.

    Guess What this Initialism Means –

    RCCSSPP – Tip: the odd one out is River.. the second C is Community.. the first P is Peace

    And we need to get back to My book..I have spent Frigging Hours Mulling over Your segment ..Yikes

  75. I’ve just found that the Russian Kyshtym disaster had happened just twelve days earlier:

    29 Sept 1957 — INES Level 6 — Mayak plutonium-production plant — Nuclear waste tank explosion — Main Article: Kyshtym disaster

    10 Oct 1957 — INES Level 5 — Windscale, plutonium production reactor — See Windscale fire

    Severity and year of the seven worst nuclear accidents:

    5 – 1952 – Chalk River, Canada.
    6 – 1957 – Kyshtym, Russia.
    5 – 1957 – Windscale, UK.
    5 – 1979 – Three Mile Island, USA.
    7 – 1986 – Chernobyl, Ukraine.
    5 – 1987 – Goiânia, Brazil.
    7 – 2011 – Fukushima, Japan.

  76. Fukushima was no nuclear accident, but the result of a US special attack sub overcooking the Tohoku earthquake with the help of the just launched Boeing X-37B’s radar which resulted in that devastating quake on Japan’s east coast which killed all those innocent Japanese, made the cooling system for the Fukushima nuclear plant to fail, and brought down the New Democracy government, the most anti-American one since WWII.

    From Washington’s point of view, it was a great success which can now the used against opposition Asian powers, like North Korea, China, and Vietnam.

  77. Trowbridge, the reactors were about forty years old. They’d had their “safety” licenses extended beyond their design lifetimes. When they built the site, the ground level was lowered so the reactors would be closer to sea level, so that cheaper pumps could be used – they knew it was a tsunami zone, but they lowered the ground anyway, to save money. And no one should build such reactors in the first place; even their inventor Alvin Weinberg said they weren’t safe enough for civilian use – so they sacked him.

    Those reactors were a disaster waiting to happen, as are most nuclear power stations.

  78. I imagine you think that the murder of Willie McRae was a disaster waiting io happen too.

  79. I suppose you could put it like that. I’m sure he was murdered, I’m sure that was a disaster, and I’m sure whoever did it would have persevered until they succeeded.

  80. And the missiles on the US aircraft carrier Forrestal just exploded in June 1967 when Lt. John McCain was firing up its engine for another attack on North Vietnam when one of its missiles fired and hit its gas tanks, starting a deadly disaster which killed 134 sailors, wounded many more, and cost the Navy 72 million dollars, not counting all the planes destroyed and damaged.

    The emotional outbursts at his burial services without mentioning this disaster without a word from its survivors alone is the most disgusting one I have endured in American history.

    Read Robert Timberg’s The Nightingale’s Song, starting around p. 96, for the truth.

    At least the biggest Bullshit Week in American History seems to be over.

  81. @Trowbridge

    With all due respect.

    I looked into the Willie McRae case some time ago, there is a surprisingly large amount of evidence available an the internet including police reports, coroner’s reports, witness statements and photographs of the scene. I found that much which is bandied around as fact, such as the car being taken away then taken back again, could not possibly be true.

    I lived in that part of Scotland at around that time and know that people drinking far too much and driving was the norm rather than the exception, the area was vastly under policed and the chances of getting caught were more remote than the area.

    If you want to consider the possibility that Willie McRea was murdered in spite of the improbability go ahead and if you find any new evidence please present it, I keep an open mind but all the evidence I have seen points to suicide so please don’t state he was murdered as a fact.

  82. I wish I could believe your treating my doubts with all due respect when you say you have seen no evidence that Willie McRae, Scotland’s Dr.. David Kelly, didn’t commit suicide when both verdicts wreck to high heaven as untrue in almost all respects as even you will see in due course, as i have indicated here already.

  83. It’s the myths which have circulated on the internet which turned out t be untrue, myths like the car being moved then replaced or that the gun was found some distance from the car.

    It isn’t that there is no evidence it was murder, the fact is that there is strong evidence that it wasn’t.

  84. The only judgment I have seen is SNP President Winnie Ewing’s that she was not satisfied that Willie had committed suicide after running up against a “stone wall’ in seeing official evidence, while there was no fatal accident report on his death , and Willie was under surveillance by Tony Duff’s MI5, which was operating under co=ordinated evidence in response to the unsolved Brighton hotel bombing, and apparently knew nothing about Willie’s end.

    Appears that Scotland has joined the other banana republics.

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