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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. Squonk, thanks for the storm updates.

    As far as global warming is concerned, I’ve seen enough. I think there should be an international project to place a foil solar reflector at the Earth-Sol Lagrange point.

    I think that’s the most practical and safest mitigation approach. Unless something is done, CO2 already released is going to continue raising average global temperature for decades. Proposals of atmospheric aerosols are fraught with danger. Cutting back on CO2 emissions, or even capturing atmospheric CO2 are too slow. It has been left too late. We need to compensate, quickly, using a system that can be adjusted.

  2. Fred, I “go on” about conspiracy theorists because I think that mode of thought is very damaging. It’s getting to the point where there’s little left but conspiraloonery, from all quarters. So thanks for finding that Twiiter post but please forgive me as I press a bit further.

    What’s your evidence that Zakharova’s Twitter post was the origin?

    What’s your evidence that Zakharova’s Twitter post was Craig’s source?

  3. Clark, for humans to use their intelligence for such destruction is truly evil. Perhaps Mother Earth is in the process of destroying the human parasites that have landed on her.
    Quite depressing really.

  4. JOML:

    I’ve often stated that humans are more a virus than a beneficial indigenous species.

    Can anyone name just one contribution besides plastics?

  5. Hiya All.. Glad to see you all have been Lively

    Ben – ” Can anyone name just one contribution besides plastics? ”

    That would be ME.. But it reminds me of Carl Sagan Quote – ” We can’t Expect that E.T will come and save us from our selves ”

    We really can’t be regarded as Intelligent, when we are in the process of destroying ourselves.. Then theres the Evil we do to each other..Thank the cosmos for events like Doune.

    Clark as An Indy Suporter ..Here is Craig Speaking at Hope Over Fear today.. Go to 4: 28: 00

    I was gonna go to get some footage of the Yes Bikers.. But Changed my mind.. Heading to Faslane next Saturday for a big International March / Rally..Lots of Speakers from all over the world coming to MY River.

    Still love your Performance art Idea.. I have my own Samurai gear.. I need to try aquire a Ladies Gown

    Anyhoo Peace All

  6. There’s as much, or more, beauty and love in humanity as in any other species. But the other species aren’t all beauty and light either; they all have their dark sides.

    But with humans it’s approaching a critical juncture. Biological evolution wended its way of gradual change and incremental progress, but in humans it produced something unseen before. Human intelligence took thousands of years before it systematised and collectivised knowledge, and suddenly that knowledge became an evolving thing in its own right, evolving in its environment of human minds, book and now networked computers, just as genes evolve in their environment of organisms in the biosphere.

    But with a crucial difference. Knowledge evolves faster. Much, much faster, and apparently accelerating its developmental rate by utilising the very technology it spawns. No longer “human knowledge”, it has surpassed the substrate of biological brains in which it arose just as biological life surpassed the primordial ooze. Now it is universal knowledge; it hands back to us thoughts our brains cannot think, such as relativity and quantum physics, but whose correctness we can demonstrate nonetheless.

    Our human emotional development is stuck at the relative snails pace of societal evolution, waiting upon the glacial pace of biological evolution to produce a species with upgraded brains, if ever. Meanwhile universal knowledge streaks ahead, providing the means to make weapons our primitive emotions are all too keen to employ.

    So what can we do about the Slaughterbots? Someone is bound to make them.

  7. How can they not be made? Tiny autonomous aircraft have so much potential for good, but it’ll always be a simple matter to add three grammes of high explosive.

  8. Finally got my laptop going again. The keyboard seprated from the inards..See that the Brits are covering up the nmrder of the Coopers In Egypt. Somethings don’t change.

  9. Clark, can I remind you that Craig made the “impossible photographs” post after I made my initial post here. After that was debunked he immediately launched another smoke screen claiming the Skripals couldn’t have gone back to their house after the GRU agents had been there or they would have been seen. In fact Mr Skripal’s car was seen in the vicinity of his house at 1:30.

    I know well that in places like Ukraine, Iran, Syria and even Russia western powers seek out dissidents and give them aid and propaganda to further Western interests. Do you have evidence Russia doesn’t do the same in Western countries?

    I know a two party system has many faults but I don’t see that as good reason to swap it for a one party system.


    We’re on the brink of war… and nobody cares

    Are we on the brink of a new war? It looks very much like it. Will it be justified? I do not think so. Can we stop it? It is worth a try.

    Almost everyone missed an amazing and worrying moment in Parliament last week, when Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt (pictured right) gave us a glimpse of the Government’s thinking. They will go to war without waiting for the facts to be checked, and without recalling Parliament.

    In a very brief debate about the war in Syria, he was asked about plans – now being openly discussed at high levels in Washington – for a devastating attack on Damascus.

    This will be in response to a supposed atrocity that has yet to take place but about which the Americans openly say they already have evidence – probably an alleged poison gas attack, in which we will see heartbreaking but unverified film of dead or dying children, from propaganda sources, and claims of multiple deaths from untraceable ‘eyewitnesses’.

    …Well, the Middle East is as much of an unexploded bomb today as Europe was in 1914. Saudi Arabia hates Iran, and Iran loathes the Saudis right back. Syria, which the West plans to bomb heavily in the next few weeks, is the close ally of Iran. Behind the Saudis stand the USA, Britain and France. Behind the Iranians stand the Russians and perhaps China.

    I cannot see what possible interest Britain has in getting involved in such a dangerous mess, which could land us in the worst and most widespread war for decades.

    Before we join any such action, we must wait for real hard evidence. Parliament, now on holiday for a whole month, must be recalled. I’d suggest MPs do a bit of homework on the issue, too. Or we will all pay.

  11. Fred, I’m sure that the Kremlin does do the same. The Saker is one, isn’t he? Tongue right up the arse of the Twin Tower demolition theorists. TTDT isn’t Kremlin propaganda. Well it wasn’t at first. Trump and Rumsfeld were the initial seeders and the home grown conspiracy theorists ran with it, with a bit of help from “ex”-spooks like Stubblebine. But I’m sure the Kremlin have adopted it since, though they’ve more sense than to put it in RT ‘cos they know they’d lose all credibility with the academic community.

    Ultimately the political and national distinctions are a red herring. There are those being honest and those who are twisting, those trying to be peaceful and those who are trying to coerce, those who’d distribute wealth and freedom, and those who are monopolising them.

    And underlying all this there’s the subconscious, whereby people think they’re doing the right thing while their behaviour is doing the bad thing.

    Fred, ultimately the Skripal thing shouldn’t matter much. Five people affected, one of them a spy. There must have been a thousand deaths on the roads since then, plus two thousand suicides due the the breakdown of community, and god knows how many deaths by medicine due to research being warped. And that’s without the UK’s rapacious foreign policy.

    But it wasn’t Craig who turned the poisoning into a big propaganda drive, and most of the criticisms he made have validity.

    You can’t outlaw challenging our government just because other governments do bad things too, and you don’t get to the truth by picking a side.

  12. Squonk, excellent article.

    Fred? You up for war? Hitchens is a Kremlin propaganda mouthpiece after all, just like Craig, challenging the government line an’ all.

  13. I dunno, maybe I am up for war. At least there’s be less humans left after, and maybe it’d put me out of my misery. There’s sure as hell no love for me in the world, so why should I try to stop it? I feel so bad most of the time I can’t even keep up with my life’s demands.

    And there must be millions or billions who feel like I do. That’s where war comes from; when too many stop caring.

    “And the love of the greater number will cool off…
    – And then the end will come”.

  14. Sure seems that the Cooper murders were a complete surprise for the British spooks since they both quickly died while the Skripals survived. Looks like a complete screwup which could ruin the extensive frame up. The world will go along with whatever their crazy British betters tell it.


    Southern China’s Pearl River Delta region shuts down as Typhoon Mangkhut strikes

    Flights and trains halted, roads and businesses shut down and residents told to stay indoors as powerful storm sweeps through region

    Transport links in China’s Greater Bay Area were shut down on Sunday as Typhoon Mangkhut grounded nearly all flights and stopped intercity train and bus services from running.

    All major mainland cities in the Pearl River Delta were in emergency mode on Sunday afternoon as Mangkhut approached with the main roads and bridges connecting these cities shutting down at noon.

    …Neither of the two nuclear power plants along the route of the typhoon, Taishan Nuclear Power Plant and Yangjiang Nuclear Power Station, both in Guangdong province, reported any incidents.

  16. Of course, I nam most interested in Mangkhut. Looks like US payback for the troubles in Hawaii, and just another example of its ability to hit China with typhoons and quakes in the hope of bring down the communist regime.

  17. Brian: A person, like you :), is smart but PEOPLE are dumb as a herd of lemmings. Unfortunately the Universe must deal with the mob mentality.

    AA: links now light up only or bring the URL to YOUR SQUONK SCREEN…odd huh?

  18. Ben, you could try clearing the browser cache, which is a good thing to do anyway. Depending on system you might run a malware scan. Or you could uninstall the browser and reinstall; back up your bookmarks first.

  19. Good Article Ben

    “Because Fukushima happened, it’s less likely for this to lead to that outcome,” says Dave Lochbaum, a former nuclear engineer who now directs the nuclear safety project at the Union of Concerned Scientists, an environmental advocacy group.

    I Demand that the words ” It’s less likely ” be replaced with – Absolutely wil not happen. A Fukushima in My Atlantic, Jeezus.

    Wonder if that’s the way to get my Email back..Uninstall the wee shits at Virginmedia wont help.

    Indeed thanks for the updates Squonk.

    The Conversation you all have been engaged in reminded me of a SiFi short animation I like.. I may even have posted it here before.. Anyhoo I thought this one was quite touching in some ways –

    Worlds Apart –

  20. Wow Clark, killing people doesn’t matter because people get killed on the roads all the time. Tell that to the family of Dawn Sturgess.

    When Trump tore up America’s deal with Iran war became far more likely but it won’t be fought by people on horses with lances or people in trenches with machine guns. The nature of war is constantly changing and I wonder if when it arrives we will recognise it, or even if it hasn’t started already, if the battle fields aren’t already being prepared.

    Which side will you be on?

  21. Fred, you’re polarising again. I didn’t say it didn’t matter. I said it was relatively minor. How much would we have heard if Dawn Sturgess had been killed by impurities in an illicit drug, of even if her pusher had murdered her? But no; it’s “Russia, Russia, Russia!” As if I hadn’t grown up through all that crap. Are you back in your Cold War comfort zone, perhaps, Fred? Relieved of the internal struggle of assessment of facts and morality, by reference to convenient labels?

    Fred, if you think it all comes down to sides, you’re losing it. Go sit at the top of a hill on your own for a day. I’ll be on the “side” of trying to prevent war, or stop war, or reduce the degree or duration of war, by whatever means I can muster.

    Meanwhile, I’d like you to ask yourself. Does Clark, or anyone, have a choice about which side they’re on? And I’d like you to tell me; which side do you think I should be on?

  22. So let’s see; Fred says it’s all very simple, I just have to pick a side.

    So the Russian government is (informally?) allied to the Iranian government – at least, they share missiles and both are on the side of the Syrian government. And the Russian government supposedly swung the US elections to get Trump in. But Trump tore up the agreement with Iran, just like he said he would…

    If you’re working on the assumption that the Russian government wants conflict more than the US government did and therefore supported Trump, I’d remind you which has the greater military machine. Does the guy with the dagger usually provoke the guy with the machine gun?

  23. Ben, the two nuke plants the UCS are most worried about are Brunswick and Surry:

    A review of nuke plant flood defences was ordered after Fukushima. Those two plants both failed it and had to make improvements. Last year’s and this year’s progress reports both had redacted sections. My impression is that dams and outer defences could be overtopped, so they’re putting barriers actually on the buildings that house the cooling pumps. The flood water could get far too close for comfort; I’m worried that the buildings themselves could give way under the pressure, which they were never designed to withstand.

    Reports with redactions linked below. If the unredacted versions are on-line, I didn’t manage to find them.

    Brunswick March 2017; redactions on page 6 of 8:

    More detailed Brunswick report, November 2017, showing sections in which the plant operator’s responses were considered “adequate”, but notice the caveats at the end of each conclusion (right-hand column) from section 11 which starts on page 21, to the final section 24 on page 41, and the redactions of floodwater heights in sections 20 and 21 starting on page 34:

    The next linked article is obviously written to be reassuring. I’m really just linking it for the flood heights:

    “The National Advanced Hydrologic Advanced Prediction Service predicted flood levels on Cape Fear near the nuclear plant will reach 24.5 feet on Sept. 17, a foot above the previous record of 23.5 feet, according to”

    But compare that with the designed defences:

    “Brunswick is built at an elevation of 20 feet above sea level and designed to withstand a storm surge of 22 feet, which would leave the plant’s emergency generators high and dry. Brunswick, which is four miles inland, can withstand maximum sustained winds over 200 miles per hour of a Category 5 hurricane”

    I really don’t like the implications from there to the end of that article:

    ‘The temporary flood barriers, called “cliff edge barriers,” hint at the remote potential for catastrophe inherent to the business of splitting atoms to make electricity. In nuclear parlance, a “cliff edge” effect refers to a small variation in plant conditions that can trigger an abrupt change, pushing a nuclear plant over the cliff, from normal functioning to a critical state.

    – Brunswick’s “cliff edge” barriers will be installed to prevent sea water from gushing through doorways that protect safety equipment and sensitive areas of the plant. The barriers are designed to repel a storm surge of 26 feet, said NRC spokesman Scott Burnell, citing documentation submitted by Duke Energy.

    Each barrier consists of an aluminum plate fasted to the wall with stainless steel anchors and backed by a rubber strip to create an waterproof seal. They will be installed at nine doors in the diesel generator building, control building and in the reactor building’s airlock doors. It takes workmen up to 2 1/2 hours to install each barrier, and Duke begins setting up the barriers as soon as a hurricane watch is issued.

    The cliff edge barriers are not considered some crude patch job, but a high-tech upgrade. Burnell characterized them as part of Brunswick’s long-term strategy for “dealing with events that might exceed the plant’s original design basis.”’

  24. Duke Power has declared a state of emergency since the Brunsswick nuclear plant south of Wilmington is inaccessible because of flooding.

  25. Trowbridge, I read that the Brunswick plant got whole extra shifts in, with bedding and food, to stay on-site through the flood. There are also two inspectors from the nuclear regulatory body. I think I read that they’ve rigged extra diesel generators, portable ones brought in.

    I’m glad they’re taking it seriously. A storm gives them far more time to prepare than the tsunami would have done. Their electricity supply should be all right. I hope that the pumps can continue running if the pump buildings flood, but I hope it doesn’t come to that.

  26. Yes Clark, Trump tore up the agreement with Iran as he said he would which means that if there is some small conflict a negotiated settlement would be unlikely. What would be the point when America wouldn’t keep their side of the bargain?

    I think it’s safe to say that anyone instrumental in rigging the elections to get Trump into power must be pro-war.

    So you think if the nerve agent really had come from Porton Down, as the Kremlin disinformation machine tried to have people believe, it wouldn’t have been a big deal because nobody would have made a fuss if she had died of a drug overdose.

  27. Fred, I think the UK government rushed out anti-Kremlin propaganda before evidence was available, the story in the public domain doesn’t make sense, and far from having a motive, the Kremlin had a strong incentive not to do it, or at least use a less Russian sounding method, with the World Cup approaching. I think if it were a GRU hit the Skripals would have died.

    The UK media certainly should have mentioned Porton Down. It may yet turn out to be involved, if someone had stolen some samples, for instance, and let’s remember the foot-and-mouth escape. The media haven’t mentioned private intelligence companies. This is a major omission; outsourcing of intelligence services is just crazy, and short of that there’s still the Revolving Door.

    Incidentally, Craig tells me that the Russian Foreign Minister picked up the “impossible photo” from him, not vice-versa. So Craig’s haste may have led the Kremlin to embarrass itself!

  28. Still like;ly that the WH cooked up Hurricane Florence to hit the mainland to avoid another Maria fiasco in Puerto Rico, and get the dumb Americans involved in the process.

    Like in the Fukishima disaster, it overcooked it again.

  29. Ben, you could try disabling scripts, ie. Javascript. If that helps, clear the cache again and restart the browser before re-enabling scripts. If that doesn’t work, I’d download the latest installation package of the browser you use, uninstall the current browser, restart, and then do a fresh installation from the downloaded package.

  30. Clark, Sqounk Techy Minds.

    Gordon Ross ( Indycar ) had a live Interview with a Pat Lee ( Solidarity ) Shut down on Saturday

    The next day 16th Sept Indycar was explaing how this happens.. Once I heard Gordon explain I did feel a wee bit Guilty for Pointing a finger at Independence Live.. Serious Equipment, but crapy feed.. it was certainly much worse on saturday
    I watched a bit of a seperate feed that was mostly good. Sharp, Untill the guy got to George Square, then it was Shocking Distortion.
    Gordon Ross says this is only done by the disruptors ( Uk intelegence ) being close By.
    Any thoughts

  31. Brian, I’d need to know more. I don’t know how they’re connecting. If it’s 4G it’ll be interesting, because me and Sqounk have some minor disagreements; I say that the 4G infrastructure saturates, ie. all its available connections get tied up, whereas Squonk says 4G is so good that we never approach that point, unless I’ve misunderstood him.

    I doubt it’s the spooks though, at least, not the proper spooks. The GCHQ bods and their ilk will know that the stream could be recorded and uploaded later, and any evidence of live jamming will eventually increase the popularity by making it illicit.

    But there’s a lot more than just the proper spooks these days. Proper spooks are outnumbered by freelancers, from massive corporations (Booz Allen Hamilton etc.), through the smaller private sector outfits (Orbis Business Intelligence etc.) and contractors for hire (SCL etc.), right down to weird conspiracy theory cults and individual hobbyists any of whom might be being worked from higher up the food chain.

    Best just to keep slogging away with the facts and the message and not take too much notice of temporary glitches. It’s the big, popular outfits like the TV companies and what were “the papers”, and the big PR companies that use them as outlets; these are the ones that can produce large swings in public opinion at critical moments. Work steadily to expose their distortions so they have less traction when the time comes.

  32. Cape Fear River Gauge CPFN7 has been stable at 26.38 feet for six hours.

    Still no updated news from the Brunswick nuke plant. Hopefully we got away with it again, but these ancient, decrepit, vulnerable plants have to be decommissioned.

  33. Apparently floodwater level is falling at Brunswick. Wrong date for some reason:

    – – – – – – –

    On 9/18/2018 at 1400 EDT, the Unusual Event at Brunswick was terminated due to the ability to transport personnel to the site.

    The licensee will notify the NRC Resident Inspectors.

    Notified the R2DO (Guthrie), NRR EO (Miller) and the IRD MOC (Grant).

    Notified DHS SWO, FEMA OPS, and DHS NICC. Notified FEMA NWC, NuclearSSA, and FEMA NRCC via email.
    – – – – – – –

    That comes from the following link, but the page there is a rolling ticker of incoming event reports, so that report will pushed off the bottom of the list soon:

  34. Now our sociopath President is visiting our latest war zone, the Carolinas!

    At least the Brunswick nuclear plant has apparently not exploded, thanks to the precautions taken after the Fukushima disaster, but the poor areas around Lumberton and Goldsboro have suffered greater damage than those in New Orleans after man-made Hurricane Katrina.

    The coumtry is run by the biggest lunatic it has.

  35. Clark,

    Obviously 4G can be saturated but in typical operation (for the network as a whole) it is the bandwidth of the backlinks from the base stations back up through the network that tend to get saturated first as I understand it. In areas where there is so much usage the network bandwidth is saturated, multiple different transmitters in neighboring areas can provide additional bandwidth if in range. MIMO – (Multiple In, Multiple Out) allows the neighboring cells to be in use at the same time as the local one by a particular phone and LTE Advanced is even better.

    The networks only allocate you a certain amount of bandwidth which is far less than they can theoretically support so they degrade gracefully in theory..

    Here’s the North Carolina river gauges. Cape Fear is still to crest down stream but already crested up-river.


    If you move into a very busy area with a lot of phone use then you really want to be using the latest phones that can use all the available 4G frequencies and have good MIMO capability as well as LTE Advanced . Not all 4G phones are the same. I remember Independence Live were using older iphones for their broadcasts at one time and that’s not a best choice now. So if someone is wondering why they are getting a crap connection while someone next to them has a great connection on the same network it is more likely to be due to the phone rather than intentional interference I would think.

    For the purposes of live broadcast it might be worth having connections open on different networks that can automatically fail-over transparently.

  36. Oh I should also add another self-limiting factor. At the current typical UK 4G downlink rate of about 15-30 Mbits/sec most people will use up their monthly allowance within minutes to less than 2 or 3 hours even for the more expensive plans if they try to use it at flat out!

  37. Clark, Sqounk.. Two things You Two. Thanks for taking some time on those replys, most interesting info
    sorry about the sound on the following video.. to listen to speeches , music. I have to wear Two things, A hearing Aid.. and Headfones, and now one of the Lobes of headfones is cracking a bit.. So Using my Trusty wee Nokia camera I took a video of Indycar G.Ross.. It was awkward so you may have turn the volume down right away to suit yous. G.Ross usually puts videos on Youtube, but I got fed up waiting.

    Anyhoo, To give yous an Idea of what I meant. this was my source, plus some of the woorst footage I have seem from Big rallies / Marches

    cheers again Dudes

  38. Trowbridge; “The country is run by the biggest lunatic it has”

    Not much better here in the UK. Considerably better in continental Europe.

    Two main deficiencies cause this, I think. One is ‘simple plurality’ elections, wrongly nicknamed ‘first past the post’ – the very problem with this method is that there is no “post”, no marker which candidates have to cross in order to be elected. Even if 99% of voters boycotted the elections, the votes cast by the 1% would still determine the outcome in the same way.

    The other is the ‘”news” media. What possible justification can there be for political propaganda (“opinion”) in the news? Information is a resource like any other. If I go out to buy groceries, furniture or car spares, nothing on the packaging tries to influence the way I’ll vote. But if I want to know what’d going on in the world, the TV, radio and printed reports are all mixed together with multiple pundits’ political opinions. Why? It’s so much the norm that we never question it, but there would be complaints if our biscuits and potatoes came packaged in glowing photo’s of a presidential candidate’s face surrounded by endorsements and slogans, or worse, smear stories about the candidate my grocery company happened not to like. We’d say it was inappropriate conditioning that interferes with democracy, but for some unexplained, unmentioned reason this doesn’t apply, uniquely, to news.

  39. Brian, I love good headphones for listening to sound. Headphones vary a lot; some sound utterly horrible, but there are plenty of decent ones. I used to use them a lot for listening to music and radio plays, particularly music me and my friends had recorded ourselves. Sennheiser HD414 were among my favourites; very simple, comfortable, practical design; nearly indestructible in normal use, both mechanically and electrically; and really clear, analytical sound quality, unapproachable with speakers at any price.

    Do the headphones you use have a standard mini-jack plug like a Walkman? If so, you could just plug in a new set. Choose them in a hi-fi shop by comparative listening. Take some music you like; a track that’s quite challenging, with loud sounds but also quiet details that are easily masked. Mike Oldfield’s Amarok is one of my favourites for this; strident foreground sounds but with loads of quieter details too. Orchestral pieces can also be very revealing because there are so many different instruments, plus all the shuffling and breathing sounds of the musicians etc.

    Get the sales assistant to play the track you’ve brought and to show you how to swap headphones, and then send him away; tell him his shoes are creaking and it’s putting you off. Then spend plenty of time playing the same passage, swapping back and forth between headphones, until you can recognise the differences in the character of the sound. It takes about half an hour to become a bit of an expert. Don’t feel you have to buy there and then; tell the assistant there are models his shop doesn’t stock that you need to check out elsewhere. A good shop will know that selection of speakers and headphones is a very personal choice, and if they try to hurry you along, remind them of that, or tell them you’ll go to a shop where they know not to pressure the listeners.

    I’ve played with hearing aids a few times. OK, it was a few years ago, but they all had abysmal sound quality. They all share the same problem of being a self-contained unit which mounts on or in the ear, which forces the microphone to be just centimetres from the earpiece. That causes feedback; the sound from the earpiece inevitably gets back to the microphone, which re-amplifies it so it goes round and round, making a ringing sound, especially as you turn the volume up, it could suddenly burst into an ear-piercing screaming whistle.

    I decided that if I ever needed hearing assistance, I’d use headphones, separate clothing-mounted microphones, and a little amplifier box. Less convenient, but I could never put up with the sound quality of the ‘hearing aids’ I’d experimented with.

  40. Thanks Clark, but don’t forget people like Bill Gates, going along with Trump as “open- minded,”.you know the guy who thinks the way for Spain to solve its immigration problem is also by building a wall across the Sahara!

  41. Windows: A 32 bit shell for a 16 bit operating system, originally written
    for an 8 bit processor on a 4 bit bus by a 2 bit company that can’t stand 1
    bit of competition.

  42. Again Clark..Thanks for a good detailed reply.

    I’ve heard Sennheiser’s are top notch, I’ll chect out Mike Oldfield’s Amarok.. I loved his performance l on a Jools Holland show, the heavy Hammer on steel pipes at 10;20 is great sounds –

    I love the Guys tucked away in a wee room with lots of Keyboards, and amazing gadgets, some awsome Electronic sounds.. Bet you would be great at that, Some of the equipment must run into Tens of Thousands of £££.

    The sound Quality of the aid(s) I wear is ptetty shocking, it makes going to our charity nights a nightmare.

    i’ll look into that info on your last Paragraph.

    As my hearing has been getting Slowly worse I have to wear aid with the headphones.. They are my second set of same model – Lidl’s Altius Wireless, the range of 100 meters alows me to put on a playlist or cd, and sit out on Starry nights.

    I think you might enjoy one of my Fave wee bands – A Winged Victory For The Sullen , I find them to be very soulful, Intelligent, Searching –

  43. Well I hope we’re out of the woods, but Cape Fear River Gauge CPFN7 went straight past its forecast peak of 29 feet and is currently 30.39 feet, projected to peak at 31.4 feet. NRC Event Notification Report seems strangely quiet. The Brunswick plant is closer to the coast than gauge CPFN7, so maybe water is clearing quicker there, but an unusually high tide or strong winds could impede run-off.

  44. Squonk, I just listened to Brian’s Indycar link, and I had a thought. Could poor connectivity be a by-product by surveillance?

    I think it was Snowden’s documents that covered portable base stations for surveillance of crowds, and given the overlap between tech companies and the military / surveillance sector, I would suspect that 4G base station protocols would have some provision for forcing all nearby connections to route through a specific base station or stations, specifically for hoovering up all communications from a crowd – we know the authorities are obsessive about monitoring demonstrations.

    And if they’re doing that, they’re more likely to run out of bandwidth.

  45. Phil, good to see you, and thanks.

    Do you know of a simple method to detect its use? I’ve long been intrigued by my cellphone’s “Service Commands” entry in its Messages menu. I tried a bit of web searching but info seemed scarce and speculative.

    And do these fake base stations create a bottleneck, restricting bandwidth? I reckon this is what happened to Indycar; the connectivity problems started as he approached the demonstration in Glasgow.

  46. I don’t suppose you will find the answer. Even if the base station is identifiable in the protocol you got to imagine the cops could spoof it.

    What does it matter? Just assume datong, or an equivalent product, is used at all demos.

  47. Quote from 2011:
    If the MPS were to deploy Geotime alongside Datong against a demonstration it would be an impressive tool. And if the MPS really are successfully data-warehousing all possible resources (and that is a very big if) the real time data analysis would be something of the future here today.

    The MPS would quickly build an intimate picture of the crowd. Individuals are identified by mobile and/or face recognition software (ever been tagged on Facebook?). FIT, drone and helicopter cameras provide live tracking video of suspects. The police computer could potentially give some meaningful, if not comprehensive, responses to queries like:

    From this crowd show me…

    -who posted “occupylsx” on the internet before 08:00 yesterday
    -who was in W12 last Monday and has spent over twenty quid at B&Q since
    -who last said the word “abracadabra” in a phone call here. Play the call.
    -groups who have loosely communicated often in the past month and have congregated here but have never spoken directly on the phone.

  48. Phil, OK, you don’t know. Hopefully Squonk will have more to say at some point.

    My own interest in detecting such surveillance would be statistical; working out how much attention various groups get. Obviously, some group members would be interested. There also might be legal aspect; if certain groups suffer degradation of their communications because of bottlenecks created by surveillance, it might be a discrimination issue.

  49. Phil nice to see ya

    Thanks for insights Guys

    I’m Zero on Techy Issues , I’ve read somwhere that Indycar G.R is a technician / engineer..

    But just to say, you see hundreds of phone vidoes of the AUOB marches Probably 80.000 of us in Glasgow. the footage is mostly always ok.. Wonder if it’s because we are moving along.

    Hope Over Fear Rallies have been Falling in numbers since their first, so that last Saturday had only around 2,000 .. I feel it’s far too long.

    I always use my trusty wee Nikon Camera.then put it on Youtube.

    SO, According to Police Scotland.. we’ll be Domestic Extremeists Tomorrow, across the Clyde in Faslane.. Dicks.. I’ll try get some video.. Dozens of International speakers will be there

    Stand By.

  50. Never looked into the fake base station stuff really but have read various articles over time. There are multiple apps available in the Google Play Store which claim to be able to detect fake base stations and it is even possible to use a Raspberry Pi and an SDR (software radio) to build your own fake base station for a few hundred quid. Googling finds instructions.

    Unless you have encryption keys provided by the network, or can supply a rigged SIM card, I think you have to degrade a call back to GSM but that will not be a problem I suppose for some entities. Some of the apps in the Google Play Store also say they can detect sudden jamming of 3G and 4G frequencies, forcing the phone back to 2G – no idea if they actually work.

    Various researchers have driven around mapping base stations and it seems fake ones are very common in some areas.

  51. Is Jeremy Hunt another domestic nationalist who thinks he can treat the EU as if he is back at Oxford?

    He certainly sounds and looks as if he is.

    Looks like a hard landing for the UK.

  52. Hurray, I had my first black mail attempt and the -person, one Aaron Smith with a yahoo account, has got nowhere fast with it.

    He/she wanted 1000 squid I’d havent got from me and into as bi/otcoin account i could’nt pay into even if I wanted to.

    the poor mut has gone away now that I refused to get into a discussion with him.

    Any tips should he come back?

  53. nevermind,

    If it was an email which said something like we have your password, have put spyware on your computer and have recorded video of you with your webcam (possibly claiming video of you visiting porn web sites or whatever) then this is a current widespread scam. Passwords from some sites have genuinely leaked though and if you use the same passwords on multiple sites it is a very good idea to change them – especially if the email revealed part of your password as these ones often do.

    Just ignore it. Certainly don’t reply to it – if you have already replied do not reply to any follow-ups. You could Google parts of the text you received and see if it matches the template of known bulk emails.

  54. Squonk, Sep 19, 6:34 pm:

    “In areas where there is so much usage the network bandwidth is saturated, multiple different transmitters in neighboring areas can provide additional bandwidth if in range. MIMO – (Multiple In, Multiple Out) allows the neighboring cells to be in use at the same time as the local one by a particular phone and LTE Advanced is even better”

    So at a big demo, at least some communications would bypass the surveillance base stations, unless the surveillance base stations could transmit some kind of override signal that the ‘phones would respect, forcing them to route through the surveillance system.

    But if such an override signal exists, and your ‘phone’s software can be modified, it could be used the opposite way, to avoid surveillance base stations.

    “If you move into a very busy area with a lot of phone use then you really want to be using the latest phones that can use all the available 4G frequencies and have good MIMO capability as well as LTE Advanced”

    Such connectivity differences between ‘phones at big demos could be used to test for my hypothetical override functionality.

  55. Nevermind, that sounds much like an incident an acquaintance in Scotland texted me about a few days ago. It was a blackmail attempt from a Yahoo e-mail address and demanded payment in Bitcoin. I don’t know any more details because his ‘phone seems to be off-net, which it often is because he lives in a very poor signal area.

  56. Here’s a report on the current common scam

    Scam alert: No, hackers don’t have webcam vids of you enjoying p0rno. Don’t give them any $$s
    Extortionists snatch weak passwords to shame victims

    Scumbags are trying to extort money from netizens by threatening to leak to friends and family videos of their marks watching X-rated videos.

    A Reg reader this week shared their story of being contacted by an extortionist who claimed to have obtained, through hacking our reader’s PC, compromising webcam footage of them engaging in an act of self-love while watching an adult website. No such video existed. Our tipster is also not the only one to receive one of these messages this month.

    To help push the scam, the crooks had harvested some low-hanging fruit – a weak password scraped from a hacked forum our reader had frequented. The attacker showed the password to the reader in an attempt to convince them that the miscreant really was a hacker, and to pay up or else.

    …In this case, the extortionist is banking on the target reusing their leaked password for other more important websites and being convinced that those accounts have been compromised as well. In reality, the attacker probably only has the one password, harvested from a forum you likely visited several years ago, and only wants to get a quick payout.

    Copy of typical email at above link.

  57. I would wonder if large demos would be the wrong sort of place for fake base stations as I don’t suppose you’d want 10,000 plus phones trying to sign on to your fake station – especially if you actually tried to route the traffic!

    Local area jamming might be more likely as you could use a jammer with just say a few metres range if you could be within that distance of the phone doing the streaming. Just occasionally switching it on in brief bursts would be enough to disrupt live streaming. That could easily be detected with an SDR and possibly by the apps on Play Store.

    From a quick search It seems to be easy enough to buy pocket cellphone jammers, although they are illegal to use, so anybody in the crowd could have one in their pocket if they just had a strong grudge against an event.

  58. Getting so many raves on my GG4 Sour Diesel cross I decided this Falls crop would be a breeding project.

    I have four females ready to be pollinated..should produce more than 200 Sour Gorilla seeds for next Spring.

  59. THC for last years GG4 was tested at 28% but old school.

    Extracts containing only pure THC and some solvent for viscosity easily reaches 80% on a no plant matter is ingested.

    But I will have to wait for the BHO extractor with attachments costing about $3k.

  60. Thanks for that Squonk and Clark.
    I did not reply to these scumbags, who seem to have covered all of Europe with the same scam, thousands of netizens in Italy seem to have suffered from the same spammers.

    Far more important….will we get a large coronal sun activity during the next four years that can disrupt anything and everything electrical?

  61. The breeding was mostly determined by the prevalence of males arising out of seed.

    Only four of 11 seeds became female..too much stress from heat and low humidity or really any stress, leads to males..

    Funny huh?

  62. Seems like opportunists as proxies are everywhere Trow.

    More likely its SPETSNATZ or former hired out

  63. Ben,Isn’t rthat what the Abglo–Anericans claimee in rgar Oakne assassibation when Ikkie Borth’s peopke didb iT?

  64. I was doubtimg Ben’s speculation that it was a SPETSNATZ operation, what the Anglo-Americans. headed bt Ollie North, were planning to blame the Palme assassination upon if it had not been for Putin’s counter measures.

  65. If its questionable Trump will be in a position to complete Neocon Iran regime change in Iran they may just want to create more of their special chaos, then maybe Ollie has redeployed but I doubt it.

    Many educated and young Iranians want better relations with US
    and this would not assist, Trow.

  66. Just gobbledygook Ben All I claimed is supporters of neocons like Ollie North constantly blame Russian special forces for what they are doing!

  67. D’ont you love Trump claiming that Iran is the biggest source of terror in the world when the real truhi is that the USA has been it, picking over it for years to get rid of the mullahs, even causing deadly quakes to keep it from helping Saddan;’s wounded Iraq in 1990, and then keeping it from trying to take advantage of his ouster by another one in Bam.

  68. Goodness Me Ben.. Have ye seen the Size of the Print on that Link..Need a telescope ..Yikes.. Keep up the Nurturing of Nature Dood

    Clark Thanks for that video from the Peace camp..well done Ailsa and all.

    I think I put up the same video Twice. Got a couple of other videos for a Later time

    Somtimes I can’t shut the fuck down my busy mind..

    I came up with a bit of outdoor Art Sculpture.. A money serpent creature Evolving, or moving out the sea.. Got a beach in mind with Isle of Arran in Background ( with it’s Big Mountains )
    Anyhoo .. I thought I would use Real £££’s Going from £1 coins in the water, Lots £5 notes leaving the water, £10’s rising but Dry.. £20’s , £50’s .. Finally just a few £100 Notes ..So my serpent creature is the Concept of what we have as a ££$$$ society .. I thought I could have the creature with a head and Mouth with our Highest currency.. Nope, I looked into it to be sure.. check this out –

    ‘ Giants ‘ are £1 million pound notes.. ‘ Titans ‘ Are Wait for it, £100 million pound notes. So Thats that Idea Gone. WTF. How dare I try to use real money I hear you Cry.. And I NOW agree Lol.. Photos instead.

    Sorry for Rabbiting Down that Particular Hole.. Had to cry on someones shoulders..
    P.s Fuck their Giants n Titans.. I think

    PP.S Managed to Super Glue some fingers together today, whilst working on my
    ‘ Tree of Worlds ‘ scultpure.. Oochly Much.

    stay well all

  69. Don’t forget either the Iran-Ieaq War in which poison gas was used, and the US supported Saddam, and in which near;y 300,000 Iranians were killed.

  70. To ne, the photos don’t match. Just looks like British spooks setting up Moscow again.

  71. Yes Clark, and the previous two articles, they made interesting reading especially both Boshirov and Petrov not existing before 2009 and their domestic passports being issued in the same place at exactly the same time, their serial numbers being only 3 digits apart.

    I’ve been following the Bellingcat articles and I’m looking forward to the next one.

  72. Fred reads and believes all Anglo-American propaganda.

    Bet he believes that Judge Kavanaugh is not a sexual predator, and General Al Haig is not ‘Deep Throat’.

  73. Trowbridge.

    You get upset when people ridicule you and your pet theories.

    Why do you think it’s OK for you to do it to other people?

  74. Fred, is there any evidence in that article linking Chepiga and Boshirov apart from the resemblance of one photo of Chepiga to Boshirov’s appearance?

  75. I don’t get upset when my theories are ridiculed. .You ignore them except when your knowledge of Scotland is challenged.

    What about Kavanaugh and Haig, for examplw?

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