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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. And your ‘standardization fail ‘ is also a function of freedom and marketing.

    It’s true some marketing issues like unscented shampoo are not responsive to the satisfaction of micro markets where the cost of production exceeds any hope of profit from sales in that sector.
    I am not arguing in defense of Capitalism. But we are accultured into it and need it for transition to any other system.

    I am arguing in behalf of every individuals Liberty.

  2. Ben your life, and the life of every restaurateur in the world, is already governed by a gazillion laws. Why does this particular law, intended to reduce both global warming and animal cruelty, vex you so compared to other shitty, destructive laws?

    [Unless you are arguing that all laws are bad because they compose the violent rule of wealth, in which case I am right with you. But I don’t think you are.]

  3. Phil, I should think anarchism with DeeCentralized government control was a perfect fit for opposing forced marketing measures.

    Why would you want more legislation when volunteerism is a superior means of motivation?

  4. Ben, as intimated in previous comment, I would prefer anarchism without the rule of law but in a world of laws, the world we currently have, this law seems considerably less shitty than most.

    Not even counting federal, there’s circa 800 new laws every year in California! The question is why you, as no enemy of most laws, particularly dislike this law?

  5. Phil: I am confused why my previous comments dont answer ‘why you, as no enemy of most laws, particularly dislike this law?’

    Have I been unclear?

  6. Ben, sorry I have not understood your thinking no. I heard you say this law is fascism and anti-business but without explanation why this law is more so than any other laws.

  7. There’s the issue phil.

    We don’t see how the other party can be so myopic/blind to what seems patently obvious. I’m not sure it merits further discussions.

  8. Ben, the reason not to post your e-mail address in public is that it can get harvested by spamming software. It’s not likely to get harvested from here or Craig’s because the WordPress software hides it – you can probably see it, but I only see “[email protected]” because I have Javascript blocked.

  9. For what it’s worth, I think that under the US/Western political-economic system, subsidy or tax-break incentives seem a far more appropriate method for increasing vegan menu options, and that advocating for a law does suggest an authoritarian attitude, though ‘fascist’ overstates it. But maybe they’re just trying to gain attention, and economic measures are their real objective.

  10. I hope Ben and Trow Get that Dream up n Running.. I wish we could all help.

    I wish I had some Millions of £.. there are so many just causes Screaming out.

    Some are not looking for Much, like tonight I sent £5 to a project looking for just £40 to make posters to help save a Dry Dock in my town.

    I love the occasional visit to the Gengda Wolong Panda Center…those cute baby Pandas sure know how to climb trees.. Like I used to..
    Like oor Clark was doing first time I met him.. I was wondering, ” what’s the best way to catch a falling man ”
    Gawd just somtimes I miss my wee island chalet / shack / .. and going baredoot in the wood lands.. and the Black skies.. Swimming in the Loch.. ahh good to escape even writing about it here.

    Thank you Sqounk for the most Sane Blog

  11. China upping the volume in Huawei arrest.

    Commentary: Chinese citizens’ legitimate rights, interests inviolable

    BEIJING, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) — Canada’s detention of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer (CFO) of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., earlier this month has sparked worldwide attention and drew strong criticism from China.

    Without breaking any Canadian law, Meng was provisionally detained by the Canadian authorities at the behest of the United States, while she was in transit between flights in Canada, Huawei said in a statement Thursday.

    Huawei has been provided very little information regarding the charges and is unaware of any wrongdoing committed by Meng.

    Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said in a daily news briefing that China has lodged strong opposition with the Canadian and U.S. sides, urging the two countries to clarify the reason they detained Meng, to immediately release her and effectively protect her legitimate rights and interests.

    According to Geng, both countries have not provided any evidence to China in regard to Meng’s alledged violation of any Canadian or American laws.

    Canada has no jurisdiction over Meng, be it based on the nationality principle or territorial principle.

    As is known to all, the United States has always put its domestic law above the international one, and its “long-arm jurisdiction” has often drawn criticism from international community.

    Yet in spite of all this, Canada still chose to ignore the international rules and obey the United States, paying the bill for America’s bullying actions.

    A notion Canada keeps boasting of is “human rights,” but in this case, one can barely claim that Meng’s right has been respected. Arresting a Chinese citizen during her change of flight without giving any concrete reason is severely violating her legitimate rights and interests.

    Also in Meng’s case, Canada has decided to treat her as a dangerous criminal prior to any trial or without any conviction. It is a huge humiliation and disrespect for Meng.

    The Huawei CFO has health issues like high-blood pressure, sleeping disorders, and is still in recovery from a neck surgery in May. Yet she could not get the necessary humanitarian accommodation from Canada.

    Canada has set a dangerous precedent by acting in this manner.

    Canada’s misdeeds, which are lawless, unreasonable and callous, have caused serious damage to its relations with China.

    According to the Canadian leader himself, Ottawa had advance notice of the arrest. However, he chose not to keep the Chinese side informed but connived at the mean deeds, abbetted America’s unilateral hegemonic move, and hurt the Chinese people’s feelings.

    We here give a piece of advice that Canada should not be wrong-headed any longer but immediately release the senior executive and effectively protect her legitimate rights and interests, otherwise there will be serious consequences and Canada is to take all responsibility.

  12. I think that’s a pharmaceutical co AA. Valsartan contaminated at manufacture in August and another last week.

  13. Ben, If you mean Huawei they one of the world’s largest telecoms companies.

    Arrest is over Huawei’s alleged selling or offering equipment to Iran against US sanctions. Sent stock markets tumbling towards the end of the week and now every Canadian or American executive in China is nervous as hell.

    Washington Post (partial pay-wall).

    Prosecuting the Chinese Huawei executive is an idiotic way to hold China in check
    Even if the telecom company poses a national security threat, this is not the way to fight it.

    …Then, an ominous development: American authorities asked Canada to arrest the chief financial officer of one of China’s largest technologies companies for alleged sanctions fraud and violations of U.S. export controls. Meng Wanzhou isn’t just a top leader at Huawei, which makes phones and other gadgets; she is also the daughter of the company’s founder and chairman, which makes her arrest somewhat like the Chinese arresting the daughter of Steve Jobs if she had helped run Apple. It would be an understatement to say that Beijing did not react well: It demanded her release and accused the U.S. government of violating the rights of a Chinese citizen.

    The timing could hardly be worse…

  14. Trump is a critical mass of diseased shite. But it looks like if Mueller has more witnesses than Cohen, the Presidunce will be indicted for Federal law violations if he doesn’t kill us all first. Maybe Europe can learn from our mistake.

  15. Clark, No..I am almost 20 miles doon the coast from Govan..

    It’s a protest here to halt the Killing of the last Dry Dock, in Port Glasgow.. they want to turn it into Housing land… You Did Drive through my town this year.

    I do remember you telling about the Govan Project…hope that is going well too..

    We went a drive to the Loch yesterday morning…this is a Much loved Tree. we have spent Dozens of hours there, with campfire..

    The fist time myself and Listeningwater came across this tree.. we were able snug inside it..out of crap rain weather

    I’ll Never forget one time… Myself and Dances in moonlight walked past a Parked car ..Jeep.. then, when we got back to the fire i Mentioned that the Driver
    Lady was in hurting, ” go back and Bring her here ” I went over ..but she was gone

    Just some tales from oor Tree..I used Light this tree all has wee nooks that candles can fit in…[email protected]/32383910158/in/dateposted-friend/

  16. Fred

    Yeah there is no doubt that people are paid to pretend to be what they are not and to create fake personas on the internet. Such techniques are employed by the whole range of persuasion industries from PR companies to military. This is well known and beyond doubt. Surely no one doubts that secret services also do this. Everyone’s doing it.

    However, to conclude everything is driven by these PR techniques, to see it everywhere and all decisive, is itself an ideological position that seeks to deny there are any real problems closer to home. Let’s take France. The supporters of the status quo deny that the protests (is “uprising” too strong at this stage) have any legitimacy and seek to blame anything except the status quo. Of course foreigners are an easy target. Often blamed are immigrants and when that has not been possible lately blame the foreign governments twisting the good population into crazed loonies with some internet marketing.

    I’ve looked hard and the riots in France seem to me 100% certainly spontaneous and not centrally organised. Supporters of the status quo, yes those getting rich from the status quo, are blaming foreigners. Heavens forbid they look at themselves. There is a youtube clip of a couple of blokes speaking Russian as they join the looting of a shop. It’s proof of a foreign plot! A Ruskie plot! Nothing needs change ici! We’re fine

  17. And to describe them as “pro global warming” is an expression of ideology that misrepresents/misunderstand the protests completely. It quickly went way beyond the fuel tax. Even then that was just a flash point about who is to pay to decarbonise the economy.

  18. These MAGAbillies sowing chaos in France are the same fuckers who wanted to change French Fries to Freedom Fries when the French rejected Neocon Iraq war mongering.

  19. Operating within a shell of justifications is the MO of propagandists. Outside influences are turbocharging legitimate complaints.

  20. These MAGAbillies sowing chaos in France are the same fuckers who wanted to change French Fries to Freedom Fries when the French rejected Neocon Iraq war mongering.

    If I understand correctly you actually think it is American neocons creating the mass rioting on the streets of France??

    Sounds completely bizarre to me.

  21. I don’t ascribe magical powers to them phil. Nor do I think there arent Frenchmen who aspire to Trump.

    Chaos is easy to sow. It doesn’t require any but instinctual intelligence. The means isnt an issue as long as they get the results they want and they’ve been getting plenty in the US.

  22. Fred:

    I’m not sure there is anything that can prevent the nihilism of Trump.

    …or shut his fucking piehole.

  23. I always equated nihilism with the denial of ‘truth’ flying along without regard to the fact that if there no such thing as truth, that dictum is proven TRUE!

  24. “Well they aren’t helping matters none Phil.”

    But that’s about a tweet weeks into the rioting. It has nothing to do with the cause of the rioting.

  25. So what was the cause of the rioting? Because the French government wanted to increase taxes on diesel and spend the money on renewable energy projects?

  26. “If I understand correctly you actually think it is American neocons creating the mass rioting on the streets of France??”

    Not so bizarre; neocons are pro-fossil fuel consumption. Maybe one of several groups supporting and encouraging rather than creating. Vaguely appropriate bandwagon, and Twitter influence is so cheap.

    “So what was the cause of the rioting? Because the French government wanted to increase taxes…”

    The French will hate that.

    “on diesel…”

    The French, the al Sauds and the neocons will hate that.

    “…and spend the money on renewable energy projects?”

    Al Sauds, neocons, and the Kremlin will hate that. Laid-off French nuke workers might be pissed off too. But maybe German and Chinese interests aren’t hiring Twitter influence for this one.

  27. So what was the cause of the rioting? Because the French government wanted to increase taxes on diesel and spend the money on renewable energy projects?

    Sort of. Because the French government was increasing fuel taxes whilst giving tax breaks to the rich. It was about who is to pay for the decarbonising of the French economy.

  28. How many Yellow Vests are anti-immigrant?

    There is no mass anti-immigration component at all in these protests.

  29. Not so bizarre; neocons are pro-fossil fuel consumption. Maybe one of several groups supporting and encouraging rather than creating.

    Sure. These fuckers can tweet. They can buy facebook ad space. Plant stories. Whatever. This is not their game. It is aimed at them and their kind, the ruling classes.

    You think the tens of thousands are on the streets because a politician told them to be? You think hundreds of thousands are supporting them because a politician willed it? You think elites control everybody except you?

    Poverty is an FSB operation! Anger at poor housing is a CIA plan! The Saudis have long implemented the two tier French classist education system just for this moment! Jesus. This is conspiracy thinking of the highest order.

  30. Phil, it’s pointless talking about motives when the motive is power and control itself. It’s the age old story, the classic protection racket.

    Someone opens a bar and is doing well, then one night a fight breaks out and the bar is wrecked. Next morning as he’s clearing up the debris someone walks in and tells him he needs protection or else. He can replace the furniture and fittings but without protection next week another fight will break out and it will be wrecked again.

    It’s easy to cause trouble in a bar, bars are vulnerable. The motive for the fight is not important, it’s irrelevant who looked at who’s girlfriend, trouble itself is the motive. With the advent of the internet and social media now democracy is far more vulnerable.

  31. Not entirely sure what point you are making Fred, so not sure if you’re maintaining that a foreign power is causing the riots in France rather than the real lived experiences of the French people.

  32. Phil – “You think the tens of thousands are on the streets because a politician told them to be? You think hundreds of thousands are supporting them because a politician willed it? You think elites control everybody except you?”

    No. I think things get complicated and convoluted, and bandwagons get jumped upon. And I’m sure elites have considerable influence upon me, and you and everyone and even each other; it’s not like anyone can just remove themselves from the informational environment, over which the powerful have disproportionate influence, by definition.

    Reminders for self-calibration; you thought the Ukrainian uprising was entirely or predominantly people-driven. There was a genuine Syrian uprising, but it had sectarian elements and was soon inundated with foreign combatants and violent criminals.

    “not sure if you’re maintaining that a foreign power is causing the riots in France rather than the real lived experiences of the French people”

    False dichotomy; multiple influences are inevitable. And “foreign power” is an assumption that overlooks other powers eg. influence and amplification from corporate and ideological sources.

    On one hand it’s good to see people rise up because their enthusiasm is inspiring and the establishment is so resistant to change. On the other, peace and civility are vulnerable, and protest may get exploited.

    Maybe I enjoy repairing things because it really does offer simple, satisfying answers.

  33. Excellent announcement from the Yellow Vests of Saint-Nazaire shipyard. Truly uplifting. Also an excellent message from Laeticia of Picardie. Thanks for those Phil.

  34. Having seen Phil’s links, I feel the French uprisings may be the opposite of my earlier impression. Maybe pro-hydrocarbon influences did agitate via social media, and/or maybe corporate media tried to depict genuine social uprising as anti-environmentalism. But the way things have developed appears to be very positive, social and people-driven.

    Caveats; I shouldn’t judge too strongly from three selected links, and even one of those says that the situation in Germany is more anti-immigrant.

  35. They pay a lot more for diesel in Norway than they do in France but they aren’t rioting. The purpose of a tax rise isn’t always to make money, sometimes it is to make something a less favourable option.

    I can see why the French might be a bit peeved, nobody likes paying taxes but rioting? Destruction of property? Violence?

    Don’t you think someone might have taken a petty grievance and amplified it out of all proportion? Wind them up then leave them to it? Deliberate shit stirring for shit stirrings sake?

  36. See that the ignorant media is diverting KGB Major Vladimir Putin’s open access to East Germany is being played up as a spy recruiter there like its chief Markus Wolf rather than talking about his preventing the assassination of Sweden’s Olof Palme from spinning out of control into World WarIII.

    If it hadn’t been for his control of all the spying which gave the Soviets winning chances in this showdown, Wester Europe would have been rained down by all those SS-23 missiles that they had in western USSR and in East Germany and which the West knew nothing about.

    Give the Anglo-Americans failing marks once again.

  37. Took an MRI test yesterday for my lung cancer to see if it has spread to my brain.

    It seems tired today with all it was put through, not a headache though which I never get but just tired.

    Will see if I am okay later today. Believe it passed.

  38. “There is no mass anti-immigration component at all in these protests.”

    No Birther shit during Trumps campaign either, but the same assholes were in the mobs.

  39. “You think the tens of thousands are on the streets because a politician told them to be? You think hundreds of thousands are supporting them because a politician willed it? You think elites control everybody except you?”

    Millions of One-issue voters in the US phil. They get a parking ticket then that becomes their core issue. Abortion? Check. A stray dog shit on your lawn? Check.

  40. Yes, they say that the cancer went from the right lung to a lymph node on the way to the brain.

    See that the looney NYT is saying that Alexandr Solzhenitsyn was more responsible for bringing down the USSR than Peter Wright’s spying for it causing unmanageable chaos, or Gorbi no longer willing to settle for Putin’s countermeasures in response for Western provocations.

    And the doctors are worried about my brain!

  41. varies from state to state, with 17 states having specific legislation for the THC-levels found in CBD and the conditions being treated with CBD.

    These 17 states are Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. See the table below for specific legislations per state.

    The other 29 states that fully legalize the Medical use of all CBD products derived from either hemp or Marijuana are: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia. The territories of Guam and Puerto Rico also allow the use of CBD products on medical grounds.

    Best wishes..

  42. AA

    Bolton is obsessive on Iran and if he soloed on this he might get the boot. Trump is negotiating with China on tariffs as this was happening.

  43. Her models have run at a 93% accuracy and her findings suggest a Super Grand Solar Minimum is on the cards beginning 2020 and running for 350-400 years.

    The last time we had a little ice age only two magnetic fields of the sun went out of phase.

    This time, all four magnetic fields are going out of phase.


  44. Ben,

    I’ve read the actual Zharkova et. al. paper and the summary provided by electroverse is not totally accurate.

    What the paper says is that the next solar cycle (25) will be approx 80% of the size of the one just ending but the following solar cycle 26 will be very small. Future solar cycles should start increasing again based on the cycles observed passing peak out of phase about that point. So the effects of a Grand Minimum (if projections correct) won’t begin to really hit us until about late 2020s but cycle strength should build again over the next few cycles. So we are looking at decades of Grand Minimum at the most – certainly not hundreds of years.

    As to temperature Zharkova isn’t a climate scientist but seems to enjoy being in the limelight talking out of area. The best climate models that have been run (assuming a Grand Minimum) do suggest that some parts of the world (including the UK and Europe) are more likely to see colder winters during a Grand Minimum but that overall global warming wins out as it swamps the cooling effect of a minimum.

    Here’s the cycle projection from the Zharkova paper.

  45. One wild-card remains volcanic activity. Too much of that can cool climate considerably (but not permanently) and if that coincided with a Grand Minimum it would make things worse. There is some suggestion that solar minimums do correlate slightly with volcanic activity.

  46. Phil,

    Yes that’s likely, however sightings at lower latitudes were still seen during previous Grand Minimum just less frequently.

    Even at solar minimum coronal holes still occur at the sun’s surface which send high speed solar winds at earth when they point our way and this stimulates the Northern Lights.

  47. “Zharkova isn’t a climate scientist but seems to enjoy being in the limelight talking out of area”

    She advocates for and is associated with the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a predominantly Tory right-wing group lobbying government against measures to prevent global warming.

    In June 2013 Bob Ward filed a formal complaint to the Charity Commission, alleging that the GWPF had “persistently disseminated inaccurate and misleading information about climate change as part of its campaign against climate policies in the UK and overseas”, and that this was an abuse of their charitable status.

    – In 2014 the Charity Commission ruled that the GWPF had breached rules on impartiality in its climate change coverage, blurred fact and comment and demonstrated a clear bias. In response, the GWPF agreed to establish a non-charitable organisation to do the lobbying, alongside the existing organisation, to be called the “Global Warming Policy Forum” or “GWPF”. The GWP Forum is a wholly owned subsidiary of the GWP Foundation.

    – In 2014 The Independent described the foundation as “the UK’s most prominent source of climate-change denial”.

    There’s more. Promoting a misleading cherry-picked graph, broken promises, publication bias.

  48. Squonk, my latest Firefox update (Firefox Quantum 64.0 (64-bit) for Ubuntu canonical- 1.0) has broken the RSS Feed reader functionality. Do you know if there’s a reason for this?

  49. Clark,

    She’s spoken at one of their meetings and it is clear she things cooling will be more severe than predicted but she also says (paraphrased): “I could be wrong about that but the good thing is we’ll know whether I am or not within about the next ten years.”

    As to RSS all I know is what google finds.

    Additionally, support for the Firefox built-in RSS feed reader has been removed,

  50. Well I hope she’s right about the solar cycles because it might provide the stop-gap we need. But she should be more careful than to let herself be used by a highly political global warming denial outfit. Academic discussion should proceed in the academic community, and not be used for lobbying.

    I’ve submitted feedback to Mozilla. I don’t really want to use an additional piece of software, but I suppose I’ll have to use a feed reader, at least for now.

  51. Thanks Phil. Only one of those seems potentially misguided; “The climate crisis is a war on the poor.” Certainly, it’s being used that way.

    Phil, do you think the French protests have been overly spun as “fuel tax protests”? It looks that way. Maybe it started as fuel tax protests, but from your sample of the graffiti it looks like class uprising now.

  52. The “fuel tax protest” focus is establishment propaganda, based on truth but, as always, intended to deny class conflict.

    The first rioting was triggered by Macron, a wealthy man, attempting to save those who most benefit from pollution, the wealthy, from the responsibility of paying for it. i.e. It was always opposing unjust economic policy. i.e. It was always the poor defending themselves from the rich. And it was always understood as this by those in yellow vests, no matter their political affiliations, which are mostly not strong at all. These are too many people to be the activists or anarchists or communists. These are working people, through action, realising their political power. Magnifique!

  53. I installed the QuiteRSS feed reader last night, and just now used it for the first time to access latest posts and comments at Craig’s. Wow! It’ll display entire pages just like they look in Firefox. I assume it’s using the same rendering engine. It has an option to turn off Javascript so I have done so. It has Adblock.

    It’s going to take some getting used to but its options look versatile and comprehensive. It may replace Firefox as my primary software for reading news.

  54. “The climate crisis is a war on the poor.”

    This should be understood in the context that the government was giving tax breaks to the rich whilst imposing tax hikes on fuel. That the poor are being forced to pay for a problem that the rich made their money from. As always. Think of the financial crash of 2008.

  55. Phil, I very much hope you are right. Can you substantiate that the motive was conscious awareness of economic injustice?

    I have various reasons for pessimistic doubt. In my part of the UK I find widespread political ignorance. Propaganda works, and the majority around me are more likely to blame immigrants, and/or subscribe to global warming conspiracy theories, than to be aware of the underlying class issues involved. In the UK we had popular support for the lorry drivers’ blockade of the refineries in the late ’90s, but that was initiated by Right wingers. And Ukraine doesn’t seem to have worked out very well.

    More importantly, I suppose, is: what should we be doing?

  56. “The climate crisis is a war on the poor” is ambiguous. Had “climate crisis” been in scare quotes it would have been unambiguous acceptance of the conspiracy theory. Outcomes from widespread action based on that would likely be very harmful. “The climate crisis is used to make war on the poor” would have been unambiguous political consciousness and highly encouraging.

    Still, that is the only example.

  57. Think it would have been less ambiguous, Clark if you had added who is making the “climate crisis” and by what means and why?

    Think the Western powers, especially the covert US government, is deliberate making the climiate crisis, and to impoverish the poor. It’s part of its Malthus’s elite cure of the world’s problems of population.

    As for limiting my problems, Phil, it seems to be going quite well, as I am already off normal chemo.

  58. “Can you substantiate that the motive was conscious awareness of economic injustice?”

    Well not sure about “substantiate” but every interview, clip, slogan and banner I have seen talks about economic hardship. I have yet to hear anyone doubt this. Even Macron accepts this by offering a raised minimum wage as peace gift.

    “I find widespread political ignorance”

    Sure, OK. Personally I find widespread discontent. Much of which is expressed in terms I do not agree with or maybe even not like. People are contradictory. Conscious rationalisations of our behaviours, although normally defended to maintain internal logical consistency, are most likely to change in exceptional moments – moments of action.

    There are yellow vests waving the tricolour. However, as they are attacked by the cops (for daring to oppose unjust economic policy) they are forced to recognise that the forces of the state defend the property rights of the rich. Not learned from a book. Or a meeting. But from experience. So they might become less keen on waving the flag. They see the darker skinned rioters next to them, often displaying great courage in face of the familiar enemy, as inspirational allies. So they might become a little less inclined to blame immigrants. And so they begin to read the slogans sprayed on the wall in a completely new light. In these ways action creates revolutionary consciousness.

    Et voila you have the 1791 revolution, the Paris commune, the 1968 situationists. You gotta love the people who live in the place called France.

  59. Thanks Phil, love his music, and should listen to more of it in my recuperation.Don’t care what he may have said about Jews, and what others make of it. We all get pissed off about people on occasion. but it’s important that we cannot act on it. Forget about Wagner’s libertoes, though.

  60. Well the revolution ended up in Napoleons lap but it had good intentions. I’m sure the Magahats arent all fascist. But good intentions are the cheapest of the virtues.

    Glad to hear your progress Trow. Avoid sugar/carbohydrates for the duration.

  61. I’ve cooked professionally but baking is like mathematics for me, mixing oil with water.

    Wifes family coming on the 22nd and the Irish love their sweets.

    Making candy cane cookies and gingerbread men with icing. Lemon meringue in puff pastry cups. Always biting more than I can chew.

  62. Well the revolution ended up in Napoleons lap but it had good intentions.

    It had good outcomes too. For example, the end of the absolute rule of monarchs. Land distribution. The American revolution. I could go on but you get the point, it’s a mixed bag.

  63. Kind of makes hash, Ben, out of what Plato claimed. doesn’t it?

    Thanks for the kind thoughts, and will call when I get myself better put together.

  64. Trow, never heard of it before so I’ve just listened to the Parsifal prelude for the first time. Magnificent. Ta.

  65. The snow forecast for parts of the UK is a nightmare to forecast with a mixture of rain, sleet, snow and freezing rain in the mix varying over time.

    The new improved US GFS model is due to go live in January but already runs in parallel and it is bullish on snow – far more bullish than its older and still current version. Here’s Saturday evening forcast snow cover at 6pm UK time Saturday.

    Most of that quickly melts but hangs around longer in the north of England, Wales and Scotland. Will be interesting to see what the latest ECMWF (Euro) run thinks.

  66. A study based on a small sample but:

    “The two main motivations of the gilets jaunes therefore appear to be greater social justice (whether a tax system bearing more on the better-off, a better redistribution of wealth, or the maintenance of public services) and the demand to be heard by the government. Nationalist demands, on the contrary, such as those emphasizing identity or immigration, were very marginal…this mobilization is above all the sentiment of fiscal injustice, particularly marked among the working class.”

  67. Shame it’s not like that here.

    Edit: I wonder what RobG’s take on it is. His writing on his blog was always more considered and reasonable than his comments at Craig’s, but I don’t want to visit his blog.

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