The General Discussion Thread

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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. Brian, for a long time my policy was to use screen names verbatim, and if I was replying to someone specific, to always use their screen name as the very first word. I still try to remember to do that at Craig’s because there are so many commenters there, but I had relaxed it a bit here because this place is so informal and there are just a few of us commenters.

    Come to think of it I included the Fujisan part because Brad practices Zen, and that’s the Japanese Buddhist tradition.

  2. You’re OK Brian. We’re all dicks sometimes. The one’s who don’t notice it in themselves create the most problems.

    Be easy on yourself; “there but for the grace of the angels go I”. Just think; you could have ended up like able / Anon1! Grief, can you imagine what it must be like to be trapped in a personality like that? Every foreigner and poor person a threat, never a moment’s peace…

  3. Clark,

    I have to admit I had to do a triple take at that URL the first time you posted it. It isn’t a URL that screams out to be clicked even when parsed correctly.

  4. Squonk, I’ve tried looking at it again but my preconception won’t let me see anything but “Hardcore Zen .Info”. How does it parse incorrectly? I think it’s called “Hardcore” because he’s in a punk band; they’re called something like Zero Defex.

    I know it’s using http rather than the secure version, and I think the site is lacking its style sheets too, because the browser waits for them until it times out. He’s not technical. I’d tell him but he turned off comments ages ago when too many of them became acrimonious.

  5. I actually first read it as hardcorezine. Hardcore Magazine – thought it unlikely you were linking to a “happy hardcore” dance site and equally as unlikely you were linking to pornography. I still don’t like the URL.

  6. Meanwhile I suspect I’m becoming unpopular because I won’t stand in silence while Blunderbuss campaigns for the destruction of the ecosphere and Paul Barbara does all he can to Make Measles Great again.

  7. Yeah Brad’s URL does look a bit odd all in lower case, and I hadn’t made the potential porn connection. But it’s just Brad Warner’s blog so far as I know.

    In the US most people who meditate are anti-Trump, and comments got nasty when (1) Brad took the piss out of some guru who makes himself very rich on the back of his unrealistic “spiritual” claims, and (2) when Brad refused to join in the blanket condemnation of the US Right, and said that people should listen to each other more.

  8. A couple of inches of snow this morning according to a friend near Lampeter in Wales, but subsequent rain has melted nearly all of it.

    Bright and sunny with broken cloud here at present, but I’ve heard there might be some snow flurries this evening.

  9. The main front coming through was never going to bring much snow away from higher ground but the air temp drops behind it and following showers are more likely to fall as snow. There are plenty of showers for parts of the UK on current radar and the high resolution models for the near future.

    Here’s the Met Office High Res Euro4 snow cover for 9pm tonight.

    Of course as they are showers exact locations may vary.

  10. Thanks Squonk. So I might see a bit of snow this evening.

    My xfce4-weather-plugin says – sleet showers this afternoon; weather and astronomical data from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

    You know that Dane Wigington the chemtrail theory promoter accuses the weather radar stations of really being weather control installations? And ‘frequency’ can arrest water in mid fall, or even make it fall upward! Be very afraid of the evil magicians who control science!

  11. Why does the media go out of its way to disprove most dubious conspiracy theories, like Rudolph Hess was not the war criminal locked up in Spandau Prison?

    Is it to avoid considering the massive real ones?

  12. Trowbridge, I can think of various possible reasons. Staking out their patch by making a big show of demonstrating that their own reliability far exceeds that of those they label conspiracy theorists – this has become a big motive in this age of the Internet. Not wanting to upset the powerful by exposing anything that really matters. Not exposing themselves to the risk of being proved wrong. Wanting to attract readers by piggy-backing upon a juicy story, but without putting readers off by overly destabilising their outlook.

  13. Think that you should add that most crucial conspiracies don’t go as planned, pkayers alomg the way betray them, accidents happen. mistakes are committed. etc.

  14. it has Been a Beutiful Day / Night of winter

    I was Frozen Stiff trying to remove snow from the car.. I went back indoors for a heat.. Missed my Jiu jitsu.. A second Dan Grade upcoming needs my weapons Expertise.. The Bo, and Jo Staffs

  15. Hello Brian. Yes, it’s a wintery morning here too. It’s not snowing but there are patches of snow on the ground, and a dusting of snow along the margins of the woods.

    Trowbridge, good point. Secrecy confers power; everyone in on the secret has potential blackmail material on everyone else that they know to be involved, and nothing ever goes perfectly to plan or remains perfectly secret. Hence I’ll give far more credence to Dr Kelly being murdered than to Dave’s latest, that the HIV virus does not cause AIDS. These monolithic conspiracy theories that have become so popular are terribly unrealistic.

  16. Just think that the Truth and Reconciliation Committee, with Important supporters, is calling for new investigations of the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcolm X after only 50 years. No mention of what happened to Governor Wallace, though he was essentially assassinated by the same people.

    They all are examples of what I added

  17. So Trump is bot withdrawing from the world, he just wants to get rid of the world’s communists by other means.

  18. Stone is just a messenger for Trump’s efforts to get the Russians to prove that Hllary was was a pedophile druggie who should be locked up immediately. Putin’s people found NO proof.

    Stop grabbing for straws, though Stone is a most unattractive goon and liar which Mueller is going to extreme measures to prove.

  19. Good to see ya back Ben… Ya wee Bugger.

    I was Reminded yesterday of a Word.. Craig used…Maudlin

    And I could not remember the Poem I used that in..I went to bed thinking it was the Space travelers poem..Found it ..No sure I used the word in the correct context..But Fuck it

    To Measure the Treasure –
    Silent things Shine ammid the deep Black
    and Stretch away as Watching Ghosts –
    Long gone relics
    of all the time there ever was

    Among the near light years –

    That Voyagers may reach;
    a swift crat roams
    Hurtling along through the Gulf between stars
    Frozen years it’s occupants sleep
    Centuries rush by, a cocoon tip-toes
    from star to star in search of life

    And Somewhere out there –

    A new star Looms, it’s varied waves
    Activate sensors, computer lights Blaze
    Explorers gently roused
    Peer at this sun, though yet from afar
    Euphoria stirs- taunts the Checked dreams-
    of sapient beings, coming in from the dark

    Yet Another, Childless Mother

    Fragile Hopes begin to wither
    Lonely, are the beautiful blue giants
    and worlds adorned with graceful rings
    The Glinting film of vast wheels turn
    Jovians, in wondrous Silent Dance
    Timeless waltz around the distant sun

    Soft sigh of the black night Sky

    In the inner realm of warm sunray’s
    Nothing moves, No space ships wiz
    Yet One looks down on a Night Hemispher
    An impassive black stelthily rolls
    then.. Gliding into view like a slothful dream
    Constelations of solid bright Lights

    Mournful Quiet Whimper, or Maudlin Whisper

    ” Oh Shy little beacons..It’s Intelegenge”;
    in the data scanning Silence
    Shocked glances rebouning unasked questions
    ” Did you just say ”
    Sensor alarms rang, and the Computer spoke next

    By Voyager..Many years ago.

  20. Brian: Your verse gets better every day.

    Are you aware you’ve entered a zone of automatic writing?

    Iambic pentameter is a good gift to cultivate. I think you are tapping into the Akashic Record.

  21. Fred .. Oor Inependence Movement Wont be Going away.. Just because of the Alex Case..Hope the Music is going well


    It’s always Good To get Creative Praise..Uplifting

    And some of my best Poetry is Human Misery.. And my own Heart break…

    But i think you will love My ‘ Moondream ‘ it’s three pages .. You are indeed an expert yourself, it would seem.. Much thanks Ben

  22. Fred, I don’t think you understand the meaning of “corrupt”.

    Ben, an ex-politician is facing 14 charges (1 breach of the peace, 11 sexual misconduct and 2 of rape). It is big news here because he used to be leader of the SNP and Scotland’s first minister. His guilt or innocence will be determined in due course, should this proceed to court. Fred has a blind hatred of the Scottish Independence movement, so he takes delight in this situation – with no apparent thought for the victims (“good news week”), should the charges be found legitimate. Fred is misguided if he believes this will change people’s opinion on independence – quite the reverse, should Salmond be found not guilty.

  23. I know this will have no affect at all on the brainwashed cult members Brian, nothing ever will. But the ordinary man in the street, middle Scotland, the swing voter, the people who decide if elections are won or lost this will have a big affect on them.

  24. Ben, a leader of a Populist, Nationalist movement who is allied with Putin has been arrested.

    Sound familiar?

  25. … brainwashed cult members …

    Brainwashing definition : “to make someone believe something by repeatedly telling them that it is true and preventing any other information from reaching them”

    Fred. Please explain by what means nationalists have been brainwashed. Certainly not via our media or education system which repeatedly tell us …. aaahh, now I understand …

  26. Node, do you think I was maybe being too kind to the independence movement using the word brainwashing? Maybe I should have attributed their intransigence to blind hatred?

  27. Blind Hatred – Churchill, Thatcher, Blair… Cameron, May… War Criminals All..They Must have Hated the Millions the Slaughterd, and still at it

    Don’t Compare these evil people with our Peaceful, Family, Marches..that Practically no one ouside the independence movement Knows about Thanks to War Criminals like the bbC…that we are 80/ 90 thousand on the Streets in Glasgow..
    60, 000 in Edinburgh.

    I wonder If Sqounk will survive the Planned Shutdown.. Democracy uk style.

  28. Just imagine where we would be now if Russian hakes had found Democrat emails confirming that Hillary was a druggie lesbian pedophile who liked having oral sex with young girls or, more important, Putin had had them fabricated.

    He saved what is left of the USA, run by lying thugs like Bolton, Pompeo and Haspal.

  29. … do you think I was maybe being too kind to the independence movement using the word brainwashing?

    Fred, you use that word regularly so it’s worth pointing out that only the Unionist side of this argument has the power to brainwash. I certainly believe that my school history lessons amounted to brainwashing. Eventually I was able to see through it. Many never do.

  30. I would Like to Support Node’s Comment

    At Skool… we never got taught Scoland’s was always King edward or something.. Boring to the point of almost Screamimg for the Bell to ring

    Then I Posted videos.. of the VatersayBoys on Youtube.. I don’t Know the dances..
    I went to a catholic Skool .. everyone who went to Protestant Schools Knew the Celtic dances.. I am somtimes a Fearless warrior.. but.. Year after year the Women would Drag me up at The Barrowlands Christmas Vatersay Boys ..

    And they Even tried to teach me ..On Outer Hebridean Island of Barra..Ooch.. Too many Drams were had.

    Iv’e got a Video of that Too…Somewhere


  32. Node, trying to get someone to believe something by repeatedly telling them it is true sounds like a pretty good description of a Nationalist grievance monkey.

    I remember when Scottish education was the envy of the world.

  33. Brian, I remember we were taught Scottish country dancing at school. We weren’t however taught English traditional dances such as Morris dancing or Clog dancing.

    Do you think it was a plot by the Scots to rob us of our national identity?

  34. … trying to get someone to believe something by repeatedly telling them it is true sounds like a pretty good description of a [gratuitous insult].

    Yes Fred, that’s what rational people do to persuade others. Whereas using a state education system to indoctrinate children, and using state-controlled media to maintain the indoctrination throughout their lives, is called “brainwashing.”

    Fred, if I were you, I would drop the brainwashing argument. It invites the question “who is brainwashed, the Indy supporter or the Unionist?” and there can be only one answer.

  35. Node, I’m sure the more fanatical Unionists have been brainwashed just the same as the more fanatical Nationalists have. We don’t have too many people marching around playing flutes in these parts, nor leaning over motorway bridges waving flags but I’m sure both are radicalised using very much the same methods and I don’t think they have too much to do with schooling or watching TV.

    But when I read things like this in yesterday’s Courier I have to conclude some Nationalists are either brain washed or brain damaged.

  36. Not projected to turn to proper snow at you Clark until about 10pm by the high res models. You are still not yet in the main precipitation band.

  37. Here’s the projected temperature (C) in the Chicago area at 6am local time Thursday.

    A temperature in the region of -35C at Chicago O’Hare airport would smash the previous all time record by about 2C (4F).

  38. Fred, you insist on labeling all Indy supporters as “Nationalists” because then you can dismiss the entire movement by referring to the the activities of Nationalist extremists. (Clark uses the same tactic with “conspiracy theorist”). If all you want to do is slag off the Indy movement, carry on. If, however, you want to genuinely discuss the issues, then this oversimplification is counter-productive. It’s like trying to have a meaningful discussion about fruit by only ever referring to “oranges.”

    I voted ‘yes’ in the referendum (my best ever comment on CM’s blog = “Node yessed”) because I want to escape Westminster rule at any price. I would probably support an invasion by Iceland because their rule could only be better than the evil exploitative one we have now. The problem with Westminster is not its location, it’s that it is a parliament of self-serving puppets controlled by a sinister elite who starve continents for strategic reasons. Actually, I don’t believe it’s possible to escape the puppet masters. An ‘independent’ Scotland would soon obey the same masters or be destroyed.

    But I’m desperate enough to clutch at straws. The puppet-masters impose democracy on us because it’s easy for them to control our electoral choices, but they’re trying to keep the lid on boiling kettles all over the world and occasionally an unscripted opportunity presents itself to a politician with principles. Scottish independence under shrewd Salmond was a sliver of opportunity, but I don’t believe Sturgeon offers even that little, and if there was an election tomorrow, I’d take a futile punt on Corbyn.

    So am I a Nationalist?

    Cue fruit joke.

  39. Node, I was just chatting with Ben about the similarities between America and Scotland.

    I have my political beliefs too but I can’t think of any politician I would be rushing to defend were they charged with offences of this nature.

    What I said to Brian stands, Salmondgate is going to cost the SNP dearly in votes.

  40. OK, Fred, I’ll put that post on file, marked “to be used in the event of Fred nationalising me again.”

    lol @ polar vortex.

  41. Node
    “it is a parliament of self-serving puppets controlled by a sinister elite who starve continents for strategic reasons. Actually, I don’t believe it’s possible to escape the puppet masters. ”

    Sinister elites starving continents? Puppet masters? No escape? This is wooly conspiracy thinking nonsense.

    “I’m desperate enough to clutch at straws.”

    Well yes. It’s why you flit between nationalism, a wish for occupation and then intending to vote for more rule by a parliament of inescapable sinister elites.

    Your lack of any systematic analysis throws you all over the place.

  42. Phil, congratulations on your brilliantly constructed argument – cut out the boring old reasoning and evidence and go straight to the put-down. Can’t argue with that.

  43. It has been another cold day here. There is still snow from Tuesday night, and a lot of ice in and around puddles. Much of the ground surface is frozen.

  44. Starting to survive, I hope, the worst part of my cancer treatment which occurred during the month after their completion.

    Can anything match the disputes within the US government over whether Iran has given up seeking nuclear weapons or whether North Korea is seriously interested in giving up its? A bigger dispute than the one about the World being the center of the universe. The answer is that Iran has nukes, and North Korea has none.

  45. Trowbridge – glad to hear you’re progressing and past the worst.

    There’s nukes in Scotland that the majority of MPs, MSPs and the public do not want here. However, there’s bugger all we can do about this as we are in a union with a much larger country who wants to keep the nukes here.
    Apparently, some think it is wrong for the people in Scotland to want independence, in order we can determine what happens in Scotland. How bizarre.

  46. The only thing for certain is that the people of Scotland had their chance to get rid of the nukes in 2014 and they didn’t.

    The rest all depends on who did the survey and how they worded the question.

  47. Node

    Sorry mate. I will try to be clearer.

    The idea that westminster and/or the world is run by evil puppet masters is nonsense. What ails us is not down to the character of people. Indeed, such character based analysis misunderstands humankind at it’s core. People are shaped by events as much as they shape them. Well intended people, “good” people, mostly change their position as they get absorbed closer to money and power.

    The problem is systematic. We have a system that demands exploitation.

    One simple, but significant, example: businesses aim to minimise production costs. This means two things: technical innovation and maximising exploitation of workers. Bosses must reduce costs as much as they possibly can because otherwise they lose out to competitors and go out of business. So attributing the constant attack on working conditions to the boss being “bad” is pointless. You can put a “good” person in charge and they will have no choice but to maximise exploitation (screw the workers) or they go bust. It’s business.

    From the cradle to the grave we are forced to compete with our neighbours for jobs, housing, xmas bonus. Heaven help you if you lose cause our system leaves the losers on the street while homes lie empty or starving while we throw food away to maintain high prices. The system creates unnecessary shortages (in jobs, housing etc) to discipline us to behave and fight.

    Aim for the big picture. Understand the system. Looking at anything in isolation will not inform. The state, capitalism, economics, psychology, a materialist perspective…These are the types of things you need to look at to understand how the world works. Not 911.

  48. JOML

    You can replace the “evil” politicians in westminster with “nicer” politicians in holyrood but nothing will change. The systematic pressures that shapes/corrupts politicians will continue to prevail.

    Nationalism is a limited view that obscures understanding.

  49. Scotland being part of the UK makes it an international player, making Scottish nationalism a justified movement.

  50. Don’t you love the Venezuelan opposition repeating the chant which helped get Obama elected – “Yes, we can’.” You remember him, the guy who put Libya through the meat grinder, made out that North Korea was a dangerous nuclear power.,tried to overthrow Chavez earlier, helped box in Russia,etc.

    He is certainly a model for an emerging country.

  51. tub

    Had a frank discussion with my dermatologist regarding sun damaged skin after two 3 inch incisions on my face since December. They stitched expertly with minimal scarring. But my concern was why they couldn’t see what was plainly on my face for two years.

    The Dr. was honest in replying that they just cant tell by looking how far roots have developed until the biopsy.

    It’s clear they need help. CBDs to the rescue. 🙂

  52. Phil, my understanding is that the current set up is awful – what’s so bad about wanting to go your own way, rather than have your destiny decided by people who want to drag you down a road you don’t want to travel?
    It’s better to campaign for independence rather than accepting the status quo. Thereafter, it’s easier to steer a small country than a large one.
    In the meantime, I’m looking forward to the weekend for some music!

  53. JOML

    Yes the status quo is horror. To be clear it’s not that I oppose independence. I suggest it misidentifies the problem and so will provide no solution. The system will not change. Just the locus of power. Same game, new boss.

    Like my business example above, the character of individuals is irrelevant when the system shapes the outcome. The malign forces of profit, lobbying, rotating doors, bribes, globalism etc will still prevail. Thinking that a political class from the land called Scotland would be somehow immune to such forces is a nationalist delusion.

  54. Trow Really Good to hear you are feeling on the Up..Great stuff.. You may make it to Scotland .. Aye..Keep up the Fight Dude

    Ben..Crypitic as Ever.. Hope you aint watching too many cartoons..My Apples may need help.

    Phil.. yes, you are a reasonable one, I think in step back to Engage..

    There is always A But –

    There are so many things the south are being Lied to.. And Scots Re Scotland’s Resources..Scotland Needs England, ruk.. No, the Opposite is more true, Norway dose Not have the resources that Scotland has.. Not even Close..Yet..

    And I appreciate you Constructively talking to us..Node, JHOML, We are not looking for a fight, Just reasoned debate..which should always include facts.

    I know too what you are saying Re big Multinationals .. But that should be our own problem in an Independant Country.. Bug Muli’s are shafting Scotland..For Scotland’s Oil, Gas.. It’s all gonna get wild..that’s for sure.

    And I hope Guitar music is still Going.

    Clark it was – 6 here last night.. and below freezing all day.. – 4 at 1;45 Great Auroa Pics coming in.. Including that Tree in Lomond.. I was out a little before sunset with new camera.. Zoom is amazing..The Place is just magical with frost – Hoar Frost ..

    Keep the Firewood going

  55. where you at..not cold enough for running i Hope..I was on the Hills..Amazing Sights.. Wintry Big Time

    Got a Problem with new EXPENSIVE camera Not wants to commuicacte with Pc.. AS I say Very New Big Camera..I’ll Sus it Oot ..Got some Great Fotos that the thing wont Download to P.C

  56. Glen I Hope You Forgive

    My Point Stands.. The Stats Are Facts.. But ..If you watch bbC ..Stv BBc Scotland.. Blieve the False Numbers On the Streets Here.. we are used it.. But we also love Genuine Friends.. Those that tell truth.. We aint all Doom n Gloom..

    I can Show Video Of Numbers Too Vast Stay the Length

    My Point is.. You are Being Lied to.. Re the Indy Movement in Scotland..

    I have ALways Enjoyed Your Imput..Conversations.

  57. Brian

    I have never, and would never, say anything like: “Scotland Needs England”. I am taken aback you would suggest that.

    Sure, we are lied to. Get past it. A nationalist and/or character based analysis (great men of history) disarms you. You end up in groundhog day, not understanding connected events, forever shocked that a jorno lied or a politician cheated. Sound familiar to you CM regulars?

    With independence you would still be oppressed by a ruling class and so would those of us who live in the land called england. Nation states are a fiction contrived to divide and rule. The real problem is not scotland vs england. It’s a system that forces domination by a few. Class war – the only war worth fighting.

  58. Brian, when I was at school one of the teachers told us to always take what we read in newspapers with a pinch of salt, to read between the lines. I’ve found that to be good advice. Papers are written by all sorts of people who all try to put their own slant on things for all sorts of reasons whether it is the Express, the Star or the National.

    The Scots and the English need each other like all families need each other and no faction has a monopoly on truth. The numbers can be manipulated to show anything you want them to say, it’s so complex it’s easy to just look at a part of them and convince people they are being cheated to turn them to your cause, to stir emotions and turn one family member against another.

  59. It has just started snowing here. Yesterday evening’s forecast said hours of snow overnight, but that didn’t seem to happen. Today; medium grey uniform overcast, now slightly brighter towards the horizon to the east. Cold, blustery breeze from the north, snow melting on contact with ground, but old snow patches remaining.

  60. Phil, the Independence campaign had a really good vibe; inclusive and creative, and very positive, proactive. Definitely the less corporate, more self-semi-organised devolutionary rabble side of things. Can’t blame anyone for wanting out of Westminster, and smaller power structures closer to home looks like a step in the right direction.

    That is what got eclipsed by party politics when the inherent oversensitivity of Westminster elections delivered an SNP landslide in Scotland. It has polarised into a Nationalist-Unionist issue; to a large degree it has been cast into that role. The original aspiration of increased independence seems to have been overshadowed.

  61. Brian, regarding your camera. When it’s connected to the PC, try looking in My Computer to see if it shows up as another disk drive. Or if it’s a standard memory card try it in a card reader.

  62. Clarrk
    “That is what got eclipsed by party politics”

    Exactly. That’s social democracy, always there to defend capitalism by sucking the life out of dissent.

    Anyway, fuck all snow here. Just cold rain. Don’t think it’s dropped below zero.

  63. Cannabidiol…or CBD is just one cannibinoid, Brian. Derelict research for nearly 50 years leaves much to be learned.

    What we know is that evolution has provided our bodies with Endocannibinoids, which are designed as receptors for the cannibinoid family. Sadly, there is apparently interaction between those entities that we know less about than how many there are and functions of each.

  64. Ben, I’ve largely avoided cannabis since I was arrested and charged with possession of a small amount of ‘grass’ when I was 18. Ridiculous laws surrounding cannabis over the years in the UK, robbing people of the medical and social benefits. Hopefully, laws will change once the press and politicians are educated.

  65. They roughly agree on temperature, and windspeed and direction, and the next few days. Maybe it’ll snow all that time in Chelmsford but not here; it is four or five miles down the road.

  66. JOML: Not everyone is suited for THCdelta but CBDs have no psychoactive high’ and meets the Hippocratic oath as to ‘Do no Harm’.

    It’s so safe even the pot bigots allow it to be sold over the counter in many States.

  67. Phil

    “I have never, and would never, say anything like: “Scotland Needs England”. I am taken aback you would suggest that.”

    I did not say You said that..I was trying to Explain something ..That was very well used against us in our Indyref, I think I know you better than that. Hope ya get some was Truley Beautiful up here yesterday, and that was Just the Frost.


    Thanks for that Tip.. Will let you know how it goes

    In the Meantime, Here is a couple from my wee Nikon Camera from yesterday – It’s Cool Zooming in on these Pics…Or maybe the word Freezing is more Apt 🙂[email protected]/46900477132/in/dateposted-friend/

    And …Frost, The Clyde, Mountains –[email protected]/39988029043/in/dateposted-friend/

  68. Ha, Brian, fair enough, your responding to me against an argument I hadn’t made threw me.

    Great snow pics but the real treat was your dec 27th xmas hat! Brilliant.

  69. Why doesn’t the Governor of Virginia volunteer that he isn’t in the photos in the yearbook of his medical college, and hasn’t known of their existence for over the past 35 years by taking a lie detector test administered by a most trusted service?

    I would certainly do so if captured wrongly in such circumstances..

    The simple answer seems to be that the test would conclude: “You’re lyng, gov.”

    Just another case of the pervasive racism in the USA.

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