The General Discussion Thread

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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. Hardly surprising that Craig Murray has taken down a thread expressing similar ideas about a high officer in Britain’s alleged administrative state for fear of having his ass sued off.

  2. Can anyone not think that MI6 is involved up to its eyeballs in funding, encouraging and reporting the protesters in Hong Kong?

  3. Doune…

    Yes, I was there. Have some mixed feelings this year due to issues with site stewards/security/bureaucracy. By the festival’s end I was wearing three different wristbands plus an ink stamp and had two different massive access pass stickers on the car. Despite all this I still got denied access at one point and threatened with being thrown off site at another.

    Had the festival gone on any longer I would have run out of arm for more bands and wouldn’t be able to see out of the windscreen for stickers. Craig is aware of the issue and I’m told changes are being made for next year as I’m certainly not going back to be shouted and sworn at while simply doing what Craig asked me to do.

    Of the bands I saw, The Wailers were the highlight. As Clark said Hawkwind were okay but things went downhill after a technical issue with the drum-kit riser on the stage mid-set (not Hawkwind’s fault).

  4. I am going to the Glimmerglass Festival in Central New York next week. Four musical performances in four days. Should be a real improvement over the urban mess these hot days.

  5. Squonk, I felt awful about the way you were treated that day; inevitably the festival will become more impersonal as it grows (and attendance has doubled two years running now), but no one should get such heavy-handed treatment at the festival. Such incidents were entirely alien to the festival I first volunteered for, when I just walked in, never wore a wrist-band and never encountered any problems.

    It is Craig who must take responsibility, both for issuing you and me (and presumably others) with wrist-bands of a type that hadn’t been registered with security, traffic management and stewards etc., but also for the direction in which he has moved the festival since the disaster year of 2017. Obviously, after that, better organisation had to be implemented, but if that means it becomes officious and bureaucratic, I will not want to attend any more.

  6. Aren’t all festivals these days heavy with security and bureaucracy? Surely these are forced upon festival organisers for a license. Apart from employ friendlier people there’s probably not a lot Craig could do.

    In communism there will be no festival arm bands.

  7. What is it with these security thugs – are they former filth who were pensioned off for stupidity or being unrelentingly aggressive? Who decides that someone of that type is fit for the job anyway, or maybe they’re given instructions like “Don’t give these scum an inch – they’ll try anything, and it’s all about security, Security, SECURITY!!! REMEMBER THAT!!”

    It’s all down to the atmosphere in which these thugs breathe. None of them gets done for sheer brutality, never mind uncivil behaviour. Why do they get any more licence under the law for shouting at and abusing _other_ civilians than I would be, if I started shouting at people to keep at least 10 yards away from my front gate? And shoving anyone who dared ask questions and might be thinking of approaching it?

    People need to be fired for allowing this sort of menacing BS from security thugs, and contracts lost for the agencies providing it. Not to mention the event itself getting a bad name.

    If it gets a “meh – we’ll try better next time” from the organisers, it’s pretty obvious it will go on.

  8. Thanks guys, it should be good. No security concerns that I know of, and the audiences are ones of middle class people who like to see and hear new things, reminisce over the standard old operas, and aren’t about to shoot up the place. Doubt there are any guns in them.

    This year it starts off with Show Boat, then an imaginative new opera about Marie Antoinette surviving the French Reign of Terror and having a new life, then the old favorite La Traviata, and the festival concludes with Blue, a black police couple who find unexpected commiseration from the whites when it suffers tragedy.

    Sounds like the best program I have witnessed the several times I have attended, and my younger brother, the rich oncologist who went back to work when he couldn’t stand retirement, has paid the bill. The opera house is in the countryside next to one of the smaller finger lakes.

    Let you know how it all went.

  9. Hey Trow…

    Good on you for taking in the operas. A whole festival of them too – I’m lucky to get to see one even once in a few years. Ballet can be pretty enchanting too. Not quite so high-brow, but do you like the Gilbert & Sullivan plays?

    There’s something to be said for that rather old world manner of life. Just finished The Picture of Dorien Grey – another world indeed.

  10. Much of the problem is the structure of employment; the perceived need for training and experience cause specialisation, which in turn concentrates individuals into performing the same tasks, week in, week out. That in turn concentrates the actions of the inconsiderate minority* upon the minority employed to implement security.

    * The “inconsiderate minority” aren’t exactly a group of fixed individuals either; they’re just whoever happens to act inconsiderately at a given time, though obviously, some people are more likely to cause problems than others.

    Employment warps individuals’ world-views. Imagine being a copper – from that perspective, the general population fall into three categories; victims, perpetrators and colleagues. Coppers and security have a strong incentive to “stop trouble before it starts”; it’s much easier to chuck out one perceived trouble-maker than it is to stop a ruck or take statements from half a dozen people who’ve had stuff nicked from their tents.

    In the ’70s I knew a woman who worked as a nurse in an accident and emergency department. She was scared to walk the streets, but of course all the victims of the worst violence end up at A&E, amplifying her impression of street violence.

    Security’s a shit job. So’s moderation.

  11. Looks like the media in the Anglo-American world is experiencing growing intrusions by its secret state with it moving into high gear to stop what is left of independent sources by using the growth of Huawei as an excuse for clamping down in sites like Gooogle, Amazon and Twitter in the name of restraint of trade when they are still allowing some independent ideas to gain public exposure.

    I say this because I lost today my way of getting to them, sites like Veterans Today, Google, BBC, cryptome, vikispooks, Craig Murray, codshit, this site, etc.,which got me from being known only as an ignorant foreigner to a widely followed American. I am only able to get here and a few other sites by using my reading list.

    I say this not because I need to see them but can other posters not see them? If so. it is a new way to exercising censorship.

  12. Trumpkin Bumpkin’s welcome Cyber war if Putin can help defraud America again.

    Trump hired Chuckles the Clown to head the effort. Worse still, if he gets re-elected the Statute of Limitations will be his ticket upon the end of second term.

  13. Trowbridge, Google is finding all those sites for me fine. Except ‘Vikispooks’, because it’s Wikispooks; just a typo.

  14. Getting overwhelmed by requests for my cbd oil. Wife has agreed to allow me the cost of new lighting which will pay for themselves in just one grow because of the reduced electricity demands of LEDs.

    Three indoor and one outdoor per year should yield enough weed for
    three to four gallons of MTC oil infused with full spectrum cannabinoids.

    Seriously I used to say it’s not a panacea but I think it’s a panacea.

    Swollen and inflamed knee joints? Smear it on. Within 10 minutes total relief.

  15. I just realized that last comment was like Spam in a can

    Sorry. I get carried away with my Tonic sales skills.

  16. Hey Trow –

    A Frenchman I work with is quite interested in the JFK assassination. He said there have been over 1000 books on the subject, but the curious thing is well over half of them have something a bit suspicious about the author.

    Either the author was dead at the time of writing, or this was the only book they ever produced, and in some cases they never existed at all. Some were low-level operatives like a CIA clerk or some retired policeman, who never had anything to do with intelligence, never done any research on the case, and had nothing of note to connect them to such agencies.

    Yet they all decided to write (and got published) a book out of the blue, and went back into obscurity. My French mate considers this a bit suspicious, and all these books serve only to distract and confuse. Have you come across anything in this line?

  17. Ben

    ” Sorry. I get carried away with my Tonic sales skills.”

    Great Stuff…But keep an eye out on Big Pharma catching on..Ye know what they are Like.

    Trowbridge .. Sounds good Enjoy.. I see from Clark’s Wiki link that they did a show called ‘ police brutality in the United States ‘ – The work is one the very few in opera history that features a solely African-American cast.

    Ps. If you ever get the chance.. If ‘ Ghost Dancers ‘ go on tour again.. A must see performance..I seen it first time around..20 odd years ago…Watch out for the three Demon Ghosts appearing @ 3;20 mins.

  18. Brian: Its not as paranoid in CA as it used to be because the Feds as well as local law enforcement have thrown in the towel on smaller growers.

    They get more promotions from big grow busts.

    But the Tweakers like to raid in the wee hours. Lost my crop to the dumbasses in 2017. The joke on them was the plants were worthless pulled up before even beginning to flower.

    I have three fencing perimeters and I leave the dogs out at night this year.

  19. Great Precautions Ben.. Maybe one fence with a wee Electric Sting Lol.. the outer one..away from the Dugs ( Dogs )

    That all reminds me of our first time on Vatersay ( outer Hebrides )

    Our cottage was close to a Fenced off bit of the Machair ( the Islands Rainbow fields ) and my first introduction to the Corncrake Bird

    I thought it was a Faulty Electric Fence.. So Precise was it’s call..and Endless too, Six hours nonstop they can call.. I loved them..There was a Large barn about 250 meters in front of our cottatage..and it Echoed the Corncake call… I thought it would make a great layer of Electronic music..I could listen to it all night… Once we discovered what it was the Three monsters I was with wanted to shoot the poor wee thing.. It was only calling out for a mate – For about six hours – after Migrating from south Africa.. Even the Crofters protect it , by Havesting the Machair from the centre give our visiting friends an escape route.

    The Corncrake Electronic Sound –

  20. Are we certain MK Ultra was abandoned due to failure?

    Another shooting in Ohio. Killer dead and isn’t talking.

  21. Perhaps you remember my explosion of brain power musings I was contemplating.

    Apparently my continuous ingestion of coconut oil is like a bi-turbo for brain power. MCT oil especially suspect due to its ‘fractionation’.

  22. Good Article Ben

    So long as the U.K do what they are told re Brexit.. and the U.S market.. One of the reasons Scotland needs out of it.

    It’s a Monumental disaster

  23. Hi guys, back in more or less one piece, enjoyed the festival as the music was terrific though the librettos for the new operas were hard to follow. Fortunately. no bombing or shoot out occurred, and counter terrorism was not obviously working.

    Didn’t help matters by falling down a set of stairs while going to the toilet in the middle of the night. Killed my grand mother by doing so. and seriously limited the movement of one of my nephews a few months ago. My general health and good health are still working.

    Donald Trump isn’t solving any of Britain’s problems no matter how much ass kissing it engages in. He won’t even agree to eliminating assault weapons in American civil society, and having universal back ground checks of gun purchases as they won’t stop much though everyone is clamoring for them.

    Autisim is often sited even in my case, but it was reassuring to know that Toni Morrison cited my peace making efforts and opposition to hatred in a certificate of appreciation she sent before she died, and said that my name would be on a wall of honor to be built in Montgomery, Alabama where I would never visit for fear of being lynched.

    Best endorsement of my work ever received.

  24. See that the expected experts have attributed Morrison’s writings to the fiction of others, and her own experiences but I know that my writings, especially about Henry Brougham, and America’s covert government, particular its assassination of MLK, helped, as my signed certificate of appreciation proves.

  25. China will be forced to impose martial law in Hong Kong to stop a revolt which Britain’s MI6 is stocking up by using revamped Palmerstoniam imperialism in the name of human rights.

  26. Cyclone Lekima has the hallmarks of being man-made, becoming the equivalent of a category five hurricane while still way out in the Pacific but reducing to only a category three one when it hit eastern China.

    Looks like the work of Alaska’s HAARP or more likely one of those laser equipped US subs.

    That will;teach Xi a lesson or two.

  27. Will Joe Biden’s role in helping get his son Bo, Delaware’s Attorney General, to cover up the murder of John P. Wheeler, III, become an issue in the campaign?

    Doubt such a revelation will occur in the American madhouse!

  28. This Epstein thing is exploding

    I think there is a head of state type Sex Slave Worldwide conspiracy at work and being gradually unearthed. The Saudis are chief degenerates in this and have blackmailed with threats to Petrodollar have made us co-conspirators.

    Our own degenerate politicos saw the success of the suppression and decided to have a taste.

    Truly, humanity has few heroes and far too many psychopaths needing extermination to oppose a new Nuremberg on these assholes.

  29. MI6 being involved in the confrontation between Hong Kong and Beijing is obvious with only a cursory reading of Gordon Corera’s The Art of Betrayal: The Secret History of MI6. Acting as if the agency died by the time Sir John Sawers retired as its director, along with with the strange death of its hacker Gareth Williams, is ludicrous, as a subtitle claims.

    Ignorning China except for its personnel not speaking Mandarin in James Bond style, it claims it has been reduced to the Inland Revenue in how it operates.

    Alex Younger certainly has it working in a more modern way.

  30. Hasn’t anyone blamed Russia yet for the recent failure of the UK electric power grid? Outages from London to Glasgow; East Coast Main Line paralysed for its entire length. C’mon, it has to be Russia; decades of mismanagement and under-investment couldn’t possibly be the culprit…

  31. Glenn_nl, August 1, 2:33 pm; fascinating comment.

    I’m with Chomsky on this subject; researching the minutiae of such incidents wastes countless activists’ time – agitate, campaign; get off your computer and out into the streets! Rebel!

  32. Phil xfrog, July 29, 2:43 am:

    “In communism there will be no festival arm bands”

    I’m not sure you’ve thought this through. AAA (Access All Areas) etc. wristbands are (or at least should be) allocated on the basis of competence, experience and trustworthiness; they aren’t about whether the person has paid or not. Backstage can be a dangerous place, and incompetence can disrupt the performance.

    But even audience wristbands can serve purposes beyond confirmation of payment, eg. when the number wishing to attend exceeds the safe capacity of the venue.

    It is very easy to claim that all ills are due to a prevailing political system, but many problems arise simply from increases in numbers of people. It would be great if every person could know and remember the reputation and competence of everyone they’ll ever meet in their lives, but human memory simply isn’t capable of that. So instead, tokens get deployed. It’s far from perfect but it’s also a lot better than nothing.

  33. “Hasn’t anyone blamed Russia yet for the recent failure of the UK electric power grid?”

    Only you, as far as I’ve seen, I don’t think it would have crossed anyone else’s mind.

    Anyone tried blaming the British monarchy for the death of Epstein yet?

  34. “I don’t think it would have crossed anyone else’s mind…”

    About 5,590,000 results (0.53 seconds)

    US and Russia clash over power grid ‘hack attacks’ – BBC News
    18 Jun 2019 – Russia has said it is “possible” that its electrical grid is under cyber-attack by the US. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said reports that US …

    Russia’s Power Grid Is an Easy Target for U.S. Hacking – Bloomberg…/2019…/russia-s-power-grid-is-vulnerable-to-u-s-attack…
    17 Jun 2019 – The real message U.S. officials are sending to Moscow is that Russia can be attacked without White House authorization.

    DHS and FBI Say Russia Hacked the U.S. Electric Grid | Electrical …
    This time, a Russian campaign to infiltrate U.S. power and infrastructure sectors gained access to and observed these organizations for an undetermined …

    Russian Hackers Tried to Attack U.S. Power Grid | Digital Trends
    15 Jun 2019 – A hacking group linked to the Russian government has been attempting to breach the U.S. power grid. Security experts tracked the hackers, …

    Was a Vermont Power Grid Infiltrated by Russian Hackers? › Fact Check › Conspiracy Theories
    The infected laptop was not connected to the power grid, and no evidence documents … A code associated with the Russian hacking operation dubbed Grizzly …

    The Highly Dangerous ‘Triton’ Hackers Have Probed the US Grid – Wired
    14 Jun 2019 – Especially when the target of their scanning is the US power grid. … buggy version of Server Message Block exploited in the Eternal Blue hacking tool … group, they would be far from the only Russian hackers to target the grid.

    Russian Hackers Haven’t Stopped Probing the US Power Grid | WIRED
    28 Nov 2018 – In recent years, hacks against the power grid have gone from a mostly theoretical risk to a real-world problem. Two large-scale blackouts in …


  35. Hiya Phil, good to hear from you. Sorry, your wry grin somehow didn’t make it into your comment…

  36. RIP peter Fonda.

    Easy Rider was a huge influence to me, when a bunch of us managed to get in to see our first X-film, at about 16. Had no idea what to expect.

    Showed an entirely different perspective on life to that which I thought was the only rational course. Smoking dope and taking other drugs? Motorcycles? Meeting hippies, and cruising around America, traveling through the desert?

    Camping on the desert floor. Listening to the insects, and watching the sun go down over a most picturesque horizon, shaded to the darkest blue from a cyan base.

    Rather takes me aback, to think of how much this has shaped my life. I have no regrets about that whatsoever.

  37. I very much agree with Squonks depiction of a dire state of stewarding, one hand did not seem to know what the other did and a previous nights spectacle around a bonfire went a little too awry, for which security got pulled up the next morning, hence their Stalinist tendencies….
    Hope that will be ironed out for next year.

  38. I found Jack Kerouac’s On The Road more original and interesting, Glenn.

    Wonder if screwball Trump was planning on trading Trump Towers and free passes to his golf clubs for Greenland. The guy must think that he is another Jefferson.

  39. Nevermind.. For Squonk to be there out of Kindness..
    I wandered around the site with ..with a bag full of your Whisky.. Twice.. then on the Sunday had to leave..No communication..I had to leave Kirsty and find Your good lady

    I don’t think as it grows can be perfect..but Growing it I’m inot sure I will be back next year.. Dunno

  40. Only Fred feels comfortable discussing Trump. Trow.

    He’s not just non compus mentis anymore.

    Human beans are just vegging these days.

  41. Squonk,

    Would you be so kind as to check for unauthorised access to the moderation area of Craig’s blog. Almost every comment I post is deleted. Sometimes they disappear more than 24 hours after submission which makes me suspect it isn’t the official moderation team who are doing it. Perhaps someone with a grudge against me is acting vindictively. When was the password last changed?

  42. It doesn’t need to be someone hacking the moderation Node, it just needs to be someone making a complaint. See Godfrey vs Demon.

    Just walk away, I did when Craig started his creative moderating, Craig Murray PLC is only a second rate blog owned by a third rate conspiracy theorist, the internet is full of them.

  43. Craig is just a hasty, thin-skinned blogger. He not only deleted my post about this when he failed to take photos of Assange’s conditions in prison, and prevented any comment about his failure.

    Now he has made my posting more difficult by deleting details about me, and how I can be reached.

  44. Craig very rarely deletes comments himself and anybody who feels they have an issue with the blog is welcome to use the contact form to contact him directly. Moderation policy is undoubtedly tougher than in the old wild west days but most deletions are simply for being wildly off topic or people getting into heated arguments. That’s just in general – I haven’t looked in detail recently.

    Craig does read contact form messages.

    EDIT: To add I’ve no reason to suspect unauthorized access

  45. As I recall, my post passed the moderators, and then suddenly disappeared, making me think he did it. My questioning was intended to improve his claims.

  46. Now I am banned from Craig’s blog, all because I thought the ICJ would consider countermeasures in any hijacking of international shipping, and asking if he was able to take photos of Julian Assange, and his prison conditions during his visits.

    The guy is highly overrated!

  47. Trowbridge, all moderation deletions are retroactive, whether it’s Craig who deletes it or a mod.

    But as a former moderator thanks for the complement; I didn’t know I had the super-power of being faster than a web server!

  48. People rarely understand why their comments get deleted because our own faults are the most difficult to see.

    “O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us.
    – To see oursels as ithers see us!”

  49. it wasn’t a compliment, Clark, especially since you made no comment about C raig’s deletions of attempts to help Assange’s case against his imprisonment or Craig’s simple over-the-top rejection of the ICJ considering counter measures in cases of hijacking international trade. And there are many other cases of his rejecting relevant comments out of hand- e.g., a subordinate of Darroch’s at the FCO leaking his memos.

  50. Node,

    All the mods have individual accounts and passwords and all moderator actions are logged. but I’ll have a closer look to see if anything looks unusual.

    What am I “in on” Phil?

  51. Can anyone believe what Trump, the master of the art of the deal, offered Denmark for Greenland. Seems it is over five time the land value of the state of Wyoming.

    THe only problem is Wyoming is pretty much only known for land, and a bit of tourism, while Greenland is estimated to be loaded with all kinds of resources, like rare earth metals, gold, even possibly oil, plus fishing and tourism, Probably worth a 100 times more than Wyoming.

    The POTUS is an ignorant crook!

  52. Trowbridge, I’ve given up arguing with you, partly out of respect for your age, and partly because, if I were drawn into argument with you, I’d be likely to say things that you might find rude, and I won’t do that out of respect for my friend Squonk 🙂

    PS Trow, my ‘compliment’ comment was a joke anyway 🙂

  53. Squonk, Phil was joking again 🙂 I’d explain the joke, but it might upset Node.

    Grief, everyone’s at crossed-purposes recently!

  54. Now Trump has called off his state visit to Denmark because its officials did not fall for his proposed swindle over buying Greenland..

    The guy is a lunatic.

  55. Down in France now, weather here is great – on a fairly trivial “enjoying the sunshine” sort of way.

    People are talking about global warming in a big way here, they’re seriously concerned in a way I haven’t encountered before – on a general basis, I mean. People volunteer their concerns unprompted, just from one fellow European to another, to see if you share their alarm, and to see what you’ve noticed from wherever you happen to live.

    The major rivers here are well down on their usual levels too. Even I’m noticing this, and the locals say it’s all part of the massive and rapid change underway now.

    I’m sure this won’t stop the denialists poo-pooing it, and offering their standard trick-bag of BS and distraction to what is glaringly obvious.

  56. Glenn, thanks for that news. There are now 580 Extinction Rebellion groups world-wide, up from 440 and 498 near the beginning and end of June respectively:

    France still pretty thin though, for Europe:

    On the other hand, the US seems to be doing well.

  57. Still I hear *crickets on Boris the interloper..capitalizing..apparently on the naivete of Trumpian stupidity in the UK.

    Trump has reorganized your bona least acknowledge your lack of foresight and misjudgments.

  58. Boris Johnson has no problem solving ability. Can’t help it – it is simple genetics. He does have ancient Greek and Latin dictionaries in his head – again genetics.

    “amabam, amabas, amabat, amabamus, amabatis, amabant!”

  59. If the Brits want the Chinese to stop detaining their consular workers, like Simon Heng, they should see that in searching the internet for possible clues, they don’t allow posters to see photos of them along with MI6 ‘C’ Alex Younger.

    That’s where I would start looking if I was still working at the lowest level for counterintelligence.

  60. Not sure how common knowledge this is in America but Boris Johnson was born in New York and dreams of becoming US President one day on his path to “World King”

    He’s probably lined up for after Ivanka’s second term.

  61. That’s the main problem..human shit floats to the top so Boris just adds to the effluent.

    As to Trump: he’d better check his idolatry. When humans propose, the god of the Bible disposes.

    See Spanish Armada., the Titanic and. WTC whose architects proclaimed their invincibility.

  62. Ben, I thought that the Spanish Armada sailed in the confident hope of a miracle, the Titanic came in handy when CNO Admiral John Richardson wanted to find the remains of the USN Puffer and Batfish which had been sunk during Swedish naval exercises while Palme had become stats minister, and 9/11 would never have happened if NSA Director General Michael Hayden had been doing his job for which he is now paying dearly, reduced by paralysis to playing games with a grandson.

    Doesn’t sound very God-like.

  63. Certainly, Trump trying to buy Greenland for a song to surprise everyone, especially his core, when the US has prospected the place unhindered for years was his own idea, not just a symptom of his corruption.

  64. Trowbridge:

    Mortals need humility when they declare their structures ‘invincible..unsinkable, or a higher power will humiliate them.

    *Just throwing their rhetoric back in their face

  65. Ben,

    What about this?

    Now that Trump can’t buy Greenland, he might later put in an offer of about 50 pence for a bankrupt post-Brexit UK. Boris accepts and the UK becomes the 51st state and, as an added bonus, Trump gets to piss off Puerto Ricans even more!

  66. AA: Is post Brexit UK irredeemable? I think you will be fine.

    You survived buzz bomb/V2 without help from Republican Isolationists despite FDRs attempts.

    But your voters are as hobbled as ours and Bore-Us knows this all too well.

  67. It has been getting worse for decades. We can bitch on-line all we like about Boris and Trump. If we’re really daft we can rejoice when they finally get replaced by someone marginally less toxic, but the same old system will roll on and on until the associated ecological disaster overtakes us.

    Get down to your local XR group and contribute to organising an alternative. I promise; it feels a lot better than complaining.

  68. I’m only complaining about those who are late to the dinner table. Clark.

    Too many are complacent and has no immediate connection to their immediate concerns.

    Short-sightedness is a feature of the average voter. There’s the crux of it..

  69. “AA: Is post Brexit UK irredeemable? I think you will be fine.”

    Project fear, Ben. A no deal Brexit would not be good for Britain, or Europe, it would hurt everyone financially and some practically, it is to be avoided if at all possible. However it would not be the disaster they are declaring it to be, life would go on, probably much as normal for those of us who don’t travel abroad or eat fancy imported foods.

    Fact is we had a deal, people like Jeremy Corbyn and the SNP voted against accepting it, three times. Boris voted to accept the withdrawal agreement. If there is a no deal Brexit it won’t be Boris that’s to blame.

  70. Scottish ministers spent £1.3 million on chauffeur driven limos for themselves last year, 12% up on the year before.

    What climate emergency?

  71. Fred, you mention “people like Jeremy Corbyn and the SNP voted against accepting it“ but omitted to mention the Lib Dems and Tories, not to forget the wonderful DUP, who also voted against Teresa May’s deal. I’d have thought this would be important if you’re going to say “Fact is”.

    That aside, The Specials are on BBC4 at the moment with ‘Gangsters’. Good stuff…

  72. I see Fascism is alive and well

    “Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China”

  73. Hope I die before our leaders make the world uninhabitable for life.

    If the space weapons don’t get you, the plastic debris or the fires will.

  74. “Scottish ministers spent £1.3 million on chauffeur driven limos for themselves last year…”

    Er, they hadn’t declared a climate emergency last year. I’m no more keen on the SNP than Craig is and I’m unimpressed that they’re spending money on limos, but conflating the sequence of events seems pretty underhand. A Brexit Blameless Boris is a fantasy too:

    From 2009 onwards, he advocated for a referendum on Britain’s EU membership.[471][469][472] In 2018, during the Brexit negotiations, he called for Britain to leave the Single Market.[469] He stated that Britain’s EU membership had led to the suppression of the wages of its “indigenous” people and said the EU was intent on creating a “superstate” that wants to rob Britain of its sovereignty.[469] In 2019, Johnson said he would take Britain out of the EU on 31 October whether there was a deal in place or not.[473]… On 19 August 2019, Johnson wrote a letter to the EU and asked for the removal of “backstop” accord, which was signed by the previous Prime Minister Theresa May.

  75. @Clark

    Boris voted for accepting the Brexit deal negotiated by May.

    Those trying to make political capital by scaremongering over a no deal Brexit voted against.

    That’s fact.

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