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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. The capitalist revolution is finally running out of expedients to keep going, with its trade wars, space wars and consumer bargains, which everyone wants, from jazzed up water to cars, but few need, and soon tire of, and throw away while the rest of the world picks through the rubbish feverishly. The construction of resources, and their destruction has become an international avocation and is now plaguing our internal markets.

    I could give you all kinds of examples, but I won’t bore you unnecessarily. Just think of a G7 meeting without China, India, and even Russia being there or my telling you about the troubles of this laptop which Apple dismissed as burned out beyond repair, and an independent repairman going there to get a new hard drive, at a tenth cost of a new one, to fix it.

    The world is hopelessly involved in a war with itself.

  2. Can you believe that the BBC interviewed that scum-bag lawyer Alan Dershsowitz without ever asking about his keeping Harvey Weinstein from prosecution for sex crimes, his representing OJ Simpson helped keeping him from going to jail for the murders he committed, and Jeffrey Epstein from being convicted of anything until he committed suicide.

    And Alan helped see to the 50 or so murders that Stephen Paddock committed when OJ was released on parole to live in Las Vegas for a lesser crime.

    I particularly resented his comparing his work to Henry Brougham’s who never resorted to reprinting such criminals.

    We live in scum-bag times.

  3. Douchewitz will face a Reversal of Fortune once his complicity in the illegalities of Trumpism has revealed his circumcised honor and integrity.

  4. BEnded up with only one Haze x hybrid female out of 5 seeds. Crop King (Canada) is extolled as an efficacious seed source but I have questions. Most comments on their site indicate significantly fewer than the average of 60/40 in the female/male percentage.

    My remaining female (unpollinated) is still not showing pistils as of this date. It’s not the Breeders fault if the rules vary.

    My unscientific anecdotals don’t count for much except for my need to
    be clear and genetics, especially when crossed, become an incalculable outcome. Results are nearly infinite in variations.

    Even within the realm of supposedly identical genes, clones can vary somewhat in their expression. Nature is unfathomable in it’s complexity.

  5. Fred, no it isn’t fact, it’s polemic – selected fact combined with disguised opinion in order to promote a position. “Those trying to make political capital by scaremongering over a no deal Brexit” is a category you have invented and defined yourself. Neither “trying to make political capital” nor “scaremongering” are sufficiently definable to be used in statements of fact. I could expound, but I’d rather you reflected.

    If you now seek ways to further polarise the discussion, culminating in calling me a fascist and encouraging me to “fuck off and die”, you will have demonstrated how you got a load of your comments at Craig’s deleted by moderators.

  6. Trowbridge, August 25, at 11:48 am; absolutely spot on sir. Capitalism is eating itself. Meanwhile, the labour of most working people is so undervalued that they can barely feed themselves.

  7. “Fred, no it isn’t fact, it’s polemic”

    How they voted is on record.

    29th of March, Boris Johnson voted to accept the withdrawal agreement. Jeremy Corbyn and the SNP, who are now trying to overthrow the government using the prospect of a no deal Brexit as an excuse, voted against the deal.


  8. Better, Fred, but you’ve still posted as much polemic as you presumably thought you could get away with, eg: “who are now trying to overthrow the government using the prospect of a no deal Brexit as an excuse“. Are you a mind-reader? Is a no-deal Brexit consistent with their policies?

    Johnson has not faced a general election. If you thought he should, you might have mentioned it.

    And shouting did nothing to help either.

  9. I think Vince Cable, then leader of the Lib Dems, also voted against May’s deal – as did the majority of MPs.

    However, best not mention that if you are being selective with the facts and only wish to make negative spin against the dastardly Corbyn the despicable SNP!

    PS. It is the role of the opposition to bring down an incompetent and disjointed government.

  10. @JOML

    Aren’t the Nationalists always telling us about how the SNP are the third biggest party at Westminster, with Labour second?

  11. @Ben

    What I said in reply to your question was the facts, inconvenient facts for some as you will have gathered from the reaction.

  12. Thanks Clark, though it doesn’t sound like the insults you said were likely.

    It is a good example of the intuitive ideas I generally come uo with.

    This time it is fitting up what is happening in the world with capitalism which is trying to adjust the positive and preventive checks that Robert Malthus alluded to about population growth with what is occurring here with secret and overt governance.

    Fred, stop fitting up your convenient jdeas with what is apparently happening.

  13. So Fred, can I assume you’d prefer this minority Conservative “government” under Johnson to a general election? I wouldn’t.

  14. Would anyone explain to me a deal on withdrawing from the EU which will pass Parliament?

    Boris Johnson appears to be a lying fraud!

  15. I’d prefer the UK to leave Europe with a deal, that’s what people voted for in the referendum and what 258 MPs wanted on 29th of March.

    Neither Jeremy Corbyn nor the SNP voted to leave the EU with a deal so we can only assume they want an undemocratic remain or a no deal Brexit.

  16. Trow

    Any deal that gets through parliament will almost certainly closely resemble what has already been negotiated. The deal will get through not because of any changes to the terms but for fear of the alternatives.

  17. BTW the feared alternatives, focusing minds to accept what they wouldn’t, are Corbyn, no deal and Farage.

    Personally I suspect a deal will get through parliament. After all the bullshit they’ll suddenly come with a last minute and inconsequential change that both sides can enthusiastically sell to their constituencies.

    But who knows. The UK may leave with no deal, whatever that means.

  18. There are no tory rebels. They always back down. Maybe Dominic Grieve will stick to his guns but the rest will not vote the government down simply because of Corbyn.

    The negotiated deal gives NI a favoured trading status which very much appeals to the business class in NI. The DUP are under a lot of local pressure to work it out.

    There are a Labour MPs who will vote for a deal in defiance of the whip. Four, maybe many more.

    The numbers add up. A deal could get through parliament. Or something else entirely different will happen.

  19. If anyone is interested, my concluding that the US et al.has space weapons which could cause disasters like quakes and cyclones was another example of my intuition connecting the dots.

    While I was researching quakes in Iran, Turkey, and off Aceh in Indonesia, I was reading The Nuclear Express by Thomas Reed and Danny Stillman, I bought a copy of Jeff Hecht’s Beams, and Hugh Fusterson’s Nuclear Rites was finally published. I finally realized that Hecht concluded that all the concern about the making the laser was overstated because it could not do things like shooting down an ICBM during launch, and Gusterson said that an X-Ray laser could by causing a nuclear explosion in space could though the end of the Cold War made such fears unnecessary.

    The trouble with Fusterson’s reassurances were refuted by what Washington was doing, like getting round Berkeley stopping its connection with Laurence Livermore National Laboratory, the closing of the Nevada Test site for testing its new weapons design, and the public losing interest in what was going on there.

    After three years of study there in 1990 by Gusterson, the NRO caused a quake on the Iran-iraq border to make sure that Tehran was so involved in its own disaster that it would not even consider coming to Saddam’s aid during the first Gulf War. The same thing happened to Bam in 2003 before the second Gulf War.

    In short, Gusterson got his Ph. D. for writing convenient bullshit for Bob Gates’s Pentagon. No wonder he endorsed recklessly the Reed-Stillman book.

  20. Ben

    She is just a figurehead and can’t refuse. Bizarrely, she can consult with her chief adviser, who is the PM – the TrumpUK you mention!
    More pomp than democracy.

  21. The unwritten British Constitution is out to dinner after PM Boris Johnson pulls a fast one – what written ones are primarily established for to prevent.

  22. There is nothing unconstitutional about prorogation Trowbridge, Major did it in 1997, Atlee in 1947.

    A load of fuss about nothing, parliament would be suspended for the conference season on the 14th anyway, they lose just 4 days. Parliament returns in plenty of time to pass legislation before Brexit day on the 31st October.

    What this does mean is that the government would be able to present May’s Brexit bill once again, it being a different parliamentary session. Then MPs will be faced with a plain and simple choice, deal or no deal, no more kicking the can down the road.

  23. Nothing unconstitutional about HMG asking the Queen to prorogue Parliament, and her doing so after consulting the same leader of her government in the Commons to do so!

    It stinks to high heavens, smacking of dictatorial governance.

  24. It’s what usually happens every autumn, parliament is prorogued then a new session is started with the Queen’s Speech. Because of Brexit the current session of parliament has lasted three years, a record for modern times.

    The current deal agreed with Europe has been presented to parliament three times in this session, the speaker of the house has ruled that it can’t be presented again this session. Without a new session if Europe doesn’t agree a new deal the only alternative will be a no deal Brexit.

  25. JOML: Don’t follow your political structure as I barely comprehend our own Civics.

    Unless she lacks intestinal fortitude the only answer is that the Queen agrees with the strategery.

    It’s hard to comprehend that polite approach but then History corrects my thinking toward intent , and the thinking becomes more lucid.

  26. Seems that no one is interested in how the US became capable of conducting space war with the implementation of X-ray lasers, to transform “…a nuclear explosion in space…” (Gusterson, p. 91) to destroy moving targets like Soviet ICBMS which Edward Teller and his prote’ge’ Lowell Wood, possibly weapons designer Thomas Reed, accomplished despite all the dogged opposition Laurence Livermore had generated.

  27. When is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo going to throw his hat in the ring for Democratic candidate for President, upsetting all the predictions who it might be?

  28. It would be unconstitutional for a gov to prorogue to avoid scrutiny. The proposed prorogation is only constitutional because the gov are lying. Everyone knows they are lying and everybody knows they know that everybody knows but hey, what ya gonna do. It’s fucking hilariously mad. I agree with Fred that this increases the chance of a deal as much as it does a no deal.

  29. I think the main question is one of sovereignty Phil, who is sovereign, parliament or the people, do we elect MPs to serve us or to rule us?

    It’s unfortunate that the people voted for Brexit but as they did it’s parliament’s duty to deliver it with or without a deal, whether they want to or not.

  30. Interesting how BBC is supporting a coup in China, backing the pro democracy rioters in Hong Kong which would result in the overthrow of the regime in Beijing if successful.

    The media outlet is just a government agent.

  31. Legally Parliament does not have to deliver the result of the referendum. And MPs are representatives who are not accountable one iota beyond election. I guess I find the idea of a sovereign people under our current system too ludicrous to worry about.

    I agree by their own terms the remainers act undemocratically but this charade reveals the contradictions from all sides. It’s the same old same old. I can’t get outraged about which part of the ruling class is lying the most.

    I worry about the rise of nationalism. A Johnson/Farage government is a real possibility. Aligning with these fuckers, over some illusion of sovereignty, is a dangerous game.

  32. By the conventional constitution which even the courts adhere to, the Queen-in- Parliament is sovereign.

    And nationalism is a dangerous., disruptive ideology too, justifying the use of force for its achievement if necessary, like in Hong Kong from China.

  33. American nationalism kept it out of WWII until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hitler declared war on the USA, and that moron Trump cannot attend a memorial of its beginning where he is only a bit player which representatives of defeated Germany even attended for the pathetic excuse that he needs to manage the fallout of Hurricane Dorian.

    The guy is almost as bad as German nationalist Hitler.

  34. Trow
    “By the conventional constitution which even the courts adhere to, the Queen-in- Parliament is sovereign”

    The monarch is not sovereign. A king was decapitated centuries ago to end that nonsense. The queen was simply defending her own self interest (and then the interests of her class). In everything the Queen’s first consideration is the continuation of her family’s reign.

    RE: HK. I heard a leftie claim the other day that there are around 350,000 NGOs in HK acting to undermine the CCCP. Would you have any idea if that figure is even remotely accurate?

  35. Squonk or anyone

    A senior negotiator Di-Aping at the 2009 Copenhagen conference said that the IPPC predictions for a global 2° rise means a 3°-3.5° rise for Africa. video here

    Is this still the case?

    [Obviously I never read the whole IPPC report!]

  36. Phil, thanks for your August 31, 3:00 pm comment , which says just about everything I was thinking about this ridiculous situation.

    Trowbridge, yes, nationalism is a dangerous ideology. Fred has supported the media depiction of the supporters of Scottish independence as nationalists. Of course they are nationalists by strict definition, and a minority from among the less thoughtful do have that dangerous ideology of blaming “the English”. But my experience is that most just want independence from Westminster.

  37. Phil, 12:29 pm: I’d have to look that up. But the much-quoted “2 degrees” figure refers to the year 2100, but that curve shows the temperature only about half way through its rise by then. On that path it doesn’t level off until 2300, between 4 and 8 degrees up if I remember correctly. And that’s without allowing for various of the major feedbacks that may or may not kick in.

    And we’re not even on course for 2 degrees by 2100. More like 3 to 6. And emissions are still rising.

  38. You guys will quibble about the obvious, but the truth still reigns, and Boris Johnson is an English nationalist a la Neville Chamberlain only dragged into European affairs by the alleged failures of others.

  39. Clark

    I hadn’t heard of about Di-Aping before yesterdaay but he seems to have been a senior player at Copenhagen. He accused the conference of knowingly agreeing to condemn future Africans. I am interested if these claims hold up.

    I’ve only read little bits of the IPPC report itself and haven’t read about how the effects of climate change might be distributed. I can’t quickly find anything online to support Di-Aping’s claims and thought to save myself further effort by asking here. 🙂 I sort of figure the obscurity of the claim undermines it but you never know.

    So, is Africa predicted to get a 3°-3.5°rise in the IPPC global 2° projections? Will the effects be that uneven?

    Squonk, do you know?

  40. People in Scotland only have the stomach for one constitutional crisis at a time Phil, a no deal Brexit would scupper what little hope the flag waving fanatics had of ignoring the democratic will of the people and going for independence.

  41. It was Eduard Daladier’s commitment to the Czechs that forced German apologist Chamberlain to declare war on it when Hitler attacked Poland.

  42. Hope the Bahamians, especially our cooks and maids Ruth and Margaret on Eleuthera, weather Hurricane Dorian as well as possible. It was the goodbye to my older deceased siste, and we found the island a pleasant surprise.

    It was not built up like most islands in that area. It was as the Brits had left it. Even the golf course they started remains unnished at Cotton Cove, a nice place where tourists can enjoy both the ocean and a nice man-made bay for swimming.

    It’s just a short flight from the capital Nassu.

  43. Hurricane Dorian shows the danger of using man-made disasters like what the US government has with its X-Ray lasers as they just increase the potential of natural disasters. It is the culmination of what the NRO has attempted against Cuba, Haiti, the US Gulf Coast and Puerto Rico.

  44. Hi Clark, the 2 deg. by 2100 has been superseded ,so I believe, my scientist friend says that the predictions are converging on the figure of 4deg. by 2070+, for many the end to being able to live in their country,. feed themselves or survive the heat waves. Here is a summary of it in not so many words.

    Sadly I will not meet you in London as I am supporting a slightly less polluting local XR action in Norfolk.

  45. Nevermind, I am looking forward to the October actions in London because April was so uplifting, but simultaneous local action is very good too.

    Last April, a group of XR cyclists stayed overnight in Chelmsford on their way to London; some had started around your way, and at least one of them knew you.

    Here’s a cleaned-up version of your link:

    The link is divided up by question marks, equals signs and ampersands. It means something like this:

    Go to this web page:

    The video to play (“v=”) has this unique identifier: cOmdkN6MOwU

    And (“&”) use Youtube’s ‘share’ feature (“feature=share”)

    And (“&”) the Facebook Click Identifier equals (“fbclid=”):

    Goodness knows what Facebook codes into that last bit, but it can take 64 to the power of 61 different values; that’s about 15 followed by 109 zeros, hugely more than enough to individually number every atom in the visible universe!

  46. Thanks for washing my link Clark. The actions of XR could be so much improved, they could stifle the whole security sector by always preparing local and national actions on the same day in every town up and down the country, with the added bonus of a much lower carbon footprint of their actions.
    Could you imagine announcing a massive London action for weeks in advance, plan it and make sure that London XR follows it to the T, but then, pull plan B and do massive local actions instead, after your local police has been called up to support the London effort?

    Getting them to chase us, not us working into their hands by all coming together in one spot. Please refer this idea to Roger Hallam or the ‘office’ when you down there. Its a win win doddle that will leave egg on their face and us with having recognised our own footprint. take care

  47. Wise move by Carrie Lam to withdraw extradition bill.

    Will just cause Beijing’s counterintelligence to be more involved in checking on Hong Kong resident troublemakers when they visit mainland China to accomplish the same purpose.

    As they say. there are several ways to skin a cat.

    Hong Kong will now be obliged to act as if the rioting never happened.

    The man-made hurricanes I was particularly referring to are Hurricane Irma, Mathew, Maria and Katrina. Hurricane Dorian whatever made it just gives all concerned what is in store for them if they continue their allegedly evil ways.

  48. Nevermind, the objective isn’t to beat the authorities; it’s to demonstrate our commitment to the public and thereby awaken them to the danger. It’s the public who will change things, not the relatively small core of committed activists. It’s the same principle as the Freedom Riders in the US, who travelled in the “wrong” sections of racially segregated buses, even though they got arrested for it.

    The statement we’re making is “this is so urgent that thousands of us are willing to get arrested”. At the same time we demonstrate the power of community, with our gratis food and hot drinks, music and theatre, art and poetry in public spaces etc.

  49. Clark: it’s similar to the Congressional debate on the 13th Amendment wherein blacks ‘were equal under the Law’

    Lincoln knew slavery was a blight that was past due in its conclusion.
    But there was a Southern effort to armistice ahead of that vote to circumvent the 13th passing.

    When Lincoln asked Border States of their support for the Amendment if such an agreement existed..their response was mitigated because the Wars end was their only support .

    When Abe asked one Missouri couple why they wouldn’t support the Amendment if peace could be obtained without he asked “Why?”

    “Niggers” was the reply.

  50. Trump/Boris

    Succubus, separated at birth. They mutually endorse themselves with egregious odors, mostly emanating from a $5000 tent suit, covering the globe with arrogance and beastial avarice


  51. Too bad that Boris Johnson never learned that bit of wisdom reported when a visitor asked a local sage for directions to go somewhere known almost everywhere: “Sir, I am sorry to report that you cannot get there from here.”

  52. Looking more and more like lunatic Trump was involved in the creation of monster Hurricane Dorian – e.g., trying to divert funds from FEMA to help build his stupid wall, leaving the anniversary of the German attack on Poland so it would look like he wasn’t involved in the destruction of the Bahamas, making believe that the hurricane was naturally going the hit Alabama when NRO had build up a weather high so it wouldn’ t, General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis giving the POTUS an alibi for not being another Hitler, Trump playing golf and persisting in playing golf while it was taking place, not even making a perfunctory visit to the killing fields as he did afterHurricane Maria laid waste to Puerto Rico, etc.

    The Carolinas, especially Senator Lindsay ‘Mad Dog’ Graham, deserve to be hit by Dorian’s remants for helping the mad man become POTUS,

  53. Looks like the prisoner swap between Russia and Ukraine is a big win for Putin, though one would not conclude so by reading the BBC article about it which claims that Volodymyr Tsenakh, the rebel commanders held in eastern Ukraine was captured in June 2019 by Ukrainian special forces. It was by Russian ones.

    He was in charge of the missile crew which apparently shot down MH17 with Russian military material supplied to the rebels, and Moscow figured out that he was a traitor working for the former Ukrainian President which the current one, no comic as usually portrayed , and wants to clear up disputes involving Putin .

    Other prisoners going back to the Ukraine are sailors involved in crashing the Kerch Strait, Ukrainian military defectors involved in its dirty work, and an innocent Ukrainian reporter trying to report the truth, but we don’t l\know who Putin got in return.

    Psenakh, a “person of interest” in the downing of the airliner, should supply some crucial information when his role comes out. Was he thinking he would be killing Putin returning from South America, or was he doing it in compensation for not being able to do so?

  54. Craig Murray has dropped the ban on me, but it can be re-established by still deleting my posts, like the ones deleted claiming the Darroch memos leaked, still unresolved, had been done by hopeless neanderthal Boris Johnson.

  55. Thanks, but i am pretty picky about sites, even ones which have posted a lot of my ideas, like claiming that I have not posted proof or examined the claims of others when I have, causing threats of libel suits to the sites posting them, have stopped providing articles because the site has changed what I wrote or is trying to discredit me or the site has gone to the extreme of having an obsession about discrediting others, like Hillary Clinton.

    With that understood, you can consult articles I wrote for Wikispooks, Codshit, Cryptome, Veterans Today, and Flyingcuttlefish, Picayune. Craig Murray has deleted what I wrote about Scottish weather being manipulated by the UK government during its referendum vote on his thread yet again.

    If you do read some of them, feel free to question anything I said.

  56. Trowbridge, what you just replied to is spam, as was Hollie Arraiol on September 4 at 12:35 am, twenty comments back. They each link to a site; the second one is trying to sell stock market figures, and the first links to a Christian site saying that flying saucers are coming to help us.

  57. Clark: have you heard of element 115 and Bob Lazar?

    Apparently, for some decades we’ve been trying to reverse engineer an anti-matter reactor that bends space/time. The key to its operation is fused discs of 115 shaped as a bar and turned on a lathe.

    Fascinating stuff

  58. Ben, just guessing here, but does Lazar publish in full? Unless he does, such that others can replicate his experiments, his claims can’t be checked so he isn’t contributing to science.

    That may seem harsh, but I make exactly the same criticism of the pharmaceutical companies. Full methods and data where everyone can see them please, lads.

  59. Don’t think that the Court of Session’s ruling that Boris Johnson’s advice that he misled the Queen in giving his advice on the suspension of Parliament will stand in the appeal to the Supreme Court in London.

    The Queen, according to Walter Bagehot’s liberal, customaryl view of her constitutional powers, has the rights to encourage the PM if she agreed to what he was attempting. and warning him that he was bringing on a grave constitutional crisis by what he was attempting, issues that the three Scottish judges conveniently ignored.

  60. If the UK Supreme Court holds that PM Boris Johnson did not mislead the Queen, it should rule that she failed in her duty, implying that it is high time for her to abdicate from the throne

  61. Clark, I did not want to beat anybody, but circumnavigate and proclaim their actions as a waste of money and effort, as well as putting our “getty cash’ were our mouth is. All very well if we want everyone to change their lifestyle and impact on the environment, when we hyave to be polluters to spread the message.

    Last night our local parish council unanimously declared a climate emergency, whilst our district council is sitting on their hands, not giving a positive example, my efforts are locally and if this, our actions, would happen everywhere at the same time, then we would leave the most populous City’s activists do their London action, not us coming by train bus or cars, with many cycling there.

  62. The heatwave here in southern France is relentless. Climbing to over 32 degrees C (90 F) this weekend, and September is supposed to be a nice cool month. Water shortages around here, hosepipe bans (or their equivalent) in effect, and the rivers are clearly very low.

  63. Ben, I hope they’re out there too. I’m not exactly dismissing Lazar, but I have enough trouble keeping up with other matters; bicycle maintenance has been high on my list recently.

    Nevermind, local action is a very good thing, and I welcome local actions coincident with the London actions. But April’s actions in capital cities were remarkably successful, in recruitment, raising public awareness and pushing ecological emergency up the political agenda. I’m looking forward to October in London but yeah, I hope there are hundreds of local actions at the same time 🙂

  64. Clark: we cant even begin a discussion about other lifeforms and their potential for impacting our World until you have sufficient data to consider the probability. And yet you are puzzled as to why you have difficulty in these debates.

    Math and Engineering are but two disciplines…not the compendium
    of thinking that connects all ideas.

    Try to expand in your tolerances outside the concrete verifiable

    Try heuristics

  65. Ben, I really hope there’s someone else out there. I really hope humanity spot them, or their work, or even better, I hope they turn up here.

    But if us humans don’t turn ourselves around pretty damn quick, there’s going to be no one here for them to find.

    Look at it from their perspective. Their instruments have detected a planet whose surface is nowhere near chemical equilibrium; its atmosphere consists of nitrogen, which by rights should be dissolved in the water covering 2/3 of the surface, and oxygen FFS, one of the most reactive elements of all, just sitting there, in its most reactive gaseous form no less, when it should have all combined with the copious carbon littered about the land masses.

    Without life, this planet makes no rational sense.

    They’ve been watching for a century or so when their spectroscopes register a change; the CO2 concentration starts to increase. In fact, it’s shooting up so fast that it must be a biological change; it’s way too fast to be geological. And the rise is not linear, it’s exponential; another hallmark of biological activity.

    So they decide to take a closer look, but we’re 300 light-years away. Seeing as Einstein seems right, that means they can’t get here for 300 of our years minimum.

    And what do they find? The remains of agriculture and civilisation mostly in drowned coastal areas, and a decimated ecosystem with a vast flooded industry including four hundred drowned nuclear reactors steadily poisoning what’s left. In a few inland hills still cool enough to live on they find scraggy naked apes squabbling over remaining food, and wonder if these could possibly have built all the stuff that’s now under water.

  66. Ben, I checked out Bob Lazar a bit. He and his wife Joy run United Nuclear Scientific Equipment and Supplies:

    You learn something new every day:

    “An interesting fact is that 98% of the radiation emitted from Uranium ore is actually coming from the tiny (<0.01%) Radium impurity in the ore – which is why Uranium ore is more radioactive than Uranium metal

    Whoda guessed? Refining uranium actually makes it less radioactive!

  67. Why do American elites generally settle for blaming fall guys for serious problems, like calling for background checks on gun purchases so people with mental medical difficulties can’t?

    Would they have stopped Stephen Paddock from shooting up hundreds of people in Las Vegas, killing 50 or Patrick Crusius doing the same ting in my birth place El Paso, killing 22?


  68. Clark

    You around? I’m clearing out shit. I’d like you to have the Star 200. If you want it you’re going to have to come and collect it soon. Hopefully in the next few days. Let me know.

  69. Trow: There isn’t a single solution to the gun problem in the US, any more than there was a single solution to the high number of road accident deaths.

  70. Phil, accepted, with deep thanks. I’m busy today and tomorrow (XR events) but I’ll arrange to come into London early in the week. Probably by car, since I’d have to transfer it from train to car anyway at my end, so might you borrow a resident’s parking permit or something? And Steph might want to come along too; dunno.

    Since another reason to visit has arisen, the more time you can spare for conversation, the better. When would be good? And I’ve mislaid your cell number. Again. Sorry.

  71. Clark

    Great. How about 9pm Monday – that will steer you past both the congestion and congestion charge. I’m not going to have any time to socialise – it’s going to have to be a straight pick up. Not even sure I’ll be here myself but someone will.

  72. Hi Glenn_ fr, never thought that there was a single solution to almost anything. And don’t get me started on my complaints about road accidents. I have. a slew of suggestions.

    How’s the Tarn these days. I remember going to where it started from central Portugal, and spending a night at Albi. My interest in the river got so bad that my passengers started yelling: ” To Hell with the Darn Tarn”l

    TWould be nice for a dip these days I gather.

  73. People are funny. When a tragedy like the 34 deaths on a Santa Barbara diving boat makes family mourners out of everyone, but 3000 dying every day in automobile accidents goes unnoticed.

  74. Our local parish council, Rockland St. Mary with Hellington, in the absence of any exampled guidance by South Norfolk district council, has unanimously agreed to declare a climate emergency and develop a climate action plan. Our villages next door have shown an interest after hearing of it.
    As a first step we shall plant a wildflower meadow in our community nature reserve.
    If its actions that are required, we are at it.

  75. Ben, I’ve just texted Brian and I got a delivery note immediately, but no reply just yet.

    Great stuff Nevermind; keep organising.

    Lapsing into Yorkshire there Trowbridge?

  76. Hiya Folks

    Ben .. Sorry for not seeing your Emails, I responded to the one from yesterday..

    Clark, thanks for the Alert..

    I was just feeling a little bit Glum in recent weeks..had a falling out with a long term Lady friend.. my Travelling companion.. and Indy Marcher, and Anti Trident fighter..

    You would think we could grow up.

    Anyhoo.. I shall be going to the Enchanted Forest with my daughter and Family ( The one Nevermind and Clark have met at the Festival ).. This years theme is
    ‘ Cosmos ‘ Looks like Stunning effects

    Great to see you all ticking along well..

    The Enchanted Forest should lift the Spirits –

    Clark..Keep up the Mother Earth’s Fight..Try not to get Arrested.. I found this short film to be touching –

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