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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


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  1. “I still dont understand the Royals role in this. Is it because their personal stake is so large?”

    The Queen isn’t just Queen of Britain Ben, she’s Queen of around a sixth of the landmass of the world. I would expect she would welcome anything likely to benefit her overseas dominions and their peoples and bring us closer together.

  2. Fred, you have no leg to stand on and Clark is right, this non binding national poll of slogan induced subjects was pathetic.
    To hoist you up by your own petard, for the same reason I did not have a vote in a referendum that should have had a 2/3 majority tag on it from the start, you should never have been allowed a vote in Scotland.
    Instead you now wallow in some ridiculous royal anachronism. You probably still believe that the empire exists.

  3. Oh dear, Fred; your analogy is woefully incomplete.

    Say I were English and living in England pre-1947, and was in correspondence with an elderly English man living in India before its independence. He has gone to India to escape the effects of wealth that England harvests from its colonies, but he continually calls most of the indigenous population Nazis, derides their political parties, describes their capital city as consisting entirely of thieves, and promotes every piece of anti-independence propaganda coming from England’s corporate media. Sometimes he pretends to be Indian when he does this.

    He champions the new Prime Minister, who is unelected, and the most right-wing, with the most right-wing cabinet, in living memory, and he declares the beneficence of the titular head of Empire. And on the matter of European cooperation, he sides with the old against the young, defending England’s withdrawal from the integration that offered them a future twenty times wider than otherwise.

    I say to him “you come back here and live with what you champion”, so he insinuates that I’m racist and tells me to fuck off.

    Lovely old bloke.

  4. “she’s Queen of around a sixth of the landmass of the world..”

    And y’all continue to let them get away with it?

    Sounds like Boris isnt the only Trumpkin.

  5. Don’t see why Trump cannot be interested in how Joe Biden performed in his last elected office, Vice President of the United States.

    He carried on the worst covert policies of GW’s administration, working with Cheney, Gates, Bolton, and Hayden against North Korea. Iran and the Ukraine in extreme ways.

    Against North Korea he made three quakes claiming they were nuclear tests, and against Iran he had Ali-Resa Pahlavi and John Wheeler, III assassinated in a plot to blame the mullahs for making policy independent of POTUS Obama, and it only failed when Wheeler’s’s body fell out of the dumpster on the way to the Wilmington landfill.

    He only has no evidence against himself because he had it covered up.

  6. T: “He only has no evidence against himself because he had it covered up.

    Trow: You’re saying this definitely happened, and the reason you know it is because there’s zero evidence for it?

    Fascinating form of proof. Almost as good as the Russians’ ultra-secret submarine, which was _so_ secret, that no evidence existed, according to Rumsfeld in Regan’s time. Those dastardly Russians, eh?

  7. Nevermind.

    I agree that the vote should have required a super majority. I think all votes regarding constitutional changes should require a super majority, including any referendums for independence in Scotland.

    But it didn’t, the rules were decided before the referendum and it’s too late to change them now.

    I argued for remain and I voted for remain. Now I argue for democracy.

  8. “And y’all continue to let them get away with it?”

    Get away with what Ben?

    The countries with the highest levels of social justice in the world, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, are all monarchies.

    Should we not let them get away with that?

  9. Fred: I forget who said it but ‘If our votes made a difference they would wouldn’t allow a vote” Samuel Clemens or somebody.

  10. “Get away with what Ben?”

    Galactic ownership and absolute control, even within that veneer of a democratic republic.

  11. Comparing the American “Revolution” to the French I’d say they both devolved into “Say hello to the New Boss..same as the old”.

  12. “Now I argue for democracy”

    Then argue for another referendum, one with the options actually defined, not for an unelected Prime Minister to do whatever he wants.

  13. Trow: No more than most people, I suppose. But I find it difficult to take on faith a proposition, where the main proof for that proposition is that it lacks any proof whatsoever.

    Particularly when the charge is the ability to create earthquakes, hurricanes, lightning strikes and other “acts of god”, when there exists zero proof of the that too.

    But the argument you present is internally consistent in its logic, fair play.

    Incidentally, I am glad to see your health has recovered and hope the best for you there.

  14. “having more referendums till you get the result you want…”

    Ah, a favourite argument of the Brexiteers, because they know very well that the result was a very marginal fluke, and would unlikely be repeated if everyone were taking it seriously.

    Remind me to disable the “Are you sure you want to format drive C:?” message next time I visit.

  15. “Do you have trouble seeing, reading, and comprehending Glenn_ni?”

    Classic! “We are the knights who say ni!”

  16. “I did not have a vote in a referendum that should have had a 2/3 majority tag on it from the start, you should never have been allowed a vote in Scotland.”


    I am a British citizen, I am eligible to hold a British passport, this entitles me to vote in British general elections and referendums. Being also resident in Scotland means I am also Scottish and eligible to vote in Scottish elections and referendums. I have the same rights as any other British citizen resident in Scotland, differences only exist in the minds of people like Clark.

    The rules governing who is eligible to vote in which elections are well established and available on the government web site they are enshrined in law, the government can’t vary them without act of parliament.

  17. Fred, I didn’t say you were any different, and it’s nothing to do with you being English.

    What I said was that you constantly defend Westminster and its policies, but you have chosen to live away from its inevitable effects. You told me why you had moved to such a remote, lowly-populated area; you don’t like the way things have developed, even in the north of England, which is considerably behind London and the south.

    The “economic growth” continues, and it will catch up with the area you live in eventually. But you aren’t young, and you aren’t going to have to live with the effects of the system you constantly defend.

    I think you’re selfish, in your way. You aren’t materialistic, quite the opposite, but the system you argue for is rapidly erasing the way of life that you have chosen. But you’ve had your bit, so why care, eh? Much more fun winding up other people.

  18. “You were even pretending to be Scottish in Craig’s comments, to try to swing the vote in your preferred direction.”

    Apart from the fact it never happened what is it makes you think my opinions should be worth less than any other British citizen living in Scotland then?

  19. So, in say 1946, “what is it makes you think my opinions should be worth less than any other British citizen living in India then?”.

    Though I didn’t actually say that your opinion should be “worth less”. Myself, I wouldn’t have claimed to be speaking on behalf of “Scottish people”, as you did. And you were furious (and have been ever since) when I said you weren’t Scottish, so it does seem likely that deception was your objective.

    Fred, I don’t like hypocrisy. You never miss a chance to call supporters of Scottish independence “nationalists” and often described them as Nazis, yet you praise the monarch and laud her benevolent “dominion”, support Westminster no matter what, support British nuclear weapons – you act like a British nationalist.

  20. I voted to remain in the EU and for Scotland to remain part of the UK – however if we have a hard Brexit I will vote for Scotland to leave the UK in a future referendum.

    Opinion polls currently show a solid majority will vote to leave the UK in both Scotland and Northern Ireland after a hard Brexit. The same polls show a majority to remain in the UK if Brexit is cancelled.

    I am strongly in favour of a second EU referendum.

    It is Boris who is intent on going down in history as the person who ended the UK. He doesn’t care how he goes down in history – only that he is remembered.

    If we leave with no deal we have effectively unilaterally reneged on our existing trade deals and most countries aren’t in a hurry to make new deals with a country which just rips up agreements on a whim.

    With the exception of Trump the world is either laughing at us or looking on in horror.

  21. Have you ever read my proof of the murder which was a deep conspiracy on in the January 2011 archive which one can still see,Glenn_ni?

  22. I supported Yes for Scottish independence partly because I already knew how political naivety pervades England. I was not particularly surprised at the Leave result.

    I agree with Squonk about Johnson. And call him Johnson; calling him “Boris” helps boost his popularity, it makes him sound friendly and harmless, a figure of fun.

  23. In general that works for first names but “Boris” in this case is an exception I think. I most definitely don’t connect “Boris” with “friendly” and “harmless”.

    Of course it isn’t his first name but one of his spare middle ones. I’d agree with you more Clark if we were referring to him by his actual first name – “Alexander”.

    Also lets not forget the chant was “Maggie Maggie, Maggie, Out! Out! Out!” not “Thatcher, Thatcher,…”

    #noboffBoris will likely be trending soon with the new court case.

  24. I don’t see that there is a good outcome to another referendum Squonk. Either remain wins, in which case we are back where we were before the referendum, when UKIP had more than half our seats in the European Parliament, only more so. There would be a lot of disgruntled leave voters ready to swing hard right. Or leave could win again.

    A no deal exit is the worst outcome for everyone and we can’t just keep putting it off indefinitely.

    So the best we can hope for is that they can cobble together a deal. That is what MPs from all parties should be working towards, this should not be a party political matter, anything but a deal spells disaster.

  25. Clark:

    I fear your excursions into political fantasies of Utopian possibilities flies in the face of your evidentiary needs in scientific arenas.

    Is it faith in human nature that motivates your speculations upon the outcomes likely in the UK?

  26. Ben

    It must all be Perplexing indeed.. You See most of it is Called Lies.. For example, the Lying bastard Boris Bus went around proclaiming the UK was giving the EU £350 Million per Week.. False.. The UK was Giving the EU £150 Million per week…

    There were other Lies Too.. like the immigrants taking everything.

    And in the case of Scotland’s Indy Ref.. there were Many Lies.. The Purdah ( Promises that are Illegal to make Close to voting Day ) Breaking ‘ VOW ‘ Splashed on Front page Top selling MSM media print.. A Vow of Which EVERY promise was Broken.

    Then there was the Renewable Energy Lies –

    The last thing that Lyin’ Bastert Johnson wants is the Scottish Government to get any credit for the steps it has taken to tackle climate change. I’d say that was because he’d be embarrassed by the fact that Scotland is miles ahead of the rest of the UK, thanks to Scottish Government policies, but that would be silly. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was born without the genes for shame or guilt. He just wants to take the credit for Scottish efforts himself. That would be those efforts which his predecessor David Cameron promised during the independence referendum would benefit from millions of pounds of UK investment if Scotland voted No, and then after the 2015 General Election he cancelled the Renewable Obligation subsidy scheme. That move cost Scotland 5500 jobs in the renewable energy sector and an estimated loss of £3 billion in investment.

    I’m Gonna get me A Big Lovely Chopper Bike..And Ride with the Yes Bikers..
    I took this wee Video of them a couple of weeks ago..In Freedom Square..At the Big Hope Over Fear Rally… Had to dance around all them Pipes –

    P.S Fred.. Never in the Short 5 years I have been in Clark’s Company.. Have I found him to have a Racist Bone in his Body

  27. Brian: I don’t have a horse in this but understanding humans I distrust any public figure’s words until behaviors are consistent. No human can predict which choice is best for the average Joe

    But you can be sure each political climber will make choices that feather their own nest to the detriment of your own.

    Sorry to be so negative but there is sufficient foundation.

  28. I Don’t See that as Negative Ben..It seems Wise to me

    I know you don’t have a horse in this one.. But I welcome your Enquiry

    Mad World indeed.

  29. ” P.S Fred.. Never in the Short 5 years I have been in Clark’s Company.. Have I found him to have a Racist Bone in his Body”

    It was nice of you to tag that on the end of your long article about how Scottish people are morally superior to English people Brian.

  30. Fred: Trouble is, there’s no deal which is better than the one we’ve got now.

    Unshackled from the EU, our Tory masters – for the good of the country, naturally – will put the UK in its entirety up for sale. Including all laws and regulations, financial and otherwise.

    Heck even the notion of bringing back the death penalty, for the sport of the tabloids, once the boot of the EU was off our neck would provide a distraction for years. Even as the Tories sold the shirts off our backs.

    The best outcome is that a diminished UK goes cap in hand to the EU, accepting our new currency the Euro, as the price of re-admission into states that are decades ahead of us now, in terms of infrastructure. And general quality of life, for that matter.

    That’s my impression FWIW, after kicking around in the EU pretty exclusively for the last few years.

  31. @Glenn

    In their 2015 manifesto, before the referendum, the Conservatives promised to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights which we signed in 1950, and introduce a British Bill of Rights instead. The ECHR and the EU are different things and not dependent on each other.

    However in Theresa May’s proposed deal, as part of the Northern Ireland Protocols, was an agreement that British law would conform with European law and that British courts would give European court rulings due regard. The deal would have safeguarded human rights in Britain where as remaining in the EU won’t.

    It is those who voted against the deal who have endangered human rights in Britain.

  32. Nevermind.

    I am a British citizen, I am eligible to hold a British passport, this entitles me to vote in British general elections and referendums. Being also resident in Scotland means I am also Scottish and eligible to vote in Scottish elections and referendums. I have the same rights as any other British citizen resident in Scotland, differences only exist in the minds of people like Clark.

    The rules governing who is eligible to vote in which elections are well established and available on the government web site they are enshrined in law, the government can’t vary them without act of parliament.

    Fred, there is no such thing as a British or Scottish citizen, you are subjects , hence my refusal to become a UK national.
    As a member of the EU,. still, you are also an EU citizen and allowed a fair proportional vote, albeit the proffered chosen party candidates.
    stop calling people racist, as an islander who has been discovered/controlled and occuoied for hundreds of years it is quiet easy to develop and islander mentality against all things foreign.
    If Clark is a racist you are a thin skinned argumentative pompom.

  33. How are votes recorded in the UK?

    If ‘paperless’ and digital you have a problem. Even if its hard-copied..still can be a problem.

  34. UBER issues are resurrecting popular support for collective bargaining and the same players who’ve fought Unions for decades (Republican/Tory) are armed with the same hammer and tong.

  35. “Fred, there is no such thing as a British or Scottish citizen, you are subjects , hence my refusal to become a UK national.”

    So you choose not to be a British citizen then you complain you can’t vote in a British referendum.

  36. They have been talking about a British bill of rights and a Constitution for decades and have never cobbled one up, to hope that these phantasmagorical rules and regs will one day manifest British human rights is wishful thinking by people who have been controlled since the worship of an empirical notion of grandeur.

    There are no human rights in kicking over an international treaty that orders the framework for a common economic future for Ireland, the Good Friday Agreement. there are no human rights in dis proportionate unfair tax regimes and or matters of Justice, if you can call it that.
    Lastly, most of the EU’s and the Hagues’s hum,an rights legislation has been written and proposed by British lawyers. look it up.

  37. So you choose not to be a British citizen then you complain you can’t vote in a British referendum.

    So you think after living here for over half of my life and having tax paying children here, as well as grand children, I should have no say in their or my future? because I have not paid 1000squid plus to become a British nationalist like you?

    I resent that there are 3 million plus people having their future decided by oiks like you who want to deny that we are part of this society, who want to deny us the same voting rights because we have leave to stay, are residents here.
    I tell you what, I will not run away from such an awful island mentality.

    Should it get worse and some secret fascists plan to cause havoc here at the next disproportional and unfair general election, you can be assured that all of my military focus will be aimed to oppose them.

  38. thanks for the excellent link Clark, wishing you a healthy and happy London. I shall not join you in the stink as Iam recovering from a kidney infection and have a rare dental appointment.
    I also strongly disagree with the mass congregations in London as it makes for easy control and policing, I prefer to have a plan B and switch at the last moment.

  39. nevermind, the law says you have to be a citizen to vote in a uk referendum, that’s what the law has always said.

    Did you think the government should have changed the law to ensure your preferred option won? Is that your idea of democracy?

  40. Afraid I agree with Glenn-_ni on this Fred. Britain is now doomed with going with the rabid English nationalists, anti communists to the core.

    And the world has not seen any Boris as friendly and harmless since Boris Yeltsin.

    And I have grown to like my only first name after all these years.

    And British commitment to human rights is just bs with all the strange uncounted for deaths, like Sasha Litvinenko, Royal Cadet Steve Hilder, Dr. David Kelly, hacker Gareth Williams, translator Gudren Loftus, astrophysicist Steve Rawlings. Need I go on?

    The British state is little better than the Saudi one. It just doesn’t use chain saws.

    If I had anything to lose, I would be afraid of going there.

  41. “Afraid I agree with Glenn-_ni on this Fred.”

    Good for you Trowbridge, I’m sure Glenn is breathing a sigh of relief to have you on his team.

  42. You can quote the law at me all day, I asked you whether it takes a thousand pounds to get as rectal as you are?
    and whether the largely political inept public has any right to decide on the future of other residents because they can?
    You see that is the problem Freddy, your system is ancient anachronistic and fraudulent from top to bottom, you still dove your caps and call these spongers privileged, the Tories rule the shires and everybody gets ripped off/ruled by them.

    Sad, privately schooled, bed wetting boarders who are all lacking parental love due to daddy and mummy being busy with swigging Gins and making money of others, the totally out of touch have been in charge of the status quo for hundreds of years.
    Modernity has never happened and you are the proof of it.

    How about flooding this island a little earlier than 2150, plant some mint to mask the smell of rotting bodies and then get on with a sustainable lifestyle.
    No Government, you steal someones food, you die, no large scale agriculture but learning cooperatives were you get to know how to grow your own food, if still possible. fed when you have done your chaws, no money, jollies, holidays, flying or internets.

    At least we would be prepared for the second quarter of this century, a positive outcome don’t you think?

  43. PS I thank the allies for introducing AMS to us, I wish they would have applied it here, you would have been born under a more democratic fair system that does not bleat about laws that have been buried in some crypt for 300 years.

  44. Fred – you’re being silly again, there are no “teams”, and even you would have to acknowledge I hardly play for popularity. Because Trow is sensible enough to agree with me on some points, and I with him on others, doesn’t make us a “team”. Have you got to do this childish, tribal BS?

    Back to your rejoinder – May’s deal got rejected, didn’t you hear? So everything that the EU protects us from in terms of human rights is at risk. But we have the tender mercy of the Tories to keep us safe, and I’m sure anyone harking back fondly to the 18th-19th centuries know just what the Tories think is good enough for the working class.

  45. Ben, October 1, 2019, 10:29 pm:

    “I fear your excursions into political fantasies of Utopian possibilities flies in the face of your evidentiary needs in scientific arenas.”

    I think I probably don’t understand what you mean here, but I’m pretty sure I don’t agree with it.

    “Is it faith in human nature that motivates your speculations upon the outcomes likely in the UK?”

    I lost my faith in human nature when I finally twigged, or more likely admitted to myself, that Freud was basically right. We are an evolutionary dead-end. The rational mind is dependent upon, and serves, the underlying animal substrate, so most of our cleverness will inevitably be turned to selfish ends. To reverse that balance we need more neocortex, but birth nearly kills the mother as it is; we can’t support any greater brain size.

    No, it’s conscience. I have to do my best to do the right thing; to do otherwise is to be opposed to the creative principle of the universe, which some call God.

  46. “May’s deal got rejected, didn’t you hear?”

    Somebody couldn’t have cared too much about human rights then.

    Any ideas who?

  47. Ben, October 2, 4:31 pm:

    “Funny. I’ve not heard this at Squonk”

    Distortion of media ie. propaganda is an inevitable attempt to manipulate democracy, therefore all sorts of power structures generate propaganda. It’s predictable that the US Democrats single out Russia; they’ve been singing that song for several years now, but we know that other outfits were just as effective, eg. British ex-military / public school outfit Cambridge Analytica.

    The remedy is not to try to suppress propaganda, because censorship is evil. Rather, our media should earn greater trust by consistently demonstrating its reliability. But the Western corporate media has done the opposite.

  48. Fred, October 2, 11:26 am:

    “It is those who voted against the deal who have endangered human rights in Britain.”

    I think you’ll find it’s a bit more complicated than that.

    Over-simplification is how the media have been dumbing-down the population for decades. It sells media, and hence advertising, to get the blood boiling against some imagined enemy. It makes people feel superior, just like believing in the secret knowledge of conspiracy theories does.

    So get right on in there Fred, and add to the problem.

  49. “I think you’ll find it’s a bit more complicated than that.”

    No, simple facts, I can post links to the relative documents if you like.

  50. You can certainly select documents Fred, but people’s decisions are constrained, by the party system, by complex issues involving many choices being constrained to yes/no votes, and by many other conditions in our complex, real world.

    You’re arguing like David Chandler argues that g necessarily implies free-fall, and therefore WTC7 must have been demolished. Massive appeal, but superficial.

  51. And you know what Fred, I’m sick of it. Superficial appeal through over-simplification is what has given us anti-vax conspiracy theories and global warming denial. “Oh, CO2 is only a trace gas in the atmosphere, and it is a good gas, plants need it”.

    The whole Brexit débâcle started with massive over-simplification in the first place; the idiotic idea that international relations could be reduced to “Remain” or “Leave”.

  52. “You can certainly select documents Fred”

    No selection necessary, there are only two relevant documents, the Conservative 2015 manifesto and the text of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

    No need to over complicate things.

  53. “Somebody couldn’t have cared too much about human rights then.”

    “there are only two relevant documents, the Conservative 2015 manifesto…”

    Therefore any voter who cared about human rights was obliged to vote Conservative in 2015.

    Did you vote Conservative Fred?

    (Anyone can play the oversimplification game.)

  54. I don’t see your logic,or lack of it, Clark.

    Any voter who cared about human rights was obliged not to vote Conservative in 2015. They were promising to repeal the Human Rights Act.

    Any politician who had human rights as a priority would be obliged to vote for Teresa May’s deal, that promised to keep UK human rights laws in line with European human rights laws.

    Do you understand now? It’s all very simple if you don’t try to overcomplicate it.

  55. Fred, sorry; due to lack of attention I had misinterpreted the significance of the Conservative manifesto in your argument.

    But you wrote “Any politician who had human rights as a priority would be obliged to vote for Teresa May’s deal”. That does not follow, despite my error. Even if you had written “Any politician who had human rights as their only priority…” it would still not follow, since this includes no consideration of what alternatives might arise, or be the objective of those who declined May’s deal.

    Government in its current form is unfit for purpose. It is, like you Fred, too adversarial, too much based on blaming and shaming. It prioritises winning above reflection and learning. It is both a product of and a contributor to the self-reinforcing toxic system of human interaction that has become established.

    We need radical change, and it must be based on love, not competition.

  56. Hey Nevermind, Fred’s just another human, embedded in the toxic system like the rest of us are.

    I am deeply sorry that Brexit has placed you and the integrity of your family under threat. It’s not Fred’s fault, though I find his smugness irritating too.

  57. I guess Assange is still Golden Boy. Although the enthusiasm seems to have waned just a tad.

    I really enjoyed DNI Maguire’s attempt to massage Trump with faint criticism while extracting his burnt weenie sandwich from the fire.

    Like Mueller hes a loyal Republican who wants it both ways even though they were Trojan Horses.

    Somebody subpoenaed for today I thought. It’s better than Breaking Bad as I look toward each new episode.

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  59. “I am deeply sorry that Brexit has placed you and the integrity of your family under threat.”

    There is no threat if the deal goes through, under the terms of the withdrawal agreement nevermind would have an automatic right to remain in the UK. The only threat is from those who vote against the deal and force a no-deal Brexit but even then I doubt there would be a problem considering the number of British citizens living in EU countries.

  60. Ben, I’m not sure Assange was ever “the Golden Boy”, he’s always had lots of detractors, especially in the media. I think he shouldn’t have encouraged conspiracy theories, but he’d been going through hell for years before he started that. But the substantive stuff he did was all in accordance with Wikileaks policy; he’s a publisher and he’s being held for extradition for journalism and publishing. The US is contradicting its own constitution.

  61. I learned to dispense with human ‘heroes’ some time ago Clark but the Left has for too long been tied to Moscow’s hip and they must have their icons or heroes as attachment is still alive and healthy because the co-dependent relationship is about all they have left.

    Their lack of unity on any one issue except Russias importance in their hierarchy means they will fight each other with the same vigor they fight Capitalism, once that scourge is defeated. Now, of course I have no hard evidence of this except my own eyes and ears and a bit of common sense.

    Assange exemplifies and illustrates my opinion

  62. Thanks Clark, if worse comes to worse, and we are talking about it, our households and 5 taxpayers will not contribute anymore because we will up sticks.

    It is sad that some want to keep quoting laws at us, but go flaky in the knee when some wannabe Churchill talks of traitors and surrender monkeys and women looking like letterboxes in a burkha, a bounder who sees nothing wrong to play Parliaments ancient rules and regs to act unlawful, a misogynist who as a foreign minister was despite by his peers, due to his bullying ignorance.

    No deal is not acceptable, it is unlawful and has been voted out three Times in Parliament.
    NI and its peaceful relationship with Ireland is not up for debate, they are united in that not up to the DUP and Westminster to decide.
    Do the Irish now deserve a referendum on a united Ireland and EU membership? how dare is this fecking Tory party kicking the GFA into the long grass and promise them a future that gets regulated again every 4 years by the nay and say of some fraudulent DUP puppets who threw in the towel the moment they had to owe up to their nefarious scheming. What happened to the billion they received from Westminster, did they invest it in their infrastructure? housing a better water treatment regime?

    I bet it is sitting somewhere to be used for their elections, jollies, personal, credits, etc.
    Wishing you all a great day .

  63. Those who hold Julian Assange, a publisher of war western crimes, are criminals and I hope Iran holds on to Nazanine Radcliffe until he is released,. now there is a good exchange to be had.
    Julian freed to organise his defense against the US Sheitan at a place of his choice, and Nazanine to be released to reunite with her family.

  64. Nevermind, assuming these coming actions proceed much like the last, with orderly arrests but without intimidation from the authorities, consider bringing the family down to London over the weekend after next, not to take part in the actions, but to soak up the atmosphere on the sites.

    This is the Love Rebellion; the theme of our site is Love, for each other and for the world upon which we are all dependent. There will be live music, dancing, poetry, theatre, and free food and drink – contributions welcomed. There will be many workshops and discussion groups about diverse subjects, from knowing your rights when taking actions, to sustainable practices and building communities, to psychedelic experiences in South America.

  65. In April at the Marble Arch XR site I encountered Karl Lam and his partner facilitating a discussion group:

    “This article will show that endemic division – which is the legacy of divide and rule – is implicated in almost all of the big problems currently facing humanity. It will show that it is not possible to solve any of these problems in isolation because they have become thoroughly entangled. It is only through understanding how the overall system works that real solutions will become possible.”

  66. Here’s Karl Lam on YouTube; it’s only had 93 views… ” Why are We Not Doing It ”

    Cheers for the Link Clark… AS My Wee Girl Said to you ” Time is Running Out ”

    Squonk.. Here Be An ORDER.. Get Yirself an hour or so Drive to Pitlochry .. For This –

    and This –

    AND THIS –

    I went with my Two Girls..N Family..Just Wondrous.

  67. Is Mother Russia a Western Nation..committing crimes against nature like the US? Where are they placed currently on the ladder of social or bottom rung? What are Putins favorable poll numbers in the Homeland revered by traditional Nationalists?

    I suggest they are more honest about Aluminum War Oligarchs and Homophobic persecution worthy of the Grand Inquisitors skill at taking their pounds of flesh than they are about their undeclared Cyber War.

    Shirley you jest Nebermind.

  68. I am such a racist for being so judgemental about Kings and Diplomats I fear for my own likeability.. 🙂

  69. Blustering, testicular blowhards preening their peacock plumes with the power of self-perceived pulchritude enable the masses to observe in awe.

    Such are the Mango Mussolinis and Blowfish Pooties of our transcendent race of bipedal Cro-Magnons better described as viral infections.

  70. Thanks for the links, Brian. Pass Pitlochry regularly, over the years, heading home from Edinburgh, and the enchanted forest has always been… ah, that would be good – next time! I’ll make a point of definitely going now.

    Big march tomorrow…

    Ben – I suppose Russia is no different to the West… full of humans! Apparently, there has been a 25% reduction in living creatures in Scotland since 1994, with climate change and decreased habitat. The sooner humans kill each other, the better it will be for the other inhabitants of this earth!

    Squonk – “I got kicked in the head by a horse!” – hilarious!

  71. JOML, we daren’t all kill each other yet; we’ve built over four hundred nuclear power reactors that will melt down without our attention, and most of them are near the coast where the rise in sea level we’ve precipitated will wash them into the oceans. Each of them contains potential nuclear contamination comparable to a global nuclear war. And that’s just one aspect of one industry; I think the chemicals washed into the ocean by the tsunami actually did more damage than the Fukushima disaster.

    We can’t just cop out and die; we have to fix this.

  72. Craig wrote: “Boris Johnson has no more ardent political opponent than I. But some of the hysteria about him is overblown.”

    Haven’t visited in years..certainly the same thought could include Putin/Russia

    My visit today reminded me of an old Pastor lamenting the progress of his flock in a prepared sermon.

    His object lesson used a newborn whom everyone fawned over at birth but upon returning years later found the baby still in its crib..undeveloped. “Tragic”

  73. Choir boys back in 68-72? All I cam remember on the ballots were traitors, murderers, and Gene McCarhy, and the nightmares back in Dallas, Memphis. LA, Milwaukee and Johnson City.

    John Dean is still scum, and the Democrats are willing to grab at anyone to help out.

  74. Britain has turned into a nation of extremists Ben. One side wants to ignore democracy and cancel Brexit altogether while the other side want to crash out of the EU without a deal. The moderates in the middle are getting hated from both sides.

    Not long ago Boris would have been seen as right wing, now he’s looking more middle of the road, not because he changed but because the range of politics has extended.

  75. “Britain has turned into a nation of extremists…moderates in the middle are getting hated from both sides.”

    The self declared “moderates” are conservative defenders of a status quo that is leading us to destruction. The glaring abject failure of the status quo is giving rise to the “extremists”. The moderates, not grasping this global turmoil, see a local problem. They declare “Britain has turned”! They obsess over a particular vote, declare their identical opponents as not democratic enough, or some such myopic nonsense.

    The material conditions for most of the world is untenable. Poverty, endless war, the threats of nuclear or ecological disaster. The post war liberal social democracy experiment appears beyond repair. It’s adherents often tend to veer right as their world crumbles, preferring to embrace the familiar boot of oppression to the strange demands of liberation. These “moderates” will contort and contort to accommodate contradictions, until, for example, self proclaimed anti-nationalists find themselves siding with real, brutal nationalism.

    “Bourgeois society stands at the crossroads, either transition to Socialism or regression into Barbarism.” Rosa Luxemburg 1912

  76. Yup. When the center does not hold it’s because the rpms have exceeded manufacturers recommendations Fred.

    The wheel has become a centrifuge and fascism is the beneficiary.

    By now I should have thought we were evolving past the normal knee jerk of War and Revolution and transformed into something better but I think we’ve been born a little too soon.

  77. Unfortunately, for the democratic/socialist, the dross pot metal of human refinement rises to the top of the crucible and.. shit floats.

    Our political system still attracts the most ruthless amongst us because the Power is a Energizer for those weak on our better instincts.

    I’ve long argued we must conscript people as in Jury Duty rather than these ridiculously expensive voter campaigns.

    But where do we get jury pools? Rethinking that process.

  78. No I haven’t seen him. Might go and find him in a mo. If not hopefully meeting him & Iain tomorrow.

  79. Couldn’t find Clark. Met a few people who said he was nearby. I guess he’s hunkered in a tent out of the rain.

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