The General Discussion Thread

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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. Ahh..Thanks for the Update Phil got Kinda mixed feelings about wee Greta.. But she is over there with Native American warriors at the Mo.. Seems like the Earth needs all the Help it can get.

  2. I’ve been banned from Right Wing (longer list) and Left..(Emptywheel) with the same motives.

    They want to stifle any coherent expression not fitting their criteria.

  3. When I celebrate my 90th birthday before many family and friends, I must include jimmy Carter in my unvarnished truth series.

    He would never been elected if Nixon had not shot his way into the White House, and douce bag Ford pardoned him after he vowed he never would.

    Carter was a tool of the secret government, headed by Zbig Brzezinski who forced the crazy hostige rescue mission, and was so scared by the CIA having John Hinckley stalk him so much that he just saw the public in the Rose Garden during the campaign. Reagan’s crazy goons topped it all off with the’October Surprise’,and some more assassinations which Carter never denounced after he was defeated.

    Carter even agreed to have the most deadly attack sub named after him long afterwards, tiired of the boredom of helping build houses in faraway countries

    That should empty the restaurant quickly.

  4. Sounds like the death of Gorge Canning, another lost Prime Minister in 1827, bringing on the revival of the Whigs under Henry Brougham, and the creation of The Spectator.

  5. Whigs and Know Nothings have rebranded themselves many times once their objectives are exposed.

    Republicans, John Birchers, Tea Baggers, Birthers and finally Trumpkins.

    There’s only so many disguises Nationalistic Isolationists can imagine with no imagination.

  6. Trow..

    If you might, would you kindly share your insights about the life between 70 and 90?

    I am interested in the assessment looking backward

  7. Ben: Maybe your best bet is to start respecting people, instead of worrying about the alarming increase in the number of people you’re just not capable of beating up on any more.

  8. Well, Ben, it’s a time to take a fresh look at what you have lived through, and what has happened to the world.

    It was just after I had finished my second volume of my Brougham biography which Columbia University had tried to prevent as a dissertation by just dismissing it as rubbish, so there was nothing more I could do to make my career.

    I took a fresh look at my father who was a lousy one, my sister who hurt me financially seriously. the need of making a serious romantic relationship work, overlooking a grave abuse lie about me, picking and choosing among family and friends in my will, etc.

    For example, my unvarnished truth series will start off with seeing what my father established as an artillery expert, and what he helped achieve in the Battle of the Bulge.

  9. Trow: Is there just one thing that you recall which makes it all worthwhile? Or is it a combination? What would you like to accomplish that has eluded you thus far?

  10. Found a beautiful, sweet Boxer male on the street yesterday.

    We bonded quickly unfortunately and it was difficult leaving him at the shelter. Our dogs would have a fit if I kept him.

  11. Getting Winterized. Half cord of split oak is stacked and almost done re-caulking windows. Expecting a wet season soon..maybe snow

  12. Boris Johnson asked Donald Trump to “reconsider the U.S. position” and force the wife of an American diplomat who is a suspect in a fatal road crash to return to Britain.

    According to Downing Street, Johnson told Trump he wanted the U.S. to reconsider giving immunity to Anne Sacoolas, who left the U.K. despite telling police she had no plans to do so after a crash in which teenager Harry Dunn was killed. Dunn’s motorbike collided with a car near an RAF base in Northamptonshire on August 27.

    Saudis use this dodge frequently as they abound in criminal activity.

    Time to review Diplomatic immunity

  13. Ben. I am a persistent maverick,known for challenging authority on subjects I have studied, threatening them with court actions if necessary, and showing courage on occasion in most covert operations. I regret that I have failed in the public sector to deter it in most important matters.

  14. I see you as a glacier wherein pressure slowly changes the landscape.

    It’s difficult to assess in the short term. But time allowed gives that influence a steady consistent pace for change.

    Don’t discount your contribution before it has played out Trow.

  15. We never got the blood volume from Watergate that should have been shed. Prison time might have sullied the unbridled success of Iran/Contra if the criminals working for Reagan had anticipated incarceration. At least it could have mitigated the arrogance of scofflaws who see no evil in Trump.

    Trump must wear stripes and enjoy bread and water rations or another subhuman will express the same arrogant and reckless disregard for the future.

  16. How does Trump justify stabbing the Kurds in the back again?
    No doubt Edrogans Quid Pro Quo for Trump is his own Harem.

    Russia benefits from their only Winter warm water port in Syria. Europe (UK) benefits from 10,000 ISIS fighters the US washes its hands of so y’all can have more home-grown terrorists plying their trade.

    Everyone wins

  17. Hope you are right, Ben, a glacier.

    Could come out with Trump being impeached, and Joe Biden being caught in the cross hairs.

    He became a John Bolton when he started nuclearing North Korea with a quake in May 2009 soon after he became Obama’s Vice President.

    No wonder the DNC is allowing a host of candidates, and their speaking no evil of their fellows.

    Some democracy!!

  18. I’m a dreamer but I sense a critical mass is throwing some weight Trow.

    I felt the same way with Iran/Contra and Fitzpatricks case against Cheney.

  19. “Well, Ben, it’s a time to take a fresh look at what you have lived through, and what has happened to the world. ”

    I take a look back at my life Trow. I remember when I was a child, the alarmists out on the streets with banners telling me billions were going to die in nuclear holocaust, that the children had no future.

    Now I’m an old man and I have lived my life never having been conscripted to fight in a war as my father was and my grandfather was before him and there are alarmists out on the streets waving banners and telling me billions are going to die because of climate change and that our children have no future.

  20. Christopher Hill, whose mentor was Dick Holbrook America’s most successful diplomat of recent times, resigned just after the Obama administration started after he learned that it would continue the hoax that John Bolton and Vice President Joe Biden favored that North Korea was still a growing nuclear power.

    THe following month, May 2009, It allegedly carried out a bigger fizzle. an American- made quake attributed by it to a nuclear test, that GW had agreed to three years earlier.

    Some continuity among Washington;s war mongers!

    I have seen no explanation of Hill’s sudden departure.

  21. Old age, Fred, does not give you the license to be ridiculous.

    Nuclear war can happen in the twinkling of an eye, and it almost happened at least three times except for the good sense of JF K during the First Missile Crisis, LBJ after Kennedy was assassinated, and American spies and Soviet intelligence after Swedish PM was shot after two US subs were sunk four years earlier, acting as Soviet ones.

    Climate change is an ongoing process with increasing carbon emissions and other heating up of the atmosphere, and soon beginning to cause extensive damage and the extinction of many creatures.

  22. I understand your point, Fred. There is more awareness of child abuse than ever and we recognize the pervasiveness of it so reports have increased. Maybe per capital there is a statistical increase but greater populations could account for some of what seems explosive growth.

    When they counseled us as children to ‘Duck and Cover’ as a tactic to survive nuclear war, we actually saw it as a means to survive.

    We are getting better at autonomous thinking, but the dangers from ourselves have not decreased.

  23. Trow: like you I dont get the ‘non-human caused’ opponents to reducing carbon.

    It’s not our fault so we dont need to do anything?

    I believe that’s the argument.

  24. ‘Just because you’ve been diagnosed paranoid , doesn’t mean they are not after you.’

    The fact that all out nuclear war has not happened, doesn’t mean the threat wasn’t / isn’t real. Just ask the Japanese.

  25. Yes the risk was there, but it was exaggerated, exaggerated far beyond scientific consensus, exaggerated by people with agendas, because scared people are easy to control.

    The public fear of anything nuclear played a large part in decisions to generate most of our electricity using coal fired power stations, the power stations we are now being told are going to kill us. The things they keep people scared of change with time but they always keep the people scared of something.

  26. Capitalism killed journalism starting in the 70s

    Prior to that NEWS divisions were exempt from budget.

    Networks believed NEWS should have no concerns for ratings/Advertising revenue.

    Now the Capitalists have succeeded in blurring Entertainment with NEWS and they must keep you watching their fucking commercials and the best way to get humans to watch their fucking commercials is by pandering to peoples FEARS.

    It’s just business…nothing personal.

  27. Hiya folks.

    Lambeth Council have ‘informally’ offered safe haven to Extinction rebellion, so we and others such as Global Climate Justice have a lovely camp in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens right behind MI6 Headquarters, so of course we’re holding workshops, discussion groups and hosting lectures etc. It’s really nice to have a sanctuary after all the arrests and the dismantling of our camps in Westminster. Police had been bussed in from all over the UK in advance, and our camps and roadblocks were cleared much quicker than in April. There’s still a fair XR presence in Trafalgar Square too.

    Fred, I thought you could read and understand science? Apparently not. Try reading the declaration of Scientists for Extinction Rebellion:

    This is NOT a drill – This is a genuine emergency

  28. I can read Clark. If you could read you would know I’ve seen it all before, sixty years ago when they marched from Aldermarston.

  29. Now I’m an old man and I have lived my life never having been conscripted to fight in a war as my father was and my grandfather was before him and there are alarmists out on the streets waving banners and telling me billions are going to die because of climate change and that our children have no future.

    you are comparing a controllable cold war nuclear threat construct, with a rapidly accelerating climate deterioration humanity has no control over, Fred and despite your old age, which is not an illness or a get out clause for your doctor to recite, your frequent reliance on the status quo here and your lawful tub thumping, regardless of what might pain the youth of today and some ‘crusties’ ,should have left you with enough understanding that this is not Aldermaston, this is a rapidly deteriorating situation which can only be alleviated somewhat by hundreds of years of changed lifestyles and habits.
    For example, what does California need tumble dryers for when they have non stop sunshine and easterly winds to boot? I don’t have nor want one, nor do I find any need to iron my cloth.
    I can still do better as my heating system is definitely up for an exchange next year, but it would never come to my mind to castigate young people for daring to bring home this vital message. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE AND NEEDS US TO ACT WITH INSTANCE IN MIND.
    Nearly sixty years of dithering since Rachel Carsons book ‘silent spring’, now classic work, was published. All Governments knew that humanities cancer like life destroying impact and habits would come with a need to act.
    They flew around the earth many times to exult hot air and -pledge much empty rhetoric on what each and everyone should do.
    Rachel Crason was a biologist who knew her stuff and she pointed our that the chemicals we use in agricultural practises were destroying the basic harmony in our fields that keeps an equilibrium of life going.
    I suggest you start with her book, but there are many other tomes tyhat have been written, and a library of supporting scientific expertise from around the world and from cross scientific disciplines, all; supporting a deterioration of what keeps us and thousands of other species alive.
    Enjoy Silent spring.

  30. Hey Nevermind, I have never had a tumble drier nor do I ever iron clothes but that’s more a reality of space, money and being scruffy than a commitment to saving the planet!

  31. I don’t have a clothes dryer either nevermind, or a washing machine or an iron. My laundry is done with a dolly tub and posser using water heated on a wood burning stove.

    But in order to make everyone live like I do the government would have to bring in strict new laws and the ability to enforce them. Governments always want more power to control people and this just gives them the excuse to take it.

    “Aggregate mortality attributed to all extreme weather events globally has declined by more than 90% since the 1920s, in spite of a four-fold rise in population and much more complete reporting of such events.”

    That’s from the Reason Foundation, they aren’t climate deniers.

    Children’s health is suffering from what doctors call climate anxiety, they are being frightened stiff by alarmist scaremongering which the statistics just do not justify.

  32. @Fred
    So tell me Node, these protesters, are they campaigning for more government or less government?
    Sorry Node, I just looked at the links while sober and realised they are the wrong way round.

    Oops, I cocked up the links. I was trying to contrast the policing of the two protests, and hence the government’s attitude to them. The contrast would be even more stark if you compared the BBC’s news coverage of them.

    I’m not sure who Extinction Rebellion claim to be rebelling against but it ain’t our government.

  33. Thanks for that little sound cloud snippet, Phil, there seems to be some realisation, after the usual long debating among lefties, that XR is not to be put into a socialist box, they are already in it by their own manifestation and that the established left will have to have some serious discussions with unions to take them and manufacturing into the 21st. century.
    Time to bring all unions on to boards of companies so they can champion green deals and direct sustainable practices, would you not think?

    The reason foundation is closely linked to the the SPN the state policy network, a right wing think tank closely linked to the Koch brothers, that is denying climate change and are promoting the tobacco industry.

    Is this what reasons your life Fred? What are your children saying about this issue is far more important. I suggest you talk to them and read Rachel Carson.

  34. Node, the reasons for the states starkly different approach to the protests is clear. To generalise:

    XR = centralised, pro-capitalist, middle class, white, non-violent
    Anti-globalisation = no central authority, anti-capitalist, cross class, led by poc, confrontational

    Watch the first 30 secs of the excellent video I linked to above for more info.

    Anyway, the softly softly approach of the cops, despite what XR claim for their love bombing, is tactical. It will cease the second the order is given.

  35. It has seized Node, the police are taking away crutches and wheelchairs, take away batteries, generators and phone chargers from those apprehended or demonstrating.
    They are also trying to arrest people who are older and or publicly involved such as vicars, teachers, etc. They also arrested people before they got to the demonstration, stopped buses and held them up for hours.
    But most of it does not get reported by the media who is seemingly not fazed by the protests, merely going through the motions reporting at slow speed.

  36. “taking away crutches and wheelchairs”

    Is this true? Where did you get this info nevermind?

    The police approach to XR is hardening but it is still tolerant. I guess this is because they are currently successfully containing XR without having to up the stakes.

  37. Phil xfrog and nevermind.

    …. and what about the BBC’s coverage? They positively encourage people to join in. They broadcast advance notice of the locations; they interview eloquent, non-threatening, beautiful people and give them time to get their message across against a backdrop of happy clappy dancing round a pink octopus.

    By contrast, any protest I’ve ever been on has been represented on the BBC by a ranting masked crusty stabbing a finger at the camera with tear gas and flames for a backdrop.

    Go to the BBC News website and search the archive for “Extinction Rebellion” and “G8 protest” then tell me I’m wrong. And if I’m right, tell me if the BBC would do this without government approval.

  38. Well, if what you call scare mongering is true representation of a vastly underestimated runaway climate change, even scientists have been wrong by underestimating the amount of glacial melting and rising sea levels.

    If Roger is only halfway right that starvation will kill billions, with rich people buying up swathes of NZ land, and or Paraguay/Argentina, then we are facing an elite that does not want to share their resources, which will have military and arms to protect what they bought from friendly, trusting, but weak Governments.

    If the figure is only 3 billion its enough to scrap the Trident update of this never used ancient and ailing folly, spend the money on a new green deal, a better care/mental health service and on a few more pennies pension for Fred.

    Money we can spend on a newly elected parliament comprising of randomly chosen representatives working in cooperation with local citizens assemblies. The other two decrepit house are sent home/old age care homes were they are looped after like normal people, promise.

  39. we go again

    Does it matter if ice melt is human causation?

    Seriously..this argument from both sides is nonsense. You just want to argue?

    If it’s a cyclical phenomena we cant exacerbate with humanity’s viral carbon love?

  40. Node
    “…. and what about the BBC’s coverage? They positively encourage people to join in.”

    Is this true? I have seen and heard plenty about XR on the BBC but not that. Please show me the clips of the BBC encouraging people to join XR.

    “then tell me I’m wrong”

    I didn’t say you were wrong.You said the police treat XR different to the anti-globalisation movement – I agreed and explained my thinking why this is. You now say the BBC are recruiting for XR – which I haven’t seen and find hard to believe. Are you trying to make a point beyond these explicit claims?

  41. Nevermind

    Come on mate, XR exaggerate. Which is kinda funny considering their demand to tell the truth. I worry this tendency to exaggerate will in the long term be counter productive.

    The glaring “exaggerations” become bizarre. The other day XR held a demo outside the BBC against the “media blackout”. That XR had been on QT, newsnight, 6 oclock news and umpteen other BBC outlets in the preceding days seemed to have escaped the demonstrators notice.

  42. Well Ben, do you see a difference between what they are doing and the neocons using fear of nuclear war and Soviet invasion to further their agenda? Or Islamic terrorists trying to create a culture of fear and uncertainty to further their agenda, or Bush and Blair then hijacking that culture of fear and uncertainty to further their own agenda?

  43. I see no difference between Left/Right tactics Fred.

    Both over hyperbolize and frame their narratives in Drama.

    But no one ever lost an election by underestimating the Public’s focus, attention span and intelligence either.

    Everyone decries the state of political discourse amongst our Leaders but no one has the suicidal need to call out the Voter as well.

  44. @phil xfrog
    Please show me the clips of the BBC encouraging people to join XR.

    No, I have no clips of Huw Edwards with a megaphone yelling “Roll up!”
    I’m saying that the way the BBC portrays ER encourages people to join it. If you can’t see that for yourself I’m not going to be able to persuade you.

  45. Node, ah. So the BBC are not actively recruiting for XR but it is still true that they are and anyone who can’t see this cannot be helped. Got it.

    Nevermind, you still didn’t say where you got the info that the cops are taking away crutches and wheelchairs.

    I’m having flashbacks to when I used to visit Craig Murray’s conspiracy web site.

  46. They just introduced a new tax here in Scotland Ben, just last week, a poll tax on people driving to work, a very hefty tax of £500 a year.

    How does a government get away with that without committing political suicide? By keeping the population scared.

  47. I wish I could show you, but it is an oral report from people on the ground who are dealing with trashed personal belongings, Phil.

    XR has now been banned from further protests, according to the Met. But this will not stop them doing NVDA again. Cue Johnson and his reinstatement of sacked police officers and or new recruits, they will need them!

    And sorry about your flashbacks, I find a pint/roll up helps with that.

    Shall take your advice ‘ fuck it. I’m off for today.’
    Got some digging to do for some time.

  48. Why does Joe Biden get a free ride over his use of covert government as Vice President, making quakes in 2009,2013 and 2915, claiming they were nuclear tests?

    Why no questioning of Asian peace negotiator Chris Hill who suddenly resigned in April 2009 when peace in North Korea still seemed possible?

    Why did Joe get his son Beau Biden, Delaware’s Attorney General, not to take the murder seriously of John P. Wheeler, III lying by claiming it was a matter of foreign affairs when it was done apparently by NSA’s SCS personnel, and unsolved though he was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

    Is the USA just another terrorist state?

  49. Fred:

    Voters who inform themselves are less scared. Do you think they have a co-dependency with their Handlers?

  50. “Claims that climate change will kill 6 billion people by the end of the century are totally unfounded”

    Well at least people are talking about the possibility at last, and it is a possibility – for instance, if food scarcity triggered widespread conflict.

    I suppose this specific quote is what Roger Hallam said on BBC Hardtalk. He would have done better to say by 2300, but do people in 2300 matter less or something?

  51. “The glaring “exaggerations” become bizarre. The other day XR held a demo outside the BBC against the “media blackout”. That XR had been on QT, newsnight, 6 oclock news and umpteen other BBC outlets in the preceding days seemed to have escaped the demonstrators notice.”

    You’ve missed the point. The all-but blackout is of climate change, not XR. Why should a few people blocking roads be news, when we have ten years and counting to fix our emissions or risk locking in extinction? We’re just the fire alarm going off; the info’s from the IPCC.

  52. ‘Both opportunists..’?

    Voters and politicos or Left and Right?

    Not sure you understood my point Fred.

  53. Without revealing the people involved I’ve noticed a trend in certain cultures with a consensus of good hospitality vibes. I have been closely associated with a variety of cultures and have found many inconsistencies however I don’t wish to be subjective in my impressions.

    But I’ve concluded many of these ‘warmly’ received peoples operate on a narcissistic basis.

    Just one example is many shared meals that I enjoy partaking in enthusiastically when I celebrate their heritage conjoined with the cuisine of their forefathers….but these same people seem disinterested in returning that excitement upon sharing my cultural recipes.

    That, to me me describes ethnocentrism rather than hospitality.

  54. Good to Hear you are ok Clark.. Over 600 arrests.

    Great and Vital Warrior work you all do

    I hear wee Greta may attend next years Glasgow Summit..

    She was recently with the Native Americans – Standing Rock Water Protectors.

    Stay safe everyone.

  55. Trow: “Why does Joe Biden get a free ride over his use of covert government as Vice President, making quakes in 2009,2013 and 2915, claiming they were nuclear tests?

    Perhaps because it’s a nonsensical fantasy, without a shred of supporting evidence ?

  56. Clark: Good on you mate.

    Here’s a book you might well enjoy – read it a couple of weeks back from the local library:

    Title: The uninhabitable earth : a story of the future
    Author: Wallace-Wells, David author.
    ISBN: 9780241355213
    Personal Author: Wallace-Wells, David
    Publication Information:
    UK : Allen Lane, 2019.
    Physical Description:
    310 pages ; 24 cm
    General Note:
    Originally published: New York: Tim Duggan Books.

    The signs of climate change are unmistakable even today, but the real transformations have hardly begun. We’ve been taught that warming would be slow – but, barring very dramatic action, each of these impacts is likely to arrive within the length of a new mortgage signed this year. What will it be like to live on a pummelled planet? What will it do to our politics, our economy, our culture and sense of history? And what explains the fact we have done so little to stop it? These are not abstract questions but immediate and pressing human dramas, dilemmas and nightmares. In ‘The Uninhabitable Earth,’ David Wallace-Wells undertakes a new kind of storytelling and a new kind of social science to explore the era of human history on which we have just embarked

  57. Ben..That’s Interesting .. Private Chef..Mmn..

    .. I thought you were a Writer.. Of Course like everyone here you Are, . It would be just Magical for All us to meet .. Glen is in France Trow n Ben in the USA.. Maybe One Day

    Blows A Brisk Breeze

    The Beautiful Bluebells Flow

    Bending and Bowing

    Voyager 13/10 /19

  58. Is that what you say about the climate change deniers as well Clark? “Well at least people are talking about the possibility at last, and it is a possibility”?

    Extinction Rebellion is a campaign launched by a group called Rising Up which is a radical far left group born out of the occupy movement. It’s debatable whether they are campaigning to avert the breakdown of civilization or trying to cause it.

  59. Fred, no that isn’t what I say about climate change deniers, because their scenario isn’t a possibility.

    You really don’t seem to get it. The damage is cumulative, therefore, on the current path, enough damage will accumulate to be irreversible. So we have to change path.

    The warning has been sounding for thirty years, but the politicians only ever promise a solution some unspecified time in the future. But the emissions get worse year on year, so the solution is not only getting more distant rather than closer; with every passing year the solution becomes harder to achieve. So you suggest we continue ignoring it, yes? Another thirty years perhaps?

  60. Fred
    “radical far left group”

    They’re really not Fred. Occupy had some really awful self important liberal twats turn up with grand claims and a knack for appearing on rt and in the guardian. This tendency later became rising up. At least one but I think 2 of these twats then went on to become lesser players in the XR leadership. They are definitely not radical far left. Not sure where you got that info from.

  61. Trow: You’ve enough life experience to enjoy your intuition without constricting ‘evidence’ that fools can deny even when footnoted and documented with bibliographies unending. Heuristics trumps any narrative a Sophist can construct and should be used without exception in any discussion with idiots who will screw with any logic as Tweedledum and Tweedledee would do.

    Brian: Upon my return from NY wife #1 suggested I take the job that allows me to have weekdays off. Finishing my degree would have been impossible with night classes part-time. Worked out pretty good as Whites were in demand and although I was fired twice for being insubordinate, the Agency that placed me loved me because each time they found me a position they got a new commission. 🙂

  62. Right, Glenn-UK, poor national hero John Wheeler disappearing in the Wilmington landfill without a trace if his murderers had had their way instead of his being buried when he died naturally in the Arlington National Cemetery.

    You should work for the Anglo–American covert government if you don’t already.

  63. Ben

    Here in Scotland ..I was once a Punk – Rocker …

    ” I was fired twice for being insubordinate, ”

    Good on ye.. Fire in yir soul

  64. I’m not the only one referring to them as far left Phil, “radical far left death cult” is not an uncommon description. It’s probably down to their stated pro Communist and anti Capitalist policies, or the histories of some of their backers maybe.

    I can well understand how someone genuinely left wing might want to distance themselves from them though.

  65. T: “You should work for the Anglo–American covert government if you don’t already.

    They’re a bit behind on payroll duties if that’s the case!

    Seriously though, did you have the slightest proof that Biden created earthquakes and so on? You frequently claim this is a Presidential power, though it doesn’t stand any test of evidence or reason.

  66. The same location, increasing depth, and election timing of the three fizzles during the Obama Administration don’t appear to be nuclear tests but what Thomas Reed was telling the POTUS to do in The Nuclear Express.

    Biden was continuing the mission that John Bolton had started under GW’s government with the 2006 fizzle.

    And Chris Hill’s surprise resignation was clear evidence that Bolton had taken over nuclearizing North Korea’s program.

    Blows to hell the theory that only people in office make policy.

  67. Seriously though Glenn, has decades on Craig Murray’s conspiracy web site provided you the “slightest proof” that haughty reason will undo intense conviction?

  68. That’s it a deal is done and Juncker has ruled out another extension.

    Now we find out which politicians have been praying for a no deal Brexit all along.

  69. Good ‘heuristic’ question phil.

    Human logic can be severely limiting but we’re Apex predators so there’s no one to challenge us but ourselves.

  70. Glad I didn’t take the unspecified medical treatment that Cummings took, apparently a catheter inserted into the heart arteries area to speed blood flow without being anesthetized, and hospitalized for only a short time.

    I told them to leave it alone, and I shall just slow done when feeling some discomfort in the chest and legs.

  71. Phil.. You and Nevermind are Both Correct.. I seen Video footage of it.. Fuck knows Where Now..But Yes it’s True

    Ben we were just a bunch of Dickheads.. But we, just by our Dress led to violence.. I remember 6 / 7 of us went in to Balloch at the same time Pubs n Clubs were Emptying.. and all the local Guys thought it would be fun to attack us.. Bad Idea.. I remember being Cornered by 5 /6 of them.. they are standing for a second Too long.. Cos I was wearing a Chain around my Hip..that was tied by a bow knot..So Calm as a Cucumber.. the chain is now in my hand.. That made them Run… Though I did save a Man’s Life that night.

    I don’t like that time.. And Glad I met my ex wife thenabouts..

  72. Fred, you really seem not to understand. Carbon dioxide is released mostly near Earth’s surface, but it has its heat-trapping effect as its concentration rises at the outer edge of the atmosphere. Consequently, there’s a decades long time lag between the release of CO2 and it having a warming effect, as the CO2 diffuses upwards. This is not a case of “well if it gets really bad we’ll do something about it” because it will be too late by then.

    The deniers like to say “well it’s all just computer models anyway”, but computer modelling is the only way to estimate how much worse current releases will make things when they actually take effect. There is NO scientific scenario in which current releases don’t make things worse, some decades in the future. It’s just a question of how much worse. So seen properly, the deniers delight at the uncertainty of computer modelling is actually another argument for the precautionary principle.
    – – – – – –

    And climate change is just one issue. There is also biodiversity loss, the extinction of species. I can’t study everything, but scientific assessment seems to be that the extinction rate is between 100 and 1000 times higher than its background rate as estimated from the fossil record. This is not undoable. We can’t just let it continue, and then later say “that was a mistake so we’ll put it back like it was”.

    Human activity is rapidly destroying the web of life.

  73. Glenn, XR is organised into “affinity groups” or AGs; groups of about a dozen people who usually did their Non-Violent Direct Action training together. There is central organisation too, but actions are planned and carried out by AGs.

    The Canning Town action will be the action of one AG.

    This also answers Fred; there is no central XR plot to overthrow capitalism. In fact, that’s the reason XR gets so much criticism from more Left-wing groups. At Vauxhall, I was speaking to a young woman who started and runs two small businesses. There are XR Doctors, XR Engineers etc, and there was XR Business, but pressure from the Left sent it into hiding.

  74. “The Canning Town action will be the action of one AG.”

    Come on Clark. XR have been targeting pubic transport in London since spring, including other actions yesterday. This was not a unique action by one rogue group.

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