The General Discussion Thread

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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. Ben, the cycles have been studied and accounted for, by the IPCC Working Group 1.

    Maybe I’m not what you would call a pacifist, but I tend to see spectra where most see classifications.

  2. Anonymous – I guess I wasn’t clear enough. By comparing XR to the white helmets, I was suggesting they are probably not what they seem, that the organisation has been created or hijacked by powerful interests to control the climate narrative in the same way as the white helmets were created to manipulate the Syrian narrative.

    The answers to your questions are no, yes, yes, and sanctimonious hypocritical bullies.

  3. Clark, people hide their identities online because of people like you. I could write a dossier on the regulars of this blog, using personal information you’ve revealed when one of them contradicts you. You betrayed M when she trusted you. You argued with JG over 9/11 so you worked out where his granddaughter went to school and promised to report her teacher for being a conspiracy theorist. Did you do it? Your latest threat says it all:

    “Node, I’m pretty sure I know who you are now. […] Be careful […] you are very susceptible to being exploited.”

    Yeah, sure I’m going to tell you about my private life.

  4. A pacifist is committed to non-violence and/or peaceful non-cooperation based usually on religious grounds. I dont know any who get partially pregnant to term but I guess one could appear pacifist generally, but when pushed hard enough return fire to defend themselves or others.

    Sergeant York seems to fill that role Clark but I’ll be damned if I know where you’re coming from.

    All I know is it’s near impossible to get a straight answer on anything I ask.

  5. Ben, I think there’s far too much violence among people, and I think that initiating violence is nearly always bad. I could support “responsibility to protect”, but every example I have seen has been an abuse of the term; an excuse to initiate violence for gain. I do not object to genuine self-defence, nor rising up against oppression, but even these should be carefully considered because they can do more harm than good.

    I have multiple objections to many Remembrance Day activities. One year in the entrance to a Tesco supermarket I saw a table with children dressed up as soldiers offering the poppies.

  6. Most people who were soldiers tell their kids to have nothing to do with the forces, from my personal experience with them (including my own Dad, who refused to call anyone “sir” from the time he left the army for the rest of his days).

    Dressing up kids as soldiers to promote war is pretty despicable, as is the attempt to conflate respect for the “fallen” with support for on-going and future military adventurism.

  7. Node, there’s a reason they’re called “paranoid conspiracy theorists”; that wasn’t a threat, and it isn’t me that’s exploiting you.

    Macky had me in a bind, and could equally well have had a go at me for misattributing her gender, which is a big no-no these days, and yes, I did consider both options. If she really wanted to maintain a masculine on-line identity she should have used an e-mail address with a male name; doing as she did placed me in an unresolvable position. But creating a pretext to complain was probably her intention anyway; she really had been out to get me ever since I’d criticised Putin, and her hatred towards me was obvious from her comments.

    Any physics teacher who falls for Chandler’s argument is incompetent; nothing to do with whether they’re a conspiracy theorist or not. Buildings can collapse, and you’ve effectively parroted Chandler again.

  8. Oh, and Node, in the end I didn’t bother contacting Birmingham education authority, because I was too lazy. I should have done though, for the sake of educational standards.

    Layered structures can undergo accelerating collapse, depending upon the vertical spacing of the layers. This is a matter of hard science, not opinion. If I can work that out, a teacher certainly should be able to.

  9. Good thing you didn’t contact the authorities. For one thing the teacher might have been trying to get the pupils to _think_, which is rarely encouraged these days. For another, JG might have slightly over-stated the position the teacher was taking.

    I don’t believe reporting teachers for having unorthodox views is a good idea. My most fondly remembered teachers were a little on the zany side.

  10. creating a pretext to complain was probably her intention anyway

    Yeah it’s the victim’s fault, she was asking for it.
    And that bloody teacher’s asking for it too. Now you’ve found out where he works, you could follow him home from school and really fuck up his life. It’s his own fault for having a different opinion to you.
    And my apologies for interpreting your innocent statement as a threat. You’re clearly not spiteful.

  11. Glen

    ” Dressing up kids as soldiers to promote war is pretty despicable, as is the attempt to conflate respect for the “fallen” with support for on-going and future military adventurism.”

    I Fully agree.. But I wonder if your Dad’s day was Different from now..that they had a morsel of Truth from the Media.. rather than the full on brainwashing of today…I suppose it was always brainwashing.. But today’s machine is Obscene, sickeningly Successful at their Propaganda Crimes..

    I have seen my Soldier boy’s grandson dressed in combat gear.. Yet my boy has a good heart..I have three times been his backup as he ran the West Highland Way for Charity in under 30 hours.
    One of the times I almost put my car in Loch Lomond..Talking about 1 cm ..and over it goes.. And the reason for that was some of his army guys were backing him up that year too.. ” Mmn two more cars arriving at the same time in a Black Area..whats going on here ” Yet the wee bastards left me to rescue my car on my Own ..Dicks.. They could see my car was in serious trouble.. Fucking Trainee officers Phone the rac / aa.. That’s probably why my boy phoned me instead of them when he needed help..Those fkrs were all asleep..when I rescued my car and left..It took some doing …And hours of being terrified..
    Got some nice pre -dawn Photos though –[email protected]/49071542853/in/dateposted-friend/

  12. Glenn: “JG might have slightly over-stated the position the teacher was taking”

    Yes, I considered that too, and that JG probably harangued him like fuck.

    Glenn: “…reporting teachers for having unorthodox views”, and Node: It’s his own fault for having a different opinion to you” – this isn’t a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of fact, of physics, and the competence to teach it. Glenn, I know that you know the vital difference between fact and opinion. I’m pretty sure that Node denies it.

    The acceleration rate in the progressive collapse of a structure of suspended layers depends upon, among other things, the vertical spacing of the layers – the greater the spacing, the greater the acceleration. If the layers are spaced closely enough, the collapse will decelerate. This is the problem with all the “build a scale model of WTC1” arguments; scaling it down decreases the spacing, and we’d have to increase the gravitational constant Big G to compensate. But with current understanding it looks like only God can change Big G. Or we could increase Little g by putting our model in a centrifuge.

    Any teacher who fails to spot this has a big hole in their competence to teach physics, and needs to brush up considerably.

  13. Glenn, how far would you go with this “…reporting teachers for having unorthodox views” approach? Can a physics teacher teach that g at Earth’s surface is 4.9m/s/s? Is that just “an unorthodox view”, and therefore acceptable? Can a physics teacher teach that conservation of energy is a fiction imposed by a conspiracy? Are there any standards of competence?

  14. Clark: I despise the commercial exploitation of Christmas but there are still many things I enjoy about the holiday.

    I just dont think pacifism can survive without those who will die in their place.

  15. No grandsons yet Brian and both my sons have served and I am quite proud they never lost their humanity in the process. Give your kids a kiss on the head and tell them it’s from Ben Franklin in the States. 🙂

  16. Glenn, I know that you know the vital difference between fact and opinion. I’m pretty sure that Node denies it.

    What does that even mean? Please make your ad hominems comprehensible.

  17. Brian: The homeless problem is tied to the mass shooting in that mental illness continues to be ignored as the National Security issue it has become.

    Guns are a tool like a knife or a hatchet. They are not the issue. Schizophrenics who dislike the side effects of their meds refuse to take them. Housing is not the shortage. Mental health protocols are missing in action.

    But politicians can’t touch that third rail so they propose band aids that exacerbate the problem.

    People off their meds and people ON meds for depression or ADHD or whatever psych issue dreamed up is the problem..not guns.

  18. “Glenn, see? Told you. Node, look up the difference between fact and opinion, and valid criticism is not ad-hominem.”

    So which is the following statement? Fact or opinion?

    “This summer, for instance, a heat wave in Europe penetrated the Arctic, pushing temperatures into the 80s across much of the Far North”

  19. C: “That’s opinion Fred. Why do you ask?

    Why does Fred ask? Because he’s a sly mischief-maker, that’s why. You didn’t think it was a genuine, honest question surely?

  20. Because it came from an article you claimed was “based on 29 linked sources, 20 of them scientific sources, many from the most authoritative scientific bodies or direct from prominent climate scientists. ”

    I would not go as far as to say it was “opinion”, “bullshit” would be a better description, daily mean temperature in the Arctic barely got above zero.

  21. glenn, why does it make you so angry when I assure people that climate change isn’t going to result in the collapse of civilisation and the deaths of billions of children? Were you so looking forward to those things happening? You should be happy and relieved the claims are not based on science.

    Your reaction reminds me of a Jehovah’s Witness after being told the earth isn’t really six thousand years old.

  22. You assume an awful lot of silly things, Fred, in your sad wind-up attempts.

    I’m not even going to bother refuting them – think whatever falsehoods you like, say whatever lies you like.

  23. Fred

    I get what you think of XR etc but not what you think climate change is. So ignoring the politics, what do you accept as the science of climate change? For example, do you accept IPCC 1.5?

  24. “Your reaction reminds me of a Jehovah’s Witness after being told the earth isn’t really six thousand years old.”

    That isn’t even what Jehovah’s Witlesses believe. And I should know; I was indoctrinated by them for eight hours a week over a decade and a half.

  25. Node, Fred’s manipulating you, because you’re useful to him. He knows that what he’s writing is deceptive. He knows that “the daily mean temperature in the Arctic” is exceeding zero more days each successive year, and he knows that the mean temperature does not preclude “temperatures into the 80s across much of the Far North”. He said to me in person that your views on science are “religious, not rational”, and therefore I was wasting my time trying to correct them. At the time, I didn’t suspect that he had his tongue up your arse for his own purposes.

    The sea ice has been decreasing year-on-year for eighteen years; if this were a hoax hundreds of commercial pilots would know. The ice is a phase-change (ice-to-water) reservoir of cold that holds down the temperature at the poles just like ice cubes in a drink, and if it all melts the polar temperatures will rise alarmingly. Also, the albedo effect positive feedback will kick in, making matters even worse.

  26. “glenn, why does it make you so angry when I assure people that climate change isn’t going to result in the collapse of civilisation and the deaths of billions of children?”

    Because it could, and on the current emissions profile, it will, sooner or later. You’re like heroin pusher, Fred.

  27. I remember R. G. Collingwood in his book on science, describing how symptoms are used with some guess work to diagnose a person having a disease as an example of using science.

    Doesn’t the same thing happen when abnormal temperatures are used in the Arctic. decreased levels of ice in Greenland, and unprecedented flooding occurs in an area noted for its glaciers?

    When is enough evidence enough to make some scientific claim?

  28. “Because it could, and on the current emissions profile, it will, sooner or later. You’re like heroin pusher, Fred.”

    So you think we should be going to church every Sunday? The Christians could be right after all. Small chance I admit but look at what is at stake, everyone suffering torment in purgatory, not to mention the plagues of locusts, billions would die. Best get the government to make it law that everyone goes to church and that they give a share of their income to the church just to be on the safe side. We’d better put people into schools to put the fear of God into children as well, it’s for their own good, there is a chance they will spend eternity in Hell if they aren’t believers.

  29. Clark: He said to me in person that your views on science are “religious, not rational”, and therefore I was wasting my time trying to correct them. At the time, I didn’t suspect that he had his tongue up your arse for his own purposes.

    You really are a nasty piece of work. You think you know something about me and you are trying to use it to cause hurt and mistrust. Not in the heat of the moment but with calculation and deliberation.
    Take a look at yourself.

  30. Fred

    That video is just banging on about the politics, there’s next to no science. By “accepted” does the filmmaker (and you) mean IPCC?

  31. Is the corruption critical mass of Trump something we can all be thankful for?

    Lancing a carbuncle is messy and painful but necessary.

    Breaking eggs is essential for omelet prep.

  32. Phil

    I thought the video made a good job of explaining what scientists know and how they know it, a better job than I could make. It explains how they know climate change is happening by taking measurements both on earth and from satellites and how they know it is largely caused by man. He also explains that what the science predicts does not involve the deaths of billions of people.

    That’s my stance as well.

    It is the mass hysteria which is Extinction Rebellion that is politics not science.

  33. Fred, the limited science in the video is selected to make a political argument. I found it ambiguous. I think maybe: you accept the measurements of “accepted science”, such as ipcc, but reject the forecasts because models are shit. Is that fair?

  34. Thanks for asking Phil, I didn’t, but I told those who knew my father and his work how the US Army had shafted him for his accomplishments. Thought the others who did not know him or his accomplishments would ne lost on the controversy

    It still was a great success with people coming specially from all over the country.

    To think that it named the place where Army Aviation was finally established for a Confederate Colonel Henry Rucker after the place, and he didn’t even make general in their army.

    This is only the beginning of the trauma which drove him to PTSD, and suicide.

  35. What I’m saying phil is that I accept the reality of climate change and understand the need to make changes to combat it but do not want to be forever associated with retards who superglue themselves to tube trains because of that.

    I’m making it clear there are three distinct camps because a lot of people only see the two.

  36. Trow

    Do you mean your old man committed suicide? That’s a tough break.

    On her deathbed my nan told me that her father had been shot as a deserter in ww1. I got a military historian to investigate but the evidence was thin and unclear.

  37. Fred
    “I accept the reality of climate change”

    Sure. What I am trying to understand is what you think that reality is. Is it broadly ipcc1.5?

  38. Phil

    I think it’s highly unlikely that predictions made in IPCC1.5 will turn out to be accurate but it is almost certain they will be a lot more accurate than prophecies made by Extinction Rebellion.

  39. So why is North Korea shunning talks with Trump?

    Kim wants Trump to talk about getting out of the nuclear box that Obama under Biden’s direction put him in while Trump wants the North to discard under international inspection the dozens of nukes it doesn’t have!

    Just an example of how confused the world we live in is.

  40. Yes, Phil. He drank himself to death after all attempts at gaining redress, including imploring pleas, especially a doctored autobiography Wagon Soldier for the Reagan administration, had failed.

  41. Sorry to hear that, Trow. That’s tough to deal with.

    On a much lighter note, I hope your birthday went well the other day – keep going!

  42. Because that is the nature of science Phil, it isn’t an end it is a process, constantly being revised. There are many complex factors constantly changing. They haven’t told all the scientists to pack up and go get another job yet so it’s a safe bet they are still working on it.

  43. In other words, Fred has no idea at all, except that “scientists are always changing their minds” or some such folksy BS.

    But the main benefit to Fred is…. / drum roll … / it’s a good wind-up for those darned do-gooder environmentardists … phnarrr… yukkkk… snort….


    I say the same to you, Phil – are you really expecting an honest conversation with this wind-up merchant, not to mention being an outright liar? Someone quite willing to sacrifice his very word, just in order to piss people off and get a grin out of it?

  44. Tell me glenn, if you honestly think that I get some sort of enjoyment from pissing people off why do you keep making it so obvious how pissed off you are?

    Surely the logical thing to do would be to pretend you enjoy my posts and spoil my fun.

  45. Fred – I’m not dishonest like you, so I don’t pretend.

    You’re not a mind-reader, though, nor clever enough to know the thoughts of others. But you can pretend I’m really pissed off since that’s what you’re likely to prefer.

  46. Thanks Brian.

    I only learned of my father’s plight in the last few weeks. He was going off the rails while I was on leave in the UK from college during !981-4.

    He was better treated by the French than the Americans while he was running NATO facilities in eastern France, receiving the Legion d’Honour military class, and a French Army parade when he left the command in Verdun.

    He commanded the 87th Division artillery in Patton’s Third Army which he voluntered its splendid service in ending the war in Europe after the Battle of the Bulge.

    He was responsible for separating Army Aviation from the Air Force after theJapanese and Germans had declared war on the US.

    For this and more he only received a death warrant.

    I shall never forgive US Army for it.

  47. Still finding evidence of the Pentagon shafting my father.

    In 2014, it gave Medals of Honor to all kinds of soldiers for bravery in the past wars, many to posthumous soldiers in WWII.

    It could have redressed my father’s grievance. Giving him a couple of higher medals like the DSM and the DFC and raised his rank to Major General.

    Instead it got Amazon to post a notice about his partial autobiography 34 years after it was published, and a predictable review – i.e., he was just a happy-go-lucky grasshopper pilot who loved flying. Nothing about his leading role in establishing Army Aviation independent of the Army Air Force, nothing about the role of the artillery of the 87th Division in winning the war in Europe, and nothing about his dangerous missions to discover that the Germans had quit fighting below Berlin to allow the 87th to hook up with the Russians in Czechoslovakia.

    The Pentgon treated him as an enemy.

  48. Sondland is a liar in the mold of Oliver North, Admiral Poindexter and Haldeman. But he’s still given more evidence of Trumps extortion gambit to harm Ukraine for Putins praise than any other witness

  49. My Dad wasn’t a wagon soldier at all, he was a grasshopper, truck soldier for the 87th Division flying unarmed light planes across southern Germany from Koblenz to the Czech Republic, some 300 miles, in Marc h 1945, insuring the large area remained part of the West, for which he and others received nothing.

  50. My Dad was a conscript right out of HS. served on a PT Tender and watched P-38s battle Zeros at Leyte but he died of WWII post war disease..I think it’s called heart disease and diabetes. Like your dad he died way too young at 66 but at least he survived the War.

  51. The Greatest Generation were the front line victims of processed foods, alcohol and tobacco poisoning. My Dad was the poster boy..never exercised chain smoked and had a sedentary but extremely stressful job..

  52. The Labour Party manifesto includes:

    Establish a judge-led inquiry into our country’s alleged complicity in rendition and torture, and the operation of secret courts.

    This is why Craig Murray left the FCO, right?

  53. The LP also says:

    Allow the people of the Chagos Islands and their descendants the right to return to the lands from which they should never have been removed.

    That will make Iain Orr very happy. But blimey. Manifestos eh.

  54. “This is why Craig Murray left the FCO, right?”

    Of course it is.

    The rumours that he was fired for employing his monolingual exotic dancer mistress as an interpreter were totally unfounded 😉

  55. Don;t understand why the Democrats treat former Vice President Joe Biden as such a sacred cow by not requiring him to testify before the House Impeachment Inquiry when he bragged about his son HUNTER having a crushy job on the directory of a gas company in the Ukraine which required no work, by bragging about the Seal team 6 which killed Osama bin Laden and some of whom were ambushed in Afghanistan, and were killEd, and carried out all kinds of deadly operations while he was in Obama’s White House?

  56. Dr Hill was an excellent witness and the prosecution did an excellent job of clearly elucidating what should be obvious. The reality is that a disinterested electorate does not want complicated matters. The simplistic rhetoric must prevail.

    Who has the best sound-byte or slogan?

    World’s have been conquered with a phrase.

  57. Pretty pathetic for Democrats to resort to covert government paranoia about Putin to try to get rid of Trump.

  58. – According to the scientific forum 4 Degrees Hotter: “Less than a billion people will survive.” Expect, on average, more than a million human global warming deaths every week. As such, mass graveyards stacked with bodies would become a new normal.

    – Prominent climate scientists were quoted in the 4 Degrees Hotter article:

    – According to Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, one of Europe’s most eminent climate scientists, director of the Potsdam Institute: “At 4C Earth’s … carrying capacity estimates are below 1 billion people.”

    – Echoing that opinion, professor Kevin Anderson of the prestigious Tyndall Centre for Climate Change stated: “Only about 10% of the planet’s population would survive at 4C.”

    – A global average of 4C means land temperatures would be 5.5C-6C hotter, especially inland from coasts. The tropics would be too hot for people to live and most of the temperate regions would be desertified.

    – As a result, half of the planet would be uninhabitable. Populations would be driven towards the poles. Over 136 port cities each with populations of one-half to one million would require sea walls or translocation of nearly one-half billion people.

    – In Europe, new deserts would spread to Italy, Spain, Greece, and Turkey as the Sahara figuratively leaps across the Straits of Gibraltar. In Switzerland, summer would be as hot as Baghdad today. Europe’s population would be forced into a “Great Trek North” in order to survive.

    – Even as recently as this century, the European heat wave of 2003 killed 35,000, but it was only a sampler of what too much heat does to the human body. (Source: The 2003 European Heatwave Caused 35,000 Deaths, New Scientist, October 10, 2003)

    – At the time, and according to the New Scientist, in 2003: “The EPI says it is confident that the August heat wave has broken all records for heat-related deaths and says the world must cut the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.”

    – But, today, that’s a bad joke with CO2 in 2003 at 378 ppm. Today it’s 410. Therefore, “must cut the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming” has been a total bust.

    That’s old science, from when climate sensitivity was thought to be higher such that +4C could happen by 2055. But we’re on course for +4C by 2100. If you want something a little less strongly worded but more recent, try this, from the scientific publication

    – If polar ice continues to melt, forests are slashed and greenhouse gases rise to new highs—as they currently do each year—the Earth will pass a tipping point.

    – Crossing that threshold “guarantees a climate 4-5 Celsius (7-9 Fahrenheit) higher than pre-industrial times, and sea levels that are 10 to 60 meters (30-200 feet) higher than today,” cautioned scientists in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    – And that “could be only decades ahead,” they said.

    – “Hothouse Earth is likely to be uncontrollable and dangerous to many,” said the article by scientists at University of Copenhagen, Australian National University and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany.

    “Fred” accepts the mainstream science, does he? Or is he being dishonest for some reason? I know he’s competent; he hacks engine management units and installs operating systems, among other things.

  59. What’s pathetic is Public apathy Trowbridge.

    If Americans want Omerta governance they should get their wish.

    Ignorance is knowledge and perfidy is another word for integrity.

  60. Node, November 17, 8:01 pm:

    “…you are trying […] to cause hurt and mistrust

    Well if I’m wrong and “Fred” is unknown to you, there’s no hurt and mistrust I can cause, is there?

    But if I’m right, you need to ask yourself why “Fred” keeps reaffirming your prejudices, and whether your bear more responsibility to him, or to the next generation.

  61. Americans didnt give a shit when Reagan/henchmen laughed at the Law and funded their Contras with CIA cocaine and got caught with their knickers down.

    A precious few saw the courtroom then were ceremoniously pardoned by Bush but Americans yawned out of boredom

    You get the ‘democracy’ you deserve

  62. You should talk about public ignorance regarding Iran-Contra. You make no mention of the Challenger Shuttle disaster, the lacrosse missile on it and its mission. Sasha Litvinenko’s discovery of the American eavesdropping devices on that Toshiba cargo container, the largest number of American subs ever assembled involved in the apparent ambush of the Soviet underwater deterrent, American spies for Moscow, Putin’s countermeasures, discovery by Palme of those arms on that EL Al plane bound for Tehran, assassin Captain Simon Hayward and all the fall guys, the alibis for all of them, other assassinations, the Lockerbie disaster, etc.

    The truth is more complicated than you think.

  63. I was talking about willful ignorance about events portrayed in living color for all to see. I’m ignorant of many things hidden from plain sight but I should hope others would have some interest in what’s in front of their faces.

  64. The Viper, one of my local pubs, closed today. It had been a pub since at least 1896, and was the only pub of that name in the country:

    Supporters of the landlords got the building listed, preventing the new owner from knocking it down, or turning it into posh housing, or a Thai restaurant, all of which were proposed, so it should reopen as a pub, but the new owner wants to “renovate” it.

    I have seen pub after pub close since I started coming here in the early 1980s. The Elkins Arms became a private house, as did the Woolpack. The Fox and Goose closed for a couple of years, eventually reopening. The nearest to me, the Green Man, is now a private house.


    Trump’s ex-wife Ivana wrote in her memoir about how much he hated her poodle Chappy, and Chappy hated Donald. He’s the only president in the last century who hasn’t kept a dog as a pet in the White House. The hate, obviously, is born of not quite getting what these dog things are.

    I don’t like people who don’t like dogs

  66. See that the US Navy is still being plagued by its problems despite the retirement of CNO John Richardson with the firing of Navy Secretary Ricard Spencer over the Seal case.

    Perhaps it will get around to explaining what happened to the USS Puffer and USS Baitfish back in 1982.

  67. Although politics has some minimal degree of relevance, it’s mostly a distraction. Trump got in because of the massive pressure, from Big Money, to keep Sanders out – because Sanders would have initiated somewhat meaningful changes. Same in the UK regarding Corbyn.

    The distraction works; eg. Swartz was driven to suicide under Obama’s watch.

  68. Ben, I really wouldn’t bother. The problem isn’t that Trump got in. The problem was that Sanders was excluded. That left Trump and Clinton, both representatives of Big Money, albeit of differing shades – coal versus oil basically.

    Trump is an excellent distraction; idiotic, racist, sexist, unpredictable, fickle, controversial, almost impossible not to hate for those on the Left. But once Sanders was excluded, the triumph of Big Money was assured, either way.

  69. Ben, the Republican candidate got elected President – that is a perfectly mainstream result for the US, just like getting a Tory Prime Minister in the UK. It’s normal – more’s the pity.

    OK, you can’t make sense of that, so you need Russian spies to explain it. To understand it, you’d have to put yourself in the mind of a Republican. Tens of millions of Americans would have voted for the Republican candidate even if it were a doughnut; that’s what you need to fathom, not whatever marginal difference Russia made.

    And don’t forget that a British outfit was working for Trump too; Cambridge Analytica.

    The Democrats have a much closer connection to the media, so the media go on and on about Russia, a convenient bogeyman to keep eyes off the real problem, which that politics is now just this Big Money versus that Big Money, just like Brexit.

    Politics is fucked. I think your nearest Extinction Rebellion rebellion group must be either Monterey County or Los Angeles:

    Or if my geography’s at fault, check this map:

    You won’t regret it; XR are building community.

  70. Ben

    Some people were playing dice. One of them had weighted the dice so that instead of the six coming up one in six times now it comes up one in five times. This gives one of the players a better chance of winning.

    Some people might try to tell you that because you could never prove that when a dice landed on a six that it was because it was weighted, that the dice could well have landed on a six anyway even without the weight, this means the person doing the weighting did nothing wrong.

    I wouldn’t see it that way myself.

  71. See? If you had watched the segment you’d have seen politics is a game of inches. One interviewee was forced out of the democratic primary because her strategy was outed in the stolen emails and lost by one percent. Exactly what the Soviets were addressing…districts with tight races where they could gum things up.

    I think a lot of your reasoning is biased due to your attitude about American politics being corrupt, as though it were an island.

    You like Russia. You dont care about USA.

  72. Fred: Holding my breath but McGahn may be forced to testify
    Supreme Court will decide. Let’s see if “no one is above the Law.”

  73. You’re right Ben; I care about people, not the “USA”, nor the “UK”, nor any other arbitrary grouping / power structure. And no, not “Russia” either; no idea where you got that impression about me.

    Yeah, “a game of inches”, marginal advantages. I agree with that. But I don’t have a spare 60 minutes to learn something I already know. Politics has been fucked for decades. The people need to take back the power, and I need every spare 60 minutes to take back my own, or I’ll go under.

    Fred, when Rich Abe, Rich Bob and Rich Clive etc. etc. are all weighting the dice, I don’t see the sense in singling out just one and making a big fuss about just him. Maybe time to play a different game?

  74. You love People in the editorial sense Clark. The abstract is easy to romanticize. But the reality is it’s much harder to love just one person. I sense you are bothered by what others may think of you. Dont waste your time on such trivialities. What’s important is that we always question our own motives and guard against self deception. That is how one earns self-respect. Self-esteem that one has earned for oneself is what is important.

    I am not suggesting you don’t respect yourself but your connections to others should give you pause to stop and reflect on the fruits of those labors.

  75. No mention of TAP (Trans Asian Pipeline) where the Russian one comes up from Greece and Turkey to go across to Italy being hit by a shallow quake on the Albanian coast.

    Guess our despots don’t want us to know what the NRO is doing these days

  76. No notice made of the fact that the quake occurred in the middle of the night which the NRO claims it owns because potential witnesses have trouble seeing the beams.

  77. The Brits don’t have a clue for the London Bridge attack which is a home grown terrorist one with bad Muslims looking for good ones during the election campaign where they can be found in numbers and where.

    The threat level should have been raised to critical, and steps taken to make sure it didn’t happen, especially on London Bridge.

  78. Osman Butt sure sounds like a relative and follower of Khuman Butt, the terrorist who carried out the attack on London Bridge in June 2017.

    Be interesting if Osman carried it out on the spur on the moment, stabbing a Muslim woman and man, who have yet to be identified, after he want berserk over a rehabilitation meeting for British Muslims during the General Election campaign.

  79. Now the British counter terrorists are busy covering up the London Bridge cock up, failing to report the names and religion of the two innocents murdered, changing the suspect’s name constantly until he is now called Usman Khan, and flooding the internet with other stories, particularly about Prince Charles telling all about his brother Prince Andrew.

  80. Finally found stories about the male victim Jack Merritt dying trying to help the underdog in a an account of sunday paper front pages.Still nothing about the more important female killed.

    And learned that there are potentially 69 more Osman Fitts on early release parole. Talk about letting bulls run loose in the china shop!

  81. Looks like Boris feels SHRUMP! should keep his Piehole shut. The Lascivious degenerates are too much alike. to Fat Nixon cant help messing in UK bizness. It’s his unnatural Nature.

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