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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. Propaganda typically is a known falsehood repeated often. IOW not speculation….bald-faced lies instead. Many morons regurgitating the falsehood without a critical word is not speculation. It’s gossip.

    If one kept repeating Russian involvement in the crash in spite of Iran taking responsiblity, then its propaganda.

  2. Propaganda is the spreading of information in support of a cause. It may be false or not. It may be spread knowingly or not. It may be spread as gossip or not.

    None of this detracts from my simple suggestion that those on the internet who try to work out the complexities of a recent war event will most likely be spreading propaganda and will definitely be adding to the fog of war.

  3. Phil’s right.

    If we show any interest at all in such competing war narratives, we should qualify very clearly that state militaristic power is itself illegitimate. It is power imposed from above, not voluntary collective action. It merely pretends to protect its people; in reality, it exploits them, setting them against each other.

  4. propaganda – noun:

    1) information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.

    2) a committee of cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church responsible for foreign missions, founded in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV.

    I do like that second one. That, the Diet of Worms, and the German shop called Bad Design. And Braun is pronounced ‘brown’, and they’re based in Staines. Stainless steel sinks – true in water, but not in mercury.

  5. Phil, do you think there is value in the sort of work MediaLens do?

    I think it’s a useful resource to direct people to, people who haven’t realised just how biased the ‘news’ media is. Likewise many of Craig’s posts.


    My goal in speculation or ‘propagandizing ‘ as you insist is not manipulative but rather, musings and curiosity . I hardly think such musings carry any weight, as they rarely incite a response and in my case was entirely correct and not misleading. I can tabulate no economic or political benefit to myself or any candidate for office that resulted from my speculations.

    Further, I am a private citizen and refuse to be shuttered by the infliction of blame or shame for such speculations.

    Further, I will continue to eat meat.

  7. I certainly hope your propaganda phobia doesn’t manipulate you into a disdain for mass media and NEWS purveyors.

    I believe that approach assists the nefarious characters you may abhor.

  8. “My goal in speculation or ‘propagandizing ‘ as you insist is not manipulative”

    No one has said that. In fact I have clearly said the very opposite – that the speculators are dupes.

    And TBC I have spoken generally and you are talking about yourself. Of course what one person says is irrelevant. The fog is the sum of the many.

    “refuse to be shuttered by the infliction of blame or shame”

    OK then. I am obviously critiquing a social phenomena that reaches here but I don’t think I am using the language of blame and shame. Yes, I admit, I would like people to consider what they do but don’t we all hope to persuade and learn? Isn’t that one reason why we are here? Should we not mention our differences lest someone cries “I feel shame!”

  9. I don’t know about Medialens and Craig Murray. I haven’t recommended either to anyone for quite a few years now, if that provides an answer.

  10. What is the problem with the media being biased? We have enough of it. People can choose which bias they want. Racists can read the Mail, liberals can read the Guardian, Socialists can read the Morning Star and psychotics can read the Craig Murray Blog.

  11. Blimey Mr Spanner1 really hates the SNP and LP. Quite right of course. But AFAICS that is all he bangs on about. No criticism of the right, no system critique, no support for any position beyond ‘hate the SNP and LP’. Comes across as snarky but mildly embarrassed tory.

  12. “Racists can read the Mail, liberals can read the Guardian, Socialists can read the Morning Star and psychotics can read the Craig Murray Blog.”

    Could it be that misogynists read Brian Spanner? Spanner labels any female he doesn’t like as a ‘cunt’ and has even stooped so low to bring FGM into his hatred ‘humour’.

    His/her/their followers do tend to be Tories, many of whom are misogynistic.

  13. “There’s no shortage of twitter feeds criticising the right out there Phil if that’s all you want.”

    I literally applauded criticism of the left in my comment that you are responding to Fred. Don’t be so disingenuous mate.

  14. I don’t read Spanner’s vomit, Fred. As for Stuart Campbell, he always provides the original source that he is commenting on, giving the reader the raw material to make their own assessment, rather than take his opinion on matters.

    Interesting that you like Spanner’s view on things. Some unionists blindly follow the establishment to the extend that when they are shafted by the establishment, instead of protesting they offer to pay for the dry cleaning.

  15. Fred, 12:57 am:

    “Clark. Being biased towards what you want to believe is not the same thing as not being biased.”

    Really Fred? Gosh, thanks; I’ll really try to remember that. Troll.

    “What is the problem with the media being biased?…”

    A dozen wrongs don’t make a right any more than two do, as your attitude demonstrates repeatedly.

  16. Clark.

    Has it never occurred to you that as everyone sees the world from a different perspective they all see the world differently.

    Someone who is intolerant to other people’s viewpoints is known as a bigot.

  17. Sorry Phil. I imagined a purity test was being administered intravenously for my own good and I assumed you were attacking my effort to verbalize my thinking process as though that were a bad idea.

    Thinking is sacred to me.

  18. I’ve got Venus in the telescope now; she possibly looks gibbous through the 25mm Plössl eyepiece. I’ll try the 17mm.

  19. Yep, clearly somewhat less than a full disc. It’s most obvious in the 9mm eyepiece, but 9mm is a bit too ambitious for this ‘scope, giving a lot of lens flares and making it difficult to use.

    I think the collimation is out again. I must replace the fibreboard mirror mount with a piece of thick plastic and secure it better.

    It’ll be interesting to watch Venus pass from gibbous, to half disc, to crescent over the next while. Then she’ll disappear before becoming a morning object, overtaking Earth on the inside of the bend as it were.

  20. “Venus very bright” arrived from a friend, whereas Betelgeuse is no brighter than Orion’s other shoulder, which looks decidedly weird.

  21. Dunno; mechanical intuition. It forms the end of the tube, which is 200mm diameter, and I want to put maybe a dozen screws through the tube into the edge of the plastic disc. 20mm just seems about right, whereas a fortieth of the diameter seems too thin.

  22. And the main mirror will mount onto it with the adjusters; the main mirror is weighty, it’s about 30mm thick. And the existing fibreboard is about 20mm.

  23. I want plastic because it’s near ground level, where the fibreboard absorbs dew, softens, warps and moves.

    I’m not keen on making a laminate because I’ll be putting screws into its edge and the layers will probably separate. The fibreboard is separating from moisture.

    How come you have access to a laser cutter?

  24. In Chelmsford town centre yesterday I encountered a demo by Anonymous for the Voiceless, radical vegans. They were holding up flatscreens showing factory farming atrocities. I chatted with them for a while, and they invited me to Zizzi’s pizza restaurant, but I couldn’t afford vegan pizza so I just had chips.

  25. Some of them had been at the Animal Rebellion camp with XR at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, and had participated in the blockade of the London meat and fish markets. Some asked me to join, but I told them I’m not vegan, nor even vegetarian.

  26. I’m tempted to have both mirrors re-profiled and re-silvered. And I must sort out some electronic imaging device that fits the eyepiece mount.

  27. Is that what their flatscreen demo is called? “Cube of Truth” is printed on the card they gave me; I haven’t followed any of the links.

  28. I don’t need convincing. This used to be a cattle breeding farm; very good conditions, in the relative sense. The cattle were wintered in spacious shelter, ate locally grown grass, and lived all the milder months in spacious fields.

    One day the bullocks all congregated at the fence to my back yard; they did this from time to time. They were lined up at the fence, with their heads over into my garden, looking at me. I was doing some gardening, so I started singing nonsense to them (they seem to like that), and then started chatting at them, just wittering on. For reasons I don’t know, I started telling them that the real product was their sisters in the other field, and they were surplus to requirements; I suppose I was just reflecting. But then I started telling them that they’d be sent for slaughter pretty soon and they started to look at each other in an alarmed sort of way, and when I said that some of them would probably end up in my dog’s food they got really restless, started bellowing and then all stampeded off together across the field.

    It was so spooky that I never forgot. I suppose I should dismiss it as just coincidence, but it wasn’t the only time I’ve noticed cattle understand more communication than humans generally give them credit for.

  29. Speaking of assassinations, see that former Boeing CEO Dennis Mullenburg and his replacement David Calhoun, the alleged “clowns” who designed the 747 MAX for the crippled company, have been richly rewarded in payments rather than disclose the plots which got rid of competitor Suikov 100, made out the Steve Ivens, the resident FBI agent in Burbank, was a Russian agent in trying to inform President Obama on a campaign swing through the LA area in May 2012, made out that he was trying to assassinate the POTUS, and had him hunted down, and killed int the mountains east of the n\metropolis.

    Not just pointless speculation but a serious conspiracy which threatens to bankrupt the military industrial giant.

  30. Is it premature to speculate that the extraordinary payments for disputed sales and stock options are essentially hush money?

  31. Assasination or Elections…

    Apparently, there is a difference but not a distinction.

    Democrat or Libertarian…no difference.

    Yet we should have faith and hope in the Human Race when AGW and ice melt converge on a resolution to the Climate challenge of Human Carbon Dispensers.

  32. Er, the assassin was elected.

    I’d trust the people a lot more than the politico-economic system, but their will is warped by media and by antiquated political systems that the establishment has all but monopolised.

    Let the power fall.

  33. I’ve been toying with Buddahs disdain for action. There is no good or bad karma; just Karma.

    You can take whatever action you wish. But the outcome will be the same.

  34. The only politician I know of who did both is vile Nixon, seeing that The Plumbers shot his way into the White House by eliminating likely opponents, and then seeing the demise of LBJ who threatened his re-election.

  35. Impeachment stink bomb passed to the Senate today.

    Now we’ll see how Republicans and Voters truly feel about democratic republics. Can We keep our Republic?

  36. (CNN)Lev Parnas, the Soviet-born businessman whose work in Ukraine with President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani stands at the center of the impeachment inquiry, implicated the President Wednesday in an interview with CNN in which he said that their efforts were “all about 2020” and not about working in the interest of the United States.

    “That was the way everyone viewed it,” Parnas told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, disputing Trump’s claim that the push to unearth damaging information about his political rival, Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, stemmed from concerns about corruption in Ukraine.

  37. See no chance of Trump being removed from office. The Dems did a terrible job with their impeachment, first dragging their feet, and then rushing it repeatedly. Nancy Pelosi is some prima donna dictator, acting as if she is promoting something like the Marshall Plan.

    We are stuck with a bunch of hopeless politicians.

  38. SHRUMP! makes a habit of denying ‘knowing’ anyone revealed as shady. Trump denied knowing Parnas despite videos of them gobsmacking each other.

    Parnas is really dishing out smack on Trump because he has nothing to lose and Trump is uncharacteristically subdued in the exchange.

  39. The Senate ‘trial’ commences with the formal ritual also used in exorcisms…They blessed the proceedings with their Star Chamber where there are no witnesses called and Media is severely restricted as to access.

  40. So why does Khomenei hate Americans so much, and is interested in rebuilding farsi speakers so much? Because Washington has killed about 100,000 of them with its secret weapons causing quakes as his unannounced visits to where they have occurred like the farsi speaking villages along the Caspian, Bam along the Silk Road during the build up of the Second Gulf War, and the nuclear experts during the start-up of its peaceful industry at Fordow during 1990, 2003 and 2012 indicate.

    Iranians are much more careful about what they admit than almost all Americans.

  41. Can anything be more ridiculous than Trump looking for dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden – the guy who worked with Republican John Bolton to make it look like North Korea was a nuclear power, and covered up through son Beau at least the murders of John P. Wheeler, and Iranian heir to the Throne Ali-Resa Pahlavi – from Ukrainian reformer Zelensky who might knew something on Hunter Biden’s corruption there, and the Democrats going ape shit for the POTUS seeking information from the foreign leader?

    Did Reagan seek dirt from Gorbi on his predecessors or LBJ from Khrushchev for dirt on JFK? Guess not as they lived by the18th century Constitution.

  42. Martin Luther King’s lesser legacy is that he was the only American assassinated by a CIA Manchurian Candidate, James Earl Ray, by its its Excitative Action Director William King Harvey aka Harvey Steimeyer and Raoul who moved him around so much that he didm’t know what he was up to, and saw to his arrest by the police in Canada before he could escape to Africa.

  43. Mike Pence is making himself into a good replacement for Trump, obliging the POTUS to go to the Martin Luther King Memorial on the public holiday when Trump didn’t give a damn about the assassinated leader.

    Didn’t see a single Democrat one going to it. Obsessed with getting the POTUS.

    .Pence is making a serious case in being a friend of African-American voters which will give the Republicans being the favorites in the South, especially in South Carolina and Georgia.

    Pence made a wise choice when he befriended William B. Harvey as he mentor, the Dean of the University of Indiana Law School when MLK was killed, so that no one would think that he was in any way connected to the bad one , William King Harvey who had lived in Indianapolis too, and had attended the law school. It was just an odd coincidence.

    Pence is carrying a lot of Trump’s baggage.

  44. ‘Ends Justify Means’ is growing in popularity amongst those humans averse to spiritual growth when financial growth is spectacular.

    I hesitate to suggest we get the fresh Hell we deserve…

  45. Only the stalwart CNN is carrying the Senate trial live.

    Such is the Public interest in anything other than gasoline price or bread shortage.

    If you imagined Rome today with your associates clad in Togas while carrying clay jars of water to their humble domicile, you could certainly say nothing changes with these people

  46. Can anything be more ridiculous than acting as if quid pro quods don’t happen in Washington all the time, and as if broken Ukraine is the USA’s strongest ally!

    Remember during Iran-Contra when Colin Powell agreed to provide Israel with new Hawk missiles if someone agreed to sign a user certificate for the old ones going to Iran via Sweden – what got Ollie North going to Stockholm unsuccessfully to get Olof Palme to sign which represented his death warrant.

    And what ever happened to pro-Russian Ukrainian President Viktor Yunocovych?

  47. Corona virus being monitored on travelers from China at MAJOR hubs like LAX….ONTario has China Airlines in the terminal but no mention of that airport in thermal screening. I wonder if that’s a problem.

  48. Looking more and more like Trump was getting John Bolton to Quid Pro Quod the Ukraine for the information it had about the Bidens going back to the US assassination of John “Jake” P. Wheeler, III at the end of 2009.

    Joachim Hagoplan wrote an article in April 2015, noting all controversies Wheeler had had with the American political elite without mention a word about the Bidens, the former Vice President Joe or his son Delaware Attorney General Beau, though one powerful Senator threatened to kill him for his dogged support of Maya LIn’s design of the memorial for the Vietnam War dead.

    Then Hagoplan called Secretary of the Air Force Wynne, and its Chief of Staff as being fall guys for being fired for the illegal movement of nuclear missiles. He mentioned the massive killing of birds in preparation for some kind of mission which turned out the collapse of a nuclear test tunnel in Iran.

    When it came to the assassination Hagoplan even suggested an America hit squad. including criminal on the run Andrew Levine but no identification of the Bidens, especially Beau’s role in not getting the police, particularly the FBI, to take any interest in the murder.

    All this was done in an environment where Iran was to be destroyed by Israel’s nukes, and Ukraine by Russian ones.

    Trump wanted Bolton to fill in the blanks.

  49. The worm may be turning. John Bolton’s just published book is tormenting the Master Inquisitor Party of Donald Jesus Trump with untoward praise from Caesar. It’s like John Dean Deja Vu all over again

  50. Britain has a stockpile of depleted uranium hexafluoride:


    The main business of Urenco UK Ltd (UUK), the holders of the nuclear site licence at Capenhurst, is the enrichment of uranium. A by-product of uranium enrichment is known as tails, depleted uranium stored as uranium hexafluoride (UF6, or hex) in steel transport cylinders. Hex represents a potential chemotoxic and radiological hazard both to workers on the site and the public: a faulty or damaged cylinder may release gaseous UF6, which is radioactive, and can readily form hydrogen fluoride (HF), which is highly toxic. A major new plant, the Tails Management Facility (TMF), is therefore being constructed at Capenhurst to convert these tails to an oxide of uranium, a chemical form more suitable for long-term storage.

    Tails have accumulated at Capenhurst since the 1950s and there is now a stockpile of uranium in the form of hex. To bound the potential hazard, ONR and the licensee agreed a limit for this stockpile. In the short term TMF is needed to ensure that UUK can continue to comply with this limit without reducing its production of enriched uranium. Thereafter, one function of TMF will be to reduce the stockpile of hex at Capenhurst; in due course TMF is intended to perform this same chemical conversion on tails accumulated by Urenco in Germany and the Netherlands.

    And here is George Osborne and some DUF6 cylinders:

  51. There were no provisions regarding the Ukraine’s nuclear capability in the new START Treaty, and it must have known how it was approved by the US Senate, i.e., the assassination of John P. Wheeler, III because he objected to the use of phosgene to make Iran’s nuclear test site inoperable near Hosseinabad. forcing the Obama Administration to have the National Reconnaissance Office cause a quake there instead.

  52. That’s the culmination of years of work by Trump and his son Jared don’t you know! They said so…

    And we’ve even got small print as well.

    “Note: Implementation of the Conceptual Map is subject to the terms and conditions provided in the Vision for Peace”

    Mexico will pay for the world’s bigliest tunnel of course.

  53. So what was the drug dealing that John Bolton wanted no part of which Trump wanted to continue to investigate while withholding military aid to the Ukraine?

    Was it a kind of deal that Iran-Contra infected Operation Mongoose in Cuba only this time it was for the new START Treaty in the Eastern European area, and the Bidens were playing the role of William King Harvey in fomenting Ukrainian nationalism in the country, and the assassination of the Russian leaders, even Putin? Could revive interest in the shooting down of MH17.

    In that case these witnesses testifying would be a total disaster for the Democrats!

  54. Nice to know that not all readers of my efforts consider me an extremist like my former boss at the President of Holy Cross College.

    Shortly before Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison, with whom I have had no connection. died sent me a certificate of appreciation for my work on civil rights, adding that my name will join those on the Wall of Tolerance in Montgomery, Alabama for standing up against racial hatred.

    Whether it will be made in stone remains to be seen, but her gesture is enough. I shall look for it the next time I visit the southern bastion of intolerance.

  55. If the Democrats and the left-wing media really reject the legitimacy of not hearing witnesses in the Senate impeachment hearings, why don’t they just walk out, and not just complain about the Ukraine and Russia interfering in American democracy when one of their leading candidates is so stoking up opposition to them that John Bolton is dismissed now as a disgruntled security risk aka a spy whose draft book should remain secret while he endorses what officials have testified about the scanda?

  56. Like Trump’s trade tariffs Brexit will have a delayed effect on the Public welfare. The horizon for such things is so distant that the effects will be largely dealt with by the next two or three PMs.

    But that doesn’t mean Boris Trump wont take credit for positive trends they had no role in.

  57. Certainly not true when Henry Brougham was around.

    He forced HMG to take the Napoleonic threat to Europe seriously, both that by Napoleon himself and Louis Napoleon, and he was a great supporter of King Louis Orlean.

    That’s partly why I wrote of him over the objections of the British historical establishment. You should read it.

  58. Conspiracy theorists never recognise the structural causes of events but instead always seek to blame shadowy bad actors. We just need to reveal the bad apples and everything will be dandy, say the conspiracy theorists.

    Perhaps conspiracy theories partly arise out of the desire to avoid political realities. The refuge of “evil wrong doers” is more comforting than the brutality of a fucked system. Seeking the truth online easier than political action. Blaming “them” more distancing from the horror than considering it might be something about us.

    Ultimately the conspiracy theorists defend the status quo they bemoan by pretending political issues are moral issues. Funny old world.

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