The General Discussion Thread

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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. . Let us take a moment, this moment, to consider why we are here.
    Let’s remember our love, for this beautiful planet that feeds, nourishes and sustains us.
    . Let’s remember our love for the whole of humanity in all corners of the world.
    . Let’s recollect our sincere desire to protect all this, for ourselves, for all living beings, and for generations to come.
    . As we act today, may we find the courage to bring a sense of peace, love and appreciation to everyone we encounter, to every word we speak and to every action we make. We are here for all of us.

    I am frequently ashamed of myself for failing to live up to that.

  2. Good to see that the media pretty much finished off Joe Biden in Iowa.

    Instead of seeing the voting system as one which would hurt him, it saw it as ideal for him with most of them helping his lead competitors more. It was built for a race of many co-equals whose secondary ballots would go to murderousJoe.

    As for autistic Trump, it came shinning through in the State of the Union address.

  3. Glenn : “Forget bullies like Node “
    You’re obviously not talking about physical bullying so presumably you feel intellectually browbeaten. Would you like me to dumb it down a bit for you?

  4. Node: I’d like you to be honest for a bit, your tag-team mate Fred too. But that’s an ask too far, I know.

    For instance, Phil balks at the unpleasantness towards our new visitor. Fred mischievously pretends Phil is talking about the X-rebel unpleasantness, saying that he understands why he’s going (because of that).

    Just sheer lies and dishonesty over and over, it’s amazing you can keep it up.

    You think you’re oh-so-cute posting that RT about man-made climate change on Mars, then pretend you don’t know what all the fuss is about. Usual BS from you, with the bog-standard “What? What? Me? Don’t know what you’re talking about!”

    You might not know, having always been part of the cowardly taunters, but having a bunch of witless morons chanting “Nyaaa… nyaaa… [fill in some mindless insult here]” doesn’t mean they’ve won an intellectual argument, when the object of the taunts has had enough. Despite your self-congratulatory yukking afterwards.

    Pull your usual crap and call that a victory if you like, it’s all you’re good for.

    You must be proud of your anti-vaxxer campaigns, btw – measles infections are way up!

  5. My apologies to you and Stef, phil. I’m a bit jaded at both extremes of right and left.

    The Either/Or attitude seems most pronounced on the Left (people BEFORE property) with the PC requisites, but the Right is perceived as more welcoming even though they put property BEFORE people .

    I guess I’m just weary of the tug of war I seem roped into.

  6. Interesting link clark..

    The author, like all of us, is a little confused and so takes no stand. That’s wise, considering careers have ended because of taking an unequivocal position.

    I think the question “where are they?” is rather easily determined..”within us”

    We are Star material..

  7. I’ve been accused of “bulldozing” which is akin to bullying but it is intellectual, not physical. Which is more damaging, psychic bullying or the threat of physical pain?

    You be the Judge.

  8. Clark: further on the Goldilocks Zone..

    The stats on probabilities will continue exponentially but one thing is constant: the degree to which LIFE is possible.

    I believe Earth is a rarity.

    It is ideal for Life not just hospitable.

    It’s a petrie dish and the Observers are constant companions out of curiosity. They, like all conscious life have a vested interest in our outcome and destiny. They have a need , like us, for answers to their own questions.

  9. “Which is more damaging, psychic bullying or the threat of physical pain?”

    Craig reported that in Uzbekistan, the authorities sometimes tortured family members rather than torturing the subject directly, because it was more effective. Torturing a parent’s children was particularly effective.

  10. A very sad loss that Phil has gone. Ben, I passed your apology on seeing as Phil is unlikely to be reading.

  11. Glenn : Node: I’d like you to be honest for a bit

    The link to Mars’ icecap wasn’t dishonest. It was a J..O..K..E

    I don’t think I’ve ever written a dishonest word on this blog. Why would I? I’d be very interested to see an example of what you think is me lying.

    Similarly, I challenge you to produce a quote from me to back up your anti-vaxxer claim.

  12. Node, you are not in possession of hidden knowledge.

    When I dismiss Twin Tower demolition theory, global warming conspiracy theory and the like, it is not because I have been “brainwashed by the MSM”. In matters amenable to science, we are not at the mercy of opinion, eg. “do I get to choose the court or do you?”; if you learned enough about those subjects you’d come to much the same conclusions as myself.

    Fred knows this yet he continues to encourage you in your folly. You should consider what motive he might have for acting so dishonestly.

    I’m close to certain that you have not read Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. You should. You could then move on to Bad Pharma, and learn the actual methods by which supposedly scientific claims are distorted.

  13. Node, my previous comment crossed with yours.

    Glenn initially accused Fred of dishonesty, and you of bullying. I regard those characterisations as correct, whereas Glenn’s second comment fudged them together a bit.

    Where do you stand on vaccination?

    There is a faulty mode of reasoning, sometimes called “conspiracy theory” though it is broader than that. But all conspiracy theories tend to reinforce each other, by encouraging and promoting the faulty mode of thought. I suspect that Twin Tower demolition theory is a ‘gateway’ conspiracy theory; it sucks people in and starts them down the rabbit hole, but when one realises how ludicrous it is, many similar theories are seen for the nonsense they are too. But that might be just my own perspective, since physics and mechanics are in my domain of expertise.

  14. Fred : Conspiracy theorists are just people filling in the blanks with their imaginations to create order out of chaos.

    Conspiracy theorists other than me are just people filling in the blanks with their imaginations to create order out of chaos. FTFY.

    Here’s what you all really mean : a conspiracy theorist is someone who believes different conspiracy theories to me.

  15. Fred, you’ve encouraged Node to be suspicious of the seriousness of climate change, and suspicious of Extinction Rebellion. It’s an ongoing project, not a specific comment I can link to.

    But actually, those subjects aren’t your target; you couldn’t actually care less about either. Your true objective is to ensure that Node continues to promote conspiracy theories rather than learning to recognise the faulty mode of thinking they are based upon.

  16. “Fred, you’ve encouraged Node to be suspicious of the seriousness of climate change, and suspicious of Extinction Rebellion.”

    I encourage everyone to be suspicious of Extinction Rebellion, they are radical left wing activists who have hijacked the climate change cause to further their left wing agenda.

    Where have I specifically encouraged Node to do anything?

  17. Depicting XR as radical left wing is presumably crafted to appeal to Node’s right-wing background, since it just isn’t true – you have my first hand testimony of the people I have met and spoken to (one of whom owns three properties and lets out two), and XR makes no left wing demands at all.

  18. Both Hitler and Wilson pretended to support labor unions until their power was consolidated. Surely you are not so naive as to think XR wont tighten the noose of control when it suits them?

  19. “Depicting XR as radical left wing is presumably crafted to appeal to Node’s right-wing background”

    I am not aware that Node has a right wing background, I know nothing about his background at all.

    You made a statement about me, can you back it up with evidence or can’t you?

  20. I’ve toyed with the idea of Benevolent Dictatorship as a solution to the human behavior quandaries but I run into a basic flaw.

    As a Benevolent I will still have to contain the Malevolent who would unseat me and steal the wealth and power if I were not sufficiently cold and calculating to foresee and overcome their advances with swift reprisal.

    At which point benevolence is merely a word.

  21. We in XR have no power, beyond the powers of throwing illegal parties and getting arrested.

    Check the three demands:

    – Tell the Truth
    – Decarbonise Rapidly
    – Set up People’s and Citizens’ Assemblies

    That last one’s the clincher. XR isn’t looking for power. We’re just the teeth, but we’re demanding a functional brain.

  22. No Fred, I can’t; it’s just informed guesswork. But if I’m right, then Node should be able to see it…

  23. “No Fred, I can’t; it’s just informed guesswork.”

    Then why didn’t you say it was just informed guesswork?

    Why did you state it as a fact?

    What was the information? Informed guesswork needs informing. Tell us what information you had.

  24. I met you Fred, I got to see what you were up to for months.

    I said it was just a guess pages back. Since then I’ve lapsed into shorthand, as it were.

    Beyond that, I’m not giving away information to a dishonest adversary.

  25. “Beyond that, I’m not giving away information to a dishonest adversary.”

    You are the one telling lies about me. You made a statement about me which is not true. It’s not me who is dishonest, you are the one who is dishonest.

  26. “The one”. In a species of liars, a seven billion ocean of self-deceivers, I’m “the one”. Thanks Fred; that’s quite an accolade!

  27. Fred – you know you’re a liar. If you were honest, you’d admit it 😉

    Node knows he’s a bully too. And either stupid or dishonest with it, in pretending that the only bullying that can take place are to an intellectual or physical inferior. So stupid people can never be bullies, right node? People who have been cyber-bullied to death are all intellectually weak, right?

    Fortunately for me, I’m not intimidated by you in the slightest, which must be _so_ disappointing for you. Maybe we’ll meet up one day – I hope so, because I would love to see you try.

    What a disgusting pair. Playing shitty games then pretending you’re not what you obviously both are, and aren’t doing what you obviously enjoy doing.

  28. “Fred – you know you’re a liar. If you were honest, you’d admit it ”

    Node asked you to back up your claims about him. You can’t.

    I asked Clark to back up his claims about me. He can’t.

    Put up or shut up fuckwit.

  29. Glenn : Maybe we’ll meet up one day – I hope so, because I would love to see you try.

    There’s something seriously wrong with your anger management. It makes me wonder … when older blokes can no longer manage their fitness regime, they sometimes start using steroids. Uncontrollable anger is a symptom of roid rage. Others are enlarged breasts and a shrunken penis. You wanna take a good look at yourself, mate.

  30. I think you are wrong Node.

    Notice how the faults Glenn accuses others of are faults he openly displays himself. He accuses others of lying yet he is the one not telling the truth. He accuses others of bullying yet he is the one blatantly making the threats. He accuses others of having no sense of humour yet he is the one devoid of humour. He accuses others of trolling yet he is the one who posts to get a reaction.

    It’s a recognised clinical condition, Freud called it Psychological Projection, google it and see if it doesn’t fit Glenn to a tee.


    41 more passengers on quarantined cruise ship test positive for coronavirus

    An additional 41 people aboard a quarantined cruise liner off Yokohama have tested positive for the new strain of coronavirus, the health ministry announced Friday, taking the total to have tested positive aboard the vessel to 61.

    The 41 that had tested positive were out of the remaining 171 cases that needed testing, according to the ministry. Authorities have now tested all 273 suspected cases aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

  32. OK Fred, I retract my diagnosis because it’s a distraction from yours which, after consideration, I truthfully (please note, Glenn) believe is not far off the mark.

  33. Japanese need to coordinate with appropriate governments to get nationalities off the ship to countries willing to take them.

    These are not Japanese citizens and you cannot conduct in situ observational experiments on them like Fukushima.

    Unless you want the world to see clearly who you really are. AGAIN.

  34. Projection isn’t a ‘condition’; it’s a behaviour, and everyone does it to various extents. It looks like the flip side of empathy to me. Obviously. No effect without side effects, and for every action etc…

  35. Here are some examples of cyber-bullying from Node:

    There are many. Note, not a word of criticism for obviously anti-Semitic and highly offensive Dave; ie. Node encourages gang behaviour, just as I complained about on the 9/11 thread.

  36. Squonk, thank you for the updates. I’m glad that someone has their attention upon the real world, rather than the merely personal.

  37. Is a “chastened” POTUS now preparing to bomb Iran’s nuclear and cultural sites?

    The rest of the country will never catch up with this spoiled brat!

  38. Ben, February 6, 7:15 pm:

    “I keep hearing that the true crisis is a slowdown in the Global economy..”

    But that’s what the corporate media always says. How many decades has it been telling us that the economy matters more than the climate?

    The corporate media is funded mostly by advertising, so of course it’ll put the economy ahead of everything else.

  39. Spanish flu didnt even have aircraft to hitch a ride on.

    Every year an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people die in the world due to complications from seasonal influenza (flu) viruses. This figure corresponds to 795 to 1,781 deaths per day due to the seasonal flu.

    The incubation period seems dependent on the immune system.

    But it kills quickly once immune system is defeated. Sadly, I think that is good news since once its contained it goes back underground.

  40. Trump is unchained and greatly emboldened.

    His handlers begged him to move on but his vindictive nature compelled him to rant like Benito about evening the score with his tormentors.

    Assholes who support his narcissism may have to throw their nets over him but I wouldn’t count on it.

  41. “Here are some examples of cyber-bullying from Node:”

    They look more like Node responding to your bullying to me.

    Posting large numbers of videos to make a forum unusable is what I would call abuse OF the internet.

  42. “Glenn_pt, remember that it’s only an assumption that Node is male.”

    Bullying, gender is irrelevant unless you are attacking the person not the opinion.

  43. Only one of the videos I linked on the UAF thread was off-topic, and that was an emotional appeal. I warned other commenters to use a-tags not naked URLs, because the embedding was making the page slow. I didn’t realise the thread would become unusable; when it did it was me that informed site admin. I did everything I could think of to ameliorate the problem; I did NOT deliberately cause it.

    Fred amplifies Node’s smear of me, causing me to defend myself. Liars and bullies.

  44. Fred, having spent considerable time with you and having witnessed you boasting about such behaviour towards other commenters, I think you do it partly just because you enjoy it.

  45. And I was the only commenter on the UAF thread to discuss the UAF report in any depth; I doubt that any other thread contributor even read it. I repeatedly returned to topic, deviating only to defend myself from irrelevant slurs and insults.

  46. Buster’s Animal Refuge is a nascent beginning.

    Concrete pad under 10×10 chain link done. Chip-reader arrived. Next I will order my noose-pole.

    Wanted at avoid that trust-breaker but so many dogs are skittish and run from you into traffic, it’s better to lose trust.

    Really heart-breaking to see so many dumped in the desert to die an ignominious death.

  47. “Fred amplifies Node’s smear of me, causing me to defend myself. Liars and bullies.”

    I counted 11 embedded videos on the page 7 of them placed there by you, the last one not far from the end of the page, and 4 from all the other posters put together.

    What can’t speak can’t lie, the evidence supports Node’s version of events not yours.

  48. “Fred, having spent considerable time with you and having witnessed you boasting about such behaviour towards other commenters, I think you do it partly just because you enjoy it.”

    That is a lie.

  49. “Hey Fred, what do you think of the various Twin Tower pre-rigged demolition theories?”

    I keep an open mind.

  50. It’s still the economy.

    If I had not volunteered to serve my country during the Korean War, and had left it when I retired, I would be looking for a job at 90 years old because of going broke with my health problems which the Pentagon has to pay for to fix. As it is I am spending much more money than my retirement plans pay for

    No one talks about the real state of the economy when they ignore the permanently unemployed , 40% of the population.

  51. Heh. My grammar and punctuation were always spotty but my word management seems to have some new holes

    ‘Nascent’ beginnings is redundant.

  52. Ben, respect to you for setting up a dogs’ refuge. Respect also to Fred for his donkey refuge. But disrespect to Fred for his dishonesty and trolling.

  53. Really Fred? Mules or something then? It’s outside the back of your croft, and you’ve mentioned it in a comment on this thread, pages back, I’m almost certain.

  54. Node, if you’d rather that other conspiracy theorists didn’t see the rather informative introduction I posted at the start of the new thread, you could always start yet another one.

  55. Now how come you never thought of doing that, eh?

    I did, but you’d have killed it so no point. And no I don’t think you’re a CIA agent, I think you’re obsessive. You’ve fixated on me and one or two others who won’t accept your conspiracy theories, and you follow us around Craig’s blog saying “If you won’t play by my rules, you’re not going to play at all.” And if we ignore you you throw a tantrum and smash the place up.

    Some big hitters in the 9/11 sceptic movement came to that last thread. If discussion had been allowed to flourish, it could have become an important 9/11 info exchange. One of them even offered to ask David Chandler to visit the thread and explain to you personally how you were misunderstanding his paper. But you drove them off with a barrage of Clark’s Special Homespun Physics.

    So, no, I won’t be visiting your new 9/11 thread. I want free discussion and you won’t tolerate it.

  56. I understand Chandler’s paper; it’s perfectly valid in the one dimension it considers, the vertical. For it to generalise to three dimensions, there would have to be no variation in the object across the other two dimensions. Therefore the paper is valid for a solid block.

    Node, how do you personally decide if an argument is scientific or just sciency-sounding? Is it all just a matter of opinion so far as you’re concerned?

  57. There’s nothing wrong with home spinning so long as the potential spinner will practice to develop skill. Home spinning was one of the major industries of the crofters.

  58. Ben, February 7, 3:32 pm:

    “Every year an estimated 290,000 to 650,000 people die in the world due to complications from seasonal influenza (flu) viruses.”

    The median estimate is that 350,000,000 will die over the next few weeks from 2019-nCoV. Some of us on this thread might not survive.

    Best wishes to all 🙁

  59. With the quarantines and closures likely to be imposed to slow the spread of the virus, communications may well shut down; us on this thread are likely to be isolated from each other.

  60. Unfair because I behaved as I described above, February 7, 6:58 pm.

    I have a genuine interest in the collapse of WTC7; it is a physical curiosity. I have an interest in physics, and my ability is good; I attained O and A levels (grades A and B respectively) in the subject, and did the first year of a BSc at QMC London before dropping out, in part because nearly all graduates were being swept up by corporations that manufacture armaments.

    Please look through the UAF thread again. I encountered repeated, unprovoked abuse, particularly from Dave (who opened by accusing me of having “sold my soul”), but I did read and appraise the UAF report, and I repeatedly returned to topic.

  61. Ben, the infection rate percentage (~50%) should be a constant at this point outside areas affected early; it would be expected to fall as the proportion of the population with immunity increases.

    Got a link please?

  62. I dont listen to WHO too much. They don’teven have sufficient supplies of protective gear and that’s about their only job.

  63. You claim I am unfair to you, I ask how, and you refer to this subjective unsubstantiated claim …

    And I was the only commenter on the UAF thread to discuss the UAF report in any depth; I doubt that any other thread contributor even read it.

    … and that’s why discussion with you is pointless.

  64. Ben, thanks. Yeah, the weekly increase dwarfs that one-day decrease, and there’s nothing systemic I can think of that would cause a decrease anyway, so it’s probably just noise in the data. Thanks for the tracker link.

  65. Node, I posted updates as I read the UAF Report: two subsequent comments in which I posted my assessment of it, and ways of improving upon it. I asked if anyone else had read it but got no reply. In fact no one else posted any comments that showed any familiarity with, nor even any interest in, the UAF Report.

    Did you read the report? Did you find it interesting? Did you know about Con Edison’s complaint to the court, the ARUP report, and the appeal?

  66. The whole world is infested… with humans. It really is most unfortunate, except for the humans, who have a nice little planet to trash.

  67. Fred, I find it highly unlikely that you’d have trashed your own reputation by abandoning honesty and reason as thoroughly as you have for some anonymous troll on the Internet, just to get at me. It seems to me that either you and Node are tag-teaming just for a laugh when you meet up back at base, or it’s very important to you to keep Node on your side for some reason.

    So I strongly suspect that my guess of Node’s real world identity is correct. It was Node’s pun about your hens that got me wondering; I could just hear it in that voice.

    You two may as well ‘fess up; I’m the only one here that knows you anyway 😀

  68. The reason Earth is so threatened and in such a mess is because humans spend so much of their energy concocting convincing lies.

  69. “You two may as well ‘fess up; I’m the only one here that knows you anyway ”

    You are making serious accusations, you are accusing other posters of dishonesty.

    Can you back up your accusations with evidence or are you a nasty lying little shitweasle?

  70. Goodness Fred, calm down! As I wrote, that’s merely how it seems to me, and I’ve no ‘evidence’ beyond what I’ve already posted. It isn’t very important anyway (shrug).

    I’m not sure it’s possible to lie outright about one’s thoughts, because one would have had to have thought up the lie before telling it. It’s a bit like “don’t think of elephants”; one has to think of elephants in order to interpret the sentence.

  71. “Goodness Fred, calm down! ”

    I am calm, what on earth made you think I wasn’t calm.

    You are making accusations of dishonesty against me in a public forum. Accusations you are unable to substantiate. Those are the tactics of a nasty lying little fuckweasel. The sort of snivelling little turd who is unable to argue the facts because the facts don’t support their argument so they resort to attacking the person instead.

  72. It was Node’s pun about your hens that got me wondering; I could just hear it in that voice.

    So that’s it? A voice in your head told you?

    For the record ….

    I’ve never met Fred and don’t know anything about him other than what you reveal in your frequent breaches of trust. However based on a 6-word joke, you speculated I was Fred’s friend and projected this friend’s personality onto me which confirmed your speculation. Of course there could only be one explanation for this subterfuge, a conspiracy against you, so you triumphantly exposed the dastardly plot.

    Glenn unquestioningly bought into this codswallop and elevated the conspiracy to dizzy heights of machiavellian complexity. Now the pair of you feed off each other’s fantasies (can two people have a circle jerk, or are they just a pair of wankers?) while accusing me of being a victim of confirmation bias.

    Comedy gold. Mind if I call you two “The Krankies”? Are there lessons to be learned from this debacle? Yes. Will you learn them? No.

  73. … although it was a good joke. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to repeat it.

    Fred : “I keep hens and ducks.”
    Node : “You’re a man of many layers.”

  74. So why is Biden grasping for Obama’s support now when he earlier declined his endorsement? Because Biden is worried about losing the Dems nomination.

    Obama called him the best Vice President ever because of his covert work, seeing that quakes in North Korea and Iran, claiming that nuclear tests occurred, seeing to the secret assassinations of John P. Wheeler and ali-Resa Pahlavi without discovery, and bragging about the Seal Team 6 which assassinated Osama bin Laden to its detriment.

    Let’s hope loose cannon Biden starts stuttering again, and loses.

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