The General Discussion Thread

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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. Clark..

    Always Great to see ya… If I had Known You ere not alone I would have Brought more stuff….Any hoo..Stay Merry.. Your Intelence Shocks Me…. And My Imaigination Would Shock you….. Stay the fuck Kool

  2. See that North Korea has fired off another missile to make it appear to have more of a military ‘equilibrium’ with Washington.

    Would be more effective if Kim just tested a nuclear weapon, but he doesn’t have a really effective one, and Washington has given up making it looks like he does by setting off another quake near one of North Korea’s test sites.

    As if the world isn’t screwed up enough, it still is sop to make it seem so for Washington.

  3. A Dream That I had to Tell myself to wake up from..To write –


    Of Cosmic Intelligence

    Reached out a Shimmering Strand

    And Placed upon my Pineal Gland


    Lucidity and Translucence

    Novas and Pulsars Blinking

    Now I bear Wisdom thinking


    All sailing Emotion

    The Earth is crying

    As Humans are trying


    and Oil destroys


    Fight among themselves

    Greed and theft


    On Ossified Blood Rocks

    As Sprituality Absorbs the Shocks

    For Slow Silent Healing

    A Natural Cosmic healing


    The Kowing and Unseen

    Wisdom Apathy or Hate

    will win or decide their fate


    Souls Embracing Peace and Love

    To Counter Evil and Deceit

    Bring Down the cold elite


    Only then to the stary Skies

    Wander the wonders of distant Stars

    Chatter becomes Whispers, Fading from afar

    Tenacious Travellers Tip-Toe through Space

    Eons and The Great Dark Swallows Without Trace


  4. Can anyone believe the US Senate voting with bipartisan support a $700 billion defense bill for the Pentagon for 2018 to ramp up its aggression against the world, even providing more money for defenses against North Korea’s missiles than that country’s total GDP while giving “Mad Dog’ more money to modify weather and make quakes!

    Far more depressing than Brian’s poetry.

  5. Now Trump has outdone Hitler, issuing an ultimatum to destroy North Korea or else in the General Assembly of the United Nations as part of his making America First.

    At least Hitler, having no nuclear weapons, withdrew from the League of Nations before he took over Austria.

    I am going to give up my US citizenship before armageddon comes

  6. Has Trump hit recalcitrant Mexico with another laser satellite from the National Reconnaissance Office, causing the devastating quake in mountainous Puebla?

    Good way to provoke it into breaking relations with North Korea..

  7. Don’t you love Trump’s people making out that their diplomatic personnel in Havana who have suffered hearing and memory loss, possibly brain damage too, by Cuban sonic weapons threatening Washington breaking diplomatic relations and possibly annihilation like North Korea, when the POTUS has been using HAARP to make hurricanes in the area to get personal profit for his damaged, declining property, especially that expensive villa in St. Martin’s Plum Bay!

    The guy’s a crook besides a traitor and mad man.

  8. T: “Has Trump hit recalcitrant Mexico with another laser satellite from the National Reconnaissance Office, causing the devastating quake in mountainous Puebla?

    I very much doubt it.

  9. Who except me ever thought that GW hit Sichuan province in China with that devastating earthquake in May 2008 in the hope of overthrowing the CCP regime! It was following the example of the Soviets having got rid of the remnants of Mao’s regime back in 1976.

    The earthquake two weeks ago off the Mexico’s southern coast had the symptoms of a laser induced quake with all those blue and green flashes in the sky afterwards. Looks like the USS Jimmy Carter or USS Connecticut did it with their sound or light lasers which the laser satellites accomplished in China,.

    The quake just a few days ago was either a consequence of the first one or was helped along by NRO satellite lasers hiting caves or mines in the mountanous area around Puebla.

    Look for madman Trump doing something similar to Iran’s sites to get rid of its potential to make nuclear bombs. Remember the quakes that the US made there in 1990 and 2003 to keep it out of the Gulf Wars. Would really have enough force to make more impressive fireworks if Tehran already has some.

    You continue to doubt that the US investment of hundreds of billions of dollars in Star Wars is for anything more than puny experiments. Poor you and everyone else!

  10. T: “Poor you and everyone else!”

    Indeed, which is a bit odd if you think about it. Why would the US go to all this expense and effort to perpetrate what everyone (apart from you) considers natural phenomenon?

    It’s not much leverage against a population or government if only _you, personally_ know what’s really behind it.

    The idea that all that expense on “star wars” was simply to enrich the greedy, unscrupulous defence industrial complex yet further, as they conned and robbed a credulous and hubris-afflicted administration is … well… too silly to even contemplate.

    Far more likely that it’s constantly producing earthquakes, tidal-waves, tornadoes, drought, floods, all over – on the US itself and friend and foe alike – and nobody even knows about it. Apart from them and Trowbridge H. Ford, of course.

  11. Star Wars was introduced by the Reagan administration to induce the USSR to surrender when it was caught by surprise in an attacks on its nuclear forces, but Moscow threw in the sponge when Washington didn so with just a conventional surprise, leaving Reagan’s eople with it without an enemy to attack.

    This is where Danny Stillman comes in.using the NCO’s laser satellites to cause a devastating quake in Sichuan in the hope of overthrowing the CCP regime, and then using them to make out that its leading surrogate North Korea was developing nuclear weapons. Read former SoD Robert Gates endorsement of what he had achieced.

    Kim Jong Un, who has forgotten more about what the US has been doing to his country than looney Don ever knew , finally decided it would act as if it has them like the US, reducing Donald to a complete nut, hitting anything that cam make it look strong or proves profitable personally.

    The guy is more destructive than Hitler, and we haven’t seen the most of it yet

  12. Get the son of a bitch and his crooked cronies out of the White House, and North Korea is just play acting what the USA did for real with atomic weapons in the Pacific Ocean after WWII.

  13. Now the China Earthquake Networks Center has detected a 5.2 tremor near the North Korean test site at no depth which it suggests might be another provocative test, but the South Korean one says it is really a natural one.

    Talk about who is confused about what’s what and which side they are on!

  14. Now the US Geological Survey says the quake was 3.5 on the Richter scale and at a depth of 5 kilometers, the biggest fizzle yet on the terror scale.

    When are the bastards running the world going to stop putting us through the wringer about what’s happening?

  15. In Fact Why Would You Want … I Know you were at Doun Last year…. Cos…. LOS RESTABLISH…LOS

  16. Sorry To Squonnk.. Noy My Place to Say This or That… Sorry Dude.. Sorry I did Not Kick About Long..I was In Serious Need of A wee Dram ..

    Thank for this Site …WE Should ALL come here More Oten …. I’m Daft..I don’t Know Half of What your;e on aboot… Where The Fuck is Ben

  17. North Korea should really be worried about what Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson has in mind for the satellite, made by the National Reconnaissance Office, and directed by its Operational Research Space program, sent into space yesterday. Of course, no mention what its mission is but could be used to make it look like Kim is continuing more powerful nuclear tests, to destroy its facilities, or simply destroy the country by some act of bioterrorism. Your guess is as good as mine since the country tries to silence in all kinds of ways of what it is up to.

    See that Hurricane Irma destroyed not only Trunp’s failing Plum Bay resort on St. Martin’s but also my friend’s Mary Titus’s abode. She ran the flying cuttlefish picayune site where many of my articles are posted, and is now not posting anything since she might have been killed too since no one has heard from her. There are 200 people reported missing there.

    Anyone is a target today if Trump sees them as a threat.

  18. Don’t understand why people can’t see Trump’s real racism. He is at war with the African diaspora, hoping to kill them all off by weather modification, quakes, invasions, etc., resulting in the rest hopefully going back to their real home. The average person just does not appreciate how many there are, around 180,000, 000.

    Just look what has been wrought in the Caribbean, Mexico, and the American South, and threatens in places like Venezuela.

    Killing all the North Koreans is not genocide. It is just a convenient, manufactured diversion to keep others confused about what he really seeks. It is no coincidence that people like Curry, LeBron and the kneelers are doing what they are.

    He is just doing covertly to Afro-Americans with what Hitler did against the Jews to start with. Trump hopes to see to their similar increasing impoverishment.

    Hitler was a fake racist, as the Jews are no race, while Trump is a real one.

  19. Good to see that John Young of has highlighted the series I wrote for it in 2009 about the US making man-made disasters in releasing again the index of its thread over its 20-year history.

    Particularly, interesting because Young agreed to see me in June 2009 in the hope of finding out that I was either someone’e spy for being able to write it or that I was simply a looney troll seeking self advertisement . Never forgot talking about it all in a most deserted part of Riverside Park about it all, explaining that I was no one’s spy, and had done my research for the series using open sources.

    From there, our relationship only deteriorated because he apparently thought that the Bureau had finally gotten me for being ‘Jihad Jane’ s looney white assassin of Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, and I got Wikispooks to write an article about what I thought of him, claiming the he was someone somewhere between being an Agency and an independent outlet.

    For Young to have overlooked this bit, in light of the Pentagon making it look like North Korea now has nuclear weapons because of the quake it created, is some kind of climbdown.

  20. Really depressing that Naomi Klein could only tell the Labour Party Conference that Trump is a pile of shit in a sewer, what we all know, when she should have said that he is disaster capitalism personified with his weather modification, making quakes from space, and heating up hurricanes from the centers of the oceans.

    Why are knowledgeable experts just reduced to windbags in these most trying times?

  21. More to the point is the date for the next Mexican elections, especially for the President next year.

    The quakes have been tried by Trump to get rid of the current incumbent who is totally opposed to paying for the wall with the USA which the PORUs has already started building.

    The quakes are intended to make it more difficult for incumbents to get re-elected which was re-established in 2014. They might be working in the reaction to the quakes as the incumbents aren’t doing enough for the poor victims.

    It’s called election rigging which Washington officially doesn’t approve of.

  22. Supporters of The Donald should realize that he is not suspending the Jones Act so that the victims of hurricanes in Puerto Rico can obtain relief because it would hurt the investments which he has with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross’s conglomerate which hopes to control the restructuring of the island to benefit his shipping and energy interests,.

    It’s disaster capitalism in spades.

  23. Hiya folks, I’m just popping in to say hello; we eventually got the site cleared and I left the site on Monday. Since then, various people have kindly given me somewhere to stay and I have done a lot of sleeping.

  24. Thanks for that message Clark, hope you/your leg muscles survived the mud and stickiness.
    Just out of interest did they use a massive rake to level the muddy bits?
    I have seen the back end of some program on what food can do, apparently there is a saying that oyster fishermen are always jovial and happy, due to the oysters they eat and what the oysters themselves eat. These by-valves like metals and all sorts, especially zink is something they filter out.
    Some doctors are experimenting with oysters and see whether they are a natural anti depressant. The place you live at is not far from one of the countries most well known oysterbeds in the Blackwater.

    Question is, does one like these slithery creatures…..:(

  25. Nevermind, I think the arena will be rolled by Cardross estate. There was talk of harrowing and reseeding, but it may be too late in the year for reseeding, and it may prove unnecessary.

    Yeah, I survived the mud, but my car is a mess.

  26. The US is on the verge of breaking diplomatic relations with Havana because of the sonic attacks it has subjected its own personnel to in Cuba, and Puerto Rico is to suffer similarly in the near future, starting with dropping its flag which looks too much like Cuba’s, and its economic practices which have been too similar to.

    The CIA has been in the forefront of weaponizing noise, as its sound lasers have demonstrated in the earthquakes off Aceh and Fukushima, and damaging people’s senses just requires the vast increase of the waves frequency. Washington has long encouraged Puerto Rico’s debt because of its labor and borrowing practices.

    The Cuban Revolution rollback is high on Trump’s agenda, We are going back to the 19th century of the Robber Barons.

  27. Why don’t the protesting NFL. kneeling players doff the Puerto Rican flag when the national anthem is played at Sundaty’s games?

    Might get The Donald to croke for Monday tweets!

  28. Comrades –

    Just FYI, if anyone tried emailing me, I don’t have access to my old [email protected]….. address right now. Hope anyone who did email in the last month or so doesn’t think I’m ignoring you.

  29. Still nothing in the media about Trump’s missions in disaster capitalism, making disasters through HAARP, light, radar and sound lasers on satellites, Boeing X37-Bs and special attack subs, and then cleaning up the messes to suit the financial, industrial and political interests of himself and his cronies!

    Just incredible how brain=washed the global public is. Far outdies what nazis. fascists and communists ever achieved.

  30. Can you believe how paranoid Americans are, especially ones who work and live in embassies overseas, particularly in Havana?

    Sound like they are suffering from viral meningitis which is rarely fatal but causes symptoms of hearing loss, dizziness, and possibly brain damage, especially among people how live and fornicate together, and only get outside to smoke.

    And children getting mumps in late summer and early fall often end up with it, and then it spreads.

    Of course, one can easily educate one’s self about its cause and transmission, but don’t waste your time on it. It’s, of course, the commies who are doing it with their sonic guns!

    And these people are in charge of our security!

  31. Anyone who e-mails me, please remember that my GMX account is lost to me (I wouldn’t accept their new T&Cs) so please whitelist my PlusNet address in your spam filters.

  32. And the Virgin White Beach
    Became out of reach
    As Cancer Reared it’s Ugly Head
    We Drove to Seil instead
    Over the Atlantic Bridge
    To Breathe in The Ocean
    The Cure of a Potent Potion
    And The Mighty Atlantic Waves
    A Pulse That Saves –
    A Life

  33. Tomorrow the trial of Ahmer Abu Khattala will begin, over three years after he was forcibly captured in Libya by the Americans, and at least a year after Libyan Islamic Fighting Group leader Anas Al-Liby died.

    Why all the delay, and why no capital punishment for his crimes, especially the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens?

    Is there all just too much covert government involved, like the murder of Yale student Suzanne Jovin who apparently predicted the 9/11 attacks years before they happened in her senior thesis, and was brutally killed by agents working for al-Liby who were also involved for years in assassinating Gaddafi?

    Is the US government worried about Khattala spilling the beans about it all if it really goes after him?

  34. One would think that in making America great again. one would prevent poor losers with opioid, alcohol, money, and love problems from checking into hotels with bags of automatic weapons to shoot up the place.

    Maybe to prevent it from happening again, there should be a test where officials have to deal with such problems. America just cannot deal sensibly with nuts having dangerous weapons.

    P. S. I’m getting the message. Bye!.

  35. Can’t miss adding that Stephen Paddock’s motive for committing the long-planned massacre was to outdo O. J. .Simpson who had to choose sleazy Las Vegas finally as home after he got away with committing two murders elsewhere, and now Paddock has 59 and still rising victims there and no jail time for amassing an arsenal for it.

    LV will never get over Paddock.

  36. LV police are working overtime to disconnect the massacre with the release of O. J. Simpson, acting as if Paddock’s earlier attempts to rent places showed that he just wanted to kill people at an earlier concert when they could just be safer places for making the October 1 massacre arrangements.

    Paddock reminds me in many ways of Derrick Bird going on the rampage in Cumbria, another successful person who gave up on living, and going out in a bang.

  37. Hello folks, I got home at 06:05 on Wednesday morning.

    Brian, thanks for that poem. Hey, the photo you linked shows the central console of my car! When were you in my car? Did I take you somewhere or something? So much has happened since then that I really can’t recall…

    Trowbridge, I’d talk to you but (1) previous attempts have seemed very one-sided endeavors, and (2) I’m not sure you’d enjoy it anyway.

    John, I assure you that Craig’s site is still under his ultimate control. I know who the moderators are; I have met some of them personally and have communicated with all of them, and they all support Craig. Moreover, Craig has greater access privileges than the moderators.

    I assume your concern is due to having had some comments deleted. Remember that replies vanish if their parent comment is deleted, and review the moderation rules.

  38. Developed societies, especially the USA, should realize that there are potentially thousands of Stephen Paddocks in their midst, and it must do lots to stop them from being so depressed and feeling so superfluous when there is so much interest in AI while keeping them alive, gaining national independence, isolating problems geographically, and obtaining weapons and using them most destructively anywhere or it will simply go down the drain.

    It. like Craig, is just going after the symptoms rather then the real problems. I know that i could become part of it if I had a inkling to hurt anything.

  39. OJ was released from prison earlier on the day of the massacre primarily because he was not on the FBI’s data base for spousal abuse before he did his apparent murders. While he was not a personal threat to American society, his release was a threat to others being one, like Stephen P{paddock who was so concerned to take care of his girl friend after his massacre.

    Little wonder that the Bureau is now making out that he may have had a accomplice. Guess who?

  40. Clark, yes I realise that. When in the past I have emailed Craig regarding deletions he could not understand why a certain comment was deleted. Something’s going on. It may not be the Mods or Craig. Or may even be to do with the court case. I do not know. Craig uses the same terms that send my comments into moderation. I am sure we can mention Zionist or anti-Semitism everywhere but on Craig’s blog. He may have good reason, and I am sure he is going through a tough time. Nevertheless there is a power-struggle going on.

    ‘In a recent speech, Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz put it this way,

    “People say Jews are too powerful, too strong, too rich, we control the media, we’ve too much this, too much that and we often apologetically deny our strength and our power. Don’t do that!

    We have earned the right to influence public debate, we have earned the right to be heard, we have contributed disproportionately to success of this country.”

    He has also discussed punishing critics of Israel,

    “Anyone that does [that] has to be treated with economic consequences.

    We have to hit them in the pocketbook. Don’t ever, ever be embarrassed about using Jewish power. Jewish power, whether it be intellectual, academic, economic, political– in the interest of justice is the right thing to do.” ‘


  41. John, there are various words that send comments into moderation; maybe even some that I put into the keyword list myself are still there. But pre-mod and deletion are not the same thing. Occasionally there are also seemingly arbitrary actions from the spam filter; mods might not even notice comments which fall foul of that.

    But you wrote: “There is a pernicious attempt to silence support for [Craig] even from moderators on his own blog”. I find that very unlikely.

    There are many, many power struggles going on; they pervade all of nature, as is to be expected.

  42. Trowbridge, the oft-quoted justification for the Right to Bear Arms is that they give the people sufficient power to remove a government – but that never happens; the people just shoot each other.

    Ultimately, these massacres, horrific though they may be, are just a drop in the ocean. Paddock’s death toll will soon be outnumbered by mundane, everyday shootings, if it hasn’t been already.

  43. ” Did I take you somewhere or something ”

    It was A pleasue Clark.. As you checked that decibell thing…Sorry i missed you Later…I wanted you to meet my Gang.. Anyhoo.. Cura Ut Valeas

    . Till Next time bro – Stay Freezin –

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