The General Discussion Thread

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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. Oh yes, the bloody acoustic monitoring. I remember now; we had to change plans, and that security bloke at the gate wouldn’t respect my wrist-band.

    The acoustic monitoring requirements are onerous; whoever it gets assigned to ends up missing nearly everything. Poor Jamie had to do a load of it. On one run I accidentally let my car battery go flat and got stranded in the woods until Ed came out to rescue me; what a night that was! Alone in the woods waiting for the Monsters (litter crew) to get me.

  2. It Did Not Seem Right..Clark.. Ben Knows More ..And can Give a Piece of his Mind more.. We Can All Get To a Stage Were we Give Up… I don’t think Ben would Go there Silently….It’s Just MMMNNn

  3. I would Be Happy if that was OOR Ben… Just to Hear from the fucker.. He/ She aint responding to Email

    I have said a few times… I have been hacked at Craigs Saying things on the Blog…That I would Never Say… A’m Certain of this

  4. I dunno, Brian. Ben can be brief when he wants to, though impersonation is easy enough. I wish Ben would show up here.

    Trowbridge, don’t be daft, it’s just a typo or something. If you clear the Name field on that thread and then click in it, a list will appear showing all the entries you’ve submitted. If OW ABOUT appears in that list, it was just a slip at your end.

  5. Cheers Brian/Clark all.

    I’m around so little it rarely requires comment but I like to see the Zeitgeist in UK for comparison. Not even email brian. 🙂 Sorry if I missed.

  6. ” dunno, Brian. Ben can be brief when he wants to…”
    Well.. You are Correct.. You have Known Him / Her For Long Time

    I Mss Clambering in trees,,and Barefoot on the forest floors

  7. Clark, not gotng to check how my user names was changed on CM’s blog. I am sick and tired of his deleting my posts or ignoring them when they directly refute his claims, like his thread that there was always a pro-indepence majority in Catalonia.

    To change my name I would have had to deleted my very long real name which I did not do.

    Wish you guys would show some interest in my claims, like O.J. Simpson deciding to live in Las Vegas after he got released on parole, got Paddock really practicing his massacre, and the deluded FBI more involved in protecting him rather than his opponents doing things to the city for allowing him to relocate there when Florida had enough sense to refuse to take him back.

    OJ is such a security problem anywhere but in prison that he never should have been granted a parole.

    I’m leaving here too as it is irrelevant to what is really happening,

  8. Ben, good to see you.

    I asked for your postal address a year or so ago, when you were looking for strains high in CBD. I had a selection of seeds from bags of grass from decades back. I was trying to think of some way of disguising them so I could post them to you. But later I tried to germinate some but not a single one came up, so I abandoned the plan. I guess they were just too old.

    Trowbridge: “I’m not going to…” etc. – and therein lies your problem; debate is not a one-way street with you telling everyone else how things are. You could change that right now by checking that drop-down list, and saying “oh sorry” if “OW ABOUT” appears in it.

  9. Clark: UK is hinky about canbabis and I didn’t think it worth the risk. Even if a seed is stored properly its only viable for a few years. If you manage to germinate the will have slow growth and poor yield. Thanks for the thought though.

  10. I find no evidence of the first OW ABOUT post where I said that CM should add Private Walnut aka Derrick Bird when he was ridiculing the Cassandra quality of a previous post. I added one using the user name provided by Craig. And I shall use it again if I ever return to that wasteland. No apologies here.

    And you, Clark, never debate anything, like why Stephen Paddock went on the rampage, why and by whom Yale senior Suzanne Jovin was brutally assassinated and the murderer got away with, or how I knew all the pitfalls of becoming old which you asked for, and never responded to.

    You live in a self-constructed fog about most important concerns except 9/11.

  11. Ben, I wasn’t going to tell you; I was just going to post the seeds. I know that some seeds, poppy seeds for instance, remain viable for many years, but I merely assumed that mine would still be viable.

    Trowbridge, I have no idea why Paddock performed that massacre, nor what his thoughts were about O J Simpson. I also know nothing about Suzanne Jovin. I say nothing about them because I have nothing informed to say.

    However, I do know this. Neither Craig nor his site “provide” user names.

    Look, every interaction between us turns sour, so it’s probably best if I just ignore your comments.

  12. You ignore my comments you ask for.

    Looks like paroled OJ got Paddock fired up to take his release out on LV, when the Bureau protected him, since Stephen thought 9/11 was another inside job which you claim to know a lot about.

    Won’t miss not hearing again from you.

  13. Never happy ever about what is happening here, Clark, but thanks.

    Now we learn that Paddock shot the security guard in the leg SIX MINUTES BWDORE HE STATED MASSACRING THE CROWD, but nothing about the police, especially the FBI, being too busy protecting OJ!

  14. Just more evidence of the cruelty of our capitalist world where we allow certain elites to live way beyond their needs while they make plans to increase inequality., and the rest of us, including the animal world, have to put up with their excrement. Talk of ways to reduce it, and you are dismissed as a looney socialist.

    And my dog was rescued from the pound and requires much more than a few crumbs like the homeless ones who sleep in Wooster Square dedicated to Columbus and his statue protected by the police.

    Trumpism is its best evidence, and should be eradicated.

  15. I never give up on anything important, Brian.

    Have to first see my aged sister off from here, hope the bastards running the world get disposed of, and make arrangements for my adorable, loveable doggie to be taken care of while i am away..

    Still, think that former Captain Simon Hayward got rid of poor Wlllie, and almost got rid of all of us living back in February 1986 when he shot poor Olof Palme. Want to learn more about fellow assassin Derrick Bird too.

  16. Trowbridge, I strongly resonate with your anger at 3:38 pm; it’s a right mess. Humanity is facing crisis, but the rich and powerful don’t even care about their own children’s future.

  17. Censored comment @CM’s FAO John Goss;

    “It’s clear to me that Clark’s purpose is his to have a purpose, he obviously has a need keep to doing this; yes it’s true that it may have inadvertent side-effect, but on the whole I think it’s negative. I freely confess that a lot of the physic you & others discuss doesn’t always mean a lot to me, but my position has always been to be open-minded enough about 911 ,so as not to dismiss anything out of hand if it cannot pass beyond my own personal threshold of credibility, as none of us are in a position to be 100% certain about many of the aspects of 911.

    Instead my verdict on Clark is solely based on his debating behaviour, which I find not only tellingly evasive for a self-acclaim Truth Seeker, but frankly dishonest, resorting to tactics that you would expect from an experienced troll. I came to this conclusion years ago when trying to debate him before, as you may well recall, but after all this time, I was prepared to give him a second opportunity to prove he is a serious about having an honest engagement, but all the old troll-like behavioural tactics are still here for all to see.

    Clark claiming he is open for an honest debate about finding the truth about 911, is as disingenuous as the Israelis claiming they want a meaning negotiation about peace with the Palestinians; you are on a hiding to nothing engaging with Clark, but it’s your time to waste as you see fit. ”

    I didn’t even mention his Victim Tactic of taking “offense” at every pointing out of his dishonest debating tactics, and calling for the Mods, yet the Mods still act in his defense and so continue to fuel the problem by ever encouraging him to carry on.

  18. In this day and age when there is so much hatred and desire to punish others, like the Americans who want to get back at the Iranians, North Koreans, and Pakistanis for difficulties caused, I think it is important to stick to the topics at hand rather than make new personal disputes.

  19. Oh, I forgot the Cubans too. Remember the guys who got blamed by Washington for some kind of attack, acoustic sonic or whatever which is most likely the result of the depressed diplomats catching viral meningitis, and transmitting it to one another.

    Don’t count on the generals in the US government preventing it being taken over by the xenophobic fascists.

  20. Macky, I got the link at Craig’s to your comment here at Oct 13, 11:39 AM. I had read it before its deletion. Incidentally that comment with the link’s gone now too.

    It might have been removed for the hinted suggestion of Clark behaving in a troll-like manner. Never mind. I have loads of comments removed so you’re in pretty sound company.

    I’m thinking of taking a long holiday from commenting on other people’s blogs. Likewise Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn &c which have all got us stitched up. I have seen how things have progressed and it is getting more and more difficult every day to access current alternative comment to mainstream media. Getting at the truth is time-consuming. I fear for future generations until the petro-dollar ceases to be a standard.

  21. John, the demise of the petro-dollar might help stop the larger wars, but it won’t solve humanity’s crisis. We now have over seven billion people on Earth, but we’re running out of liquid fuel. Agriculture, heavy transport, and (maybe less importantly) air transport are all dependent upon liquid fuel. We haven’t found a replacement, and even if we do we’ll need to replace all the relevant current infrastructure to implement it. It looks like a hell of a problem, no matter who gets to make the decisions.

  22. Thanks John. That’s just it, after having the exasperating, and often very unpleasant experience of engaging Clark, people naturally want to have a break, or feel refrained from commenting again in a hurry, maybe even permanently; it MAY not be his deliberate intention, in that it’s the only way he can engage in debate, and all the underhand tactics are an automatic self-defense mechanism when his irrationality is challenged; either way the result is always the same, In that you start by engaging what you think will be a honest grown-up debate, and before long he starts with evasive diversions, weasel sophisms, sly accusations of anti-Semitism, etc, and it’s a Catch-22 situation as his most annoying is his tactic of, when somebody objects to this dishonest & troll-like behaviour, playing the Victim Card, with accusations of being the subject of “personal attacks”, and then the Mods rescue him. It doesn’t seem to register with him that his whole dishonest debating manner is in fact a very personal attack.

    Seems we’re rid of the Habba-Clown, but are stuck with somebody who behaves just as badly at times, but has the support of Craig & the Mods because of his background associations, both with people & with helping run this Blog. Best to avoid engaging; it worked for me for a good while, until I chanced giving him another engagement, only to be reminded just how time-wasting & fruitless it always turns out to be.

  23. Squonk is a friend of mine and he feels bad when people fill his blog with personal acrimony. I will therefore refrain from responding to Macky’s remarks. At least RobG with his repeated calls for my murder has been banned.

  24. Now the castrated UK government has joined Trump’s in wanting the Iran nuclear deal at least amended so its nuclear weapons can be located, and removed.

    Tehran agreed to a ban on making more weapons, explaining why it will not allow IAEA inspections of military sites were they are stored.

    The UK spooks are now claiming the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards hacked almost 100 MPs’ e-mails in the hope of ending the treaty which its hardliners allegedly want ended too!

    It’s what we can expect in an era where democracy is only claimed, not practiced.

  25. RobG called for your murder, Clark? Specifically, and not just in a general you’re-all-going-to-be-shot type of way? ‘Strewth.

    Perhaps we ought to be nicer here, and not use this blog as a carry-over from CM’s site – if something got deleted there, it probably shouldn’t have been said at all. Not repeated here.

    (Mind you, I had a couple of fairly innocuous replies deleted at CM’s, and all I was doing was defending myself from the accusation that I’m a government spy.)

  26. Glenn, I count those comments of RobG’s as calls for my murder. If it was just once I wouldn’t, but when he came back over and over again, to complain about different subjects, with different people present, etc. etc. And the related comments of “we’re coming for you” etc. It was very clearly threatening, and what it threatened was deliberate killing.

  27. Clark, I took all that as the ravings of someone who has a bit of an alcohol problem. Oftentimes, an evening’s posting would start off reasonably well. But they degenerated into a litany of threats and denouncements, which had very little to do with the subject at hand. I decided not to take them personally, and definitely didn’t feel genuinely threatened – he spoke only for himself. The “we” was simply being dramatic.

  28. Glenn, fair enough; I took it as alcohol induced, too. But it gets a bit more personal on the 9/11 thread, where the only person he’s likely to be making the comment about is me, Kempe rarely being present. Then it becomes even worse, with the rest of the conspiracy theorists accusing me of abuse, being a spook, and collusion with mass murder, but saying not a word about RobG’s stated desire for my death. It feels like a lynch-mob developing, and it only takes one of a crowd to do the deed. They embolden each other, maybe a quieter one would pull the trigger seeking Rob’s approval; after all, this is how crowd violence escalates, and occasionally people really do end up dead.

    That he was pissed at the time is neither here nor there because he was pissed regularly, and it is well known that alcohol lowers the threshold of violence. If one ends up feeling murderous when pissed, stop getting pissed! It’s still a choice.

  29. Eh? I was going to edit the above, but the entry is missing from NoScript’s drop-down menu…

    Is the edit feature showing up for others?

  30. And my concern isn’t exactly that his stated target was me. I was hundreds of miles from him, safely indoors. But he was saying that he wanted people killed on the basis of their opinions – and there are people with all sorts of opinions everywhere. And there are other people like RobG near me.

    It doesn’t matter whether RobG ends up shooting someone near him while he’s pissed, whereas some other piss-head ends up shooting me or my neighbour. The point is, not accepting pre-rigged demolition of the Twin Towers had become a stated justification for murder. And there’s something very wrong with that.

  31. This is all part of the global problem. It isn’t just governments moving towards totalitarianism; it’s whole swathes of the population. The other day on the 9/11 thread we had Geordie Bordie or someone. He divided the world up very simply; “US conservatives” were “lovely people”, whereas “Democrats” were responsible for all the world’s ills, as if there was no such thing as a reasonable “Democrat” and no such thing as a criminal “US conservative”.

    Dividing people up by which groups one classifies them into rather than by the way they actually behave is the essence of ideological prejudice.

  32. Clark – I absolutely agree that having a differing opinion is no basis for making threats. However, I don’t think you should personally worry. Anyone stupid and disorganised enough to regularly issue threats on a public forum is almost certainly no leader, and my impression is he didn’t remember what he’d written the next day.

    The edit feature is missing for me too, I thought it was because I’d cranked up the feature blocking on my browser.

  33. The powerless world better wake up to the dangers of hardly controlled developers of its land, sea and air whether it be wineries in California’s Central Valley, the slums of cities like New York, London and Mexico City or possible energy sources around the globe, thanks to what covert weapons can do to exploit their weaknesses. or else we are all going down in fire, smoke, rubble and floods.

    Disaster capitalism is becoming the way of the future.

  34. Looks like today’s launch of satellite NROL-52 will blow up the North Korean problem, collapsing its nuclear test site which has been made unstable by the previous US-made quake, claimed to be a nuclear one, which will kill off any chance of Kim Jong-un seeking an effort to achieve it, like what the assassination of his grandfather achieved when he and former President Jimmy Carter were starting to seek peace with the South back in 1994.

    Isn’t it wonderful to be governed by a covert state!

  35. Troebridge, try not to worry so much. Much is wrong in the modern world, but we all know it’s unsustainable, and that means it has to stop eventually. Especially the high-tech fighting. The most ambitious projects will be the first to flounder; they will simply become unsupportable.

    In the final analysis, wrecking another country does not improve ones own. It can only produce a relative advantage in monetary terms, not an absolute improvement in physical terms. These things will pass, because the resources squandered upon them will be needed at home. The worst enemy a power structure can have is its own population because it is unavoidably dependent upon them.

  36. Thanks, Clark, but US governors have shown that they are quite willing to destroy their own country with the fallout from disaster capitalism.

    Just look at what is happening to Puerto Rico, California’s Central Valley, North Korea, Iran and the domestic poor’s safety net.

  37. Clark

    You are A Solid Good Soul.. You are Not a Physical Fighter.. ( somyimes wonder about that ) But you’re Skills are Pretty amazing

    Glen is Correct..

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