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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. Changed my mind, Macky, about Richard Cain being the caller to the Cambirdge News 25 minutes before the JFK assassination. He was too busy setting up the snipers nest in the TSBD to make any calls, especially to the UK.

    Think it was more likely his chief facilitator of the assassination, William King Harvey. He thought that the assassination itself was then a sure thing, so why not help mobilize opinion by alerting an English local paper that it was a Soviet plot in a place where its spies were notorious, Cambridge, and having the UK get behind its fallout by calling US Ambassador David Bruce to blame it on Moscow.

    Harvey was always trying to prove to Peter Wright, MI5’s Assistant Director and a leading KGB spy, that he was up to the job of getting rid of communist supporters.

    The call was a present to Wright who Harvey never truly understood.

  2. I Did Notice….That I Got Deleted On th (9 /11 thred,, Thats ok… Did i cause a stir.. ..I stand by my Comment

  3. Not surprised that there was no link on the National Record release of official papers on the JFK assassination, especially former Vice President Nixon, threatened by a sociopath in the Dallas-Irving-Ft. Worth area , apparently LHO, still going there, and being reported by The Dallas morning News on the day of the murder that he needed no police protection, resulting in the President removing the canopy from the limousine during the motorcade.

    One of the best se-ups in history. Don’t expect anything meaningful in the final release.

  4. Trump’s holding back on the names and address of persons still living during the plot which assassinatedJFK is a great ploy as it results in the avoidance of what two DCIs, George H.W. Bush and Porter Goss, did back then, plus the activities of a covert pilot, Captain Joe Glenn Hyde, Jr., apparently engaged in.

    Bush was the agent who got the Dallas cops on getting LHO after the shootings went so badly that Havana and Moscow could not be linked to it through him, And Goss was the agent in Key West when the commies apparently shot down Hyde’s U-2 spy plane, intended to kick off a resumption of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    It should have been reported if he was actually killed in the process. Actually, I think he was give was presumed dead, and given a new identity as Horace White, and this should now be acknowledged.

    Just amazing how distorted the conspiracy is misreported.

  5. Now we learn that the alleged North Korea sixth nuclear test was no test at all but two collapses of a nuclear test site being dugged. Sound very much like US laser satellite attacks, like the one near Hosseinabad in Iran when Washington wanted the Senate to approve the new SALT treaty with Russia.

    This was also when John P, Wheeler, III was assassinated..

    Wonder what the North Korean reaction will be, and how much longer we will abide by our covert governments. Our alleged democracy is a sick joke.

  6. Brian, I just saw your comment of October 30, 06:00. Sorry to learn that your comment on the 9/11 thread got deleted. I didn’t see it, whatever it said.

    All the Best.

  7. Clark

    I don’t think I was the Only one Deleted that time…I have as any Concerened person should – been paying attetion to 9/11.. Some of your Writings have been very nicely put.. But The Deletion in Question was in response to a Dickhead..and Ot… Made me very Angry..

    ANY HOO…. Been meaning to post this up..From nearly Quarter Centuary ago – Back to Space Science Arroon Here –

    Aliens conclude that (homeless) cars are Earth’s dominant life-forms –

    ” When you take pictures at a meter resolution or better, you find that the crisscrossing straight lines within the cities and the long straight lines that join them with other cities are filled with streamlined, multicolored beings a few meters in length, politely running one behind the other, in long, slow orderly procession. They are very patient. One stream of beings stops so another stream can continue at right angles. Periodically, the favor is returned. At night, they turn on two bright lights in front so they can see where they’re going. Some, a privileged few, go into little houses when their workday is done and retire for the night. Most are homeless and sleep in the streets.

    At last! You’ve detected the source of all the technology. the dominant life-forms on the planet. The streets of the cities and the roadways of the countryside are evidently built for their benefit. You might believe that you were really beginning to understand life on Earth. And perhaps you’d be right.

    [p 42-43]

    spinning blue dot[46]

    Would an alien visiting Earth think it had intelligent life?

    [Y]ou’ve found manifestations of intelligent beings… Surely this planet is worth a longer and more detailed study…

    Looking down on the planet, you uncover new puzzles. All over the Earth, smokestacks are pouring carbon dioxide and toxic chemicals into the air… If this keeps up, the temperature of the planet is going to increase. Spectroscopically, you discover another class of molecules being injected into the air, the chlorofluorocarbons. Not only are they greenhouse gases, but they are also devastatingly effective in destroying the protective ozone layer.

    You look more closely at the center of the South American continent, which—as you know by now—is a vast rain forest. Every night you see thousands of fires. In the daytime, you find the region covered with smoke. Over the years, all over the planet, you find less and less forest and more and more scrub desert.

    You look down on the large island of Madagascar. The rivers are colored brown, generating a vast stain in the surrounding ocean. This is topsoil being washed out to sea at a rate so high that in another few decades there will be none left. The same thing is happening, you note, at the mouths of rivers all over the planet.

    But no topsoil means no agriculture. In another century, what will they eat? What will they breathe? How will they cope with a changing and more dangerous environment?

    From your orbital perspective, you can see that something has unmistakably gone wrong. The dominant organisms, whoever they are—who have gone to so much trouble to rework the surface—are simultaneously destroying their ozone layer and their forests, eroding their topsoil, and performing massive, uncontrolled experiments on their planet’s climate. Haven’t they noticed what’s happening? Are they oblivious to their fate? Are they unable to work together on behalf of the environment that sustains them all?

    Perhaps, you think, it’s time to reassess the conjecture that there’s intelligent life on Earth.

    [p 43-44]

    Stay Safe

  8. Macky, I don’t know. I wouldn’t have removed it.

    I saw it briefly in the Feed, but when I refreshed the page it had gone.

  9. Brian,

    thank you for your support. I started writing you a reply, but I feel too bad to finish it. Below is where I got to before I had to stop. I’ll go and lie down for a bit and hope I feel better.

    Best wishes.

    BrianFujisan, your quotes encapsulate an aspect of how I see things.

    On the 9/11 thread, I am not one of the dominant life forms. I don’t tell the dominant lies, nor subscribe to the dominant distortions.

    There is a huge amount that I wonder about 9/11. I have found indications of so many distortions, deceptions, omissions, and a few of these might build into a coherent picture.

    But the atmosphere is unsuitable for investigating them. The majority of commenters are hell bent on establishing Twin Tower demolition theory; whether it be true or false seems of no concern to them. An overlapping group seem determined to establish exaggeration of evidence as the accepted mode of examination

    Many of them seem to assume a grand conspiracy in what they refer to as “the MSM” such that it broadcasts only that which has been decided by some central but hidden body. Undoubtedly there are conspiracies within the mass “news” media, but I suspect smaller, individual conspiracies rather than a grand dictatorial body. Why would an all-powerful central body choreograph media towards destruction of their own ecosphere? Even hostile aliens wouldn’t do it, for if they could get here they would have to be proficient at building their own habitats in space; it would be as if city folk organised teams with assault rifles, night-sights and GPS to go out and evict cave dwellers to seize their caves.

  10. Why was Trump’s Tweeter account deactivated for 11 minutes by a disgruntled, departing employee?

    Seems the POTUS was talking about calling North’s Korea’s bluff about fighting fire with fire which would trigger a nuclear war since China has apparently provided Kim Jong–Un’s regime without nukes with assurances that it will retaliate if the US hits his regime with a surprise nuclear attack.

    Wonder who the guy is who according to company policy stopped the promotion of dangerous action on the system. He deserves a medal.

  11. Clark.. Dream of that Injured Bus.. I last met you Wondreous Stuff….Fkn Wish it was Mine…Stay Cosmic

  12. So why did the CIA finally deny that LHO worked for it 12 years after he was judged the sole assassin of President Kennedy?

    The answer seems to be the headway that John Marks was making in looking at the 16,000 documents his lawyers were finally getting released after three years of unsuccessful efforts by FOI requests for them about its mind-control efforts, especially since they showed that it had tried unsuccessfully to get alleged double agent LHO to accept by rapid hypnosis a program to kill the POTUS in July 1963.

    No wonder that the Agency is making such a smoke screen over the release of just the routine stuff!

  13. I feel..That I want To Cry..I’m Sick of it..and I do Cry.. Music Maters..And Art Too..I wish I could Affored J’s Beautful Art/…..I was Going Offer £ 30 To Take My Tally to £ 100 But that would be an insult

  14. Sorry, Brian, that you are so depressed. Try looking on the bright side, as is said. Get out as much as you can, and look for pleasant surprises.

    I know this sounds flat, coming from me who is always complaining about obvious matters, though I do practice it. Just now, when I went out for a walk with my lovely dog, I found one of his long-missing toys, and he was so thrilled by it that he pulled me back to the apartment, so it didn’t go missing again.

    Have meals, readings and walks with friends. Mine are having a nice birthday lunch for me on Thursday.

    Keep going.

  15. Brian, it is always good to see your comments here; my heart goes out to you.

    I seem to be having quite a battle on the 9/11 thread, and your good wishes help to sustain me. I never suspected what I seem to have found hidden among the 9/11 arguments; “insidious” doesn’t cover it. Here’s to truth, justice, and peace. Cry when you need to; I generally find that it helps.

    The good old bus is safe and dry in a nice garage near Glasgow, parked alongside a dozen or so of her more modern cousins.

  16. Trow And Clark..Thank you..

    I’m not sure I cry for myself..But for what i Consume..Libya..Syria. Flotsam Babies…Palestine..

    I got out with the Camera on a Beautiful Serene thursday…

    I was At a Wonderful concert Last night – I remember our Ol Sofia Poetess Liking their music –

    here is a better Footage of the Protest G20 –

    A bit Like How I feel..when i Step foot on an Outer Hebridean Beach.. Or Doune The Rabbit Hole

    I’m Going out to the Ocean on Friday..Thank Goodness …To This wee place..[email protected]/albums/72157687907054031

    Good dark Skies there..I hope

    Take care Squonk People

  17. Sorry you’re down, Brian… take heart, you’re a decent fellow and all we can do is as well as we can in this world. Maybe take the Buddhist philosophy… observe, and move on. Observe, and move on. Do what we can, and win, fail, or break even – just observe, note it, and move on. Don’t let the evil in the world get you down, or evil will have achieved a victory it doesn’t deserve.

    Peace and strength to you, my friend.

  18. Thank You Glen

    Wise Words.. But you always Were a good Thoughtful one.. Hope your Keeping up the Running..Jogging… Thank you all

  19. Sorry to rain on people parade iro Craig’s Court Case, but:

    So it begins;

    first the oxymoronic “Mr Murray accepts that Dr Wallis Simons is not a liar, and Dr Wallis Simons accepts that Mr Murray is not an anti-Semite”

    Then the “Free Speech” warning ” I would ask you to refrain from any comment here which detracts from the amicable spirit of the joint statement”, which disgracefully says it all.

    Justice has been corrupted by the threat of financial ruin, and behaviour tamed; a result for the Zionists.

    (Wishing you the best Brain, if it helps think of the Samurai spirit, or watch a few Kurosawa films ! 🙂 )

  20. So the court costs all went to Craig’s lawyers, and we still don’t know if he paid Jake some money when the case at least should have been settled by pre-trial negotiations.

    The decision was just what Judge Eady wanted where he did not have to rule on his animus towards rabid tabloids and independent voices. The donors just lost out.

  21. Don’t you love Trump’s continuing bombast about North Korea which the DM continues to spew out as if Kim Jong-Un has underestimated American power, and hasn’t tried it?

    The North doesn’t have serious nuclear power, as that collapsed test site caused by an American quake on Sept, 3 proved, killing 200 North Koreans in the process.

    Kim has taken advantage of what the warmongering Yanks claim, and made the most of it while the rest of the globe except Russia and China sits on the sidelines.

    Looks like China will have to stop Kim’s provocations while not giving up its alleged nuclear bombs.

  22. That both sides were prepared to, er, back-track from the brink is very encouraging, I feel; it bodes well for conflict resolution. Macky, on a personal note, beware developing a taste for conflict. The fighting can never cease if the opponents have come to relish it, especially if others do the actual fighting on their behalf.

    When I arrived Craig had several supporters whereas the plaintiff had only his legal team, I believe. The immediate adjournment was extended to an hour. When we reconvened the public gallery was full. Of course I didn’t talk to everyone, but from the groups that formed after, it seemed that the majority had arrived in solidarity with Craig. Some I think had a purely legal interest. I can’t say as I saw any support for the plaintiff; I almost felt sorry for him and his team. Several people remarked to me how unhappy they looked.

    And this is how things could best change, by the opposition sensing the weight of disapproval, and changing their ways accordingly. Give peace a chance.

  23. As I recall, that scene from The Life of Brian was about his followers being executed after the rebels instead of freeing them committed suicide. That’s what nearly always happens by looking naively on the bright side of life.

    Prefer what Kim is doing after having been dealt by Washington a very poor hand.

  24. Macky, please give more information. Did you see your comment appear, what did you write to go with it, was it a reply or a top-level comment, and if it was a reply, has that gone too?

  25. Excellent link, Macky. Its reference for the field hospital treating jihadis is the Times of Israel, in turn referencing UN records. You can’t get more authoritative than that.

    I do wish more people would learn to edit Wikipedia:

    ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to
    do nothing’ Edmund Burke, political theorist and philosopher 1729-97

  26. Macky, try reposting. Include your own summary to avoid deletion under the “contribute” rule, and make it a top-level comment so it can’t disappear due to deletion of a parent comment.

    And Macky, avoid assumptions; there is more to the court case than you think, but frustratingly, I mustn’t tell you about it.

  27. Too bad the LV police, especially the FBI, didn’t leave OJ on his own as Stephen Paddock would have settled for killing him rather than those 58 others on its Strip.

    And Macky, CM won’t left me discuss his problems with what High Court Judge Eady did for Boris Berezovsky, and why Priti Patel went unannounced to Israel.

  28. @Clark, as you also think it’s an excellent link, why don’t you try posting it ?

    @Trowbridge, I suspect even though he had an un-loseable case, the mere thought of being financially ruin, has done to Craig, what the Kelly/Gilllian affair did to the BBC.

  29. Macky, you found it, you post it, you get the credit. I’ve been busy at Wikipedia on Patel’s article; seems I’m the only one there from Craig’s; the article was a joke, with Philip Cross all over it.

    Besides, if your comments are going walkies, maybe you need practice. See my tips above.

  30. Macky, sorry; maybe my above comment seems a bit harsh. Look, two effective activists are twice as good as one. I want your comments to stay up, especially when they’re that good, and I can’t be at Craig’s blog all the time.

  31. Nothing in Haaretz article about Priti Patel going to Israel to clear up any suspicion that it supplied the assassin for the al-Hilli massacre, her getting Israel to state the William Hershkovitz’s death was a suicide over a completely intra-Oranim dispute.

    We all are at the mercy of a bunch of governing thugs.

  32. Macky, 11:47 am; have hope. I’m frustrated because the news I can’t mention is remarkably encouraging. I was laughing my head off when I heard; cheered me right up. God knows I needed that.

  33. Macky, can you help me please? Editing Wikipedia is hard. Not technically, especially. The problem is: how should editors make changes around sourced material that has already been added? Take a look at the paragraph that ends with this citation:

    “Humanitarian”, huh? Patel visited a field hospital that treats jihadis! Among others. I can add a citation, for instance to your link. I can’t remove the original citation because that would violate the WP:Vandalism rule and it would get restored. The major difficulty is finding a way to word it to include both points of view, well referenced and worded so it won’t be removed.

    It’s all very well keeping up on blogs, but Wikipedia is a more permanent record in a more accessible format referred to by millions of readers. We need more people to develop the necessary skills to rebalance this important resource. We shouldn’t let the likes of Philip Cross be so influential.

  34. Oops, sorry, my link has already altered due to unrelated edits elsewhere… New link soon…

    Edit: OK, go here:

    Two paragraphs above, the offending section reads:

    “It was also reported that following the meetings Patel had recommended that the Department for International Development give international aid money to humanitarian projects run by the Israeli military in the Israeli-annexed Golan Heights region of Syria”

  35. Nothing about Patel’s visit resulting in the Israelis claiming afterwards in September that William Hershkovitz’s death was a suicide, only five years after the shootout with Israeli security forces.

  36. Wonder if USA has hit three birds. Iraq’s Shias, Kurdistan and Catalonia. with one stone, the 7.3 earthquake which killed over 300 Iranians.

    Shows the strategic sophistication it used in defeating the Scottish independence vote with those quakes and eruptions in Iceland.

  37. “Just a floo-zy with-an U-U-zi …
    Just a girlie, with-a-gun …
    When I could have been a mo-del,
    And I should have been a nu-un …

    “Oh, just what was it about that
    Little Israeli machine? …
    Play all day in the sand,
    Nothin’ gets, jammed, under-
    Stand … what I mean – ”

  38. Although I disagree with Macky on most matters I do have to agree with his comments (above) about Craig and his moderators.

    Craig and his Mods have a cunning trick up their sleeves which enables them to claim they rarely ban people outright. It consists in putting people into permanent pre-moderation and then deleting 9 out of ten of the posts in question.

    That practice is as fraudulent as Craig’s claim to be a “human rights activist” : what concrete form does his human rights activity take, apart from running a blog the purpose of which appears to be mainly to keep him in the “public” eye? What has he ever achieved in the human rights field?

    To me he seems more of a person who has never got over losing what influence on events or on other people he may have once had as a FCO official. His blog is merely an attempt to compensate for that loss. It is the vehicle of a vain yesterday’s man who takes comfort in the support offered to him by a collection of neurotics with too much time on their hands.

  39. Habbabkuk,

    Craig recently forwarded to me a contact form message from yourself concerning an anti-Semitic comment that had been approved by a moderator. Craig was very concerned and took the rare step of looking at the logs. One moderator had mistakenly approved the post (possibly a touchscreen mistake) and another subsequently removed it. Craig was horrified that the comment appeared.

    I say this to let you know that Craig does read contact form messages and you can contact him directly again if you feel you have a genuine grievance. As a general rule Craig does not support pre-moderation except “in extremis” and comments should not be deleted solely because they are critical of him.

    Anyway you are always free not to read and comment on Craig’s blog. You wouldn’t want anyone to think you’re neurotic with too much time on your hands would you? 😉

    And of course Craig wants to stay in the public eye as he believes he has things to say.

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