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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. The biggest threat to any regime is normally their own people rather than external forces. That’s why RT are happy for the ‘truth’ to be broadcast in the UK, while lying at home. That’s also why RT is important to those who want to hear the stuff the BBC won’t touch – and it’s irrelevant that the Russians lie about what’s happening in Russia. The ‘truth’ will damage the regime in the UK, as it would do elsewhere.

  2. So you think a country not being truthful about the effects of the virus only affects that country.

    How about China where the first outbreaks occurred? Would their government knocking a few noughts off the body count only affect China? Would providing false information to those trying to control the virus in other parts of the world not matter?

  3. How about the continuing shortage of ventilators resulting in a patient likely to die deprived of one at Saint Thomas’s so PM Johnson could have it?

    Seems unfair since Johnson’s administration was responsible for the shortage. He should have gone to a private hospital, and paid for it?

    British reporting on the problem is dreadful.

  4. Fred, you’ve conveniently moved on – I wasn’t talking about Coronavirus – I was talking about why it suits Russia that RT tells the ‘truth’ in the UK. I’ve no interest in a childish game of ping pong, where the opponent jumps tables.

    On the subject of Coronavirus, you are fortunate you are staying up in the North, where the shops are well stocked and there’s an abundance of local produce. Very lucky indeed.

  5. Trowbridge – No, it would be most unseemly for the PM to go to a private hospital. That would imply what’s good enough for the rest of us, is not good enough for him.

    The hated Thatcher did go to a private hospital when she needed attention, and was much reviled for it (and quite rightly too).

    You seem a little confused though. Just yesterday, you were calling me a “loony” for noting that Johnson was in a hospital. Apparently, you knew better. Now you’re complaining that he’s in that hospital – the one he wasn’t supposed to be in. And you’re complaining he’s using a ventilator, when that has been officially denied all along.

  6. “How about the continuing shortage of ventilators resulting in a patient likely to die deprived of one at Saint Thomas’s so PM Johnson could have it?”

    Boris isn’t on a ventilator Trow.

    That is fake news started by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti. It was picked up from them by the foreign press then the British press repeated it from them. Then it was repeated by RT with “according to the Guardian” stuck on the end.

  7. With the NHS having fewer than 10,000 ventilators, and the Johnson administration hoping for a miracle in building new ones before the pandemic peaks before Easter, it is hardly surprising that the government in not talking about Bozo’s efforts to get one, apparently not needing one

    Sounding more like some recognized autocratic state in dealing with the matter, as Formula One has been brought in to improve their quantity, and the IMF has made the shortage worse by making more money available to developing and low income states by providing money for loans, claiming falsely they will be hardest hit by the pandemic.

  8. You’r still a looney, Glenn_uk for not considering Johnson going to the emergency room a serious matter especially at night, and his, of all people, taking away a ventilator, whose shortage can be gleaned Fred from the media like the Daily Mail, from a dying person in hospital.

    You trolls never go along with facts that don’t suit you.

  9. You’re being rather insulting, Trow, for no particularly good reason.

    Maybe you’re mixing me with someone else. Of course going to the “Emergency room” – actually, the Intensive Care Unit – is a serious matter, and I said so. Fred was trying to trivialise it, not me, and I think he was being rather silly.

    If you think Johnson was on a ventilator, well… fine, go right ahead. The official announcements say otherwise.

    So are you going to apologise for your “loony” insult, since you obviously said it to the wrong person?

  10. I am not mixing you up for someone else. I remember your cover ups of the Grenfell and Notre Dame fires only too well.

    After a discussion of Bozo going to tithe ER, you said you hoped that nothing serious happened to him. I would of course apologize if I thought I was wrong. And looney is spelt looney.

    Official discussions of how he is faring, and the panic it is having over the lack of ventilators are such crude cover ups that no one should believe a word they are saying.

  11. I don’t have any appreciation or care for a zombie like Bozo coming out of intense care, but I do acknowledge the fact.

    Any sensible person like my niece separated herself from her family for fear it might get her disease but Bozo just kept living with his infected, pegant partner and Cabinet, got so sick that he went on Sunday night to the ER at Saint Thomas’, had to wait until late Monday for a patient in a ventilator to die so he could have it, and the staff there worked like hell to save him., what was called “brilliant” by Downing Street.

    Lucky he was Prime Minister or he would likely be dead by now. Never feel sorry for whatever happens to someone who is constantly fucking up.

  12. Hello folks, I’ve been looking at Venus through the Dobs. I cleaned it and it’s working much better now. Venus is clearly a crescent now. But I haven’t found ATLAS Y4 yet.

  13. I covered up the Grenville Tower disaster, and Notre Dame???? WTF, Trow???

    But anyway, Jesus – by saying “I hope nothing serious happens to him [Johnson]” I simply meant I hoped the SOB wasn’t about to die. That’s all. Good grief.

  14. You said that both fires were clear accidents when the guy who started the one in Grenfell Tower ran out of the building without alarming anyone, and it burned inside to the ground. The Notre Dame one was a clear act of terrorism started by a small fire on the roof.

    You even trivialized the looming bankruptcy of Boeing, saying it was started by a workman putting pieces in the wrong place when it was a conspiracy to prevent Suikov 100 from taking over mid range flights market, causing one of its test flights crashing into an Indonesian volcano, the setting up of FBI Steve Ivens as a Russian assassin of President Obama, and killing him in a manhunt.

    Boeing, after wildly rewarding the managers involved which you defended, is hoping to get $60 billion in the coronavirus bailout.

  15. Meat and other animal produce probably should be rationed; the biosphere doesn’t have enough capacity to generalise western levels of animal product usage to the less wealthy populations of the world. Human livestock already outweighs the humans; compare with wild mammals and birds:

    I wouldn’t expect the industrial meat industry to treat workers well; it’s inherently dehumanising.

    On an organic farm I’ve visited they raised a pig for pork, but they all fell in love with her and now she wanders wherever she likes with a big grin on her face making everyone really happy.

  16. Ben – “Extinction Rebellion and. PETA love this”

    Ben, in XR, I’ve rarely encountered that sort of gloating about an injustice to make an issue of it. What I’ve found in XR is genuine compassion; it really is a breath of fresh air after so many angry, confrontational political pressure groups. XR Principle 8:

    We avoid blaming and shaming – We live in a toxic system, but no one individual is to blame.

    We have a greeting and parting phrase that gets used a fair bit, “love and rage”, but we’re raging at human impotence to change the Toxic System. Obviously, individual Rebels sometimes get angry, at government decisions or police behaviour at an action, but somehow the Principles get remembered and the compassion prevails.

    My take is that the roots of the Toxic System are in all of us; I can feel it in myself sometimes, when I want to win, to defeat the “other”. I don’t handle it as well as I should; in situations of conflict where my anger overwhelms my compassion I turn the rage against myself and I self harm; I punch myself in the face, or if the feelings are very bad I bash my head against things. Then I feel guilty and think I should leave XR because strictly, I’ve broken the non-violence rule. But eventually I cry, I have compassion for myself, and I let myself go back to XR because, for me, taking action is the only ethical alternative to suicide.

  17. Trow: There is so much rot in there, a full refutation would take longer than the original. And I cannot be bothered.

    Why don’t you admit you’re trying to throw the heat for the actual assassinators of JFK?

  18. Don’t know what throwing the heat means, Glenn_uk. but I am interested in other assassinations too like Thatcher et al, killing Sweden’s Olof Palme, Scotland’s Willie MCrae, and all those Republicans during The Troubles. And tHe Plumers assassinated more than JFK, like MLK and RFK.

    And there are other missions which capture my attention.

    What a shit hole we live in!

  19. Clark: You need to watch being insulting to other commentators – or rather denialists – over on CM.

    One idiot boasted about how his mother (in her 80s) would never have put up with this lockdown nonsense, and would boldly have gone about the place as usual.

    I asked, fairly reasonably I thought, whether he was claiming his mother was as stupid as himself in that case? This brought howls of indignation from other denialists, presumably such sheltered individuals that they had never heard such supposedly outrageous discourse. The mod crumpled under the pressure and issued me a ban from CM’s site, just like that.

    So – you’d better watch you don’t get annoyed at those promoting behaviour that causes a lethal pandemic to spread, or you’ll get banned too.


    Tokyo announces monthlong action plan to contain coronavirus outbreak

    Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike revealed on Friday the capital’s overarching plan to conquer the coronavirus outbreak by calling on residents to continue isolating themselves and asking businesses to temporarily close or operate under reduced hours.

    “Nobody ever thought it would come to this,” Koike said during a news conference on Friday. “It’s imperative that we do everything we can over the next month to prevent the virus from spreading further, and to stop this crisis from worsening.”

    Tokyo reported an additional 189 cases on Friday night, bringing the total in the capital well past 1,700 following a string of record-breaking days.

    The plan, which takes effect Saturday and lasts until May 6, requests the temporary closure of a long list of businesses and private facilities including universities, schools, athletic facilities, live music venues, concert halls and community centers as well as bars, nightclubs, internet cafes and other nightlife destinations.


    Now the congestion on Stockholm’s outdoor cafés is going away – directed effort at Easter

    Despite the Public Health Obligation’s rule of banning congestion and queues at restaurants, pubs and bars, many are filled with visitors. The City of Stockholm will therefore make a supervisory effort during the Easter weekend.
    – We assume that this is addressed immediately, says Kristine Fornander, acting head of the Department of Environmental Management in Stockholm City.

    …If the municipality considers that a restaurant, tavern or bar does not comply with the rules, the owner first gets a reprimand and a chance to correct the error. If the error is not corrected, the case is sent to the infection control physician – who has the last word and can shut down the business if the rules are not followed.

  22. The availability of goods and services, including meat products Clark, may have been forecast by the collapse of USSR, as it relates to consequences of Virus

    “The Soviet Union’s collapse not only threw economic systems and trade relations throughout Eastern Europe into a tailspin, it also produced the upheaval in many Eastern European countries and led to increased crime rates and corruption within the Russian government. When the Soviet government fell, the Russian mafia, which had struggled to survive during the height of communism, stepped in to fill the power void. Government infrastructure—ranging from basic public utilities to police services—mostly evaporated during the collapse. Additionally, government payroll services almost completely disappeared, so ex-KGB officers, police officers and Soviet Army soldiers flooded the mafia’s ranks in search of steady employment. Mafia oligarchs seized state-owned assets and enterprises throughout Russia, such as telecommunications and energy networks and industries, and the mafia extorted the public in exchange for providing security and enforcing laws wherever the Russian government was unable to. Though the current Russian administration has had some success combating organized crime, the Russian mafia is still extremely powerful and well-connected. However, in an autocratic society such as that of Russia, anyone who speaks in opposition to government corruption will be arrested, exiled or even murdered under mysterious circumstances. This oppression stymies Russia’s chances of establishing a true democracy and allows government corruption to continue to expand.”

    I think I’ve already said the asteroid isnt the real disaster

    It’s the aftermath.

  23. I agree it wasnt sufficiently subservient to the Soviet Glenn.

    That was not my intention.


    Pneumonia and Influenza (P&I) Mortality Surveillance (USA)

    Based on National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) mortality surveillance data available on March 26, 2020, 10.0% of the deaths occurring during the week ending March 28, 2020 (week 13) were due to P&I. This percentage is above the epidemic threshold of 7.1% for week 13.

    While the percent of all deaths due to P&I has increased during weeks 9-13 (7.4-10.0%), the percent of all deaths with Influenza listed as a cause have decreased (from 1.0% to 0.7%) over this same time period. The increase in pneumonia deaths during this time period are likely associated with COVID-19 rather than influenza.

  25. First Trump haters like Joe Scarborough, not me, were predicting that 1.2million at least Americans would die in the pandemic Then the White House said 100,000 to 240,000. Now the POTUS is saying 60,000 by the time of his re-nomination.

    i still stick with my less than 50, 000, but what does idiot me know anyway!

  26. Trowbridge,

    The whole point of the lockdowns is to massively reduce the death totals. There would be no point whatsoever if they didn’t.

    In any case the excess deaths in the US were still rocketing skywards in the latest CDC report above.

  27. Don’t see what the anti-Putin Americans and their toadies like Georgia have been doing since a US sub, I think the USS Toledo, sank the unsinkable Russian sub Kursk, and the Russian President sank the Estonia for ignoring his claim to Stockholm that it better stop supporting shipping Russian contraband by its mafia for Washington or else.

  28. “The whole point of the lockdowns is to massively reduce the death totals.”

    I’m not sure about that Squonk. The point of the lockdowns is to flatten the curve and stop the health services being overwhelmed but in doing that it makes the curve longer. Whether it makes a difference to the totals in the long term remains to be seen.

  29. Fred,

    There are two main issues which reduce the projected death toll even if the same number of people get infected in the end.

    The first, the obvious, that CFR goes up if healthcare overloaded. Without treatment Boris might have proved that point.

    The other is viral load. If you can keep levels of community infection low then the chances of a low initial viral load are better. If you really lose control it seems the CFR goes up again as the average initial viral load also tends to go up, as there is simply more of it about.

  30. It was all about keeping a lid on it with suppressive behavior so that First Responders/ICUs wouldn’t be overwhelmed with patient care.

    Despite stupid State inaction we seem to have dodged a bullet this time.

  31. Glenn; they banned you for that? That is the most stupid moderating decision I’ve ever encountered.

    I posted a load of insults at Pb; I was trying to prompt the moderators to suppress the anti-scientific denialism, but they just deleted my abuse, along with Pb’s ludicrous threat of suing me for libel(!); Pb’s fatal advise was permitted to remain. Free speech is valuable, but no one in their right mind would insist that it extends to, say, encouraging children to run out into motorway traffic.

    I don’t comment so much at Craig’s these days. If he wants to run a conspiracy theory comments section there’s nothing I can do about it. I gave up trying to contact Craig some months ago; he never answers to me.

  32. I now know of about a dozen covid-19 cases, two serious plus one death, not people I know personally, but known personally or related to people I do know. All in London and Essex. One woman in her late 20s is recovering but “was left as weak as a kitten”.

  33. “Fred…TRY GETTING THIS.. From the BBC..or ItV..Or Sky. ect – You Wont.”

    Yes Brian, that is precisely why if I had a TV I would watch the BBC or ITV not RT.

  34. You didn’t watch it Fred… Can you prove John Pilger Wrong.. on EVERY Fact he speaks

  35. John Pilger is a tool of the Russian state propaganda machine Brian. Things he said during the Skripal poisoning affair proved that. In exchange for them giving him a soap box to stand on he is prepared to push their fake news.

  36. Fred, can’t it wait? Please? I hear of more people falling ill with every ‘phone call I make. The propaganda battles of nuclear armed states; actually, I don’t care. It is people that matter. It’s humans versus this virus.

  37. An “uncle”, not actually a blood relative but a close longtime family friend, died of Covid-19 in the week.

  38. It-s so easy to make out that someone like John Pilger or me is a tool of the Russian propaganda machine without any evidence to substantiate it, just by saying it which Fred has done.

    I think that the Skripal poisoning was a can of worms from the outset. The idea that killing worthless Vladimir, who had been allowed to leave Russia years before, in this way was absurd. The Russian President had exchanged him for CIA sleepers, the Manhattan 11, who were to entrap according to the FBI real Russian spies.

    This led to the murders of Gareth Williams et al. who knew that they were Western spies, and went wild over it, threatening to work for Moscow, so MI6 and the CIA brutally had them murdered.

    Does this make me a tool of the Russian propaganda machine? No, it makes me suspect that Fred is a tool of the British propaganda machine.

    Especially when he tried ti trash me over suspecting that Bozo, who was trying to treat his coronavirus at home for ten days, had been up to no goof when he finally went to the NHS at Saint Thomas’ emergency room last Sunday evening.

    Did the Prime Minister who was working 24/7 to get more equipment, particularly ventilators, staff and pay for it bully his way for one of them at the expense of one who had one or was next in line for one?

    If so, there should be a public inquiry into his abusing his authority for his own survival.
    I know that Britons now consider the Prime Minister a King who can do no wrong, but it is not good enough for this alleged tool.

  39. “An “uncle”, not actually a blood relative but a close longtime family friend, died of Covid-19 in the week.”

    My uncle died last week. He contracted the virus while he was in hospital for a knee replacement operation.

  40. “Did the Prime Minister who was working 24/7 to get more equipment, particularly ventilators, staff and pay for it bully his way for one of them at the expense of one who had one or was next in line for one?”

    Good news from the hospital Trow, they say that the Prime Minister has been walking.

    (However there is a possibility that it was a typo.)

  41. Not if you were the dying one whose ventilator they took away for Bozo or you were next in line to get one, Fred.

    Just saw an Asian on MSNBC out of the hospital who caught the virus in early March, stayed in the hospital for 17 days, and said he would not have survived if he had not been on a ventilator.

    Of course, nothing about you allegedly being a MI6 tool. Wonder if Glenn_uk is one too.

  42. Not about to, Glenn_uk.

    Thinking about what one can do to avoid getting the virus seriously, and running off to the hospital to get a ventilator some how.

    As one who has had health problems for years, I have been trying to reduce them – what a ventilator does in spades.

    Avoid any new risks, like exploratory operations or alleged cures for minor or non existent ones.

    Between the cure of my lung cancer and getting pneumonia, doctors at the VA wanted me to do something for my heart murmur which I have had since birth. After taking all kinds of photos of it, they recommended a small operation to put a catheter in one of the vessels coming out of it. After serious consideration, I turned it down, saying it just might start new troubles with it which I have never had.

    Then there are things to reduce the burden on my immune system, Like getting my teeth cleaner by reducing the tartar which my psoriasis in my scalp is exploiting which I am now finally getting rid of.

    Just think of all the little things you can do to improve your health like new exercises, new pills like cortisone, sleeping or eating habits or new foods.Every little bit helps, I can sure you.

  43. Google translated

    Police are on duty at all entrances to Moscow. They control the movement of vehicles

    MOSCOW, April 11. / TASS /. Police are on duty at all entrances to Moscow, they control the movement of vehicles and specify the reason for the entry. This was reported to TASS on Saturday by the head of the press service of the Moscow police headquarters Vladimir Vasenin.

    “At present, police officers are patrolling all areas of the capital around the clock. In addition, the State Traffic Inspectorates work at all entrances to the city, which control the movement of vehicles, and clarify with citizens the reason for entering the capital,” he said.

    In the capital’s State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, they called on Muscovites to show awareness, observe the regime of self-isolation and other established restrictions.


    Virus-hit areas of Japan enter first weekend under state of emergency

    Tokyo and six other prefectures entered their first weekend under a state of emergency on Saturday, with authorities strengthening calls for people to stay home and for nonessential businesses to temporarily shutter to curb the coronavirus’ spread in Japan.

    Areas around Shinjuku Station in Tokyo that are normally packed with shoppers appeared semi-deserted with department stores and restaurants closed for business.

    …In stark contrast to a normal spring, nobody was sitting beneath the cherry blossoms Saturday alongside the Okawa River in Osaka. People either walked or jogged alone to maintain the social distancing that has become so important to slow the virus’ spread.

  45. Are we only interested in what the Anglo-American world’s competitors are doing successfully or excessively. Nothing about its lockdowns being essentially a joke as far as I can see.

  46. Phuket

    Phuket residents instructed to stay home for at least 14 days

    All residents living in the southern province of Phuket are being directed to stay in their homes for at least two weeks, starting next Monday, April 13. The provincial governor announced the measure last night to fight the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus on the island, which now has the highest rate of infections in Thailand and is the second worst hit province, after Bangkok.

    …According to the order, people can only leave their homes only when absolutely necessary, such as to buy food and other essentials. In the area of Patong, where the infections are particularly high, food and water will be delivered to residents barred indoors.

  47. Google translated

    Digital passes are introduced in Moscow from April 15 for travel on any transport

    MOSCOW, April 11. / TASS /. Digital passes for trips on any transport are introduced in Moscow from April 15. Walking around Moscow for as long as possible without passes, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on his blog on Saturday.

    “Today I signed a decree according to which special digital passes are introduced for trips in Moscow and the Moscow Region on personal and public transport. You can start issuing digital passes from Monday, April 13, 2020. From Wednesday, April 15, 2020, their availability for travel will be mandatory, “the mayor wrote.

    He clarified that walking around Moscow is still possible without passes, but at the same time strictly observing the established rules and restrictions.

    “Obtaining a digital pass is required for trips on any type of personal and public transport – a motorcycle, scooter, car, taxi, metro, MCC, WDC, suburban rail and ground public transport,” the mayor wrote.

  48. ” – Black flowers blossom,
    – Teardrop on the fire.
    – Yet Embers Pulsing

    Cheers Clark.

  49. Do you know why my age group, 85 and older, is the biggest group dying from coronavirus?

    Of course, the growing physical problems are obvious, most of them not having ideas to seriously occupy their minds.

    More important, it is best way to save their assists with the US bust on the horizon coming soon, with the US government going bankrupt and its paper money becoming essentially worthless, so it is selling off all its gold and silver for the green back. You can buy the gold $50 buffalo and the twin eagle silver dollar at bargain prices. This silver dollar piece only costs $19.95.

    It’s a great way to deal with national indebtedness too.

    Think I might convert my unexpected $1,200 for the pandemic coming to my bank for some of them. May do it with my whole estate. Would save something for my relative heirs.

  50. Can anyone imagine anything more disheartening than employment working on an assembly line for the dying than in an emergency room or a ward for coronavirus patients? I would prefer being one of the dying than my niece who is having to deal with them, their relatives, and their endless concerns, hopes and failures.

    The White House and Downing Street should be required to deal with them endlessly.

  51. The Presidunce has an Army of Bad Robots

    There is a 22 percentage point difference between Democrats (69%) and Republicans (47%) on wearing a mask, with a slight majority of Republicans (53%) electing to not wear a mask in public. The no-mask wearers stand at 31% for Democrats. Independents fall far closer to Republicans on this issue, with 49% choosing to wear a mask, and 51% not.

  52. I may have mentioned my supermarket incident.

    At check out some Goomer was in my space 2-3 feet away pretending not to notice my ATM transaction..

    ‘Could you move back a little?’

    “I dont want your PIN #!!”

    ‘But you have heard of social distancing..’

    “%$#*&<"$$^%#^^##[email protected]!!!!"

    Bad Robot.

  53. Apollo 13 was 50 years ago

    You can follow it in real time at

    Experience the Apollo 13 mission in real-time during its 50th anniversary

    NASA software engineer and historian Ben Feist, along with a dedicated team of historians, researchers and audio, film and visual experts, have digitized and restored footage and audio from the mission.
    Everything is organized in the order it happened during the mission, from launch to the celebrated return of the astronauts to Earth.

    Currently live is about 24 hours in with the incident during hour 55 Mission timeline at

  54. So why did Prime Minister Boris Johnson aka Bozo say he could have died if it had not been for what two NHS helpers had done for him in the 46 hour crucial period when Downing Street and the media lied about his condition?

    Think an independent inquiry is called for given all the smoke toadies have blown out. Murder is still murder no matter how it is achieved.

  55. Now the opponents of Trump and Johnson are going bonkers in blaming then for not doing better with the warnings of the coming pandemic.

    No mention in the USA of the pointless impeachment of Trump during February when there was no chance in hell of it succeeding for an abuse of power when he should have been instituting a program of universal testing, building up the equipment to mitigate its consequences, and introducing a quarantine program.

    While Johnson fared better on an institution level, he failed miserably on a personal level, putting himself and the Cabinet in danger of dying. While acting as if he could do better in treating himself, only to rely on an unprepared NHS to a last minute saving of himself, and leaving much to be desired in dealing with his fellow citizens, the country is still waiting for him to save it.

    The fact that foreign NHS ventilator servers managed the difficult job of keeping the device to meet the minute changes of the temperature of his immune system, and the much better of managing of his position like beleaguered Italian PM Conte did is obvious.

    Anglo-American politicians better learn that they now are no better than those in East Asia, the South Pacific and Europe.

  56. Didn’t realise you were an apologist for Trump, Trowbridge – does he pay you for this service?

  57. No, he doesn’t MI6. Do you expect Trump, fighting for his remaining POTUS staying on top of the pandemic at the same time?

  58. Of course, 9/11 would never have happened if George Tenet, Senator Boren, Michael Hayden, Robert Mueller, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, G. W. Bush et al. had just done their jonb, and prevented the 19 suicide bombers from ever getting on the planes, believing that they were incompetent hijackers to be caught red-handed who could never take them over, and at worst would just be rounded up when they got to L. A. International Air Port.

    It was the worst incompetent massacre on record.


    Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales, provisional: week ending 3 April 2020

    The provisional number of deaths registered in England and Wales in the week ending 3 April 2020 (Week 14) was 16,387; this represents an increase of 5,246 deaths registered compared with the previous week (Week 13) and 6,082 more than the five-year average.

    Of the deaths registered in Week 14, 3,475 mentioned “novel coronavirus (COVID-19)”, which was 21.2% of all deaths; this compares with 539 (4.8% of all deaths) in Week 13.

  60. Chalk it all up to Bozo who only did much to stop it 10 days ago. Lucky he wasn’t accounted for on the death lists.


    Singapore makes face masks compulsory as coronavirus infections surge to 3,252 amid mass testing of migrant workers

    Singapore has made it compulsory for all those who leave home to wear masks, in a dramatic turnaround of its previous policy, as coronavirus infections in the island nation surged to 3,252 on Tuesday with 334 new cases confirmed.

    Those who flout this new rule for the first time will be fined S$300 (US$212), with repeat offenders facing a penalty of S$1,000 (US$707), while foreigners could lose their residence permit – the same penalties for those flouting social distancing measures.

    …“Please, please do not use this mask-wearing requirement now to say, ‘OK I can go out. I wear a mask and it’s OK to go out’, because, in fact, you should not go out,” he said. “As much as possible just stay at home.”

  62. Anyone want to crazily speculate?

    Is the Virus hiding from antibodies until immune system is weakened then springing back to life?

    Why are some still testing positive after symptoms have receded?

    I see a lot of graphs, charts and data but no fucking ideas.

  63. Ben,

    Much as I want the answers, I think we we have no fucking idea right now.


    I don’t think things are apocalyptic but I don’t think things are good either.

    We desperately need properly assessed antibody studies. Preliminary reports so far don’t clear things up.

  64. Lunar sunrise for the astronauts on the far side of the Moon; the most isolated sunrise, Earth not even visible.

  65. Just 780km above the surface, the crescent of the moon is larger than the human field of view, the craters picked out crosswise by the rising Sun; what a fantastic sight that must have been… And so utterly isolated, can’t even see Earth.

  66. I will take the test, Ben, when I get the chance. See something like that in my case.

    Think I had symptoms when my diagnosis for cancer resulted in chimo and radiation treatment which went beyond that necessary with getting the infinzy program which I stopped when it started making my trouble breathing worse.

    Then I got pneumonia which resulted in my going to the vets ER where I got treatment for it.

    Then I became suspicious that my psoriasis and gingivitis though not creating any trouble with my gums was weakening my immune system, as was the psoriasis on my scalp, feet and hands.

    Now I am getting control of them Think I would test positive, though I have no obvious symptoms of the virus. Think the virus was destroyed by my cancer treatment, that for pneumonia, mouth wash for the gingivitis, and dermatology treatment for the psoriasis.

    Plus not straining my immune system by doing too much, eating things easy to digest, and sleeping a lot

    A test could tell.

  67. Most people never really listen to music; for them it is primarily a vehicle for words, and if a piece doesn’t have singing they dismiss it as “self indulgent”. They never seem to connect this pattern in their own assessment, but then most people also seem to assume that the verbal descriptions which dominate our thoughts truly define reality, whereas of course the converse should be our objective.

    John 1:1 notwithstanding, both reality and music can be better known through maths, and I love to experience the rhythmic and harmonic abandon of musicians freed from the shackles imposed by spoken language. Z becomes Z squared plus C; my Gravatar, an infinitely detailed map of every stable and unstable rhythm and harmony possible, inherent in that seemingly simple relationship.

    I also love to climb to the highest place nearby, and in the solitude there sit down, create a joint, and let the vocal part of my thinking disengage, to most thoroughly appreciate the richness of experience that reality imparts when not interpreted through the coarse filter of language with all its inseparable conditioning, assumptions, and confusing cross-connections. At 01:29 this morning I almost posted “the most isolated sunrise ever“. In the interests of accuracy I held back, but subsequently found:

    “At pericynthion, Apollo 13 set the record, which still stands, for the highest absolute altitude attained by a crewed spacecraft: 400,171 kilometers (248,655 mi) from Earth at 7:21 pm EST, April 14 (00:21:00 UTC April 15)”

    01:21 to 01:46; just 25 unimaginable minutes. Three fellow travellers entangled in the most profound solitude; minute, vulnerable motes of mortality suspended only by mathematical understanding, above that ancient, vast, barren, relentlessly impacted symbol of love, at the greatest altitude ever achieved, just long enough for a decent joint 🙂

    May life prevail; Love to my friends.

  68. I’ve been banned from Craig’s blog. My posts disappear and I receive no reply from the mods. I presume it’s for claiming that covid19 UK death figures are exaggerated but I’ve received no warning or explanation. Is this your doing Squonk?

  69. Nothing to do with me Node.

    I doubt you are banned though but the moderators over there use pre-moderation from time to time.

  70. “I don’t think things are apocalyptic but I don’t think things are good either.”

    That’s a bold speculation AA 🙂

    Trowbridge: My FIL had horrible psoriasis prior to chemo but it cleared up at end of his treatment. Was that a coincidence?

  71. Clark: Watched the movie yesterday and still get goosebumps and standing neck hair thinking about their ordeal

  72. Node, Craig Murray didn’t like your nonsense about the pandemic any better than we did.

    I was banned without notice for denying that his defense of Alex Salmon for sex-abuse was on a par without attribution with Emile Zola’s defense of Alfred Dreyfus imprisoned on Devil’s Island for treason.

    The guy is an incredible thin-skinned narcissist.

  73. Could be, Clark, but my psoriasis, I’m sure, was much worse than that of the FTL. When I started taking chimo, I had developed a horrible red rash on my arms which I had never sense before, and it disappeared.

    My worse symptom was a built crust in my scalp and feet. Just had to be scratched away.

  74. “Nothing to do with me Node. I doubt you are banned though but the moderators over there use pre-moderation from time to time.”

    OK, ta, but 20 hours pre-moderation and not responding to queries looks like a ban to me.

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