The General Discussion Thread

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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. You act as if Walsh was an absolute king. He sent many people to jail, probation, and fines. The leading prisoners were Clair George, Thomas Clines and Robert McFarlane. He had a trial set for Caspar Wineberger, and two important others, but POTUS G.H. W. Bush pardoned them before he left office. The case against Ollie was dropped, because the House, thanks to Dick Cheney’s efforts, had given him immunity to testify there.

    I talked to Walsh several times on the phone, and he wanted to get the CIA in spades but it prevented the release of any information essential for trials.It wanted nothing known about Sweden being involved, and its PM Palme assassinated because he wouldn’t deal with it if user certificates for arms going to Iran were involved, and was assassinated for it.

    If more Americans were like Walsh it would be a far better place.

  2. Fall guys…sacrificial lambs..falling on their swords to protect the Gang Leaders. Sheesh

  3. Fall guys…sacrificial lambs..falling on their swords to protect the Gang Leaders. Sheesh.

  4. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Fuck the fuck off to perpetuity..

    [ Mod: Right back at ya, Ben. From the moderation rules for commenters:

    Fair Play
    Play the ball, not the man. Address arguments, not people. Do not impugn the motives of others, including me. No taunting.

    You won’t be commenting here again. Goodbye, it’s been real … ]

    Happy to be excluded by fascism

  5. I dreamt of a tiger last night. I must have been putting the rubbish out ‘cos I was by the wheelie bins. Yes, I had a bin lid open when I saw it walk up. It was big; I wasn’t sure if it was fully grown or not; probably not, but it was bigger than the biggest of dogs. I wasn’t terrified; I was sort of unsure whether to be afraid or not. I was nervous, but it didn’t seem to be looking at me as if I was prey. I thought maybe it was a pet. I thought of what I could do if it started being hostile; I could slam it with a wheelie bin, or get a bin between me and it, or something. It was approaching. It seemed in a neutral mood; aware of me but not curious, not acquisitive, just strolling about with no real objective. It must be someone’s pet, I thought. It turned my way. Feeling cautious but curious, and attracted by this beautiful creature, I started being communicative, and it responded. It came closer, I put out the back of my hand which it touched with its nose. It reared up beside me and put its front paws on the top of the brick wall to my left. Now it seemed to be being friendly, so I stroked its side and hugged its body. Yes, it must be someone’s pet.

    I walked back round the corner and back into the work shed and the tiger came with me. I tried to show the others but they were busy; no one showed any interest.

  6. I haven’t looked in at the Craig Murray blog for quite a while now Ben.

    Did he get the mystery illness yet or is he waiting for during the trial?

  7. Fred, my wife makes me go to Facebook and Craig announces his new posts there. I’m usually acerbic but the recent post drove me off the rails.

    All our Trumpkins are encouraging others to resist safeguards so when I hear that shit from Leftists, I get ticked off

  8. Clark: some Pop Psych

    The tiger is a large and powerful native cat to India. It is commonly associated with being present in jungle types of environments, although tigers may be found in other parts of the world. Today, it is not uncommon to see a tiger even in the largest of cities at the local zoo or animal park.

    A tiger reminds us to follow our natural instincts and intuition. Often times, a tiger appearing in dreams or as a spirit animal means there is much energy and emotional work to do in order to fully overcome a challenge or to thrive in a situation.

    The tiger has been a symbol used as a mascot for many companies, as well as in songs. The song from the Rocky movie, “Eye of a Tiger” and Katy Perry’s song “Roar” are all examples of how a tiger can be a symbol of strength and overcoming obstacles.

  9. Has Pompeo rushed a massive arms sale, contain FMG-148 Javelins, to the Saudis so that they can trade them to the Ukrainians in the hope that its President Zelensky will find evidence that POTUS Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden arranged the shooting down MH17, the rebels in Eastern Ukraine thinking it was President Putin’s plane returning from South America, killing all its passengers.

    If so that evidence would give special consel John Durham the information that Attorney General Bill Barr needs to prosecute them for serious crimes.

  10. I thought the tiger I dreamed of was probably just something potentially lethal from Asia, and my colleagues in the work shed who ignored it were the covid-trivialists.

  11. The tiger is Barrack Obama’s symbol behind his image of hope, the force behind his incredible holier than thou stance . And his defensive pose has worked like a charm.

    Much better than the Iron Lady’s. The only mistake his covert government posture has made is John Wheeler’s body falling off the dumpster on its way to the Wilmington land fill, to blame the enemy, the vile Iranians for his disappearance.

  12. If Trump would shave that incredible head of hair he has, get a copy of EL Duce’s crazy hat, and adopt his outrageous uniform , he would look exactly like Mussolini now.

  13. Trowbrisge: How did the Iranians bring down that highly sophisticated US drone? They didn’t shoot it down because they got it down undamaged.

  14. I assumed it ran out of fuel, dodging all those shots, and the Iranians got it from the Russians. Would explain why the Yanks haven’t tried it again. Could use a plasma or a better one in future too.

    Wonder if the breeding grounds for the coronavirus globally are the water and sewage systems of metropolitan centers worldwide. If so, it provides a means of reducing the pandemic until the world gets a vaccine.

  15. Ben. The only way to bring down a drone short of shooting it down is to take a plane and fly above it cutting off it’s communications with the satellite.

  16. Fred: it was undamaged and signal loss would have crashed it. The Iranians apparently reverse-engineered it and made a prototype in a matter of months .

  17. Just shocked by the lack of interest in the biggest sources of coronavirus deaths are the cities in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois and California.

    The herd-like interest has been in the overall numbers of cases, and finding a vaccine in an instant.

    Think that the cities are the source of the most powerful viruses, and they must be found and eliminated.

  18. Doesn’t look like $140.000.000 cost to me, Ben. More like $14.00. Wonder why the Pentagon went long with this fake news. Think lack of fuel and plasma protection are the causes.

    I don’t believe anything from the Pentagon, especially since it drove my hero father to suicide for lack of recognition. Like to kick the crap out of it.

  19. Ben. They are programmed to fly level and find a place to land if they lose signal.

  20. What I remember from the time was that Iran claimed to have overwhelmed the signal from GPS satellites with a local transmitter of their own in Iran. As the drone flew over Iran and close to their transmitter, they transmitted the signal that would be present at the airbase in Afghanistan that the drone was bound for. This caused the drone to activate its automatic landing sequence, so it landed itself in Iran. The altitude was a little lower than that of the Afghanistan airbase, so the drone had a slightly rough landing incurring some minor damage.

    I don’t know if the above is technically possible or not, but I seem to remember that some independent experts said it was plausible, and a likely explanation.

    However. There was another story in the news at the same time, which was that the remote piloting system in Virginia, US, had been suffering from malware that they couldn’t get rid of. Their networked Windows systems had a keylogger virus in them, and each time they cleaned the infection it reinstalled itself from other devices within the internal network. It was a military embarrassment / SNAFU story; a keylogger virus is the sort of infection used to exfiltrate your passwords and login credentials, they are common.

    But a keylogger would also be just the sort of software to intercept the pilots’ control commands between the pilots’ control interfaces and the operating systems, so I do wonder whether remote control of the drone was taken via the control centre in Virginia, or whether this was maybe a second prong of the first method, to ensure that when the spoofed GPS signal kicked in, the US couldn’t regain manual control across the network.

  21. GPS is one-way. The satellites transmit, and the device picking it up is a GPS receiver, which doesn’t transmit back.

    If you think about it this has to be the only practical way. Every iPhone, Android device and sat-nav uses GPS – hundreds of millions of devices – but even with hundreds of satellites in orbit there are only ever a few above the horizon at a given time and location. There’s no way a handful of satellites could process incoming data from millions of GPS devices on the ground, so each satellite must be broadcasting its own signal, and each GPS receiver must use the signals from multiple satellites to triangulate its own location.

    Marek Ziebart – UCL
    Photons, spacecraft, atomic clocks & Einstein (27 Oct 2011)

  22. There seems to be a great correlation between coronavirus and deaths from it by people who drink waste treatment water..

    In Connecticut over half of the the 3,000 plus deaths have occurred in Hartford, Fairfield and New Haven counties where there are 9 waste water treatment plants.

    People who live like me crap into the toilet water, flush it down the toilet, and it somehow gets through the plant to infect others water.

    Wearing a mask only prevents you from giving it to others.Would be better to spend most of your time outdoors breathing the rest air.

    Lock downs are only implemented to bring the crisis home to you.

  23. Clark: see the page break Iranian Abilty in the CSM piece.

    Fred: That would be news. I find it odd their prototype looks like the standard Reaper not the downed B-1 style.

  24. Think the death toll would be way down if the public globally had started drinking bottled guaranteed water, and not washing its hands constantly just six months ago.

  25. Ben, it said so in the article you posted a link to.

    The drones fly at high altitude and are remote controlled through a directional link to a satellite, much like a satellite tv has a dish pointing at the satellite. I don’t believe it would be possible to jam the signal from the ground. They would have to get between the drone and the satellite.

  26. I think the two-way satellite link will be the command link. The combat drones were said to be commanded via an Internet connection with considerable latency. That’s why they are autonomous; the commands set the objectives – fly to certain coordinates, set a certain object on the remote screen as the target etc. – and the on-board computer uses on-board instrumentation to control the drone and carry out the commands. The latency across the Internet makes the command link too slow for real-time direct remote control.

    This is all from memory, though.

  27. Here’s the claim from the Iranian engineer:

    I found that link at the Wikipedia article about the incident; it has a variety of citations:

    There is a separate article about spoofing, including GPS spoofing:

    It was Creech, not Virginia that got infected with a keylogger, two months before the RQ-170 was landed:

  28. If treated waste water, its major source in metropolitan areas, is not the origin and a means of its transportation, why are public rest rooms a growing security risk since it is where more people get rid of it by urinating and defecating it, and using the treated water to clean themselves up?

  29. Don’t see why critics of China’s lack of transparency in the cause of the coronavirus pandemic are not discussing its decade of it in its nuclear industry, starting in April 1990 with Danny Stillman, a chief of intelligence at Los Alamos Weapons Laboratory, visiting everything in Sichuan Province around Chendu for around a month as Thomas Reed has discussed in The Nuclear Express.

    When the G. W. Bush administration was leaving office in May 2008, which Reed failed to mention in his Chronology, the whole area was leveled by an earthquake made by a US laser missile, killing 87,000 Chinese scientists, their families, and their servants.

    China has learned the hard way of having transparency in anything dealing with Washington.

  30. Fred: I understand but I hoped you would see Iran capabilities in observed areas is not so good. I doubt they could accomplish. Has anyone else done it?

  31. Clark: we tried HUGHES satellite for TV for months..they kept upgrading us to greater than 30Mgb but latency defeated any consistent signal.

    I can see how a malfunction on the drone would default to landing .

    But the US was flummoxed on how it was done so is that a likely cause?

  32. What a fucking self-serving asshole Glenn Greenwald has become. Trump Media jump on his posts.

    His hideaway in Bolivia must be tenuous as Bolsonaro is something of a Trumpkin Bumpkin. His Craig Murray bullshit is probably a combination of Assange lust and fear of Trump calling Bolsonaro.

    I am so fucking tired of Soviet nostalgia.

  33. We will probably never know Ben, I wouldn’t trust a word either Iran or America said about it. My guess would be the drone malfunctioned.

  34. Folk seem to find politics, war’n shit far more interesting than maths, science and engineering. Could this be indicative of the problem? If x is ten and our attention really does excrete reality, shouldn’t we be choosing healthier mind meals?

    Didn’t anyone enjoy The Comet is Coming ? What about Marek and USAF’s Einstein switch?

  35. Didn’t know anything about a comet coming, and never heard of the Marek brothers. And my Dad was no Einstein, just a journey-man mathematician. But he did prove the USAF terribly wrong once – that it was no good at artillery spotting, forcing it to become a separate service from the US Army in 1947.

    He never liked the flybys, thinking that they were part-time individualists more interested in famous cars, fast women and fancy meals, especially after one of its pilots almost killed him, flying him home to Post Field at Fort Sill after helping win WWII in Europe into one of its hangers but failing to kill anyone.

    Dad was at his best when he flew with a subordinate in an unarmed light plane into the heart of Nazi Germany, and searched out a leading Nazi in the area to see after dark if they had given up the fight, and they had.

    Beats any heroics with an automatic weapon. and I shall always remember his doing this.

  36. Is TV co-host Joe Scarborough, who POTUS Trump has charged with murdering staffer Lori Klausutis in 2001 a stand-in for former Vice President Joe Biden who I suspect was involved in conspiracies to murder John P. Wheeler, III, to set up Burbank FBI agent Steve Ivens as a Russian assassin of POTUS Barack Obama, to poison to death GCHQ/FBI super hacker Gareth Williams in the Manhattan 10 fiasco, and kill with the help of Ukrainian rebels Russian President Vladimir Putin as he flew back to Moscow from a meeting in South America?

    Biden is a covert agent par excel lance, and Trump is going to get to him one of these days.

  37. Biden, bad as he is, is the lesser Weevil so maybe lighten up on him Trowbridge.

    We have sufficient fuckheads augmenting President* ignoramus.

    We dont need more.

  38. Seems the atomic scientists are going out of their way in an area of research over which they have neither knowledge nor experience to give POTUS Trump untrue support for China not having transparency in its mammalian viral experiments.

  39. Dr Jurgen Matzka, from the German Research Centre for Geosciences, said: “The new, eastern minimum of the South Atlantic Anomaly has appeared over the last decade and in recent years is developing vigorously.

    “We are very lucky to have the Swarm satellites in orbit to investigate the development of the South Atlantic Anomaly. The challenge now is to understand the processes in Earth’s core driving these changes.”

    One speculation is that the weakening of the field is a sign that the Earth is heading for a pole reversal – in which the north and south magnetic poles flip.

  40. You would think that Joe Biden, a Roman Catholic, would know in his bones labeling a group in a derogotory way is needlessly risky. This time Afro-Americans not being black for voting for Trump.

    Actually he got more votes against Hillary than Mitt Romney against kiler betrayer of loyal American leakers than Barack Obama.

    In the 1884 presidential election someone unknown, E, L. Godkin, editor of The Nation (?), defeated Republican candidate James Blaine for uttering at its convention that he was the candidate for “rum, romanism, and rebellion”, electing Grover Cleveland by giving him the vote in New York state by a most narrow margin.

    Still not voting for Uncle Joe who cannot control his mouth.

  41. Wow, that’s an eye-opener. Ben, I submitted to Google your middle paragraph about the weakening geomagnetic field. The Sky article is a copy-and-pasted from the European Space Agency, and it appears word-for-word all over the ‘net. The original seems to be this one:

    Churnalism, eh? Sky left out the reassuring bits that it’s only weakened by 8% and it’s “well within normal fluctuations”.

    There’s another about the north magnetic pole sprinting towards Siberia:

  42. It’s not intended for alarm Clark

    It’s intended to suggest watchfulness even for you

  43. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

    Similar to another of the superb mathematician’s quotes

    “The difference between genius and stupidity is; genius has its limits:

  44. My own understanding of things isn’t particularly technical. Physics was my best subject at secondary school, but I was always slow on the uptake. Whereas others just accepted the equations, substituted in the number, did the calcs and got the answer and a good mark, I had to get a feel for what it meant.

    F=ma? Why? OK, I’ll consider me pushing a car; how quickly does it pick up speed? Well a small car gets quicker easier than a big car. I’m exerting the F, the car’s the m and how quickly it picks up speed is the a. Ahh, got it! F=ma

    And that’s what I was like about everything. My way was slower, but I got the best marks in the end, surpassing even the high fliers. They had to remember the equations whereas I had the model in my mind and body, so I was less likely to make a mistake.

    It continued at university. After lunch two days a week we went up to a free lab and did physics exercises supervised and assisted by senior students. The others took the equations and substituted in the numbers and got the answers, and there was me, still stuck on the first question, asking the senior student “yes but why this equation? Why does this represent the physical system?” I found I could do much “better” if I’d had a couple of pints of beer at lunch; then I didn’t care why the equation worked, I just subbed in the numbers and got the right answer. But doing that didn’t satisfy my curiosity.

    It was a mystery to me why physics students couldn’t fix things. They’d ask me to wire a mains plug onto their lamp. They knew all the principles but couldn’t apply them. And so it went on. I was never happy to accept the technology around me as black boxes, “just push this button here and the device does so-and-so”. I always wanted to know how it did it. I’d think about a bouncing ball, and visualise the distortion of its surface as it started making contact with the ground; I’d feel the action and reaction, the changing forces of acceleration is if I were the ball. I’d lie on the ground on my back and feel the ground pushing up on me, preventing me from accelerating towards the centre of the Earth.

    More and more I noticed the gap between people and their understanding of the systems they were surrounded by, both natural and technological, and the gap in communication between the technicians and everyone else, the alienation.

    And then I read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

    And so, since then, I have tried to be a bridge. But it turns out I’m a bridge hardly anyone wants. On the one side the technicians are happy to earn money, and on the other people prefer their fantasies about the odd, tiny subset of science that captures their interest – whatever’s in the media I suppose, whatever the current “talking points” are. And the conspiracy theorist prefer their fantasies about good and evil.

    But that’s OK. I’ll visit the grave of James Clerk Maxwell and have a wry chuckle with him of how he missed the asymmetry in his own equation that Einstein so spectacularly picked up on, and then I’ll join Einstein as he imagined what it would be like to ride a photon. I’ll fall to the event horizon of a massive black hole in my mind and watch all of eternity play out as I do, so I won’t be speculating about getting back because I already know that everything would all be over. Marek’s vice dean of research at UCL engineering now and he helped design GPS, he works with relativity every day but even he still makes that mistake. Hey Marek, you want this spliff?

    Yeah, imagination has its uses.

  45. Still want to know why Connecticut counties of Fairfield, Hartford and New Haven which have 9 waist water treatment plants have such high rates of infection of the coronavirus.

    Are residents getting the virus mainly from the water, making wearing masks, social distancing, and staying home more dangerous or less important.

    Why is there no serious inquiry into where it is most likely coming from? Just panic in finding a vaccine.

  46. Trow, it’s a virus, it can’t survive more than a few hours outside a host and it can’t reproduce outside a host.

  47. Of course, I should have called them wastewater treatment plants. The problem is still there.

  48. A lot can happen in a few hours, Fred, and I have made no claims about where and when the virus reproduces.

  49. Not particularly interested in firing lasers at satellites, a goal of the military-industrial complex. More interested in firing lasers at more traditional targets, like qanats, natural and man-made caves, and claiming that they are natural ones or something else, like nuclear tests. Lasers are today’s weapons of war.

    Still see no interest in posters thinking that wastewater treatment plants cannot do what they are cracked up to do, making completely fresh drinking water rather than at best they can just inactivate coronavirus for a time.

  50. Still no interest in why Dominic Cummings went to Castle Barnard, to get GSK to make a deal for curing the pandemic and the faulty wastewater treatment plants without the public ever knowing why!

  51. Taken from comments..wish I had written it.

    With positively no gray hair dyed,
    And top to bottom bonafide,
    As I’ve fully testified:
    “In Truth, I Never Lied.”

    If you check it with our guide,
    Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde,
    And imbibe our full bromide:
    “In Truth, I Never Lied.”

    Inside-outy our broadside,
    If and only when applied,
    Squint a little bit cockeyed:
    “In Truth, I Never Lied.”

    But if you face the true divide
    between “in truth” & “I never lied,”
    you’ll see what really is implied
    “In Truth, I Never Lied.”

    The phrase is parsed & it’s pied
    to misdirect and misguide,
    Of course “In Truth” will override:
    It means the same as, “I Never Lied.”

    A trick of logic magnified
    by what seems to be pushed aside,
    but it’s just another fools’ joyride,
    “In Truth, I Never Lied.”

    In all the years that I have spied
    for a foreign or domestic side,
    I learned how to stay outside:
    “In Truth, I Never Lied.”

    So, if you want what’s certified,
    rinse it with some peroxide,
    Who will take it all in stride:
    “In Lies, I Always Lied?”

  52. There was an Old Man with a beard, Who said, ‘It is just as I feared! Two Owls and a Hen, Four Larks and a Wren, Have all built their nests in my beard!

  53. A man hired by John Smith and Co.

    Loudly declared that he’d tho.

    Men that he saw

    Dumping dirt near his door

    The drivers, therefore, didn’t do.

  54. My firm belief is, that Pizarro
    Received education at Harrow –
    This alone would suffice,
    To account for his vice,
    And his views superstitiously narrow.

  55. There once was a thing called a V-2
    To pilot which you did not need to-
    You just pushed a button,
    And it would leave nuttin’
    But stiffs and big holes and debris, too.

    There was a young fellow named Crockett,
    Who had an affair with a rocket.
    If you saw them out there
    You’d be tempted to stare,
    But if you ain’t tried it, don’t knock it!

    There was a young fellow named Hector,
    Who was fond of a launcher-erector.
    But the squishes and pops
    Of acute pressure drops
    Wrecked Hector’s hydraulic connector.

  56. I got the telescope on Venus again this evening. She’s very low in the west after sunset now, following the sun down not long after. She’s noticeably lower in the sky each evening; it can only be a few days before she becomes the Morning Star instead. I might start setting my alarm to see how few days between her setting just after sunset to rising just before sunrise.

  57. There was a young fellow from Brighton.
    Who said to a girl “that’s a tight’n”.
    She replied “bless my soul”.
    “You’re in the wrong hole”.
    “There’s plenty of room in the right’n”.

  58. You can certainly see former Vice President Joe Biden bitterly opposedJohn P. Wheeler, III’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington on Memorial Day when he and his wife Jill laid a wreath to them in Wilmington, the tiny state capitol where his interests and whims hold sway.

    Little wonder that he had his deceased son Beau, Delaware’s Attorney General at the time, cover up his murder after his body fell out of a dumpster on its way to Wilmington’s land fill.

  59. And America’s idiots, of course, go along with Trump mocking the Bidens for wearing masks at the memorial service in Wilmington instead of being there in the first place.

  60. There was a young man named McGuire,
    Who was fond of the pitch amplifier.
    But a number of shorts
    Left him covered with warts,
    And set half the bedroom on fire.

  61. Clark. whatever happened to that thread you started about the reality of conspiracies and conspiracy theories on CM? It has all simply been deleted? Some free discussion!

  62. Thanks Clark. How o you find it if you don’t know the link?

    Have a new bit about how the Soviet conspiracy, thanks to Marine guard Sgt. Clayton Lonetree falling for a honey trap, which gave Moscow complete access to the U.S. Embassy there, defeated the plot to get rid of the USSR at Olof Palme’s expense.

  63. There was a young lady from Nottingham
    who had no manners or had forgotten them.
    At tea at the Vicar’s
    she ripped off her knickers
    because she said she felt hot in them

  64. There was a young man from Decatur,
    Who slept with a LOX generator.
    His balls and his prick
    Froze solid read quick,
    And his asshole a little bit later.

  65. Do you get the feeling that I do: Okay to talk about anything but the gorilla in the room, the fact that we are poisoning yourselves by drinking, washing, and bragging about our wastewater treatment plants.

    Did you ever hear this one?

    There was a man from Boston
    Who had a little Austin.
    There was room for his ass and a gallon of gas,
    But his balls hung out
    And he lost them.

  66. The shutdown was caused by a virus,
    So a vaccine they said was desirous.
    But while we were waitin’
    They brought a police state in,
    And now to be serfs they require us.

  67. Got to improve the last two lines, Node.


    They brought in a matin..
    And we now are stuck with just baiting.

  68. So what did Joe Biden suggest to victims of the pandemic, now that at least 100,000 have died?

    Did he offer a commission to figure out what its victims were owed because of its incompetence, and a scheme to compensate them accordingly? Or a plan to compensate their first responders who treated them, especially those who died like in the 9/11 case?

    No, he offered them nothing but empty words of sorrow in a very wooden style speech which cost nothing and lead nowhere. The guy shouldn’t get elected POTUS.

  69. Trowbridge, you’re right. Politics is fucked. It has been for years. It’s maybe less fucked in some other countries, but in the US and the UK it is now completely unfit for purpose; FUBAR. It’s time for the people to organise, before it’s too late.

  70. The International Space Station is just passing over New York now, and in a few minutes I’m going to watch it as it passes over southern England…

  71. I’m practising for Saturday. A SpaceX Falcon 9 is scheduled to launch a Crew Dragon carrying two astronauts from Cape Canaveral heading for the ISS. This will be the first crewed launch from the USA for nine years. About 20 minutes after launch I might get to see them pass over southern England, conditions permitting.

  72. I ain’t going anywhere soon, except into a grave. Certainly not on any space shuttle to any ISS.

    The band-aid approach to America’s problems has run out of gas, whether it be dealing with poverty, black males dying in police custody, fixing the drinking of the wastewater, dealing with social media when the POTUS is the biggest abuser of it, stop punishing whistleblowers, fixing the infrastructure, taxing the people and industries with most of the wealth and resources to pay their fair share, stop bailing out frauds like Boeing, stop using a bloated military for domestic political purposes, etc. ad nauseam.

  73. ChiComs trolling

    “Hong Kong’s rioters and police should carefully watch how the “democratic US” deals with the chaos in Minnesota.

    After the tragic death of African-American George Floyd following violent police treatment, enraged protesters in Minneapolis rushed to the city’s police building, where a fire later broke out. US President Donald Trump then began to feel uneasy. He sent out a tweet early Friday morning (US time), saying, “I can’t stand back & watch this happen.” He instructed Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to “get his act together and bring the city under control,” saying the alternative was that he would send in the National Guard and “get the job done right.”

    “When the looting starts, the shooting starts,” Trump said. He said he had spoken to Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and told him “the military is with him all the way.”

  74. Experts in health policy are contending with the real possibility that the United States will pull away from the World Health Organization (WHO), fracturing a relationship that began in the wake of the Second World War.

    They say that the repercussions could range from a resurgence of polio and malaria, to barriers in the flow of information on COVID-19. Scientific partnerships around the world would also be damaged, and the United States could lose influence over global health initiatives, including those to distribute drugs and vaccines for the new coronavirus as they become available, say researchers.

    A fissure between the US and the international health agency opened further last week, when US President Donald Trump tweeted a letter to WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, threatening to make permanent the US freeze on WHO funding that began in April, unless the organization “can actually demonstrate independence from China” within 30 days. He added that he will reconsider the United States’ membership of the organization. “I don’t think this is an idle threat,” says Kelley Lee, a global health-policy researcher at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada.

  75. Venus is Gone Clark

    I Spied it on Sunday for the last Time…For this year.. in the night Sky .. It was Great for a few months with the good weather. Her Blazing Away.

    Wednesday’s abort was Riveting Stuff..

    Hope Tomorrow is a Safe Launch

    Stay vigilant and safe All

  76. The whole group of Minneapolis police should be charged with first degree murder for putting George Floyd under the raised SUV, lowering it down on his chest, and Derek Chuvin choking him for about three minutes after he fell unconscious.

    This is the most vile, deliberate killing I have ever seen recorded.

    No wonder decent people have gone ballistic over it. There are around two such killings like this every day in the USA.

  77. Were these killers of the Minneapolis Police Department, under fire still for racial infractions, involved in unpermiitted interrogation practices in the hope of solving one of the around a dozen Cold Cases going back to Tina Slaughter’s murder in 1985?

  78. And it has now been confirmed that Jacob Pederson of the St. Paul Police Department smashed a window where the fire started, giving the authorities an excuse for the arson.

    Remember that the CNN team had been arrested apparent;y before the fire to stop any sensible discussion of its origin like that Smerconish of CNN assuming that it was started by some nut, and assuming that Biden would be obliged to select the Mayor of Atlanta, that Bottuns woman who called the fire chaos, as his running mate.

    Looks like a complete set-up and cover-up.

  79. It’s not as grand as the Reichstag fire in 1933, but it is serving the same purpose.

    Can you believe that the authorities are making out that a coup is afoot???

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