The General Discussion Thread

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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. Habbabkuk, the whole incident is recorded somewhere on an ancient page of this thread. Macky was very upset about me referring to Macky as if Macky were female.

  2. @Habba-Clown, so glad that you “enjoyed” the helping I gave to Loony as expose himself as a racist Neo-Nazi type, your sort of people of course; I wonder if it’s Jemand’s alter-ego.

  3. Thanks Brian but I’m reluctant to take credit. I believe 95 percent is genetics . maybe I get credit for choosing a good gene Mom. I am grateful the Cosmos has been kind.

  4. MacLiar

    I’m sure that any clear-headed reader would agree that Loony ran rings round you a couple of times on the latest CM thread. Much as I’ve done on the occasions we’ve crossed swords, in fact. And i’ll not mention the numerous put-downs you’ve had to suffer from various people over the years, such as our friend Dreoilin 🙂 . My advice to you would be to limit yourself to easier tasks for which your intellectual capacities, such as they are, are better fitted – eg, giving links without commentary, shilling for various of your heroes, making scurrilous personal attacks on our host Craig and hanging on the coattails of the more obsessive of various fellow dummies. Eschew the serious stuff, it’s really not your forte 🙂

  5. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid Habba-Clown; being truthful, acknowledging Reality, would totally destroy you & your fantasy make-believe world; that’s how insecure & fragile you really are, so it’s understandable why keep lying to yourself.

    Being trapped into being a Troll by one’s own insecurities is something to be pitied.

  6. Well..Anyhoo..I Gave My Daughter ‘ Rendezvous with Rama ‘ Just about Doune Time… Now she is Freaking out – Oumuamua… What is Your thoughts Guys

  7. Oops, I didn’t mean you, Brian; our comments crossed!

    I read Rendezvous with Rama decades ago. About a big, deserted space habitat, as I remember.

    Feersum Endjinn reminder, Brian! Banks; what an author!

  8. Childhoods End is the most logical of the extraterrestrial motivations.

    There are lots of planets that could have life but very few have the ideal Petri dish for variety and evolutionary opportunities.

  9. Ahh Thank you Dudes..I have heard of Childhoods end… I read ‘ A Fall of Moondust ‘..Brilliant..All Clarke’s Books are Wonderous… Anyway… I’ll Start the Story..Add Paragraphs At will..Obviously it Starts With…My River……………..

    Me –

    It was the Kind of Joint where ol Sea Men could be Found Slouched over a beer, or a wee Dram. Maybe thinking how to mend nets, boats, Home life. Drowning in memories, Souls Lost, A slothful nodding of head, scratching, and caressing grey beards

    A rickety shack almost as ancient as the waters and mountains outside. a pub with a view, and right draughty Too. Wheezing winds Squeezed through gaps in windows, and all around the Near Skeletal Fragile Door. Frantic Flames of a handful of Candles fast flickering, shaking with fear of death

    Many A river Clyde storm wave made it all the way to the Bar, swished a froth on the floor, matching the pints. The river fog often crept in, filling the bar with a Grey Blue Haze, the Kind that made the Eyes Nip, and narrow. and the throat Ache, or was that just everyone in the place smoking like the towns relentless reeking chimneys.

    The tables and chairs were on their last legs, but had many a tale of their own to tell, Chairs that could Fly, Trembling Tables, shaking and Quaking as dancing feet upon them Stomped to jigs. wooden tops dressed in a million stained wisdom Circles, and inevitable but invisible tears, be it Sorrow, Party Laughter, or young Children in despair, Pleading of parents for Food, Love and Care, but getting only the foul Whisky breath, the Angels Unwanted share

    In this poor mans Pub,
    , conversation was chaotic. Starting, and ending in Grunts, Quick short Sentences. A language of their own which the truely seemed to understand When after the Bell chimed they stumbled out into the night

    It was most unusual then, to find two oddly attired men in a quiet Dimly lit corner. One of Medium hight and build , the other rather taller, and broader of shoulder. Their conversation was curiously animated, so might the local patrons have thought, if any of them cared to pay the two strangers any heed. For they were engaged an almost constant, serious manner. Their hands gesticulating, making circles, Counting fingers, often pointing upwards as if to the sky…

    Who.s Next.. Up with it Dude, and Dudetts

  10. The Mods are out in force in CM this evening. Doing a lit of work to ensure that that old harpy “Sharp Ears” doesn’t see anything which light offend her.

    After all, she needs protection what with the precarious state of her health (which, curiously enough, doesn’t stop her posting away merrily on CM and elsewhere… 🙂 )

  11. – “We were up to thirteen point three eight times ten to the nine before the weather moved in; another five minutes and we’d have…”
    – “I know, it was exceptional, our best result by far, but I still don’t think we’d have done it. We don’t have a clear line of sight from here, and the weather never holds for more than an hour. But at least we know its fast enough now. I think we should get the instruments up to Campsie. When’s McKay coming back?”
    – “Well he said he wouldn’t be long, but he’s already two days late. And if we head up there we can’t take the second case, and how can we be sure the…”
    – “Doesn’t matter. We can do it like we did at…”
    – “But…”
    The door slammed, the two looked up and shouted together “McKay!”
    Stocky, ginger and completely drenched, McKay stood in the doorway, clearly out of breath and with a huge grin on his face. He held a battered leather suitcase in his left hand, but it was the long wooden cylinder in his right that he brandished with excitement as he exclaimed; “Look what I found!”

  12. Mmmm, McKay, Thanks For your Contibution to our Squonkland Future best seller Clark.. I shall Ponder, and Hopefully we will find out what that wooden cylinder is..

    I will order those books in the new year cheers guys..

    infact, Ben
    I was reading a Long Review of childhoods End.. Interesting how some people are Horrified at the Ending, yet others think it’s a happy ending.

    I still think you would love ‘ The Martian ‘

    Stay well All.

  13. Brian

    As I recall after 3 decades was it ended in triumphant transcedence..hardly sad. The reptilian midwives were the sad ones. They were never to ascend beyond their role.


  14. Ben

    Really looking forward to reading childhood.. I’ll Order ‘ Feersum Endjinn ‘ at the same time.. I want to read ‘ Fade Out ‘ again, by Patric Tilley.. Again it involves E.T visiting,

    Well, have A peacefull, Chilled out day everyone.

  15. Seasonal greetings Ben, Brian, and all. It’s always good to get past the darkest part of the year. There was even some snow last night!

  16. My God, what a load of twaddle from the usual suspects on CM over the last 48 hours!

    Have the usual suspects foregone their usual Xmas eats and pigged out on magic mushrooms instead?

  17. Aye Clark… We think alike on that one..That’s what I always say around the winter solstice… ” Look On the Bright side..Summer is on it’s way “..We were oot on tha high road on boxing day..winter wonderland.

    I had a wee idea for our book.. will take time.. Stay warm UK dudes..Duddetts

    Ben Stay Kool

  18. Notice, Habby, that CM took down your defense of Peter Wright not being a Soviet spy in Oxford before the Non–Aggression Pact, code name SCOTT, and the atomic spy known as’K’ after Operation Barbarosa began, and my reply to it. Now my posts are undergoing moderation by the alleged mods before possibly appearing.

    You appear to be a big source of the problem there.

  19. @ Glenn-uk

    Lest you think me discourteous, I should tell you that I did attempt to comment further on your Bitcoin windfall by replying to your reply to me (on CM).

    Unfortunately the Mods decided to let you have the last word and so my second comment never made it out of pre-moderation.

    All the better for your blood-pressure and your “reputation”, perhaps = you would not have enjoyed reading it 🙂


    The list of species protected by the CM moderators appears to have grown by 1 .

  20. It’s for the “Greater Good” Node; nothing to do with Clark’s failure to convince others of his pov, as he has already previously stated, he’s prepared to call for the Thread to be closed/deleted, rather than allow loony & “anti-Semitic” Conspiracy Theories taint the CM Blog.

    So either he’s more religious than the Pope when it comes to caring about Craig Murray’s reputation, or he’s a spoilt brat bad loser, who would rather bring the Thread down Samson style, than accept that others don’t buy into his BS.

  21. I hear what you’re saying, Macky, but do me a favour and let me discuss this here with Clark without any rancour. I can’t do it on the CM thread or it’ll be deleted.

  22. From CM blog;

    [Mod: “Geoffry” is a Habbabkuk sock puppet – all contributions have been deleted.]

    I thought it was unlikely that another poster would be deranged enough to praise the Habba_Clown’s comments ! 😀

    A troll is a troll is a troll !

  23. Your starter for 10 : how many blogs does MacLiar post on?

    And for 20 pts : does he use a different handle for each blog?

    Bonus of 100 pts : does McLiar use more than one handle on any of those blogs?

    Stones, throw, glasshouses…. LOL

  24. Even I only got 30 pts ! 😀

    Hopefully the Mods will take my advice about punishing posters who engage in sock-puppeting, with at least some sort of time-ban, otherwise if a clown like you can play them for fools, in getting them to remove comments you don’t like, what does that make them !

    Same applies for those like Clark, whose new tactic is to get comments removed on the 911 Thread by being deliberately even more abusive than he normally is !

  25. Node, I have only ever argued for the preservation of comments that broke the moderation rules.

    You seem incapable of recognising the offence emanating from your own team; a very common form of selective blindness among humans. The anti-Semitic Dave/Exexpat again likened me to the war criminal Blair, but you don’t see that as offensive. Arrogant know-nothing Goss perpetually speaks down his nose at me, ignores everything I write and constantly misrepresents my position, but that’s all fine with you.

    Your whole team judge people in one way only; do they support “controlled” demolition of the Twin Towers? Yes = good; these people can call the others stupid or accuse them of supporting mass murder, and you’ll see no offence. No = bad, stupid, can’t think for themselves, “believers”, need to trust the government, and they’d better watch it.

    Node, you lot act like Nazis, attempting to control the narrative despite each other’s beliefs being incompatible. Some of your lot are actual Nazis, who have made anti-Semitic “jokes”, regard being Jewish as grounds for suspicion, blame Judaism itself for 9/11, and support writers of Holocaust denial. NONE of you will call out this anti-Semitism, and instead pretend that I make it up (it is most annoying that the moderators delete the evidence) – so I tend to think that you might all be Nazis.

    I haven’t tried to get the 9/11 thread closed as yet, but with rampant anti-Semitism and people supporting anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, maybe I should.

  26. “who would rather bring the Thread down Samson style”

    Always the Jewish insinuations. Nazis. What can one do with Nazis? They are impervious to rational argument.

  27. Clark,

    I don’t have a team, I’m me, a soul with several interfaces with the world, CM’s site being only one small but important facet. [At this point I should point out the time, the whisky, the season, and significant stuff dealing with real-world friend’s very real and immediate problems. Anyway, he’s unconscious now so, back to my virtual world’s problems, but make allowances for my state …] so as I was saying, …. Look Clark you are a troubled soul, you are dealing with the consequences of a fucked up upbringing, but you are intelligent and able to appreciate where other people are coming from if you make the effort, but unfortunately you don’t make the effort often enough.

    Let me get back to the other facets of my soul. My old hippy roots stand me in good stead in this artificial manipulated society. I’ve carved out a good scene here after returning to the Highlands. I’ve helped create a scene where goodness scores brownie points …. real world, … tick! But ask anyone who knows me, I’ve always striven to understand how things work, be it an umbrella or a political power structure. If I don’t get it, it’s like an itch, I need to worry away till I get it. So I’ve stumbled across CM’s site and seen a rare opportunity to explore what I see as a key event in world affairs – 9/11.

    I’m not expecting instant results, I’m delving into a world of disinformation and misinformation, I’ve never met anyone who sees the world exactly as I do, so why should I expect someone else to weigh up all the conflicting data about 9/11 and come up with something that exactly fits my world view? I don’t. But CM’s 9/11 post is as near as I’m likely to find to a place where I can explore that data, bounce it around, become familiar with the knowledge and beliefs of my fellow explorers and judge their findings accordingly. I know who to trust so I can save a lot of time.

    But what do I find is my biggest obstacle to this modest ambition? You! Someone who spiritually, philosophically and politically is on my side but due to the baggage of their past is compelled to turn every discussion into a personal confrontation, see a general observation as a persecution. Over on CM’s I’ve tried to reach an accommodation with you, I’ve tried to ignore you, I’ve tried to debate with you, I’ve tried to agree methods of discussion with you, but somehow [it seems to me] you always introduce unpleasantness and bitterness. I don’t want this, but i don’t want you to drive me away. So what’s to do?

    I’ve run out of steam for tonight, and my time over the next few days is limited. I’m committed to a riotous New Year till about the 4th. I’ll try to pick this up again tomorrow. But no matter how long it takes, I want to get this sorted out here on Squonk’s blog, Squonk willing. So once again, to cut to the quick, please answer this question without prevarication, are you trying to force CM’s 911 post to close?

  28. Node, I don’t want the thread closed, but if we cannot save it from becoming a cesspool, then I’d rather it was closed than continue as a conduit for poison.

    I’ve been very open about myself, and now I am paying the price. I’ve given others an advantage they can exploit; Peter Beswick and Macky have exploited it without conscience.

    People post the most ludicrous things – John Goss’s buried nukes theory doesn’t stand a moment’s scrutiny. Wood’s BBE, hologram aircraft, pyramids and domes, chemtrails, The President’s Genitals – grief…

    But I think you can’t be seeing yourself. You let all that rubbish pass, and save all your criticism for me. That’s why I call you part of a team. I don’t mean you’re all organising behind the scenes. I mean you’re spontaneously making common cause. But the objective is the defeat of rationality itself – and I object to that.

    Why your double standards, Node? Why in your book can Dave/Exexpat, clearly a bigot, repeatedly insinuate that I’m deluded and liken me to war criminals, yet never incur your criticism? Why do Truthers get a free pass so that they may abuse and insinuate all they like, yet any response from me incurs your criticism? It’s as if you think I’m impudent by daring to contradict my betters.

    And Truthers clearly do believe themselves to be superior. Maybe they are blind to their own sense of superiority, but that only makes it worse.

  29. Node, if I decide the 9/11 thread should close, I will discuss the matter with Craig, not indulge in some manipulative strategy. Since you suggested that, various other have leapt on the bandwagon.

    You seem blind to all the offence that is directed at me. Goss forever accusing me of not “grasping” Newton is like saying I can’t tie my own shoelaces. But most of it is more overt than that anyway. Go looking for it deliberately, because you seem unable to see it at present. With half a dozen all complementing each other’s barbs, it is only human that I give a little back occasionally.

  30. Think i am going to give up using the internet next year. It seems like a total waste of time. Will try to keep my commitment by throwing this piece-of-shit lap top into the swamp.

    Good life to all. Bye.

  31. Clark

    You’ve referred to MacLaor’s “team” and to Ganglion’s “team”. It is good to see that you are beginning to see the light. One must hope that those are only volontary teams and that no one is paying them, because I’m a great believer in value for money and payment by results and am loath to see anyone (even the Kremlin or the anarchists) losing their money in such an evident fashion.

    Also agree with you about people posting the most ludicrous things. There are however – fortunately – some exceptions to that. I would include you in that category of exceptions.

    My New Year’s gift to you : do not give the likes of MacLiar the satisfaction of thinking that their shabby ad hominems are getting to you. MacLiar is not only a Buffoon but also a cruel manipulator. Debate and discuss only with those who show some elementary decency and ignore the trolls and provocateurs.

    Happy New Year to you and best wishes.

  32. MacLiar

    “Even I only got 30 pts !”

    30 out of 130 – sounds about right for the Buffoon that you are.

    “Hopefully the Mods will take my advice about punishing posters who engage in sock-puppeting”


    If I were a CM moderator I’d think twice about accepting advice from a Buffoon-Troll-Shill who was more or less kicked off CM for a while! 🙂

    While on the subject of sock-puppeting, how come you use more than one handle on the LifeBoat Blogpost site(or whatever it’s called) ???

  33. I am not responsible for what others say on that thread and you have no right to tell me who I should criticise or praise.

    You are making it impossible for me to use Craig’s 911 post as he intended it to be used, ie for discussion of 911. If I try to have a conversation with someone else, you interject with many separate comments, usually bitter and aggressive, misleading and diverting, so that the dialogue I am trying to have breaks down. When I have engaged politely with you, you have deliberately caused several conversations to be deleted. When I ask you to just leave me alone, you won’t.

    Why are you doing this?

  34. Node is a cry-baby Clark. He used to whine like a bitch when I ‘interrupted ‘ his conversations.

  35. “Node is a cry-baby Clark.”

    From his earlier post he certainly seems to be.

    What a contrast with the tough he-man way he attempts to demolish me on CM!

    Impossible for me to ever read him again on CM without laughing (even louder than before)

  36. re the Ahed Tamimi and her family exchange on CM.

    Just for the record :

    “Paul Barbara” wrote as follows:

    @ Habbabkuk December 28, 2017 at 22:44

    So you make the family wrong for protesting about the confiscation of their village well by illegal occupiers?

    My reply (which is in pre-moderation and cannot therefore be seen at the moment) is as follows :


    “I will answer that on condition that the Mods (1) restore my other posts on that subject which they have deleted and (2) undertake not to delete my answer to you.”

  37. “I am not responsible for what others say on that thread and you have no right to tell me who I should criticise or praise.”

    I am entirely justified in asking you to apply consistent standards. You have extensive criticism of me, but none whatsoever for anyone who supports demolition theory; in fact, you occasionally praise them. You have told me that openly anti-Semitic Exexpat was trying to be friendly when he repeatedly likened me to war criminals. He’s still doing that under his new name.

    Node, you seem incapable of seeing your own hypocrisy.

    Craig let comments close; he cares little about the thread. I reopened it due to complaints about “freedom of speech”. But the Truthers only interest in free speech is trying to control it! Wasn’t it you, Node, who complained that Freddy was posting about jihadists? You called that off-topic! You attempted a similar manoeuvre against SA:

    In contrast, there was your glowing endorsement of Paul Barbara and all the bunk he posts, some of it dangerous to people’s health. You are quite clearly engaged in attempting to steer the conversation, and the direction you steer is away from rationality and towards myth-elaboration and the popularisation of rumour. So of course you turn a blind eye to the concerted efforts to drive any rational contributor from the thread.

    I’m minded to recommend closure of comments because the thread has become a conduit for dangerous rumour, fake news and anti-Semitism. I won’t be seeing Craig for a couple of weeks at least, so you have until then to change my mind.

  38. Clark’s latest sabotage effort, no doubt it will succeed & remove ALL the comments ;

    “Yes I fucking understand Newtons fucking third you cunt. I have no idea why the idiot moderators permit your incessant ad hominen. Maybe they’re too fucking thick to recognise that you’re criticising the person rather than the argument, and you’re fucking lying in order to do so.”

  39. Clark

    “.. openly anti-Semitic Exexpat was trying to be friendly when he repeatedly likened me to war criminals. He’s still doing that under his new name.”

    We missed that. What name is the fool posting under now?

  40. Clark writes, of the 9//11 thread : “I’m minded to recommend closure of comments because the thread has become a conduit for dangerous rumour, fake news and anti-Semitism.”

    To which I would merely add : not only the 9/11 thread but the entire blog.

    Habbabkuk says : CM should be closed to all comments. Disempower the obsessives, the conspiracy theorists, the over self-important and the shills and trolls.

  41. Naturally, my challenge to the CM moderators has been deleted after pre-moderation:


    I will answer that on condition that the Mods (1) restore my other posts on that subject which they have deleted and (2) undertake not to delete my answer to you.”

    So we have a position where the Israel-hater’s question to me is allowed to stand but I am not allowed to answer. 🙂

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