The General Discussion Thread

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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. Just sounds like repeating the alleged Russian Bear bomber incursion off northern Scotland which occurred on October 29, 2014, and was reported on the BBC on November 1st.

    It seems like a media campaign to bring the independent-minded Scots in line.

  2. Why don’t investigators and commenters on the Amtrak wreck suggest the most obvious explanation of it – i.e., the engineer had a stroke, and fell unconscious, pushing the throttle ahead as much as he could. (Don’t get me started about what happened to Andreas Lubitz in that Germanwings crash!)

    The engineer has said that he doesn’t recall what happened.

    I remember when I collapsed unconscious in Lidingo’s Grunsta Park, the ambulance technician when he arrived asked if I could recall what happened right before I collapsed.

    When I told him quite clearly what had, he said that this showed I had not suffered a stroke.

    Why have all these people talking away when they don’t have a clue about what happened!

  3. Hullo

    howz all

    Been laying up ill again… but hopefully back .

    Clark i was wondrin if you heard of this old abandoned Telescope…in a field in South Lanarkshire ( Scotland ) it has me fascinated… i call it the Wabi-Sabi telescope.

    What wonders, and Vast Light years it must have Lept, and Swept, while most of us Slept
    Pristine Nights under Scottish Skies, Amazed Wide eyes, Breathless sighs

    And then Came Home, to rest alone, on the earth, souls have Flown, but oor Wabi-Sabi telescope Waiting to be part of the universe again…Be that Atoms next time…Unless it can be made to SEE AGAIN…not much hope there methinks…;(


    Resemble this one a bit, must be part of same Model methinks –

    Peace all

  4. Brian, what a find! No, I’d never heard of it.

    Squonk, you about? Look at your logs; can you guess what I’m driving?

  5. Fair enough, re the spies–but what of the USS Puffer (SSN-652)? The Parche (received PUC for 1982 adventures) is cited often; yet the Puffer received the NUC for that same time period. Despite her clear and drastic involvement in whatever the real tragedy of October ’82 was, she is mentioned only in a footnote, which seems out of character in contrast to Tunander’s careful work driving other points home.

    In can only conclude that whatever Puffer did, it was even more serious (yet today) than the Parche’s activity, which makes it serious indeed.

  6. Think it was just reluctance on Tunander’s part because of the Pentagon’s denial of what he was claiming about the Harsfjarden affair – which it went to the extreme of putting words in Palme’s mouth about only Soviet Bloc subs intruded into Swedish waters.

    And Tunander would not even consider that the American Navy under Lehman et al. made up a ‘false flag’ attack by Moscow which it hoped would trigger the end of the Bloc and Russia itself in the wake of Palme’s assassination.

    Over rewarding the Parche was a way of hiding what other subs were up to.

    And don’t forget that the Puffer had long been operating under a cloud since it collided with a Soviet sub back in 1971-2 for which it received no recognition.

  7. Appreciate your thoughts, Mr. Trowbridge. My growing feeling is that at least one US sub was sunk altogether. The impression given is that they were only “seriously damaged,” but if you recall the Norwegian commander’s phrasing, whatever happened was “very sad.” I suppose this could refer to the 7-person mini being sunk, but I wonder if it was something larger. Perhaps a serious reactor leak and dozens or more personnel with radiation poisoning would also be described this way. But I noticed with interest Tunander’s phrasing in the following, which I had missed at first (paraphrasing slightly):

    “If Lt. Col. Kviman had had live shells on 4 October, or had interpreted a “fire” order differently on 11 October, or had decided not to follow a ceasefire on 13 October, two (possibly three) US submarines might have been sunk in the Stockholm archipelago within a couple of days.”

    Why “two?” If zero submarines were sunk, and this was just a look at what could have hypothetically happened, we’d expect “one to three subs might have been sunk.” Instead Tunander implies “If Kviman had acted differently, we might have had 2-3 subs sunk [instead of only one].”

    It could just be a translation thing. But–I’m starting to feel that T drops hints when he doesn’t feel comfortable stating something outright (hence Puffer only in footnotes, etc., or alluded to with “other Sturgeon class submarines.”)

    Clearly it wasn’t Puffer that was likely sunk, because too many of her crew serving in October 1982 were still serving in 1983 (though anything is possible). Nonetheless, the premature death rate for submariners in general serving then is incredible, suspicious, and very sad indeed.

    Over-rewarding the Parche…now that’s an interesting concept. I’ll keep that thought in mind.

  8. Phil, I haven’t actually tried Blag. I was trying out Tails from a LiveDVD. I’ve tried it on a couple of machines over the weekend. Tails has a very normal-looking user interface, apparently Gnome-fallback ie. Application and Places menus not Dash-and-Launcher, and all the usual office, utility and multimedia software. Or it has a “Windows 8 camouflage mode” which has a suspiciously uncluttered Desktop and doesn’t irritatingly slide into 8’s Ubiquitous Deep Blue Screen of Near-Death as soon as you click the Start menu, but instead produces simple nested menus like a pruned and tidied Windows 95.

    Tails has a QT app called Vidalia which provides some interesting GUI control of Tor including a list with a world map of operational relays, but its Tor Control Panel seems redundant and a bit dumbed-down, aimed at potential corporate clients, maybe. Contrary to the context-driven Help page, it had no buttons for starting or stopping Tor.

    The Vidalia Settings dialogue has a Sharing tab with radio buttons to run the local Tor software as simply a Tor Client (the default), or alternatively to contribute to the Tor network by running as a Tor Relay, a Tor Exit Node or as a Tor Bridge. However, changing from the default to any alternative caused the Vidalia applet to indicate that Tor had stopped running, and there is no button to start it again. Vidalia can display some messages from Tor; I don’t remember seeing anything useful there but I’ll look more thoroughly next time.

    Browsing seemed normal but slow. I did get a few funny effects like the browser not even registering my clicks on a couple of specific links, and some familiar pages with not their usual layouts, but these went back to what I’m used to when I changed to my usual settings for cookies and NoScript.

    Tails handles like a bog-standard Live distribution. It’s easy to use; anyone who can burn and boot a LiveDVD should try it.

  9. Has Alcanon been ousted in a palace coup or has he franchised out this blog to Trowbridge?

    Just askin’ !

  10. Trowbridge thinks he has found a blank page where he can blather away to his heart’s content about his Puffers and his Parches and attendant conspiracies — especially if he has someone like Zephyr to keep him fed. The odd thing being that Trowbridge has his own blog where he doesn’t appear to have posted since 20 September 2012.

  11. Wrong again, Dreoilin.

    I have no blog, but I continue to post on The Local in Sweden.

    As for, it is Edward Chanter’s site in Brighton who told me then that he could no longer post my articles for fear of being sued by Britain’s police state, though he has kept the site going to make my articles available.

    They and later ones can be found on veterans today, cryptome, wikispooks, and flying cuttlefish picayune.

  12. “Wrong again, Dreoilin.”

    There is no “again” Trowbridge. If I’m wrong about codshit, so be it.

    But between the Local in Sweden, veterans today, cryptome, wikispooks, and flying cuttlefish picayune, I can’t imagine what you’re camped out here for.

  13. Not sure why someone like Mr. T. shouldn’t feel free to publish his thoughts, but at any rate there are precious few others willing even to utter the word “Parche,” much less “Puffer.” Not counting of course the dry recitations of each’s historical awards–which is about the extent of the public material available.

    Keeping Mr. Trowbridge “fed?” Not sure why you’d refer to it this way. Since when shouldn’t citizens discuss (feed each other on?) incidents and issues that are being weirdly suppressed and seem to pose a threat to those in currently in power? I think we can safely suggest they pose a threat to those currently in power in the United States, specifically. I understand the need for secrecy during the time frame in which the operation’s success depended on secrecy; that time frame is long past, and history teaches us that something kept suppressed for decades is probably not the cleanest of secrets.

    Put bluntly, far too many men connected to that venture have died far too early. The number is staggering. I, frankly, am sick of corrupt agents-cum-politicians continuing to silence people who have devoted their lives to their country instead of to their pocketbooks.

  14. Thanks, Zephyr, for stating what internet blogs like this one are for.

    More interested in your taking about Parches and Puffers in the plural, and the tragic loss of so many sailors.

    Looks like the USS Puffer was sunk during the Harsfjarden test, and another supplied shortly thereafter. Cannot find any sailor whose duty on board bridged the gap, only Captain Havermeyer who might have missed the test. Looks like the DSV Turtle received the MUC in 1983 for looking for the Puffer’s remains.

    Then there are the problems the USS Carvalla had which required the assistance of a French sub to make its way to Scotland to make serious repairs.

    All this showed that Sweden had taken the test most seriously, and when Palme planned to take its results to Moscow in April 1986, it was the most important reason for NATO to kill him.

    When Tunander threatened to update his Secret War against Sweden with more details from the Sontag and Drew book, and a conclusion which showed in most graphic and bitter terms how it had continued at Palme’s expense, he was persuaded otherwise by criticism by some informed reader, either American or Swedish, not to.

    The consequence of publishing would hurt Sweden’s international position, and Tunander might not live to see the outcome. What happened to leakers like Admiral Frederik Algernon and German politician Owe Barschal were a constant reminder of the consequences.

    The manuscript that I smuggled out of Sweden in 2013 was the most important evidence I had in my furniture, and the American spooks would have better occupied their time by stealing it rather than looking for drugs or my spying for some enemy.

  15. I maintain that the planned murder by a German Piloty was deliberate and that Lufthansa knew of his mental state long before.

    That said, a Spaniard called Teso has just rattled the cages of the EASA by announcing the result of two years of sleuthing their flight systems and possible entry points for hackers.
    He found many to the aghast media present. ‘Will he dare and publish his findings’ they fretted. Well at least we know now that the aircraft industry have a few recalls and retro fittings to do.

  16. Trowbridge

    In reply to Dreoilin, you wrote “I have no blog”.

    Have you ever had one and, if so, what was its name and when did it cease?

  17. No, I have never had a blog.

    When I was living in Sweden, a guy going by the name of Prince Knight, started one in my name, promising to post whatever I wrote, but he soon lost interest and quit.

    And Nevermind, the co-pilot of the Germanwings ceash was set up as the fall guy, especially the lies that he practiced crashing the plane on the way down, and practiced
    not moving most successfully on his was back.

  18. Now smart-pants Secretary of Defense Ash Carter should be sacked for pronouncing that the Iraqi forces defending Ramadi would not fight, and simply ran away.

    This was what Carter wrote and said in his college work about the forces not backing up the Counts of Flanders et al. when Jerusalem fell to Saladin’s Muslims at Hattin.

  19. AA: Where you at dude? Finally feeling upbeat after like a year of retrograde Mercury type atmosphere. My pal Reggie must have read my mind. He gave me his learnings and 6 clones to start my garden. Its cool for now with the youngsters but soon they will be eight feet tall. Not that I’m concerned about BLUE MEANIES. These days its the thieves you have to hide from. Cheers to all.

  20. Hi Ben and all,

    I’ve been finding it really hard to get into 2015. Had some really nice spring weather back in April which perked me up but since then the jet stream has repositioned itself to bring colder winds and rain. I look outside to grey skies and rain right now.

    Btw Ben, El Nino continues to strengthen which increases the probability of some relief from the Californian drought.

  21. Hullo Squonk

    Yes sorry to hear the weather has been troubling you…but you are 100% correct.. its been Freezin ..i was at a kool food festival in Largs on Sunday..Never seen so many winter coats on folk at this time of the year.

    I hear it’s to warm up possibly in the next couple of weeks…I hope cos i’m off to the Islands again… Not sure I’ll be taking the Rib out to the Corryvreckan this time.

    Ben, as Clark says Good to hear from ya… Stay well All.

    P.s… Its been a while since i Plugged Mr Carl… Goth metal –

  22. Yikes. You feel it was the Puffer sunk? I don’t doubt it; certainly, it seems, some US sub was sunk (mini or otherwise).

    NR-1 or Turtle or both?

    The mining incident, apparently, was incredible. Could have taken out several, I imagine.

    So we’d be looking at SSN-652, and then a “reincarnation.” Might explain some of the dock time.

    Sigh. A**holes up top still willing to kill for this, for whatever reason. I keep thinking, why?? What possible difference could it make?? Everyone in the US accepts that CIA et al have a checkered past. It’s not a headline.

    The only conclusion I can come to is that whatever happened is a (however remote) political liability for a current candidate.

    That would mean, a Bush.

  23. Anyone who pays any attention to what CM allows on his blog knows that Mary withdrew after Habby, Dreoilin et al. attacked her for her complaints about trolls aka slugs while raising new concerns about Prince Charles’s memos, Lord Janner being allowed outdoors, and what was in the Queen’s speech.

  24. Unseasonably cool here too aa. Local news and weather doesn’t acknowledge nino. Sorry it gives you the blues.

    Cheers brian. Those gkids should keep you warm.

    Yes Clark. For a long time couldn’t even access email but spammers run free.

  25. Ben:

    “For a long time couldn’t even access email but spammers run free”

    Yes, once the spammers get access, they can change your password.

  26. Ben,

    Here’s the latest updates from the US and Australians. The Australian Met. definition requires a higher temp diff then the USA before calling it but that threshold has also been well exceeded now..

    ENSO: Recent Evolution,
    Current Status and Predictions
    Update prepared by:
    Climate Prediction Center / NCEP
    26 May 2015


    El Niño conditions are present.
    Positive equatorial sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies continue across most of the Pacific Ocean.
    There is an approximately 90% chance that El Niño conditions will continue through Northern Hemisphere summer 2015, and a greater than 80% chance it will last through 2015.*

    El Niño strengthens
    Issued on 26 May 2015 | Product Code IDCKGEWW00

    The El Niño in the tropical Pacific continues to strengthen. International climate models surveyed by the Bureau indicate sea surface temperatures will remain well above El Niño thresholds at least into the southern hemisphere spring.
    Oceanic and atmospheric indicators show a clear El Niño signal. Sea surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean have exceeded El Niño thresholds for nearly two months, supported by warmer-than-average waters below the surface.

  27. “I’m quite worried about Robert Crawford, too.”

    Is he late back, Clark? I understood him to say two weeks, but I didn’t realise that that had already passed. I hope he’s alright.

  28. Thanks very much Clark. Hopefully he’s on track then. Probably not feeling too hot.

  29. Posters should be aware that Putin is doing what he can to prevent an assassination, like the one of Olof Palme in Stockholm. to trigger another showdown by preventing Europeans from going to Russia to help recruit another assassin, and putting his own forces on unexoected alert to show that he is more than ready for any new surprise.

  30. Mr. Ford–who do you think the target would be this time around? I’ve been waiting for a big false flag, but wonder if the situation is compounded by the South China Sea intrigue, i.e. we don’t want to put all our eggs in one basket.

    Of course all that island jazz and “WWIII imminent” statements by China could be specifically to draw us away from Europe, lol.

    Still amused by the Chinese Navy radio operator’s frantic, “You go!!!”

    Continuing to dig into Puffer. A highly unpopular topic.

  31. Finding information about the USS Puffer is not the only unpopular topic, so is even joking about what happened to John P. Wheeler, the leaker of NSA covert activities against Iran who ended up being murdered around Wilmington, Delaware at Christmas- time 2010.

    After the murder, Attorney General Beau Biden, elder son of Vice President Joe Biden, stonewalled any real inquiry into it, resulting in Joe stating that Beau after he had died had thus been his redeemer, saving a person from being held accountable for a sinful or evil act.

    Joe had helped apparently set up Wheeler for murder too with actions at Newark, New Castle, and the state capital.

    Senator Ted Cruz got into such big trouble by alluding to it at a Michigan fundraiser as just another mishap that the Veep is so well noted for that Cruz had to lamely apologize for it.

    A troublemaker like Wheeler, like Socialist ministers in Scandinavia or a strong opponent of Putin or Russia in Europe, would be another good ‘false flag’ target for a showdown with Moscow.

    And Washington is trying to keep its attacks on Russia and China separate – the Pentagon directing the confrontation with Beijing while the State Department goes after Putin – for fear of getting them to coordinate more their responses to Western aggression.

  32. And Craig Murray has a short fuse about posters discussing why Tony Blair got the top job at the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, taking down all the comments after I suggested it was given to him to strengthen NATO’s and Israel’s interests in the Mediterranean Dialogue, like strengthening Spanish support for the operation by bringing down that Germanwings plane with all those Spaniards and Germans aboard.

    It’s okay, though, for Dreoilin, Habby, Mary et al. to have their never-ending squabbles there.

    I have finally given up on trying to help Craig’s blog.

  33. See, Zephyr, that Vladimir Kara-Murza, a strong opponent of Putin, has been struck down by poisoning, reminiscent of how Alexander Litvinenko died.

    This Vlad is conveniently a joint British-Russian citizen, so when it dies, London will raise its complaints about Putin’s Russia.

    If these complaints get anywhere internationally, there might well be a surprise NATO attack on Moscow, hoping that the surprise triggers a rebellion.

  34. Clark: You have contact info for Mary don’t you?

    Finally getting internet today. 6 month wait. Better be good.

    My learning curve on growing cannabis proceeds. Almost infinite variables getting the plants to produce multiple colas and trichome abundance. Have six prospects so am leaving two to grow with no cropping with remainingg four to two different approaches. Fascinating, these weeds.

  35. Trowbridge

    “there might well be a surprise NATO attack on Moscow, hoping that the surprise triggers a rebellion.”

    I glimpsed a pig flying past my window a little earlier on.

    What do you think – could it have been a heavily-disguised American drone on its way to Moscow?

  36. “What do you think – could it have been a heavily-disguised American drone on its way to Moscow?”

    Absolutely. That’s more evidence than Trowbridge has produced in months. For anything.

  37. EUREKA! I have found the innertoobs and they have not changed in 6 months. 🙂

  38. Since I’m on the subject and TOTALLY LEGAL 🙂 this is much more interesting as a hobby than raising SHEEP, AA. 🙂 I have my license to grow without interference from those who disdain. Let me say my conspiracy is better than any other conspiracy.

  39. Notice the change in attitude and altitude? Things are looking up, but am concerned about Mary. Fuck God please someone who knows how to contact…do so ASAP. (please)

  40. Mary has been back at Craig’s for a couple of days, Ben. She sounds 100% fine.

  41. Glad you’re back online Ben. They still lock you up if you try growing that stuff over here!

    Mary has been posting at Craig’s today.

  42. Thanks Dre..

    AA; scotland is probably better off without grow unless you have plenty of hothouses with football stadium size grow lights. Better let us desert rats with 15 hour direct sun do the dirty work.

    Glad to hear Mary is online. I checked Craigs today and did not see.

  43. Why do posters go to such lengths to explain away Charles Kennedy’s suicide – i. e., especially the vicious bullying of him by the SNP after his defeat in the General Election that he finished himself off by drinking to death which culminated in the predictable hemorrhaging?

  44. I’m not getting comments pages at, secure connection failed.

  45. Fred,

    Just tried myself and everything looks okay for me. One reason a secure connection can fail is if your time is way out on the client but I’m assuming that’s not your problem. Any more info such as how long the problem has been occurring?

  46. I’m now seeing 90% packet loss on some connections including squonk server – hopefully should clear soon

  47. Fingers crossed it was just a transient then Fred.

    Robotics challenge round 4 of finals begins about 9:30pm UK (25 mins from posting time).

  48. “Fingers crossed it was just a transient then Fred.”

    Looks like. Being able to get the main page but not the comments made me think it was maybe the server rather than transit.

  49. Now that NATO has gotten the EU on board its Mediterranean Dialogue through its crashing of that Germanwings airliner, it is like clockwork for Obama to be calling on the G7 to stand up to Russian aggression.

    Will it soon end with a European war?

  50. ^ “Uranium theft not sinister”. Burnham on Crouch and Dengie Hundred Advertiser (Essex record office). February 1967.

  51. Lots of EQ activity around the ring of fire. Let’s see; do I prefer to die from falling debris or a swim in lava?


    Hong Kong sets ‘serious’ response to South Korea’s MERS outbreak

    Hong Kong upgraded to “serious” on Monday its response to an outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in South Korea, where the number of cases jumped and fears grew about the economic impact of the disease.

    South Korean President Park Geun-hye said the progress of MERS, which has been spreading in South Korea since last month when a businessman brought it home from a Middle East trip, had to be halted, a day after authorities began using mobile phones to trace people who violate quarantine.

  53. Ben,

    asteroid and volcano doom is so yesterday 🙂 MERS doom now!

    Although this from UK mainstream newspaper yesterday.

    ‘Asteroid impact will destroy civilisation this September’ claim conspiracy theorists

    Doomsday theorists predict ‘Rapture’ like disaster for civilisation between September 22-28, with many saying a giant space rock will crash to Earth

  54. Ah yes. Biblical times ahead. I’m more concerned about an EQ swarm along the rift.

    I think the speculation is that the Moon was a chunk of the earth that broke off.

    Imagine two full moons.

  55. Honda,

    If you mean the website then no. If you mean MERS then I hope not! Care to expand if you have seen anything unusual?

  56. Bugs are the ‘in’ thing these days.

    I had a chat about phage therapy over the weekend. Anyone else see that documentary about a hospital in Gdańsk, oh, over ten years ago, maybe twenty.. Probably BBC ‘Orizon. Whatever happened to phage therapy after that? No help for MERS; that’s viral.

  57. Ha! Yes! Squonk, I think your spam filter ate my last two comments.

  58. Is it my Youtube link?

    Probably the Youtube link in your Name didn’t help when added to an IP address recently seen spamming 🙂

  59. Thanks Squonk. Can’t see how to start Vidalia or whatever its called ‘cos I’ve got Windoze camouflage on. When I do I’ll try a “New Identity”. Discovered blocks itself from TOR and Google complained thusly:

    “We’re sorry…
    … but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.


  60. Well I rebooted tails as I couldn’t find any other way of getting out of Windows Camouflage mode. I’ve tried clicking New Identity a few times but searching using google in the Tor Browser search bar just keeps giving the same message. But I can browse to and search from there. Putting in the address bar leads to a redirect to, so I guess my current exit node is under RobG’s bed.

  61. I can’t comment on whether you’re more or less boring as I have no idea who you are. But I love your name! Gave me a right giggle.

  62. Honda S Drawbridge is a poor substitute for Plowbridge A Chevy, the troll on The Local in Sweden, who tried to discredit me, and divert posters away from my ideas.

    It’s just SOP for spooks on the internet.

  63. Mary; Seeing your comments makes me 🙂


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