The General Discussion Thread

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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. Glenn, tried to contact you on CM, but it took down it, and your post too.

    Talked about postponing visit to HORN until I get more information about America’s covert government’s attempt to connect me to John P. Wheeler, III’s murder through Steven G. Nickerson, a friend, it seems, of his alleged murderer Andrew Levene.

    Levene robbed a jewelry store and killed its owner in Westport, Connecticut just a year after Wheeler was brutally murdered because of his complaints about NSA’s hostile actions against Iran which the Bidens got most involved in at least covering up which helps explain why Joe is so hesitant to run for President.

    Thomson Reuters has prepared a 44-page file, connecting me to the Nickerson family, and I am getting calls on my landline, asking if any of the Nickerson family are at home.

    Looks like a fishing expedition to me which is hoping to get me out of the way in time for the Veep to run.

  2. Brian, those are lovely photo’s. The eclipse photo really captured the colour, which mine didn’t at all.

    Ben, sorry to be such a stickler for specificity, but what’s what happens to you too, and where?

    Great, three more signatures on the Govan Docks petition; many thanks to any readers who’ve signed. Do please keep’em coming; here’s the link again:

  3. Ben, sorry; I was inadequately specific myself. I got ‘server not found’ twice when trying to access but it hasn’t happened again since I submitted that comment.

    No trouble accessing that seed bank’s site from this connection.

  4. Ben,

    Attitude Seedbank is recommended by Rick Simpson at in his instructions for making hemp oil. They are here –

    They ship all over the world and, usefully, ship with products like t-shirts and socks, etc, to mask the package. If you pay by credit or debit card then only the words ‘Attitude Gifts’ appear on your statement.

    I have found this site to have some good in-depth general info –

    You will also be interested, I’m sure, to see these pics from a Nepal expedition –

  5. Right on Fernandez. It’s nice to know others are lurking around squonk. Thanks for the heads-up. I promise to follow your links.

  6. Fernandez;

    I like Attitude’s attitude toward sharing their granddaddy seeds, rather than limiting access for private breeding strategies. I like Mandala as well. As you can tell I’m looking for pure genetics, and many banks jealously guard their inventory from competitors.

    So many crosses and back-crosses by the entrepreneur that there is limited access to pure genetics. I am a novice, but learning quickly.

    Thanks for the Nepal Highlands pics. Damn those caterpillars! My best friend grows in a coastal, cool climate and spent countless hours pulling tiny caterpillars out of buds. He said even their travel path was contaminated. But he is quite anal… 🙂

  7. Ben,

    As you know about CBD you will, I am sure, know the story of Charlotte’s Web. Others may be interested in it, though, so I’m posting this link (the Charlotte’s Web story is at the bottom of the page) –

    All the best in your quest for pure genetics, and happy breeding (!)

  8. Fernandez; Every dab of information helps. Cannabichromene comes up from time to to time, and I wish to task you on your knowledge of same. It seems this cannibonoid is essential to THC activation. Does your knowledge extend to this level?

  9. BTW; I encourage all to browse the link fernandez supplied above. My buddy in Santa Barbara took his stage 3 bladder cancer to zero in 5 months. Truly a miracle drug to shame Big Pharma if they could feel shame.

  10. I had three lemon Thai plants in pots since May 11. I just harvested them for a total wet weight of 30 0z which will result in about 8 oz dry. Then my best buddy who has been growing in the ground calls me to tell me he has 70 lbs wet (lemon thai) just colas. 2/3 of his plants still not cut. Awesome. I can’t wail until Spring.

  11. Lesson #1

    Interesting it is a Sativa which normally is low CBD and high THC

    Charlotte’s Web is a Cannabis sativa L. strain with less than 0.3% THC that has gained popularity as an option for treating seizures as well as a range of other medical conditions. This medical potency is due to its high-CBD content, which was specifically cultivated by Colorado breeders The Stanley Brothers for a young epileptic patient named Charlotte. However, the thick “web” of trichomes on Charlotte’s flowers are also storied to have led to the name. This strain is effective with little to no psychoactive effects, making it great for those who don’t want their medication to affect their daily tasks.

    Charlotte’s powerful web may cause dizziness for some patients, so new users should be cautious. Overall, the flowers of this strain have a fresh pine aroma.

    Then read this;

  12. No, Ben, I don’t know about cannabichromene. I’ve just looked it up on Google and it looks extremely interesting. I’m going to look further tomorrow. For now I’m to bed. Cheers.

    [70lbs – wow, that’s some harvest. Growing in the ground in real sunshine – that’s a dream for masses of us.

    From my research, it seems that the Charlotte’s Web strain only exists as a clone. The Israelis have created a high CBD strain called (if I remember right) Avidekel. ]

  13. Hilarious remarks from the medical establishment regarding CBD in that Wikipedia article; “There is little evidence about the safety or efficacy of cannabinoids in the treatment of epilepsy” – come on, this is one of the safest substances known! I suppose you could drown in it… And “suggest that cannabinoid drugs for epilepsy be reserved for people […who] are not eligible for better established treatments such as surgery and neurostimulation”. Really? They think CBD could be more dangerous than brain surgery? I thought they insisted that modern medical practice be “fact based”.

  14. High Times;

    “At a government-sanctioned cannabis cultivation facility in northern Israel, located on a hilltop overlooking the ancient town of Galilee, researchers and medical marijuana experts at a company called Tikkun Olam (“Healing the World” in Hebrew) work together to develop a wide variety of cannabis strains designed to treat specific ailments. Most notable among their recent achievements is a brand-new varietal called Avidekel, which at 0% THC and 15.8% CBD provides all of the healing power of cannabidiol with no discernable high.”

    Hmmm. It’s my understanding activation of any cannibinoid requires the presence of some proportion of all. High CBD’s lessens the psychoactive high, but does not eliminate. Not sure if Marinol is similar to avidekel.

  15. “From a general therapeutic perspective THC and CBD have important effects on one another when ingested together. When present along with THC, CBD prolongs the effects of THC-therapy by inhibiting the breakdown process of THC in our liver. If the THC breakdown is inhibited, its effects persist longer. When appreciable amounts of CBD (>4% CBD by weight for flowers) are ingested along with THC, the CBD may reduce the psychoactivity many patients would normally experience from the THC present. Exciting studies that are currently being conducted at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco are demonstrating that specific amounts of THC and CBD injected into breast and brain tumors can eliminate those tumors completely, in 30 days.”

  16. Now Washington and its NATI stooges are cranking up a war with Russia, denying that it is hitting Isis targets by attacking Homs when it fell to Isis in August.

    The West lies blatantly now with no fear of any corrections.

  17. This will be my only comment hear, I would ask that it is left up and in the name of better understanding (otherwise disallowed though censorship) that someone point Mary to the comment, It’s a simple cut/paste from Craigs blog.

    “Sorry Ishmael. You must not believe all the stuff that the trolls/shills say about me. On this thread I have posted just 8 comments out of 129.”

    Mary, there is no need to be sorry. It was not meant as a jealous comment or to get at you in any way. More a light hearted comment as a response to what is clear bias. (+ makes little sense without deeper understanding, which is again disallowed through censorship, removed comment, part of what I consider offensive degrading behavior) Fact is you do make my overall contributions look minor, thats just fact’s, no issue to me what-so-ever.

    People don’t seem to get (though i’v made it clear to mods etc in unrevealed comments) that I don’t come here through my wishes, i’v actually requested all my comments be removed as I don’t like it. Never have….But I still do/did, but won’t anymore under this name, and unless all my previous comments are removed (that I contributed) I won’t at all again…”

    Ps I don’t think I will again anyway as i’v had so much twisted by this censorship that makes me look other than I am.

    Thank you squonk Blog.

  18. Ps, shot clarification, when I said don’t like it, I meant it was a sacrifice to contribute /support all I did. I value my privacy and time. It really was a lot to me.

    Sorry, i’v had a life full of people treating me this way, who only actually seem to regard there own importance, expect what it doesn’t inconvenience them to make minor token gestures.

  19. Seems that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton aided and abetted the murder of John Wheeler by approving diplomats to lie in December 2010 about his disappearance for fear that his leaking of covert activities against Iran would undermine Senate passage of the new START Treaty with Russia.

    His murder was made to look like the Iranians may have done it, and it only failed because his corpse was accidentally found while going to the Wilmington landfill.

    Otherwise he would still be considered only a missing person which Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden compounded by quickly sealing the investigation, and is the greatest impediment of his father running for President.

  20. BrianFujisan, wow, that’s a lovely photo. I had a similar one but it’s on a hard disk that failed – and wasn’t backed up.

    Squonk, where are you? You’re needed; re: the texts I sent. People need their on-line freedom or they just go to the corporate rip-off merchants, and then they get abused…

    …speaking of which, Face Arsebook are still keeping me locked out…

    Five new signees to that petition this morning. If that was anyone here, thanks:

  21. Clark thanks.. I suspect the wee Spiders Create such wonders every day..though not certain, but the weather at times highlights the webs. shame about your hard disc Mishap.

    i signed the petition’s less than 200 short of target.. i’ll put it on Arsebook..thanks for that, cos it’s relevant to us Clyde Folks

    Ps… The river is Jam packed with the war machine ..for a couple of weeks, Eye sore.

  22. This will be my last comment here. I will not be reading any more comments here or at so please do not post any messages to me here or there. This is not Craig’s business so please don’t trouble him about it.

    My intention is to conclude my affairs in good order and then retreat from company for some months to develop appropriate emotional distance between others and myself. I will then end my life.

    Best wishes to all. Goodbye.

  23. Hurricane Joaquin proved worse than the earlier ones, putting the Carolinas under the worst flood ever.

    Explains why the Pentagon has handed back control of HAARP to some more sensible citizens who are just manipulating El Nino to ease the drought in the West, but its use in climate change as provided a legacy, especially too warm waters in the Atlantic, which it cannot control.

    Rest assured, though, there will still be more assholes in Washington.

  24. Ben,

    Sorry, I haven’t yet had chance to read up on cannabichromene. I did want to get back to you, though, with this, which I just came across whilst looking at vaporizers – again, I haven’t read it, but it looks to me that the contents would interest you.

    ‘Cannabis Supplement’, with free full access, in 23rd September issue of Nature –

  25. Thanks Fernandez. Interesting science stuff; objective and cautious. I wish the scientists of the mainstream had greater utility with the right brain, as logic alone is often stoic and plodding. The absolute science isn’t in on cannabis largely because few had the courage to plumb the depths of the miracle plant due to the need for approval from peerage. Now that the gloves seem to be off, we have to prepare for the opponent class who will no doubt eventually accept the benefits of CBD’s but will still hate the psychotropics which make upward mobility less of a human duty. Productivity will fall perhaps, but the impact on society will be good for it’s soul as we mellow out our values and goals. My cynical prediction is that those who oppose will seek to divide into two groups, those only needing the CBD’s, unaware that the formula will have to include THC for the good effects, and those who like the energy and motivation from Delta 9’s.

  26. An adjunct to my cynicism is the consumer wishes based on the scoliosis of the indoor grow industry. They have successfully peddled their wares to convince the patient that bald-headed (trimmed out) buds like cheese balls are better than more airy outdoor buds. You can’t get any more than $1200 per pound for outdoor (wholesale from dispensaries) , but up to $2000 for indoor. Personally, I don’t find the pure trichomes in hash any more potent than a small bud with trich-laden leaves. The density of buds is more about looking good, than being good. Like the political systems, we are at the mercy of uninformed voters.

  27. Looking for an attorney to prosecute the US government, especially NSA’s Special Collection Service, for trying to implicate me in its apparent murder of John P. Wheeler, and its cover up by falsely claiming that I am connected to its alleged murderer Andrew Levene through his dealings with Steven G. Nickerson.

    Any trial will deal deeply with the actions by the Bidens, former and deceased Delaware Attorney General Beau, and Vice President Joe, which are causing him such delays and doubts about running for President.

  28. Glen Great news –


    Thanks for ‘ Us and them ‘ the other night..missed that by minits, and Spot on as Quite Probably my all time fave Flyod choon.. Spoilt for choice i Know… Have you heard any of Roger Waters ‘Amused to Death’ Love that too…

    And as ye’s Know i love Most things Japanese.. like they’re omotenashi..

    I felt this such a Human Selfless Giving of Time – omotenashi –

  29. Still don’t understand the lack of interest in the brutal murders of Willie McRae and Hilda Murrell which are now even being joked about by journalists supporting Britain’s covert state.

    The real problem for anyone, even me, was finding the motive for doing them, and it has been there all the time if anyone just thought about it.

    They were strong, recognized opponents of Britain’s nuclear deterrent which even the secret state admitted could not be used in any serious conflict, so it, along with the Reagan administration, decided to take out the USSR without a nuclear war.

    So the best way it thought of fooling Moscow was to kill them, and crudely cover up their murders, making it look like the state was somehow behind it.

    And it might have worked if the crazy plan had not caused secret agents in the know, like Ames, Hanssen, Pollard et al., had not informed Moscow of what was afoot, resulting in it taking counter measures to prevent the showdown in March 1986 from getting out of hand.

    These fiasco murders make me wonder what Jeremy Corbyn still thinks about them which would help explain why PM David Cameron is so paranoid about what he might cause to national security.

  30. Thanks, Brian.

    Both murders looking like training exercises by covert spooks, particularly The Operators, where they are to create so much confusion about the murders that no one knows what to think, like in the one of Mike Todd.

    Wonder if Simon Hayward, training for the 14 Intelligence Company at the time, has alibis for both murders, and DNA doesn’t match that of Hilda’s killer.

  31. Never heard of him Bri. Nice sounds.

    Good set up for news here.

    Riders on the storm should gird their loins and batten their hatches.

    “An El Niño that is among the strongest on record is gaining strength in the Pacific Ocean, and climate scientists say California is likely to face a wet winter.

    “There’s no longer a possibility that El Niño wimps out at this point. It’s too big to fail,” said Bill Patzert, climatologist for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge.

    “And the winter over North America is definitely not going to be normal,” he said.

  32. Becoming increasingly clear that Murrell and especially McRae were murdered by MI6 to stoke up Gorbachev to think that the Anglo-Americans were still ready to hit the USSR with a nuclear war, thanks to all the CND protests, especially the Easter 1985 one at Molesworth RAF base, and should think about how to avoid it.

    Read Gordon Corera’s account in The Art of Betrayal of double agent Oleg Gordievsky preparing papers for that May 1985 meeting with the new Soviet leader where one on the state of CND, the only mention of it in the whole book, is given. (p. 272) Obviously Thatcher et al. were planning to surprise him with a non-nuclear ending to the Cold War.

    The last laugh, though, was on London and Washington when then Gordievsky was called surprisingly back to Moscow, and drugged until he had spilled everything.

    Moscow then allowed him to escape back to Britain because it had other spies, especially Ames, who told it what was planned, and it took the necessary steps to avoid armageddon.

  33. Can you believe Martin Kettle’s calling for someone in the Labour Party to play the role that former Foreign Secretary Geoffrey Howe did in bringing down ‘Mad Maggie’ in the wake of Captain Simon Hayward’s release from a prison in Sweden to Jeremy Corbyn’s party losing an unexpected bye election!

    Howe torpedoed the Thatcher government after he was fired in 1989 for allowing Hayward’s autobiography , Under Fire: My Own Story, to be published, a surprise which led Secretary of Defence George Younger to resign in protest.

    Hayward’s book was too revealing about operations surrounding the Olof Palme assassination for Maggie’s liking, and both of them played a leading role in ending her political career as a result.

    To compare Corbyn’s problems with Thatcher’s is just a gross misrepresentation.

  34. Thanks Ben… ‘Riders’

    How wonderful. Timeless Classic … And without all Elaborate Stage Setup.. Four of them. all that was needed

  35. The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin has enough about double agent Oleg Gordievsky stoking up what Aradi Guk’s London residence was doing with CND to investigate it, and how MI6 was reacting.

    Eager beaver Gordievsky was overstating what its spies were doing at expense of supporters of CND like Murrell and McRae.

    For example, in July 1982 when Guk was briefing the recently arrived embassy counselor Lev Parshin about its activities, he stated about the London demonstration: “It was us, the KGB residency, who brought a quarter of a million people out to the streets.” (Quoted from p. 434.)

    While his vast overstatement was corrected in the book, it was the gospel truth, according to Gordievsky, when Guk delivered it.

    There should be new inquiries into their murders, starting with a complete review of the Mitrokhin File, and how the security services used it against them.

  36. Seems that Vladimir Putin underestimated the risks when he allowed James Bamford to interview NSA leaker Edward Snowden in Moscow during June 2014.

    Putin must have assumed that nothing serious would happen since Snowden wouldn’t be leaving Russia in any way any time soon.

    And what Snowden told Bamford would probably not be known by CIA counter terrorists or that serious until after it was published.

    In doing so, he overlooked what NSA was monitoring on his lap top. and Bamford really rubbed it in by not only talking about serious leakers who helped get the atom bomb for the Soviets but also prevented their ending the Cold War with a non-nuclear one.

    As for Snowden’s leaking, he disclosed that there was much more to be divulged despite Putin’s assurances that this wouldn’t happen.

    There was then a rush to kill Putin when he left Russia to go to the G20 conference in Switzerland, and the plot to kill him on the way back not succeeding is because he sensed at the last moment that a plot was afoot to do so, resulting in the Ukrainian Army mistaking MH17 for his plane.

    When Bamford’s article appeared in August, its relation to the MH17 disaster escaped notice.

  37. Thanks, Brian.

    The spooks are making any truth-telling more dangerous by the day.

    Now the DoJ is prosecuting Wayne Simmons, author of The Natanz Directive, for various kinds of fraud.

    Seems he was a bit too expansive about himself while working as a contractor for the CIA, though it seems just a cover for being too telling about its covert actions, especially in Iran.

    Should be a wake-up call for anyone in the know, trying to tell it in a novel.

    Wouldn’t doubt their trying to get me too, though I have only used open sources, and my noodle.

    Am still trying to open a case against Joe Biden and his spooks for the murder of leaker John P. Wheeler, III, and am avoiding free trips anywhere.

  38. More on the spooks capabilities and directives. I am currently in my local public library because my computer has been made inoperable with a Windows 10 automatic upgrade. The problem will not be given to everybody, just the chosen few who take them on.

    Windows 10 was designed for them not us, and I wish I had never upgraded from Windows 7. I do not believe it is a coincidence that this happened within a few hours of my posting this comment.

    The MOD has been very naughty and absolutely stupid in not admitting its illegal misappropriation of Class A drugs and dealing with it on site. This was discovered by Dr. Stephen Frost while working for the MOD. Instead of coming clean they are trying to force Stephen into bankruptcy through the massive legal fees involved in fighting his case, which he will certainly win. It is also why they do not want people funding him. So please, everyone, do the decent thing.

    It is unlikely I will be commenting as regularly for obvious reasons.

  39. John Goss, just get yourself a LiveCD (or LiveDVD these days) of Knoppix, a GNU/Linux distribution (or an Ubuntu disc, but DON’T try installing it without further advice; press any key when the little keyboard-and-person icon appears shortly after starting, and select “Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer”). It boots straight from the DVD to a fully featured and very useable Desktop-type system without affecting Windoze or the files on your hard disk in any way.

    If you’re unsure about downloading and burning the DVD yourself or if you need any other help, there will be a Linux Users’ Group somewhere not too far from you; they often have meetings at pubs. Or ask Squonk, if you can get him to write anything at all. Or order one on-line; there are many sources supplying pre-made discs for £2 or less. Here are two:

    Advice on burning an Ubuntu DVD:

    Buy a pre-made Ubuntu DVD, but a bit pricey at over a fiver:

    I’ve been learning and advising about this stuff for years; I wish someone else would lend a hand. The only way to learn is by doing it. There’s plenty of advice available on the ‘net.

    John, I disagree with much that you say, but I’ll fight for your right to say it. So please stop thinking of me as a bigot. Most would be safer meeting me than Putin in a dark alley, I guarantee you.

  40. And another and another,
    Our god says it’s all OK,
    Our god says ‘This is the way’
    It says in the Book ‘Burn and destroy’….

  41. And repent and redeem and revenge and deploy
    And rumble thee forth…
    …to the land of the unbelieving scum on the other side,
    Because they don’t go for what’s in the book and that makes them BAD.

  42. Okay I have now disabled WP Ban, Wordfence and Bad Behavior plugins. There is nothing in the core Discussions moderation keyword settings in WordPress sp if your next comment enters the mod queue I am stumped!

  43. Okay It was Wordfence plugin then. Will investigate further. It’s logs says it passed you as a human and not a bot so I can’t see what’s wrong.

  44. Hello Squonk, I see you’ve released the modded comments now. Hmmm. There must be lots of sites that use Wordfence. I suppose I’d best e-mail them and ask what they have against my e-mail address.

  45. So, mysteries remaining: why did my comments, which I saw with “awaiting moderation” notes, then appear to have been deleted? I have a couple of rational possible explanations for that, but really nothing definitive. Why has Wordfence suddenly blacklisted my e-mail address? And one mystery that I don’t mind going public, but I’ll leave it to Squonk.

  46. Thanks Clark. It is tedious work but rewarding.

    There are three species of cannabis and one of them is Ruderalis, much ignored because of low THC count. It’s high in cannabichromeme however and has sparked my interest. I don’t know yet whether the genetics are recessive and whether a back-cross will be necessary, but it seems a cross with a pure race Indica will balance all the cannabinoids. More research before order of seeds.

  47. Ben, I think Ruderalis came from Russia after the Wall came down; no one I know had ever heard of it until more recent decades. It auto-flowers in a most perverted fashion a certain number of weeks after germination rather than waiting until a specific length of night, so cross-breeding it with the old traditionals is used to produce the auto-flowering strains that are so convenient to grow. Or that’s what I’ve heard anyway. Evil Russian psi-op product nothing like our Freedom-loving Western neocon weed; burn it on sight as quickly as you can inhale the vapours.

  48. Clark; I doubt anything wrong on a genetic level. Breeders rejected it for years because it has very low yield and extremely low THC. The research on cannabinoids, especially cannabichromene may revive interest before the pure race is diluted with cross-breeding.

  49. Without any Botany experience or scientific background it’s easy for me to make predictions because I have nothing to lose. 🙂

    Here it is. I believe, even though CBD’s are just now being recognized for the health benefits, so too CBC’s ( cannabichromene) will shortly begin amassing vast research networks who may (or may not) cooperate for the good rather than the shekels.

    Regardless, the data will persuade an ocean of positive reaction to unleashing the healing powers.

    THC Delta9, cannabidiol, and cannabichromene will be the Holy Trinity of cannabinoids.

    Significant percentages of each will be found to be essential for optimum health benefits.

    You saw it here. No risk, no gain.

  50. Hope the Mod issues Correct soon Clark…. Magic to see you back posting.

    Ben.. Best bootleg Cider ye ever made – Fujisan Cider… Haaa. i left a video on the birthday thread next door… can’t see much harm putting it here too. Cos we are ALL connected.. i think…Except the LESS than 1%

  51. Brian,

    We did figure out the moderation problem. Was a bug in a recent update of the wordfence security plugin. I setup a registered wordpress user for Clark ages ago which is never actually used. However a broken wordfence update changed some settings and Clark was auto blocked for impersonating himself!

    Details at

    I have spent a few hours been chasing the bug that has been causing people to go into moderation automatically. Found it, killed it, and I thought I’d share it with you.

    It was in Wordfence, a great security program for the site. Essentially it is one of the main plugins to block out irritating behaviours by bots treating the site as their own personal space. Because there are a lot of bots running around the net probing for security holes, reading content, and generally being a pain in the arse when trying to predict the computing resources required to operate the site.


    We have released a fix that addresses a bug introduced with the release that went out 15 hours ago. The issue is that if a Wordfence options checkbox is unchecked and is different from the default setting, the release resets the Wordfence setting to the default setting of checked.
    Obviously this is a significant issue which our code review and QA process missed. We clearly need to improve things further. We are already investigating how this bug crept into our release process without being detected and are putting processes in place to prevent this from happening in future. This will include additional QA, a more thorough code review and a few other changes.

  52. Yep, the bug was the main cause of the problem. My comment to John Goss and the one after it went into moderation. Then they seemed to disappear entirely as if Squonk had deleted them, but by then I was upset and didn’t check as thoroughly as I should have. Then an innocent coincidence made it all seem even worse; I thought the spooks were after me. A lot of my communications have been screwed up recently – I’m still locked out of Facebook – it gets a bit much sometimes…

    My test comments have caused “forum sliding”. If John Goss turns up, someone please direct him to the following comment –

    October 18, 2015 at 12:03 pm:

  53. Squonk, sorry that I thought you were blocking and deleting my comments, and sorry that I didn’t think to post this comment earlier.

    I’m sick of my “friends” in Essex, and I love this project in Palnackie. I’m looking at options for moving, and buying a van.

  54. Thinking of buying a van, eh Clark? Damned good idea. We like the idea of getting a van too, after spending many years camping in tents.

  55. Oh, thanks Glenn_UK for this. I’ll figure out some appropriate payback for it, like being boiled in oil.

    All I know is that the three buildings were standing early in the day, only to have fallen by its end. And that the four planes, their passengers, and the 19 hijackers aka the suicide bombers were nowhere to be seen.

    Keep up the good work.

  56. Squonk

    Thanks… Are you aware that a week or so ago… Both Squonk and Craigs were Down…at the Stroke of Midnight… Think it was the 7th pr 6th October. .All my other pages were fine..

    Glen / Trow

    Proof that Explosives need to be used Correctly ( On modern Sky Scrapers )

  57. One of my friends, or “friends” (he is both, at different times), has seen my comment above and contacted me privately. I reiterated some of the complaints that I’ve been making for years, and he did as he has often done; he stopped replying. This is typical behaviour from too many people I know around where I live.

  58. Squonk, Ben could have a point. I really like the squonk, it seems a gentle creature, but maybe us calling you Squonk could tend to make reinforce shyness in you. Likewise, us referring to you as AlcAnon might reinforce other subsets from your various mindstates. Maybe a more inclusive or more neutral screen-name would be better.

  59. Anyway, I should set up some domain names and a blog or two; would you like to help me by answering my queries and posting your advice, here on your blog, to serve as an example to anyone else who might want to learn such things? I looked at zpanel for the first time in ages a couple of weeks ago, and straight away I had a question…


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