The General Discussion Thread

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Okay as an experiment here it is. Discuss your favourite generals here!

Well perhaps… Really this is simply the place to post news-items, fun-items or whatever takes your fancy. In short just post what you want here.

It’s just another wee experiment – comments welcome.


[Image: General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett (Stephen Fry)]

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  1. Habbabkuk,

    Please learn to read and fully understand what I have stated, which seem oblivious to you. Alas I trust others here understand my sentiments towards frauds. Please see post of 3:05 PM – End of.

  2. Habby, I pointed out that Peter Wright was the chief KGB spy, scientist and agent provocateur ever which you disputed with an irrelavancy about degaussing. and went missing when I discussed his subsequent efforts.

    You are just a Mediterranean Dialogue troll.

  3. Macky at al

    There are four of you over here specifically to attack Habbakuk yet you all accuse him of stalking? In fact Chris Rogers has just invited the lifeboat over here. Yet, it’s Habbakuk you all accuse of bullying?

    But of course. Habbakuk is a “shill”. A paid provocetuer. This from the lifeboat is both revealing and hilarious:

    “So why wouldn’t they keep a stable of net-creepers paid to look out for any site that’s getting too noticeable”

    Yes! Fear not. You are not wasting your life bickering amongst a small group. You are on the verge of creating social change. From a keyboard too! They said it was not possible. Fools! Whose laughing now! It is unquestionable that the comments on CMs and the lifeboat (and Squonk now) are simply too dangerous for the man to tolerate. Send in Habbakuk!

    So the invention of Habbakuk is needed to rationalise the useless time you all spend commenting at each other. Really, the delusions are touching.

  4. You all calling Habbakuk a shill inflates your own sense of self-importance. His too.

    Funny old game.

  5. Christopher Dale Rogers
    “DECEPTION is fraud SIR”

    Oh fuck, I remember you Chris. You resort to 19th century feudstorming when riled. Loved it then and I’m sure I will love it now.

    You begads are a ladys teabag!

  6. Phil ex Frog,

    Just one issue with your statement, I actually post on multiple forums and use my own name, with the exception of The Guardian, which I first joined I utilised a handle, that was way back in 2007.

    Now, with the exception of exposing the Habba for what he is, I don’t usually inhabit Lifeboat too often, CM’s Blog or many others – time is too short. However, I’m opposed to deception.

    Again, Habba can post where he likes, and if he wishes to join with his Zionist peers over at David Collier’s Blog, he’ll find me there from time to time, apart from that, I’ll stick to Twitter, FB and few other forums I’m a member of, most of which deal with economics or geopolitics.

  7. Chris
    “However, I’m opposed to deception.”

    No you’re not. You say nothing about Macky, Node, Sharp Ears, Squonk. All not real names.

    You merely rationalise your behaviour by pretending it is something to do with a deceptive name.

  8. Excellent comments, Phil.

    Tomorrow is “Marvin day” – would you tell me how it went if you have a moment to spare? TIA!

  9. “So why wouldn’t they keep a stable of net-creepers paid to look out for any site that’s getting too noticeable”

    This really gets to it. These people really do believe they are righteous warriors in battle. Squonk, did you know this place is too noticeable and thus under scrutiny from, the IDF, the CIA, the zionist elders of merthyr?

    Habbakuk is the proof that our lives are not worthless.

  10. Of course I shall report how it goes with Marvin tomorrow. Consider your question payment for 3 hours shilling. How is Macky on to us? Forward target details via channel C.

    Habbakuk is the proof that our lives are not worthless.

  11. Phil, various graphs (some relevant):


    Two ways of looking at one graph:

    Figures vary, but renewables seem to be roughly equal with nuclear, on a third of the timescale and a fraction of the investment.

    But renewables and nuclear both make electricity, which is not helpful for tractors, combines, trucks, aircraft, chainsaws etc. Humanity doesn’t really have an energy problem; our current total power demand is a small fraction of 1% of the solar power incident upon the planet, and it’s available everywhere. Our real problem is liquid fuel for portable power, and the solution could be this:

  12. Trow

    To return briefly to one of your earlier comments: you say Peter Wright was a Soviet agent and I say he wasn’t. As for my “diverting” by talking about degaussing, wasn’t it you who first mentioned degaussing in connection with, and as “proof” for, Peter Wright being a Soviet agent?

  13. I am banned for life from CMs place! Too friggin funny. Craig is such a self important dick. Anyway, it’s a relief in some ways.

  14. Thanks, Habby, for finally responding about that vile Peter Wright.

    I did mention degaussing as it was the means of identifying him as Soviet agent, “K’, SCOTT, and the unknown Oxford one ELLI as the material about demagnetizing ships came with the ones from ‘K’ about the Anglo-Americans making an atomic bomb. Wright learned the basics of degaussing from his father.

    No one talks about the obvious though some poster on Google images for me makes him a Soviet spy, and joins it with a photo of Nazi double agent Arthur Owens who Nigel West made out wrongly was Britain’s first when Wright as SCOTT beat him in any alleged betrayals.

    I have nothing to do with my bits on Google.

  15. Sorry about that, Phil. From previous posters banned, I can’t help feeling the mods take things personally rather than being big enough to accept differing views. Enjoyed your link explaining the rise of UKIP!
    All the best.

  16. Clark, the relevant comments is sequence:

    Comment on Scared of my Own Thoughts by JOML
    12 February 2018, 17:53
    Phil, for someone who finds CM’s blog a “cesspool “ of nationalism, I’m surprised you’re never far away from it. Hope this provides you with some fun…

    Comment on Scared of my Own Thoughts by Phil the ex-frog
    12 February 2018, 18:05
    JOML Come, come, you misquote me. I said a cesspool of nationalism and conspiracy. Here’s a song for you:

    Comment on Scared of my Own Thoughts by JOML
    12 February 2018, 18:13
    Cheers, Phil, it all makes sense now!

    Comment on Scared of my Own Thoughts by Tony_0pmoc
    12 February 2018, 18:33
    [Mod: Phil the ex-frog is now banned for repeating behaviour for which he was banned previously. Thank you.] Phil, Excellent, but Nigel was always Establishment controlled opposition. He was never expected to have any success, and he admits that he was too good, and fcked it up. That is why he was fired. Soros is not amused. “XTC-Making Plans For Nigel” Tony

  17. Clark, JOML

    I do hope you checked the feed to confirm I did not cherry pick the comments. Craig will claim I was banned for being abusive. That’s what he did before.

    To be clear, once banned today I did mock him for being sad and flogging turbines in South Africa. I also asked for my £50 to be returned.

  18. Phil and JOML, I saw the Feed, and you didn’t cherry-pick the comments. I’m utterly mystified; I can’t see anything wrong with that exchange.

    I remember your comment about the turbines. As with the previous, similar incident, I know a little more about the matter than you do. Craig spent tense months saving the jobs of the Ghanaian employees, and very nearly didn’t get paid himself. You have an unfortunate knack of directing vicious criticism at Craig precisely at those critical moments when Craig is handling difficult situations that have been imposed upon him by others.

  19. Phil, I think it’s mostly just a personality clash – I see it as your anarchistic brashness, but it seems to get to Craig. Plus there’s the uncanny timing of your outbursts – really, seeing it from where I stand, I just think “oh no, Phil, please, not right now!

  20. I certainly think Craig deserves vicious comments for allegedly helping elect bonkers Trump POTUS, bilking the public for money to enjoy and not account for supposedly being anti-semitic, trying to separate himself from world terrorist Margaret Thatcher on obvious grounds, using Robert Parry’s site to promote himself in the wake of his sudden death without a word of sorrow or acknowledgement, etc.

    I had my post which was mistakenly posted there in this regard but taken down when I admitted it. Want no connection with the troll.

  21. Phil ex Frog

    I honestly did not know you’d been banned from CM. It seems we now have a second point in common (the first being a love of cats 🙂 ).

    Perhaps you might take consolation from the fact that you have famous in the wider world of internet lunacy/loon-acy : here is MacLiar, aka “Poster123”, talking about you on The Lifeboat News:

    ^^Re: “James Devenish” Postscript ! 😀

    Posted by Poster123 on February 12, 2018, 7:22 pm, in reply to ““James Devenish” Postscript ! 😀 ”

    Ever wonder why such vile people manage to cause as much disruption as they do ? It’s because there’s never a shortage of stupid people like this; ^^

    Is it any wonder that the “ideas” propagated by creatures such as MacLiar & Co. get absolutely no traction with the 99,99% of normal, sensible, decent people?

    I have this definite urge to out MacLiar…. 🙂

  22. Here are my ideas for the teams in tennis mixed doubles between the CM and the Lifeboat News teams.

    CM team : MacLiar and Sharp Ears

    TLN team : Poster123 and Mary

    and may the best team win !

  23. I was looking at the cookies placed on my computer by today, it isn’t difficult in firefox, you just right click on the page then click page info then security, and I noticed it had placed a cookie for Is using tracking cookies?

  24. Fred, John Spencer-Davis linked to; first comment on page 4 of “Scared of my Own Thoughts”. Does your Firefox have Pre-emptive Page Load disabled?

    I didn’t think that cross-domain tracking cookies worked like your comment suggests. I thought browsers only accepted / returned cookies from /to domains supplying content on pages visited.

  25. I don’t know. I was just looking to see if the site still just put the seven cookies on my computer and there was another one for janathan-cook with what looks a bit like google analytic code in it.

    I like to know how many cookies a site writes just in case I decide I want to delete them all at any time.

  26. I won’t be thinking of you and your self-absorpson while I am on the beach at Eleuthera.

  27. Clark.. I Remember..You Told me the whole Story of how you got the car… A most Beautiful Story Too… I loved the Interior…But Had No Idea it was a Luxuary thingy…

  28. Squonk
    “Phil you were not corresponding with Craig but with a moderator”

    Really? Blimey, they used the exact same turn of phrase as Murray previously did. Uncanny. Like the school friend who exactly mimics the singer but never progresses beyond the maracas and gets dumped after the first album.

    Anyways, please do not be leading to some form of rescinding of this decision. Not a rogue mod. It’s for life right? No hovering, wondering, will the kind Mr Murray take me back sir? Gawd bless ya, ya gent sir!

    Habbakuk is the proof that our lives are not worthless.

  29. So the ex-frog is an ex-ex-frog once again ! Has to be said that it’s not a great loss to CM’s vanity blog, just one less nutter ranting about anti-semitism everytime Israel is criticised.

    Interesting to see just how the racist imperialist tactics of divide & rule, have been employed over & over again by the Habba-Clown, because unfortunately there will always be people stupid enough to allow themselves to be used.

    The Clown’s swift ejection from Lifeboat, and JSD’s plea to have him permanently banned from CM’s, will hopefully mean that his poison is confined here, where Phil can drink his fill without vomiting it up elsewhere.

    While the Clown lingers here, this site is contaminated, but at least worth an occasional visit to spot the odd the insightful comment, like Trowbridge’s remarks about Craig.

  30. “Fred, see here:”

    Network.prefetch was enabled, disabled now.

    I like to know clicking on “delete cookies for site” enables me to visit sites anonymously.

  31. Marvin has two less teeth. He is seriously pissed off with me. He leaves the room and glares through the doorway.

  32. Nevermind

    You have stood and perhaps still stand as an independent candidate in Norfolk local elections. Are your local electors aware of the views you express on Craig’s blog and here on subjects such as the Middle East, British “imperialism” and the “fascist nature” of the UK? If not, should they not be told in the interests of openness and transparency?

  33. Phil

    why the extraction – gum trouble, abscess…? Good to infer that he’s fine (even though pissed off). And you’re lucky he only glares – I’ve known cats who “punish” their owners more severely, eg by dumping on the carpet 🙂

  34. Habbakuk, Yeah, it sounds like you’re threatening to snitch on Nevermind. Of course you won’t, you can’t. But you know full well your question is loaded. You are on as much of a weird inescapable righteous mission as anyone else here. You and Macky – you love each other.

    Squonk/Clark, if you get chance please remind Murray I would like to take up his offer of having the donation I gave him returned.

    See you all later.

  35. @ Phil, Fuji-san

    How on earth can what I wrote be a “shocking attack” (or an attack of any sort) and what’s “snitching” got to do with it?

    It can only be a “shocking attack” if you think that there’s something dodgy about Nevermind’s views and that it would be wiser to keep them from the general public, including his electors.

    As for “snitching”, I should have thought that the electors had a right to know Nevermind’s views going beyond the strictly parochial. Should he not have the guts to stand by them in public?

    I note that he takes the time to go online to insult me on behalf of his friend MacLiar but declines to answer my democratic question, posed in the interests of openness and transparency.

  36. Think the pre-emptive attack on North Korea after the Winter Olympics will wake you guys up.

    Will put my message in a bottle on the beach at Eluethera in case the nuclear smoke clears, and survivors wonder whose left.

  37. T: “Think the pre-emptive attack on North Korea after the Winter Olympics will wake you guys up.

    “After” spans a very long time, Trow. Would you care to specify a more narrow timeframe, so we’ll appreciate your awesome predictive powers when it happens? As it is, we could literally wait forever and you’d still claim you weren’t wrong.

  38. After Kim is dictated to nuclear disarm as a precondition for serious negotiations, and he refuses. It’s just a questions of how long Washington is willing to carry it out. Probably by the end of the month.

    Is the shooting at NSA’s entrance evidence of what is going on, and an insider’s objections?

  39. Certainly looks like payback by NSA for the North Koreans settling more scores with Washington, like its WannaCry hacking. Wonder if the guy killed was a North Korean defector from NSA’s Special Collection Service which madman William King Harvey helped set up set up to bribe opponents to become sources or to hack into them.

    Notice that where my articles about such practices were discussed many times is not available now though my entries on google have increased by 37,000plus.

    The looney American counterterrorists are treating it as a local drug deal gone wrong, though with no reliable info about the two men involved dressed like women.

    The media is discussing it as little as possible.

  40. Thanks for your interest in a democratic discourse unusually alien to you.
    I have done and always will justify my views to voters were appropriate, despite their previous low level of political understanding and or knowledge of the system they live in. Should I ever bother to stand again in an unrepentantly unfair and disproportional election that only ever serves cheats, I shall invite you to stand up, give your real name…. and say what you wish to say.

    Or alternatively you could try and come on the local radio with me Habbakuk, next time Norfolk issues are chewed over, except they don’t accept irrational, anonymous twerps with a penchant to divert and disrupt.

    Thing is, you have to speak English on radio, furbish will not do, however one likes to hark back to one’s youthful discourse with other Furbies.

  41. See that CM addling to his nonsense by making out that a MI6 plot, headed by former Director Sir John Scarlett, is responsible for Julian Assange’s continuing problems when Assange is, starting with causing the vicious murders of Gareth Williams and his supporters for failing to redact his Afghan File before publication in the main media, and Scarlett should be attacked for helping arrange the non-nuclear attack on the Soviet Bloc and Union at Olof Palme’s expense, the cover up of the Lockerbie tragedy, and helping arrange the pre-emptive attack on Saddam Hussein’s regime as Chairman of the JIC which set the precedent for getting rid of Kim Jong-Un’s.

    Murray is an establishment flunkey.

  42. Trow: so much error proceeds from assumptions about A ssange and when you have so much invested emotionally in an individual it’s difficult to adapt. Trump supporters have this in spades but they have yo face their own errata as well.

  43. Thanks, Ben, for the sanity on this thread.

    But I certainly would change my mind about some theory if it was increasingly shown to be based on growing false assumptions.

  44. Attachment is the issue..emotional pathways are difficult to redirect and Will is a factor. I guess our American Neanderthal heritage is to blame.

  45. Craig reminds me of the Israelites 40 years in wilderness eating manna. They complained so much YAHWEH told Moses he was going to replace them with others raised from rocks…”They are a stiff-necked People”

    Craig is similarly intransigent.

  46. Think we have too littlle Neanderthal left in us with our vocal, warlike abilities to fail to stop massacres, and FBI Director Chris Wray similarly mouthing off about Chinese professors and students with visas spying on America without mentioning poor Yingying Zhang, an agronomist who came to the University of Illinois to study cost effectiveness in its management back home was brutally murdered by Brendt Christensen, and is facing a first degree murder charge though her body still remains to be found.

    Is the Bureau behind this senseless killing, like that massacre in Florida?

  47. Just finished 8 part docudrama on UNABOMBER-netflix

    Changed my perspective..FBI has changed little except for PR.

  48. Where did the sub-human creators of MK ULTRA originate? It boggles the mind such could still exist.

  49. Ben, things were changing so fast at that time, people and governments did crazy, insanely ambitious things. The aftermath of WWII, the first guided missiles, atomic bombs, and the unprecedented advance rate of technology made everyone think that some government would find the means to take over the whole world. The attitude was “whatever it is, no matter how unthinkable, we’d better do it first rather than be beaten to it by an enemy“.

    Thankfully, diplomatic initiatives became equally ambitious. The UN is far from perfect, but it’s the UNSC Veto that has saved us from nuclear war for seventy years.

    It’s a shame that the Trump/Clinton election provoked such animosity when the underlying problems are the two-party system and the neoliberal / neoconservative consensus.

    Ben, you wrote: “so much error proceeds from assumptions about Assange” – what sort of error are you thinking of?

  50. Just lost a post about MK-U:TRA, and the Unabomber. Ben, you really should absorb everything in John Marks book, connecting the obvious dots, for its authors, and realize that the Unabomber became the Bureau’s convenient catchall for crimes it couldln’t solve.

  51. Clark: I don’t want to repeat ad infinitum, my issues wrt Assange/Putin worshipful praise amongst many UK left. It’s quite upsetting.

  52. There are a bunch who are overly complimentary towards Putin and/or the narratives promoted by Russia. There are some everywhere; plenty in the UK, and plenty in the US. I don’t consider them really of the Left. Rather, they seem to be reacting rather simplistically against the mainstream media narrative and the neocon / neolib status quo. Most of them seem rather credulous about assorted conspiracy theories.

    But I don’t count Assange among them.

  53. Yes we’ve discussed that before Clark and Assange, to me is an open question wrt Putin admiration

  54. Ben, the more mature of the US Democrats should take responsibility; loudly and publicly. Blaming Putin, Assange or anyone else just looks lame; like outdated for-or-against-us manipulation from the party core, and sour grapes from the Democrat voters.

    It was known before the election that Clinton was the only candidate who could lose to Trump. Everyone could see the momentum growing behind Sanders; with solid party backing his popularity would have soared, but instead he was sabotaged. Predictably, sabotaging a Left-wing candidate lost the party a lot of trust. The difference in the UK is that Corbyn won, due to the membership influx and despite the neocon/neolib Blairites.

  55. I think that MK-UlTRA is the culmination of a pervasive process which we are stuck with, and have no real idea of how to get rid of it because American society from its institutions and leaders was geared to figuring out how to get rid of troublesome problems, leaders and regimes by violence and get sway with it whether through poisons, hypnosis and drugs to weather modification and earthquakes.

    In reading The Search for the ‘Manchurian Candidate’, it is just amazing what institutions of higher learning and prominent scientists are involved. The Ivy League universities and their prominient professors across the curriculum have much to answer for. People like Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and his CIA followers and places like Harvard are just the tip of the deadly iceberg.

  56. Same bullsh’t, same superior smell Clark.

    Why do I even attempt to communicate with you? You are dismissive of my opinions while playing emotional hostage: apparently to yourself. You and Craig are two beans from a single pod. Grow a stalk and climb to the heights of your superior notions of your less-than worthy selves.

  57. Ben, don’t be daft. Did Bush and Bush get to be President because of ‘Russian agents’? Reagan? Trump is just one more in a line of idiots. What you need to account for isn’t Wikileaks or Assange; it’s why half the electorate vote Republican at all.

    Sorry for my arrogance, but I’ve only recently recognised conspiracy theories for what they really are. I’ll get over it. Meanwhile, face the fact that at most Wikileaks merely tipped a balance, and we’ll never even know by how much. And bear in mind that it isn’t just the US that has lurched to the Right (accompanied by an upsurge in the Left); it’s global.

  58. The continuing failure of gun control in America is a testament to MK-ULTRA’s legacy – i.e., society can be made predictable and perfected by making mental health. Trump s a living example of mind control.

  59. Think you are being a bit daft yourself, Clark. All were different.

    Reagan stole the 1980 election by making the ‘October Surprise’ with Iran, Poppy Bush stole it by covering up Iran-Contra and mounting a Gulf War. Junior stole the election by rigging the Florida recount, and Trump stole the last one by making out that the Russians could even prove that Hillary was a criminal, particularly a drugged pedophile of female minors.

    Conspiracy theories are like other theories. They are likely proven or disproven. And the left is pretty pathetic these days,

  60. World’s weather has completely lost the plot! Click either chart for larger version.

    Sudden Stratospheric Warming , record low sea ice in Arctic and Antarctic for the time of year, Polar Vortex split and now the possibility of a spectacularly cold start to March in the UK with a Siberian blast.

    Just coming into the end of Euro model forecast run. Not all models agree at this point but is is a potential solution. There is the potential for most of March to be cold with a lot of snow and ice throughout the UK. Or it could just be wet and windy like normal 🙂

  61. Hi Ben. Weather has woken me up!

    And now here’s the pool of cold air the easterly can tap into… This one’s in Fahrenheit for you Ben 🙂

  62. Ben, my immediate impression is that this stinks. From the Foreign Policy article:

    “The Russian cache was eventually quietly published online elsewhere, to almost no attention or scrutiny”

    What?! The Western media has been frantic to demonise Putin, so why this sudden turn around? And Assange is well aware that the same media have been very keen to portray Wikileaks as a Putin asset, so maybe he smelled a rat.

    I don’t know what’s going on, but something here clearly doesn’t add up. Let’s see if Wikileaks issue a response. Meanwhile, the original Foreign Policy article was by Jenna McLaughlin. I’d recommend looking through her other articles to assess the slant of her reporting; sorry, but I’m not going to have time:

    The original Foreign Policy article mentions some other interesting and apparently contradictory matters; it is here:

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ll bear it in mind, but so far it doesn’t make sense; we must be lacking some piece of the puzzle.

  63. Anyone feel the earthquake?

    Magnitude mb 4.7
    Date time 2018-02-17 14:31:05.6 UTC
    Location 51.66 N ; 3.82 W
    Depth 10 km
    Distances 249 km SE of Dublin, Ireland / pop: 1,025,000 / local time: 14:31:05.6 2018-02-17
    49 km NW of Cardiff, United Kingdom / pop: 303,000 / local time: 14:31:05.6 2018-02-17
    10 km NE of Swansea, United Kingdom / pop: 171,000 / local time: 14:31:05.6 2018-02-17
    1 km W of Neath, United Kingdom / pop: 46,200 / local time: 14:31:05.6 2018-02-17

  64. I saw in the Guardian that a dozen or so people have been charged with interfering with the US Presidential election on behalf of Russia, though most of it didn’t seem to be secret (some of it was blatant publicity stunts), and none of it apparently involved Wikileaks.

  65. Check in Vice over the next few days for “End Deportations in Chelmsford”; apparently Vice had a news crew at an event I attended today, at the Chelmsford Quakers’ Meeting House.

  66. It’s really nice and spring-like here today; warm enough to cut wood without heavy clothing, insects buzzing about, buds opening – I have the windows open, and there’s a honey bee exploring my living room; there are a colony of them living in my roof. It’d be a shame if spring gets started and everything starts blooming only for a cold blast from Siberia to freeze everything again; it makes for a straggly summer.

  67. Met Office mid to long range forecasts now turning cold

    UK Outlook for Friday 23 Feb 2018 to Sunday 4 Mar 2018:

    …Temperatures will turn colder for most with wind from the east or northeast, possibly brisk in SE England. The cold weather will be mainly dry initially with a chance of snow flurries in the east and southeast. Heading into the following week, there is an increased chance of snow for many, especially in the south and east. Although the location and timing of any snowfall remains uncertain…

    UK Outlook for Monday 5 Mar 2018 to Monday 19 Mar 2018:

    At the start of this period it is likely to stay cold for most with widespread overnight frost. There will be a greater chance than usual of mainly easterly winds originating from continental Europe, which could bring very cold weather at times and the potential for some snowfall, especially in eastern and southern parts. Unusually, it will probably be driest in the northwest.

    Simple description of Sudden Strat Warming video with Tomasz Schafernaker

    You may have heard references to a weather phenomenon called ‘sudden stratospheric warming’. Referring to an abrupt jump in temperatures high up in the stratosphere, it can sometimes prompt a cold, wintry spell.

    Tomasz Schafernaker explains how this sudden warming can, at times, result in unusual weather patterns.

    Clark – it looks like it will start to cool down middle to end of next week for you with the real cold arriving over the weekend and into the following week. The cold is forecast to remain to the end of the major mode runs but that’s well outside their reliable timeframes.

  68. Blimey! Margaretting, just south from Chelmsford, is the nearest marked place to mine. As low as -5 and a centimetre of snow!

  69. Squonk, can you post the projected wind speeds please? This is a draughty old house. I might splash out on a roll of gaffer tape for the window frames. I don’t usually bother if I’ve got past January; I should have done it in November.

  70. Clark: My apologies for unloading all my offal on you. But it is probably best if we stick to weather and such.

    Mueller has reinstalled a sense of logic and purpose in my mind for the investigation. Personally I think Trump could be incompetent to stand trial. But many American/others are culpable as enablers and I would love to see them share his fate.

  71. Ben, no problem; you’re entirely justified in being appalled and furious that Trump got elected.

    But have a heart for poor Julian, who was utterly fucked whichever way that election fell; and who the supposedly progressive media turned against years ago. I was explaining it all to a couple of good-hearted Guardian readers just yesterday evening; they had never heard the names Ardin or Wilen, had no idea about Ny or Borgstrom, hadn’t heard of the deleted CPS e-mails… Nothing. Good old Guardian, eh?

  72. Clark February 18, 2018 at 1:41 pm

    The season seems to be moving that way…… I drove the car to England Centre Parcs… Me and Listeningwater went as guests..Fucking place is a Nightmare…

    Last time i tried to go on the mountains..i had to turn back.. The snow was Hypnotizing me –

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