1,512 thoughts on “General Discussion – 2

  1. So in the UK the dominant virus is no longer vanilla Omicron (BA.1) with BA.1.1 likely having crossed the 50% of samples in the last few days. The defining mutation of BA.1.1 is R346K in the spike which is thought to further escape prior immunity. But if that wasn’t enough we’ve now got even weirder Omicron BA.2 seemingly growing even faster than BA.1.1 and likely at over 10% of current UK sequences based on rate of growth from backdated sequencing.

    Nobody seems quite sure about the specific advantages BA.2, which differs in many mutations from BA.1, has just yet but it is already the dominant strain in Denmark.

    So to sum up UK we’ve apparently got a declining BA.1 wave and simultaneous growing waves of BA.1.1 and BA.2 – BA.1.1 has the head start but BA.2 is catching up fast.

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