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  1. I thought that Squonk had had more than enough of Clark and Glenn on the old thread.

    Getting ahead with changing the name of Fort Rucker, Confederate Army colonel rebel. to my father.

  2. Good evening all… hope everyone is well.

    RIP Michael Brooks

  3. Joe Biden is about to select Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate as he is to select me.

    She is a former District Attorney of San Francisco who might still be interested in what happened to FBI agent Steve Ivens when President Obama passed through Burbank on an election junket aka an assassination set-up which involved its Russian counsel and helped keep Biden on the ticket.

    He will probably select Susan Rice who knows where his bodies are buried, and will keep it that way.

  4. Squonk, my above comment posted really fast, but on enabling Javascript to get the edit function the page took nearly a minute to reload.

    Could it be that the Recent Comments plug-in has to interrogate the old General Discussion Thread database entries?

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  6. Some here might find this interesting: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000l7pn

    Dr Fozia Hayat investigates the dangers of fake news and finds out what can be done to end reports which leave people fearful of coming to hospitals even when they’re seriously ill

    Heard it live yesterday. It includes an interview with some freak who works for the “defence” industry and runs a blog, and he explains how Covid-19 is activated by 5G which produces coagulants and so on. The doctor questions him and gets predictably nowhere. It serves to highlight the utter futility of trying to engage in a rational conversation with these denialists.

    Even more worryingly, people from the more ethnicky part of the community are disinclined to visit hospitals at all. One was brought in at deaths’ door and died very soon afterwards. The family accused the hospital of putting the patient to death with a lethal injection.

    A wise old hill-billy from West Virginia once pointed out to me that it’s impossible to reason a person out of a position, if they didn’t reason themselves into it in the first place.

  7. I think this is generally true because people rarely reason themselves about anything because they just accept a given, dubious position at the outset without thinking.

    This is illustrated by the pervasive use of treated waste water even for drinking in one way or another, causing the pandemic world wide which will stop when everyone develops an immunity to it or dies unless a vaccine is provided.

    Here in Connecticut 90% of the cases occur in populations doing so, and the rest happen because of not observing obvious precautions.

    The cure for the dilemma is just too expensive and socially upsetting to think about.

  8. Think Sir Angus Deaton getting the Nobel Prize for Economics is just an illustration of the problem. Who would expect a person with those credentials getting a prize for stating what’s wrong with the American medical system rather than a prominent doctor?

    Doctors should be committed to achieving general health no matter what the cost, and economists with capitalism’s concerns of wiil it work and sell. One cannot replace the other.

  9. Wonder if anti-Putin critic Anna Politskovskaya committed suicide in a Moscow elevator because the poor soul had just lost her husband Alexander, becoming a Russophobe icon thanks to the Washington Post – what so convinced Ivan Safronov that the Kremlin had assassinated his father that he became a spy for Washington.

  10. OK, I enabled Javascript for squonk.tk upon which NoScript reloaded the page, and I estimate it took just over thirty seconds before page load was complete.

    If my hunch above is right, with this comment the Latest Comments plug-in shouldn’t have to access the old General Discussion Thread section of the database, so page load should complete much faster. Let’s see; I’ll time it with Android’s stopwatch this time.

    Edit: Nope, much the same as before; page posts quickly and the top part displays, but then takes just over 30 seconds for page load to complete.

    Trowbridge, at the risk of igniting a flame war, why do you keep posting that covid-19 is transmitted by waste water?

  11. Because in medical research, especially the cause of a pandemic, drinking water 99.70 % safe isn’t good enough, as the virus could be in the missing .30%. Social science writes off such small quantities while they may be crucial in looking for the cause of a pandemic.

  12. I have a question / thought experiment.

    It could be that us humans are psychologically incapable of overcoming our tendency to competition, over-consumption, over-production and the consequent degradation or even complete destruction of the current ecosphere.

    Could nuclear war be the best “option” in this circumstance? Best for humans or best for the ecosphere, and is there a difference? What proportion of the nuclear arsenal, and how soon? Can global warming be offset against a move towards nuclear winter?

  13. In Connecticut, around 4,700 of the 4,900 people who have died from drinking treated waste water.

    Just a curious coincidence or the cause?

  14. It means almost 100% safe.

    Statements from the WHO about not having found the virus in treated water, and water claims about what common cleaning processes should do or inactivate are hardly adequate answers.

  15. What prompted you to focus on waste water treatment, and where is the 99.7% figure from and what does it represent?

    I don’t understand your first sentence at 22:33; it seems incomplete.

  16. Don’t understand the 22.33 sentence either as I don’t remember it and cannot find it. Did you invent it Clark?

    Not going to join your Flame War, Clark.

  17. Trowbridge, it says:

    “In Connecticut, around 4,700 of the 4,900 people who have died from drinking treated waste water.”

  18. Trowbridge, the best I can make of it is imagining a comma between “drinking” and “treated”, making it something like:

    “in Connecticut, of the 4,900 people who have died of alcoholism, 4,700 had either worked in waste water treatment plants or had treated waste water in their spare time.” But I’m almost certain that’s not what you meant.

    Ben, is this my Asperger’s showing itself again? If I’m missing something obvious please translate, because I’m completely stymied by there being two fatality figures in the sentence, 4,900 and 4,700, but only one condition; “drinking treated waste water”, leaving me with something like “what’s the difference between a duck?”, and hoping it’s not me that’s going mad.

  19. Fred: – Climate Change — Anatomy of a myth – Potholer 54 (a conservative):


    Atmospheric particulates caused global dimming lowering the global temperature, but by far, most scientific papers predicted that global warming due to greenhouse gases would be more significant in the longer term.

    “Fishy”? Your White Simon Webb seems to have a lot about Blacks and their history. I wonder if he gets that from Readers’ Digest too.

  20. I see what your problem is.

    Connecticut has eight counties, and 95% of the deaths occurred in the four counties with the nine treatment plants.

    How can you explain the one-sided distribution of the deaths without blaming the treated sewage?

  21. ‘“Fishy”? Your White Simon Webb seems to have a lot about Blacks and their history.’

    Simon Webb is a historian and an author, he has a lot to say about many things. He has written books about slavery both white and black he will have researched both most thoroughly I expect. He has written books on the history of Britain including the suffragette movement and British concentration camps during the Boar war.

    Waterstones has three pages of books he has written on a wide range of subjects.


    Why do you call him “white Simon Webb” and why do you single out what he says about blacks and ignore what he says about everyone else? You aren’t calling him a racist because you don’t like what he says about climate change are you?

  22. Well what he said about climate science was as crap as the sources he drew it from. And over half of his talks look to be about Blacks. I watched one; it was crap.

  23. “How can you explain the one-sided distribution of the deaths without blaming the treated sewage?”

    My immediate guess would be population density. The counties with the highest population densities will have less water per person and therefore be more reliant on water treatment. And covid-19 spreads faster in higher population density. Probably also there are just lots more people in those four counties than the others. But that’s all just guesswork.

    If covid-19 were transmitting primarily through the water supply, social distancing and restrictions wouldn’t be so effective in arresting its rise.

  24. “We Thought It Was Just a Respiratory Virus: We were wrong”
    – UCSF Magazine (University of California San Francisco, Summer 2020)


    Especially for Node / Buster / Knowed / For Christ’s Sake Keep my Real Name Secret from the Elite’s Truth Suppression Liquidators / Only Joking:

    S. Andrew Josephson, MD, the Francheschi-Mitchell Professor, chair of UCSF’s neurology department, and a member of the Weill Institute for Neurosciences. “If the prevalence of infection is high, then almost any condition – a broken leg, if you will – you might conclude is associated with COVID-19.”

    – “As clinicians, we want to get information to our medical community and to the public as quickly as possible,” Josephson says, “but we have to be cautious about not making too big a deal of a little blip.”

  25. Population density shows that water is the source and transmitter of the virus, as air is generally most plentiful while water is rationed in all kinds of ways because of human use of it often wasteful ways.

  26. I’ve been looking at some write-ups of Simon Webb’s books; they look much better than the two YouTube videos I watched, so much so that it seems like a different person.

  27. Get a grip on yourself,Clark!

    Your link doesn’t work, and you have an unknowable answer to apparent conclusion

    Here is an interesting answer to a serious question.

    Why does Dr.Anthony Fauci say that the pandemic will never end?.Because it will only become less important when we all are immune to it or are made so. We will never kill it off because we are not attacking it, only protecting ourselves from it.

    The tens of thousands of wastewater plants will still be cranking it out someway.

  28. We know so little of the Virus and since we do know it survives the digestive tract and present in feces, its not a stretch it could survive in treated effluent becoming drink water.

    I don’t discount the possibility

  29. There’s a simple way of finding out whether it’s in drinking water or not. Test it.

    Anyone found a positive test from drinking water yet? Thought not.

  30. Here’s something that is interesting, though – pool testing.

    You take samples from ten people. Mix a component of each sample together, and test that. If it’s negative, then you know all ten people are clear. If it’s positive, you need to test each individual. At worst you will waste one test, at best you save nine.

    You can also take samples from 100 people and divide them into a grid, 10×10. Take 10 pool samples along the X-axis labelled 1-10, and another 10 across the Y-axis labeled A-J. When you find a positive on the X or Y, look along the X and Y coordinates to identify the suspect case.

    This works best when the likelihood of positive tests are low, and the dangers of a false negative is not critical (such as in a nursing home).

  31. Pool testing is a clever method for making limited testing facilities go further. I saw an article referring to its use in Ghana. I thought of using a binary test scheme; the grid array is better, and reminds me of Reed-Solomon error detection and correction, which is also very clever.

  32. I don’t discount covid-19 cross infection through water treatment, but really, what are the chances that all of the world’s water authorities and water companies have neglected to check whether standard water treatment destroys the virus? That all of the world’s health authorities and institutions have overlooked this possibility? That none of the world’s epidemiologists have noticed that outbreak patterns follow the water supply maps?

    But this is just something Trowbridge made up, and then pushed for weeks until I was foolish enough to mention it. Only Trowbridge knows why, and I’ll bet he won’t say; conspiracy theorists never do.

    Why do we tolerate this? The irony of the human condition is stunning. Human ingenuity develops something as fantastic as the Internet; search any subject, all the world’s knowledge available at everyone’s fingertips, like sci-fi, something I could only dream of when I was young. And it gives every human the ability to publish at no cost, breaking the stranglehold of the established gatekeepers, so what do we do with it? Inundate it with bullshit!

    The Internet Slum by John Walker:


    I dropped out of my physics degree partly because, at the end of my first year, a list was posted of all the graduates and the jobs they’d been offered, and about 85% of them were off to work with companies making and/or developing weaponry. The US military developed the Internet and GPS. Some of my fellow students participated in that.

  33. He didn’t just make it up. He surmised based on the same incompetence or reckless disregard utilized by our Betters

    Is there evidence of covid testing of community water supplies?

    One would assume they test just out of a sense of caution but I think Trow would suggest the assumption makes one an ass.

  34. Until the glut in labs declines there is almost no reason to seek it without symptoms

    My clinic requires a test no more than 5 days before an appointment.

    However, the average test result is 10 days after., meaning that if negative then, you could be infected anew.

  35. Thanks to all European Leftists for their philosophical/political pushback on SHRUMP!!

    A damning documentary about Donald Trump that the US president “doesn’t want you to see” is getting released worldwide.

    Having been held back by legal threats from the Trump Organisation for the past four years, You’ve Been Trumped Too has been picked up for release, and will arrive less than three months before the 2020 US election.

    The documentary explores the “deeply troubling” confrontation between Trump and 96-year-old Scottish widow Molly Forbes half a decade after it’s discovered that the president’s workers shut off her family’s water supply while constructing a luxury golf resort near

    While investigating the case, director Anthony Baxter was arrested and put in jail, but the charges against him were thrown out. Police were then forced to issue him an apology.

    In a recent piece for The Guardian, Baxter described the release as “an important landmark for freedom of speech, independent filmmaking, and, most importantly, the accountability of the rich and powerful”.

  36. B: “One would assume they test just out of a sense of caution but I think Trow would suggest the assumption makes one an ass.

    Rather, the assumption that nobody thought about it makes one an ass.

    If someone (say Ben or Trow) took it seriously even for a moment, they could do a couple of searches: “Coronavirus in drinking water” for instance.

    Hot dang – someone has thought about it before, and public statements on the subject have been issued. Fancy that! Imagining that a few tests had been done – and continue to be done – is not that much of a stretch. Any shrieks of horror when positive tests on drinking water follow? Nope.

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