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  1. “Indeed Brian… 76 years, who cares or remembers anymore?”

    The Quaker Meeting I sometimes attend remembers Hiroshima Day each year.

    But it is very true that there are some who try to obscure such history:


    Australian artist Gabriella Hirst said: “We were given a 48-hour ultimatum to remove the work before the council would intervene to censor the “offending” plaque, also promising to subject the work and associated arts communities to a national media campaign that would frame the work as ‘a direct far left-wing attack on our History, our People and our Democratically Elected Government’.

    – “An English Garden aimed to hold space for contemplation of British colonial legacy – an unavoidably complicated legacy which contains such seeming opposites as rose gardens and enduring nuclear violence. I am dismayed that this space has been shut down by those who wish to protect a white-washed, nationalist version of history.”

    See also:


  2. Fred/Anon – “You [Squonk] told me to”Shut the fuck up and get off my blog you pathetic old man.” for quoting, verbatim, an article published on the web site of Columbia University.”

    1) Imputation of motive. Fred/Anon picks one thing he did during his ongoing campaign, and defines it as Squonk’s motivation.

    2) Deceptiveness; misrepresenting an internal, informal discussion of misleading commentary which occurred at an academic institution, as academic condemnation of prof. Ferguson.

    “…strangely Clark did not ask if you considered your statement to be honest.”

    Fred’s first comment as Anon indicated that Squonk had placed comments from Fred under premod. Fred’s long-standing apparent obsession with trivialising the dangers from SARS-CoV-2 suggested to me that all his subsequent comments had also been either misleading about covid, or subtly aggressive towards other commenters, and therefore had not been approved.

    “I see Pfizer first quarter profits were $14.6 billion up 45% on 2020.”

    Conspiracy theory: “Pfizer have a motive, therefore the pandemic is mostly a hoax”.

    But this is capitalism’s normal way of things; a building burns down, and then large profits are made rebuilding the site. This is not evidence that the construction companies committed arson, and far less that the fire was a hoax. Yet Fred/Anon frequently defends capitalism.

    3) Hypocrisy. Fred/Anon claims that covid legislation is intended to remove civil liberties. Yet when I exercised my civil right to protest against the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, which is not temporary covid legislation and does indeed threaten civil liberties, Fred/Anon criticised me as a dupe of a conspiracy designed to manufacture consent for loss of civil liberties. For participating in the democratic process by joining the Labour Party to support Jeremy Corbyn, Fred/Anon described me as a Marxist. Fred/Anon claims to not be anti-vaccination, yet has no criticism of the antivax protestors, and indeed suggests they should “go after the government”.

    The sort of discussion that Fred/Anon strives to provoke is unproductive. It is all heat and no light.

  3. I did not see you on first sweep, Brian

    I’d have said Howdy at Craigs if I weren’t moderated…losing immediacy and being effectively shut off

  4. Ben,

    Everyone is being moderated at Craig’s blog while he is in prison. Also the case here for the moment though that should be relaxed at some point.

  5. There’s an update from Nadira Murray on their first visit to see Craig in prison.

    Also at https://craigmurrayjustice.org.uk/

  6. Ben,

    Re: Craig in moderated comment

    I’m shocked and somewhat scared by what happened to Craig and I’d rather not test limits. Sorry.

  7. Ben

    On this blog this morning I see two stories. One which says “you can’t trust your government, you can’t trust your legal system, it’s a conspiracy” and one which says “trust your government, trust the scientists, there are no conspiracies”.

    I will continue to tell it as I see it and allow others to tell it as they see it and if you see anything bad about that that is your problem.

  8. ” But yes encouraging the confused to think their salvation lies to the extreme right is an intentional strategy of fascism.”

    During the war people in this country fought against fascism, people put their lives on the line, went out in the morning not knowing if they would return in the fight against fascism. Ask them what they were fighting for and they wouldn’t say they were fighting against fascism, they would tell you they were fighting for freedom. They saw not living in a totalitarian police state as something worth risking their lives for.

  9. Fred; culling the herd of humanity seems counter-productive to retaining power. Self interest is enough motivation for saving lives as best they can.

    If conspiracies are the main course, you should look at your gun laws.

    People should not fear their government, unless they have been gelded.

  10. C: “1) Imputation of motive. Fred/Anon picks one thing he did during his ongoing campaign, and defines it as Squonk’s motivation.”

    Standard procedure for Lyin’ Fred.

    Look just one page back. Fred asserts – without qualification – that if you’re vaccinated, then the behaviour of another has no effect on you. I made a pretty reasonable case with a number of points that this simply isn’t true (starting with the obvious fact that no vaccine is 100% proof against infection).

    What does Lyin’ Fred do? Takes just one point. And then dismisses it with lies.

    Liars lie, Clark. Dishonest people – particularly those with a long track record – behave dishonestly. Why does the consistency of their behaviour surprise and upset you so much? Didn’t you ever catch that Charlie Brown comic strip, concerning Lucy and the football?

  11. I don’t fear the government Ben, I just don’t trust the government or the people who own them. Governments have changed a lot in my life time, they used to comprise of people who had lived in the real world serving the people now politicians enter politics when they leave school with intent to rule the people.

    What’s more worrying is the number of people who once wouldn’t have trusted a politician as far as they could throw them who have let the fear of a disease make them drop their guards and let civil liberties be eroded.

    George Orwell will be turning in his grave and so will George Carlin.

  12. That’s it, 20 years and many lives on and the Taliban are back in power.

    The big question is how did Bush get away with invading Afghanistan in the first place. The plan had existed for some time but there wasn’t the political will, invading a foreign country would have been political suicide before 9/11 scared the people of America shitless.

    Bush seized the opportunity and invaded two countries while the people were too scared to do anything then won a second term.

  13. “What’s more worrying is the number of people who once wouldn’t have trusted a politician as far as they could throw them who have let the fear of a disease make them drop their guards and let civil liberties be eroded.”

    What the fuck do you want us to do then? Anyone who does anything you accuse of being dupes of the same conspiracy. You want us to deny reality, pretend the disease is mostly a hoax? How the fuck is that meant to help?

  14. Fred/Anon, if you think “oh, covid just kills a load of old and sick people who were about to die anyway”, then I think that you haven’t understood the actual problem yet and you need to consider it more thoroughly.

  15. Fred/Anon, August 16, 9:58 am:

    “Governments have changed a lot in my life time, they used to comprise of people who had lived in the real world serving the people now politicians enter politics when they leave school with intent to rule the people.”

    I agree; it seems that way to me, too.

  16. Paraphrasing Fred/Anon August 16, 12:03 pm:

    “How did Bush get away with invading Afghanistan in the first place?
    – 9/11 scared the people of America shitless. “

    9/11 enabled the US to enact its invasion of Afghanistan as a NATO operation, under the NATO principle of “an attack upon any one member state will be treated as an attack upon all member states”. The US made Afghanistan the target under a narrative about al Qaeda, while covering up that really the attack had been commissioned by some of their own allies in Saudi Arabia, and almost certainly couldn’t have been carried out successfully without the long-standing and ongoing US-Saudi military cooperation programme.

    The opportunity Bush and the neocons seized was the fear felt by the powerful everywhere, that the political-economic system is so vulnerable to disruption that a display of power and example-making was needed. The torture programme ensued. The false confessions helped corrupt the evidence trail.

    It was backing from the powerful that the neocons needed primarily. Sufficient backing from the US electorate followed at subsequent elections, aided by appropriate corporate propaganda – there’s only ever a small percentage needs to be influenced between Republican and Democrat, and with support from so many other governments, neoconservatism could easily be made to look justified.

    “Political suicide” seems a rather loaded term; Bush and his neocon team would have continued being extremely powerful and wealthy had they lost the election, and they lost later anyway, and yet the policy still continues.

  17. Further to what Clark said, I trust Lyin’ Fred didn’t “let civil liberties be eroded.” Lyin’ Fred’s civil liberties are all intact, right? Because he wasn’t afraid of no stinking virus, and didn’t allow… oh wait, he’s subject to the same laws as everyone else?

    So what did HE do about it, which everyone else apparently failed to do?

    This utter BS is simply trolling.

    I like the way denialists pretend that Covid realists just let the government push them around like sheep. The government – ours, at least – didn’t want to do a damned thing about it, and would have been quite prepared to let millions die – millions of the unimportant sort, of course. As it is, we’ve probably lost 1/4 million.

    Johnson himself was such a denialist that he wanted Whitty to give him a dose of the virus on live TV, to show how harmless it was.

    Looks like Lyin’ Fred and denialists generally have a lot more in common with Johnson that do Covid realists.

  18. America Bad! is simplistic, Clark

    Pakistan created Taliban who hosted Al Qaida

    Khan gave Pakistan Nuke tech and now only India is a buffer to those Bastids.

    We should have invaded SA instead of Assghanistan where this bullshit is birthed.

    But then, oil…

  19. Ben, you guys with your guns; is that why the US government spends more on the military than the rest of the world put together, to protect themselves from you lot? Shame they keep using it on Afghanistan and suchlike.

  20. We spend a disproportionate amount of money on NATO , Clark

    Just one of the reasons Chamberlin is so loved

  21. And you say Fred is obstructive in his replies, Clark

    I have a Hell of a time getting direct responses from you

  22. Paranoia strikes deep
    Into your life it will creep
    It starts when you’re always afraid
    Step out of line, the man come and take you away

    “Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong”

  23. I don’t think I replied as such Ben; it just looked like it by coincidence. I’m petty sure I hadn’t seen other people’s preceding comments when I posted my 6.07pm. It was more a follow-up of your August 15, 4:58 pm.

  24. Ben, my complaint about NATO is that it’s mostly offensive these days. And as I said, that’s a massive uncounted subsidy to the western and Gulf Monarchy’s hydrocarbon companies. NATO should be helping to build new power grids across the world instead of blowing up other people’s.

  25. Glenn, August 15, 4:58 pm – My virus avoidance behaviours had very little to do with government laws; I used the rules mostly for crafting the right excuse in case I needed one. But I avoided the virus much more stringently than required by law. I feel sorry for the people in towns though.

  26. Certainly I agree politicians will take as much advantage they can because that’s what they do. The best way to get all special measures revoked is for the virus to no longer risk swamping the NHS. Scotland schools have just gone back and numbers were already creeping back up again. I don’t know where we will be in a couple of months but we will find out soon enough.

  27. What “guard” is that Fred/Anon? Pretending the pandemic doesn’t exist or doesn’t matter? How does that help, exactly?

    Still, I know you have more sense than to go out and protest about it or engage in civil disobedience; that would just play into their hands, wouldn’t it; give them the excuse to take away whatever’s left. All our civil rights were generously bestowed upon us by the benevolence of capitalism, weren’t they? So just sit tight at home or, even better, at the most crowded least ventilated pub you can find (to show how indefatigable you are) and they’ll give them all back soon enough, right?

  28. Anon / LF: “Some Scots Covid powers ‘could be made permanent’

    Just because someone takes advantage of a situation, to gain power or money for example, it doesn’t mean that situation is therefore a hoax / everyone accepting it are sheeple / and the situation is clearly not anything to be concerned about.

    What is it with you denialists/ conspiracy nuts that you can’t understand this simple point?

    I’ve heard denialist nutcases crowing about the fact there may be booster shots required, possible restrictions to come, vaccine passports and so on – offering this as “proof” that Covid was a hoax from the start. Why? Because they _knew_ this was coming at some point. (All the things they also “knew” but didn’t pan out are conveniently forgotten, of course)

    Denialists apparently consider critical thinking to be a government plot too, and therefore avoid it at all costs. But here’s the Big Secret: It’s all a double bluff! The government doesn’t want anyone to know about critical thinking, and here’s a top secret website providing info on it:


    Learn it as fast as you can, denialists, and apply it to your nutty delusions before the government censors it!

  29. Fred,

    Much as I like George Carlin I can’t say I’ve ever had a fear of “germs”. I do have extreme caution about a mystery virus with mystery bits and a mysterious non-history that begins in a City with a biolab especially renowned for research on SARS-Cov-2’s closest known relatives.

    A virus with a super antigen site that shouldn’t be there.
    A disguise protein coating that mimics vital key human proteins meaning certain anti-bodies attack the host as well.
    The furin cleavage site for added cell penetration.
    The t-cell response downregulation features.
    A virus which computer modelling shows could still potentially improve its human cell entry mechanism perhaps 10 fold or more.

    There are labs presumably looking at these potential changes (secret or otherwise) and I hope they stay leak free…

  30. News out of Israel isn’t encouraging.


    Israel extends Covid restrictions to three-year-olds as cases surge

    Israel is now requiring anyone over the age of three to show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test before entering many indoor spaces, as it tackles a sharp rise in infections.

    Restaurants, cafes, museums, libraries, gyms and pools are among the venues covered by the “Green Pass” system.

    However, proof of immunity is not needed to go into shops or malls.

    The country’s Covid-19 tsar said it was “at war” with the virus despite its world-leading vaccination programme.

    “Our morbidity is rising day by day,” Salman Zarka told a parliamentary committee on Wednesday, according to the Jerusalem Post.

    The next two weeks leading up to the Jewish New Year festival of Rosh Hashanah on 6 September would be “critical”, he warned.

    If things did not improve, “we will get to a lockdown like the first and second ones, where we do not go farther than 100 meters from our houses”.

    Israel has seen a surge of infections driven by the more contagious Delta variant since late June.

    The health ministry reported some 7,870 new Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, which was slightly down on Monday’s six-month daily record of 8,752.

    More than 120 people have died after contracting the virus in the past week – double the monthly total recorded in July – and 600 people are in a serious or critical condition in hospital.


    Israeli coronavirus czar: We are at war, next two weeks will be critical

  31. AA; I think Fred’s reference to Carlin was his routine lambasting those who compulsively wash their hands, defeating immunity by closing off all germs.

    “You know when I wash my hands? When I shit on them.”

    Obviously, the greater pathogens should be avoided

  32. Our granddaughter is a registered nurse but wants to get pregnant. She feels the vax reduces fertility .

    How can you reason with the superstitious? Her FIL got COVID last October and at her December wedding he was maskless and as a Pastor, did not inform guests but carried on about how God told him people should continue in their lives

    He had a massive stroke in February and may not be connected. But how can you not pursue the question as a possibility.

    God may have punished him for a lack of Faith

  33. It’s really quite disturbing that much of the vax resistance stems from religious dogma

    It’s the Mark of the Wild Beast and related ignorance..

  34. He is recovering with therapies but no attitude change has been noted

    He’s in his mid-50s

  35. Ah sorry Ben I misunderstood and thought he had died.

    Ben maybe show her this article


    Pregnant women more likely to be hospitalised with Delta Covid variant

    New concerns have been raised about vaccine hesitancy among pregnant women, amid new research showing that the Delta variant is more likely than previous Covid variants to cause severe illness in the patient group.

    The study, which also revealed that 99% of pregnant women hospitalised with Covid were unvaccinated, has prompted England’s chief midwife to write to GP practices urging them to encourage expectant mothers to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

    The figures from the University of Oxford reveal that just four women were vaccinated out of the 742 admitted to hospitals with Covid since February, when the vaccine data collection started.

    Researchers say the lack of vaccinated women in hospital shows the jab is working. However, those behind the study noted ‘vaccine uptake is reported to be low compared to the general population’.

    Meanwhile, the new data – taken from the UK Obstetric Surveillance System – suggests the Delta variant is increasing the severity of illness for pregnant women.

    A total of 3,371 pregnant women have been admitted to hospital with symptomatic Covid-19 since the pandemic began, according to the new data.

    Analysis has revealed 45% of those admitted during the Delta variant phase experienced moderate or severe disease – far higher than the 36% during the Alpha variant period, or the 24% in the initial wave of the virus.

    …Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent, chief midwifery officer for England, said: ‘Vaccines save lives, and this is another stark reminder that the Covid-19 jab can keep you, your baby and your loved ones, safe and out of hospital.

    ‘Thanks to the planning, skill and dedication of hard-working staff the NHS Covid vaccination programme is the biggest in health service history and the most precise in Europe. But we need everyone to come forward and take up the evergreen offer of a jab which is why I am calling on pregnant women to take action to protect themselves and their babies and on my fellow midwives to ensure they have the information they need to do so.’

  36. I read about the high rate of Covid among unvaccinated pregnant women in the last Private Eye.

    It seems that if they think there’s a 1/100,000 chance that the vaccine will harm them (or the foetus), they won’t take it. But a 1/6 chance of Covid causing a serious problem? Well – that sounds like better odds.

    The idea that the vaccine causes infertility is sheer nonsense, based on zero evidence, but it’s a notion that’s certainly doing the rounds.

    PE’s MD said one in three pregnant woman with C-19 in England’s hospitals requires respiratory report, with 37% developing pneumonia and 15% winding up in intensive care.

    Yet the rumour about becoming infertile etc. holds sway. Shame people don’t go to the source of these rumours for treatment when they inevitably become ill.

  37. I had my second AstraZeneca jab yesterday. I got very warm in the evening and suspect my temperature was up, but I didn’t feel feverish this time. My shoulder is sore around the injection site today, and my head feels sort of ‘tight’, like I might get a headache later. Overall, like the first shot so far, but less so.

  38. My own reaction to the second shot was a bit different – quite tired that evening, and absolutely beat the next day. Upon waking (06.45), my first notion was of being incredibly tired. Cycling was hard work, and every time I stood up I felt like I was about to pass out. Light headed all day. OK the next day, though.

  39. Sqounk…Dude

    I’ll tell you this…You be Settled of mind

    If we have to, We Will come up that road… .

    I hear the Genesis are touring next year…Tangerine Dream in Feb

    Stay safe All

    Love from The Clyde

  40. Glenn, yes; I’ve been feeling fatigued. I slept eleven hours last night!

    Brian, I’d agree that Ben’s summary is considerably oversimplified. I don’t know how the Taliban arose, though I’d guess it developed from the Saudi religious-political schism:


    Al Qaida of course descended from the Mujahideen or “Afghan Arabs”; funded, armed and trained by the CIA as proxies to fight the USSR in Afghanistan.

  41. The Taliban originated in Afghanistan during the Russian occupation, the word means “student” in pashto. They soon had to move to Pakistan to escape the Russians which is where the CIA armed, trained and financed them to become a terrorist group to fight Russia in Afghanistan.

  42. Fred: I mildly chastised you for your debate style but you’re not the only worthy recipient here

  43. In the last three months as the Taliban swept across Afghanistan, the Pakistani military waved a surge of new fighters across the border from sanctuaries inside Pakistan, tribal leaders have said. It was a final coup de grace to the American-trained Afghan security forces.

    “The Pakistanis and the I.S.I. think they have won in Afghanistan,” said Robert L. Grenier, a former C.I.A. station chief in Pakistan. But, he warned, the Pakistanis should watch what they wish for. “If the Afghan Taliban become leaders of a pariah state, which is likely, Pakistan will find itself tethered to them.”

    Pakistan’s already shaky reputation in the West is likely to plummet now, as the Taliban take over Afghanistan. Calls to sanction Pakistan have already circulated on social media. Absent foreign financing, Pakistan faces reliance on a jihadist drug trade encouraged by the new rulers in Kabul. A Taliban-run state on its border will no doubt embolden Taliban and other Islamist militants in Pakistan itself.

    Not least, relations with the United States, already on the downslope, will unravel further. Aside from maintaining the stability of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, the Americans now have less incentive to deal with Pakistan.

    So the question for the Pakistanis is what will they do with the broken country that is their prize? Already Pakistan, along with Russia and China, is helping fill the space the Americans have vacated. The embassies of the three nations have remained open since the Taliban seized Kabul.

    Good luck to Russia, China and Pakistan on that.


  44. Ben,

    It is pretty much a mutation shitshow at the moment but there doesn’t seem to be any clear evidence that anything is out-competing delta and its substrains yet.

  45. In 2013, it was discovered that the nucleus of radium-224 is pear-shaped. This was the first discovery of an asymmetric nucleus.

  46. AA; I asked about new strains a week ago, and just today Fauci came out and said essentially the same thing

    Your name should be ‘Squostrodamus’ the minor

  47. Happy Star Trek Day!

  48. Congratulations Emma Raducanu. Very noticeable the racist twitter algorithm preventing “Raducanu” trending in the UK. We have to wonder why Tim Henman is trending first and click on that.

    Fascist cnuts are everywhere these days.

  49. This is honestly the most racist prevention of a word trending on twitter I have ever seen.

    Why cant “Raducanu” trend? No excuse a human hasn’t reviewed it by now.

  50. “Oh no that was just our algorithms” they cry. Ever wondered why your algorithms are racist or did the computer introduce that bias by magic?

  51. Virgina Wade
    Andy Murray
    Tim Henman

    are all in the UK twitter top 30 by name but not Emma Raducanu.

    Not because the name isn’t being tweeted – but because just part of the random trending censoring twitter does.

  52. Oh wonderful. Now #Raducando is trending but still not her actual name despite it likely the number 1 actual tweet. Proving random hashtags aren’t blocked on twitter but her real name is.

  53. Once upon a time you could phone up the BBC with a complaint and stand a chance of being escalated all the way up to the Duty Controller (very senior BBC management). Try phoning twitter (or the BBC) these days.

    Fuck it, try phoning the electric company. My meter has just recently decided to give me free electricity (no longer recording usage). I’ve made multiple attempts to report this but neither phone or web interface ever gets a response – dropping call while on indefinite hold. I guess if I press 1 or whatever for “Emergency, Electricty is Off” I might get to talk to a human but that would be a lie as my not being charged for electricity is definitely not an emergency.

  54. Yep 🙁

    Much sci-fi warned us about robots taking over, but for me only Terry Gilliam’s Brazil captured how utterly mundane the reality would turn out to be:

    “Thank you for calling Central Services, I’m sorry due to temporary staff shortages Central Services cannot take service calls centrally between twenty-three hundred and oh-nine hundred hours. Have a nice day, this has not been a recording.”


    Squonk, I can only suggest you submit your complaint to Twitter via a 27B/6.

  55. The story of the cover-up of the lab-leak hypothesis. Nicholas Wade in the Bulletin


    A Twitter thread from Alexandros Marinos on the same subject:


    From that link, certain investors were tipped off early:

    One more piece: Farrar had a call with a group of money managers Jan 31: “In the 20 or 30 years I’ve been involved in emerging infections, I’ve never seen anything that has been as fast or as rapidly moving and dynamic as this”

  56. Raducanu did finally trend on twitter in the UK – looks like someone eventually unblocked it. Even Tim Henman was embarrassed to be told on the live Amazon/Channel 4 coverage that his name was trending on twitter in the UK but not her name.

  57. My landline rings. I answer:
    “Hello, my name’s Chris, I’m an energy advisor working in your area,”
    “Ah, hello Chris, you hung up on me last week.”
    “Could you repeat that please?”
    “Yes. You hung up on me last week.”
    “Sorry about that. I expect that like most home owners in your area, you’ve taken advantage of the government scheme to have insulation installed in your loft?”
    “Actually, I don’t believe you’re human.”
    “Could you repeat that please?”
    “Yes. I don’t believe you’re human.”
    “Sorry about that. Good day to you.”
    Line drops.

    Robot. Very convincing though; I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t notice on the two previous occasions.

  58. It’s depressing to realise that the reason it was so convincing is that the people who work in call centres are made to behave like robots.

    – “No machine should do the work of a person, but equally, no person should do the work of a machine.”

    Was it Henry Ford who said something like that?

  59. George Galloway on his phone-in show correcting a caller:

    – “No, it’s the other way around. The US attacked Iraq because it didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. North Korea hasn’t been attacked because it does.”

    Power relations are pretty simple – those with big sticks will be treated nicely. From the Daily Beast link; “North Korea’s nuclear aspirations were demonstrated again on Sunday with boasts of successful tests of a new long-range cruise missile”. If I remember rightly, North Korea went from A-bomb to H-bomb in record time.

    Incidentally, isn’t North Korea’s plutonium-producing reactor an old British Magnox design?

  60. Ben,

    Probably Boris is desperate to do a trade deal with North Korea. Maybe wants them build us a few nuclear reactors before we run out of energy in the UK this winter.

  61. Indeed. Now the UK is out of the EU, it can no longer call upon European treaty obligations to supply the UK with energy like it did last time.

    This will be our first winter on our own.

  62. Ben,

    Your most recent comment vanished as I did a database restore from about half an hour before you made it. Sorry, wasn’t personal. Hadn’t realised there had been a new comment in the period since I had last checked. Anyway issue I was trying to fix may have been elsewhere – still looking into it.

  63. It was cloudflare


    Cloudflare System Status
    Blank Pages being displayed for some customers
    Identified – The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.
    Sep 14, 21:57 UTC
    Investigating – Cloudflare is aware of, and investigating an issue which potentially impacts multiple customers where a blank page is displayed. Further detail will be provided as more information becomes available.
    Sep 14, 21:51 UTC

  64. Ben, maybe the queen too a look at Britain under covid legislation, how we systematically killed off old people, denied them medical treatment, injecting the arms of children against the will of their parents for political reasons not medical and maybe she decided Britain and N. Korea aren’t all that different after all.

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