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ban-hammerI don’t plan on having many rules but this will likely get added to in time.

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Ignoring these rules is likely to have your comment deleted without warning. Persistent violation may result in you being banned from commenting on this blog.



31 thoughts on “Basic Squonk Blog Posting Etiquette

  1. Squonk, I want to stop the animation of the icon which appears on Firefox’s tab. I quite like it, it looks like text scrolling on and old-fashioned monitor, but I find it distracting out of the corner of my eye. Any suggestions?

  2. Squonk, Adblock doesn’t seem to know about favicon. Neither does Firefox’s Page Info. I can’t find it in the page source. Could you post its URL please?

  3. eh up Squonk, for some reason, the list of recent posts on the right accepts only the first version of one’s post, but not the edited revised version. See my last post re: ‘wear criminal’ and compare to the edited version on the respective blog, they don’t tally.

    just in case you got nothin’ else to do….:) sorry….

  4. Nevermind, it looks OK to me; here:

    ” The soon to be passing of this collossal rightwinger and war criminal might have a bearing on the planned massaker in Ghaza. “

    It’s probably something to do with caching.

  5. nevermind,

    Yes as Clark said, the W3 cache tells the browser it can treat previously fetched data as current for 10 minutes. However users with the comment form pre-filled, as they’ve posted before, should always be able to refresh (CTRL/R I find quickest) to get the latest version of the page.

    Let me know if you still see stale data

  6. Just too many threats against Pope Francis during his visit to the States, and too little to defend him with not to be worried about his safety.

    Two reforming Popes before him, the John Pauls, were targets of assassination, and this one has even more enemies.

    Most worried that some disgruntled priest or parishioner for some reason while he is under the protection of the Swiss Guards will kill him which will give all the neo-fascists, anti-communists and Russophobes a great opporunity to crow about whatever they abhor.

    Just recall when that Lone Wolf almost assassinated John Paul II.

  7. Zephyr, I just checked Tunander’s expanded version of The Secret War against Sweden not intended for publication for obvious reasons because he clearly shows that the submarine hunt in October 1982, and Olof Palme assassination in February 1986 were to get back at him for frustrating NATO’s action, especially those by the USA. He had read the Sontag and Drew bool before writing the 2000 version. though leaving out some of the actual details of what he was claiming for security reasons

    There were two or three sub, one a midget, damaged during NATO’s false flag operations during the fall of 1982. The attack subs must have included the Puffer, Bergall, Cavalla, Guitarro, and Parche. Think the Puffer may have been sunk because it received lived two Navy Unit Citations for one mission, most unprecedented treatment.

    If any of this was released in Sweden at the time, there would have been hell to pay.

  8. Has the trial of Brendt Christensen in Illinois for the cruel kidnapping and murder of the Chinese expert on efficient agronomy back home Yingying Zhang just become a pawn in the struggles between Beijing and Washington? While he was charged with the possible capital crime though her body has not been found, nothing has occurred since he was indicted back in October 2017.

    Is everything serious in the country just something for the mad POTUS to play with while the media just pontificates about what it knows, thinks about and is worried about?

  9. Now the trial of Christensen will start next April 2nd if we all are still around.

    I hope that bastard fries.

  10. Zephyr, wherever you are, think more than ever that the second USS Puffer was sunk during the 1982-3 operations in the Baltic against Sweden.

    Believe it was injured during the first attacks around there, but stuck around until it sunk the next year, resulting in the sub getting the 1983 NUC.

    The problem with the Wikipedia article about it is that it goes blank until the new Puffer is used for the Sean Connery film about Red October. That’s a gap of about seven years for a sub which was most active previously. Then there are the problems of getting any crew members together, and the small group photos which must have included members who got transferred elsewhere before the sub disappeared, usually turn out to be 404s. Can find nothing about Commander Habermeyer when the sub disappeared. Then there appears to be too much interest in acting as if there were not three Puffers over all by wanting to have reunions together for all who served on USS Puffers.

    Makes one want to know more about what was going on in the Pentagon over all this, including the midget submarine NR-3 getting a NUC for the same operation which caused the Turtle DSV-3 to replace it..

  11. No illegal content
    No personal attacks on other posters
    No spamming

    The clampdown is on!

    Squonk, not sure what this is aimed at but to be clear, are any of my comments crossing your threshold of unacceptable personal attacks?

  12. Phil,

    Not sure why you are commenting in the 4 year old rules page!

    Oh wait is it because Trow did and you came in via latest comment link and didn’t realise where you were? This isn’t the general discussion thread you are looking for 🙂

  13. Ah, my mistake. I just clicked on a latest comment and found myself here. Thought it was new and that I had missed something.

  14. Thanks, Squonk, and no thanks, Phil ex Frog.

    You posted the rules because I apparently broke them in discussing the fate of the second USS Puffer.

    I did nothing illegal in doing so because the US Constitution guarantees free speech, and even conservatives who give it most narrow scope support it in investigating the criminal sinking of a submarine with over 100 sailors aboard in a provocative ‘false flag’ mission which ultimately led to the Anglo-American assassination of Sweden’s Olof Palme, the deaths of many others in the set-up, and a non-nuclear set-up of the USSR which could have resulted in a nuclear war which Moscow would have won according to even US Navy authorities.

  15. Trow, I only copied the rules and it had nothing to do with your comment, honest guv!

  16. Okay, Phil, as I don’t hold grudges, but it did seem odd your placing your post on this thread under mine on the fate of a USS Puffer..

  17. Does anybody know what day it is, only my son comes to visit me on a Tuesday? I think he’s stealing my money so I’ve hidden it down the lav. He’s a good boy. Can I have a cup of tea?

  18. Ugly. Really ugly. Node, you should reflect upon what you wrote and why you felt the need to write it.

  19. I’ve reflected.

    Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder. You’ve seen fluffy pastry and read poison.

    YOU should reflect on whether bitterness has become a habit.

  20. Zephyr, looks like both the USS Puffer and USS Batfish were sunk during that confrontation with Swedish PM Olof Palme with the revelation the President Reagan ordered the search for the Titanic as cover for finding the two sunken ones which both had a hiatus of an unacceptable time out of service while another Batfish came into service.

    They both were damaged, and finally sank in the Northwest Atlantic while trying to make it home.

    Another bit of evidence that it was the Batfish is the note that Sontag and Drew provided at the bottom of page 247 in Blind Man’s Bluff: The Untold Story in American Submarine Espionage by singling it out as one of the few best involved in these operations. It is made out by officialdom of not having died in vain.

    Must look again into Tunander’s draft manuscript for possibly more about the most unjustified losses of them.

    When one works for the Pentagon, one must worry about one being made out working for the other side, as Palme learned in retribution for the sinkings three years later.

  21. Can anyone supply what this poster wants me to explain? My Russian is zero and I don’t have a keyboard with the cyrillic alphabet letters.

    Does he want me to explain how I know that the Puffer and Batfish subs were sunk?

    Does he want me to explain what the fake news about Soviet intrusions hoped to achieve, and who was responsible for it?

    What does he want?

  22. @Trowbridge. Google translates it as :

    “The resource can also be registered in social networks.
    source – the promotion of the US site on ….”

    …. and the link is to a brand new ID on a 3dprinting site. It looks like spam, maybe trying to harvest email addresses.

  23. The outrageous claims that the US Navy in 19882 was only looking for the debris remaining of the USS Scorpion and Threshe while looking for the Titanicr is belied by what Sontag and Drew wrote in Blind Man’s Bluff:

    “Craven didn’t need any translation. Scorpion had been found. It was October 29th” (1968). “almost five months to the day that Scorpion had been declared missing.” (p.150)

    “Both Trieste 1 and II explored Thresher wreckage.”: p. 70)

    The Us Navy was preparing in advance for losses for intruding in Swedish waters, acting as Soviet ones

    The US government can lie with impunity, and with no correction from the media.

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