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  1. We can live without oil, sparingly. Water?


    “The launch of a new futures exchange in Australia is the latest sign that water is becoming a speculative commodity, just like crude oil.

    “Get me 100 megaliters of August Poland Springs at the thousand handle”—a trader near you may be squawking this into his box soon.

    The launch of a new futures exchange in Australia is the latest sign that water is becoming a speculative commodity, just like crude oil.”

  2. We can live without oil, sparingly. Water?

    Well the oil around Scotland is well over half depleted but as Fred said once – at least we’ve got plenty of fresh water in Scotland. I realise the problem is becoming much more pressing in other parts of the world though.

  3. AA; When you talk about Scotland having plenty of water I’m reminded of a joke about Henry Hudson and his naming of Staten Island. ( I hope the local language doesn’t confuse)

    “Is ‘dat an Island?” 🙂

  4. OK. Just had a thought, if one could call it as such.

    You can take a woman out of her jeans, but not the genes out of the woman, and that includes the other gender, I’d bet. But only men accept a verbal contract as verbatim, whereas, like muslims, females see a contract as a living, evolving thing. Which means, guys, we’re fucked because we’re violating the contract.

  5. Thanks Brian.

    I go barefoot in the garden sometimes. Nice feeling the cool grass underfoot.

  6. Mary; I hope that comment wasn’t offensive. It wasn’t a rant, just an observation about the differences between male and female thinking. It’s said that the brain is a prolific gland, and hormones from other glands affect the brain’s receptors. As to that male-female thing….’Viva la difference’.

    Brian; I wish we could shuff our clothing; when it’s warm enough, that is. 🙂

  7. Ben What Jeans and Genes? No offence seen or taken. I think it’s a clever play on words.

    By nature, women conceive, give birth, nurture and care. That is why I find the very opposite in the world of politics and business such as La Clinton so very offensive. ‘We came, We saw, He died.’ she was quoted as saying.

    The female psychopath is less than 1% of the population thank goodness.

    No child shall be harmed is my undying wish.


    When you say GG I always think that is George Galloway. It is Glenn Greenwald. I must not be so insular.


    I think Craig’s posts lately have been spot on. He is going so fast, the trolls have been left behind.

  8. Just a gentle request – could you try to comment in the General Discussion Thread or any more appropriate post topic rather than on this “What’s Here” page.

    This is really just a static page not a discussion thread. Of course if you feel you really want to post something here or do it by mistake that’s fine as well but general comments are best in the general thread – of which I’ll probably make a new one soon because of the annoying page bug…

    Ta! 🙂

  9. Mary and everyone else – no need to apologise. Btw I just happened to post my comment immediately after your post – it wasn’t prompted by your post in particular. Comments aren’t normally enabled on static WordPress pages anyway. I think I enabled it by mistake once so it’s my fault…

    Any follow-ups to this please on the General Thread though 🙂

  10. Sorry, AA. I thought this was the new ‘General’ thread. You did say you were going to create one.

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